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The Best Baby Monitor Comparison Guide


If you are anticipating a beautiful new infant in your life, you likely have many different questions.  Honestly, one of the biggest questions is what do you need for your new baby?  If you find yourself looking for the Best Baby Monitor then you are at the #1 Source Online for Baby Monitors.

Our interactive chart below and the analysis that follows will help you figure out what baby monitor will be perfect for you and your new family.

We understand that everyone has specific preferences, but a everyone wants the best baby monitor available for their infant.  We have the best comparison charts available online as well as reviews of the newest monitors for your child.  Check out our chart below for the 5 of the Best Baby Monitors or our many articles and reviews highlighting the best monitors available.

What is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is a radio system that is used to listen to sounds made by your child remotely. Normally, a baby alarm, or baby monitor, includes a microphone which is placed near the child or crib. The sounds are then transmitted from the monitor near the baby to the remote monitor in your possession.  The primary purpose of a baby monitor is to allow parents, guardians, babysitters, or other family members to hear when an infant wakes up.

Types of Baby Monitors

There are many different types of monitors.  In addition to the typical wired and wireless monitors, some monitors are two-way which allows the parent to speak back through the monitor to the baby. These are useful for parents or guardians who are interested in crib talk, which is a method to help infants to practice their language skills.

Other monitors include a video camera and are known as baby cams.  Baby cams are extremely useful for parents interested in the way their children fall asleep.  However, a video camera monitor also provides additional security for the child and the parents or guardian.  Some baby cams do have night vision providing increased visibility even when the lights are out.

Finally, there are movement monitors.  Movement monitors are a type of baby monitor in which an alarm will sound after a specific amount of time when the child is no longer moving.  These are useful for parents that are concerned about their child’s sleeping patterns.

How to Find the Best Baby Monitor for Your Needs

Because of the various types of baby monitors, it can be tough to find a monitor that suits your needs.  No worries though! We have Five Tips to help you find the best monitor for your needs!

First, you should consider a video monitor.  Video monitors are excellent for checking on your infant and bringing peace of mind to yourself.  In addition, they help you see what is going on in the crib or the babies bed.  Normally, parents hear crying, noises, or something else and are unsure of what happened.  However, with a video monitor, you can easily check on the issue.

Second, choose a wireless model.  A wireless model provides the most flexibility for you to finish what you are doing elsewhere.  You can continue working inside or even outside.  Look for a model with a belt clip to make sure the monitor is near you at all times.

Third, make sure the model has a battery light.  More importantly, make sure you can see it.  Often, many baby monitors provide a lighter light which can dim to the point of a parent being unable to see if it is still powered.  The more prominent of light, the more peace of mind you will have.

Fourth, look for a model with sound activated lights.  Sound activated lights provide a flashing of lights if there is noice.  This is a great option for when you are on the phone, or need to silence the baby monitor.  The best part, is that even if it is silenced, you will see the lights flashing.

Finally, find a model with a high frequency above 900 MHz to 1000 MHz.  The primary reason for this is so you can hear any and all noises with proper clarity.  Some monitors and baby cams do not have strong enough frequencies which often results in additional interference and less clear hearing.

Follow those tips and find the best monitor for your baby!

Review of the Top 5 Baby Monitors

Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night VisionThe Infant Optics DXR-5 is one of the best baby monitors available for the price.  This monitor will give you peace of mind no matter what you are doing in your house or apartment.


The design of the Infant Optics DXR-5 is built for portability and superior sound a video quality.  The blue design allows this monitor to not be obtrusive or one that stands out within your house or apartment.


The Infant Optics DXR-5 has a screen with an extremely sensitive microphone.  In addition, it provides up to 800 feet wireless transmissions in open areas and up to 150 feet in enclosed areas.  The range is impressive considering this is a video monitor.  In addition, the camera has night vision to help with your peace of mind while your child is sleeping.  Finally, there is a power saving mode which allows the monitor to shut off automatically if there is no noise for 3 minutes.

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Motorola MBP33 Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Infrared Night Vision and Zoom 2.8″ Color LCD

Motorola MBP33 Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Infrared Night Vision and Zoom 2.8″ Color LCDThe Motorola MBP33 is a high end monitor which will allow you to have some of the best range and visibility of your sleeping child.  Above all, this monitor is sleek and powerful enough for anyone’s needs.


The design of the Motorola MBP33 is excellent.  It provides portability as well as a sleek look for anyone interested in a monitor not being too intrusive.  In addition, the monitor comes in multiple colors to suit any parent or caregiver’s needs.


This monitor has some of the best features of any monitor around.  First, the baby monitor has 2.4GHz with a range up to 650 feet.  The LCD display is 2.8 inches and provides real time video along with infrared night vision.  If that is not enough, the monitor plays five lullabies which are built into the monitor.  There is also a silent mode which provides five lights to see how much noise is coming from the room.  If you are constantly moving around, the monitor has an out of range warning and offers room temperature monitors so you know your child is comfortable.

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Samsung SEW-3037W Wireless Pan Tilt Video Baby Monitor Infrared Night Vision and Zoom

Samsung SEW-3037W Wireless Pan Tilt Video Baby Monitor Infrared Night Vision and ZoomThe Samsung SEW-3037W is the top of the line baby monitor.  This baby monitor offers some of the highest power and flexibility when it comes to monitors.  In addition, it is backed by excellent products made by Samsung.


The design of the Samsung SEW-3037W is sleek but also simple.  The model weighs in at 2.5 pounds but has a very distinctive look.  The quality of the product can be seen simply by looking at the pictures.  However, the actual feel of the product will higlight the quality of this baby monitor.


This Samsung SEW-3037W has the ultimate features.  First, the range of the device is one of the best.  The monitor offers up to 900 feet of pure interference free signals.  The device is also two way providing you the ability to practice baby talk with your child.  In addition, the camera supports pan and tilt functions that you can operate from other areas in your home.  The image from the Samsung SEW-3037W is clear and crisp with an amazing 640 X 480 resolution.  Finally, the device not only has infrared night vision but you can also view during the night up to 15 feet away.

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 Angelcare 4 Piece Baby Video Sound and Movement Baby Monitor System Ac1100

Angelcare 4 Piece Baby Video Sound and Movement Baby Monitor System Ac1100This Angelcare Monitor is also one of the best monitors available and quite possibly may be the best available.  Although this model might appear more expensive, the offerings for this product are nearly second to none.


The design of the Angelcare Monitor is unbelievable.  The monitor offers some of the best looking products and even comes with touch screen capability.  There are four pieces in this model and they offer a sleek, high technology approach to baby monitors that may be unrivaled. 


This Angelcare Monitor comes with four pieces: 1 parent unit, 1 nursery unit, 1 charging station, and 1 sensor pad for movements.  In addition, the monitor comes with 2 AC adapters as well has 3 rechargeable batteries.  This model is the ultimate 3 in 1 monitor with the ability to see, hear, and talk.  The device has color video, an infrared camera, a sound monitor for two way communication, and a motion sensor pad.  This device comes with 2.4 GHz and has a range of up to 656 feet.  The sensor pad will detect the slightest movements.  Finally, there is back up power, a belt clip, and a locator in case a unit is missing.

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SVP 2.4GHz Wireless Digital Baby Day and Infrared Night Video Monitors

SVP 2.4GHz Wireless Digital Baby Day and Infrared Night Video MonitorsThe advantage of the SVP Monitor is not only the features but the price.  This device is packed with features, beautifully designed, and costs less than half of most monitors.  Bear in mind, this is still a powerful baby monitor.


The design of the SVP Monitor is simple but powerful.  This version comes in pink and additional colors, but also looks durable.  Although the price might lead you to believe that this product is not high quality, think again because it offers great durability for the price.


This SVP Monitor comes with 2.4 GHz and transmissions up to 200 feet indoor and up to 800 feet in open space.  The portable monitor comes with a 2.4 inch LCD color screen and the parent or caregiver is supplied with a belt clip for the ultimate portability.  In addition, this monitor contains night vision with adjustable brightness.  Finally, the batteries are rechargeable and it has an automatic power saving mode.  With these features, you would be thinking this device is extremely expensive but think again.

Find the Best Monitor for Your Needs

Now that you have seen all that baby monitors have to offer, check out our endless reviews and find your next monitor today.  We only review the best products and hope that you enjoy looking through our reviews to find that special communication device for you and your family!


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