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10 of the best carbon road bikes for the money (2019)

best carbon fiber bikes

Getting yourself a Carbon Fiber Bike might be one of the best investments you can make if you are passionate about cycling or are interested in bettering your times in competitions such as road racing or triathlons.

Carbon Fiber Bicycles

Although a titanium frame bike is very nice, cheap carbon fiber frames are more affordable and more popular. Some of the best bike frames on the market are made from carbon. Most of the industry leading frame builders now make at least one carbon fibre frame.

Carbon fiber bike frames can be manufactured in three ways. They can be made in one complete piece, with the carbon material wrapped over the structure in different directions for strength and lightness. Another variation is that tubes can be made more like ordinary alloy or steel frames and then joined directly or with lugs. All of the designs are light, strong and durable and give a comfortable ride.

Carbon Fiber Bike Frame

There are many bike manufacturers using carbon fiber in different designs, as carbon can be moulded or wrapped into many different shapes.

These can be flat for aerodynamic performance or square for strength. Most carbon fiber bike frames have a mixture of shapes and designs for strength, comfort, aerodynamics and style.

What is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is the name used to identify to plastic strengthened and reinforced by a graphite textile. Carbon fiber is also known as carbon fiber reinforced plastic or carbon fiber composite. The plastic that is typically used is epoxy.

Carbon fiber is expensive to manufacture, but has a fantastic weight to strength ratio. The material is used in high end quality cars, boats, bicycles, and planes. Carbon Fibre is also used in popular Formula 1 race cars.

Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105 Carbon Fiber Bike

This highly advanced carbon fiber bike is one of the highest specced in the world.  Its performance and sophisticated features make it the perfect choice whether you are a road cyclist or an advanced triathalete.  The aerodynamic tubing allows for extraordinary speeds.  One of the highest rated carbon bikes of 2019.

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Yeti SB-95 Carbon Enduro Bike

The latest Yeti Enduro/mountain bike is now here, and it’s every bit as good as everybody hoped for.  Packed with the latest features including switch suspension technology, fast rolling 29” wheels, lightweight carbon frame, but maintaining Yeti’s proven fit and feel.

YISHUNBIKE Full Carbon Road Racing Bicycle Sales YS-BK032

Professional carbon road bike from the famous Yishunbike range. State of the art tech and design features include the Fashion AIR-PLANE shape design for the top tube, which provides for a better looking and efficient aerodynamics. Made from Toray T700 full carbon.

Intense Carbine 275 Rally SLX Bike

The Intense Carbine 27.5 is one of the most advanced carbon fiber bikes ever made, packed with the most up-to-date technology to make for the smoothest speediest rides of your life.

Just one of the advanced features of the Carbine 27.5 Rally is the RockShox Revelation fork with 150mm of bump guzzling, rut chewing, rock demolishing travel.

Masi Premiare PC1 Carbon Bike

The Masi Premiare PC1 features an all new frame composed of a highly advanced carbon blend. Also features a Masi Elite/RS carbon integrated fork with carbon steerer.

This unisex carbon bike weighs just 29 lbs and is suitable for entry level cyclists.

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YISHUNBIKE Full Carbon 29er MTB Mountain Bike

This is a state of the art full carbon mountain bike from Yishunbike – the world’s leading manufacturers of carbon bikes, components, and accessories. This high quality bike is high on performance and low on cost. Riding it feels as good as it looks. On sale at a discounted price only at Yishunbike.

Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105 Carbon Fiber Bike

Another carbon fiber masterpiece from Kestrel.

Made with a blend of 800K high-modulus carbon fiber with 700K intermediate-modulus carbon fiber frame and fork, producing a perfect combination of lightweight and stiffness.

Like the other bikes in the same range, intended for both road use abd serious triathaletes.

Fireplace Blowers and Fans – Blow New Life


During cold winter nights, when the weather just seems unbearable, most Americans look for tried and tested methods to fend off the numbing coldness. A lot of options are actually available for most American households, but none of them compare to the benefits of having a fireplace. A fireplace, after all, is the best way for you to battle the coldness during the long spell of winter, since the warmth that it can give you is incomparable to all other warming options that exist right now.

However, the main problem when it comes to having a fireplace is that sometimes, the warmth that it can give out is not optimized. This is primarily because several factors may affect your fireplace’s performance, such as how long it’s been giving warmth to your home, what kind of burning material you typically use, where it’s placed in your living room area, and other such concerns. One way to make sure that your fireplace performs well is by getting fireplace blowers and fans.

How A Fireplace Blower Works

A fireplace blower is a helpful accessory to your fireplace, especially if your fireplace does not provide your home with that much-needed warmth. This product can do this by distributing the heat from your fireplace, so it warms up the entire room. It can either be placed in front of the fireplace or in a strategic doorway where it can redirect the fireplace’s heat so it can be distributed more evenly in your room. Of course, different fireplace blowers have different installation instructions, so you need to make sure that you pay close attention to your fireplace blower’s instructions.

How A Fireplace Fan Helps You

Fireplace The most obvious benefit of having fireplace blowers and fans is that they can help you save money. By evenly distributing heat in your room, it can tremendously help you in minimizing your heating costs since you would no longer need to purchase room heaters and other heating materials. If you think about it, a fireplace blower is a real investment, since it can give you tremendous benefits and it is not as expensive compared to other heating options. Plus, it has an ingenious way of increasing your fireplace’s heating capacity, since it does not really help in the combustion of the burning material, but it only aids in evenly distributing (the) warmth in your room.

Wood Burning Fireplace Blower

A nice wood-burning stove and a good fireplace blower can help warm up your home during the chilly winter months by adding an extra 10 degrees Fahrenheit to your home in the cold winter months when the wind howls outside and all you really want to do is snuggle up near the fire with a mug of hot chocolate. A wood burning fireplace blower will take the heat in your wood burning stove (or wood burning chimney insert) and will draw it out and blow the warm air into the house.

A fireplace blower is completely safe so long as it is installed correctly and maintained regularly. There are a number of excellent models of wood burning fireplace blower inserts that can be attached to a wood burning fireplace. A professional installation is always recommended for safety and easy. Many companies that offer these inserts will also offer some kind of complimentary or low-cost installation services for their customers.

Many people choose a wood burning fireplace and wood burning fireplace blower combination because of the beautiful aura it creates in a home. There is something majestic and home-warming inherent in a wood burning fireplace and it can set the mood for the entire home, bathing its attendants in warm, natural fire-light. They are beautiful things.

When choosing the right kind of best zero clearance wood fireplace , make sure you do your research and look a the consumer reviews available on the model that you are looking at. Take a look at what others have to say about the equipment. Also take a look at what they had to say about the installation and the service and the reliability and the quality of that which they had purchased. The more research you do before making a purchase, the more informed you will be and the more you will be in a better position to make a wise choice. Make sure that you are choosing to buy from a company that has a good reputation in the market place as well. You do not want to do business with a company that has many negative reviews about them. Fortunately, there are many excellent providers of wood burning fireplace blower inserts and they would be more than happy to help you in purchasing and installing your own beautiful, and extremely practical, home and fireplace accent.


Fireplace blowers and fans can make the numbing winter spell more bearable for you, and the best part about it is that it merely optimizes your fireplace’s heating potential. You might want to purchase room heaters that can cost you an arm and a leg, but when you stick to a fireplace blower, you will be getting the usual benefits for a very cheap price.

Best Dog Food For Allergies

Dog Food
The best dog food for allergies is going to differ from dog to dog for a variety of reasons. It can differ due to breed, age, local water contaminants, ingredients used in commercial foods like preservatives and more; but, the most common are caused by actual foods themselves and usually within either proteins, carbohydrates or both.

It’s not unusual to have a combination of factors come into play such as a protein being no problem until the dog reaches a certain state of maturity that causes a change in its physiology. The truth is that even today it’s difficult to find out why certain things cause allergies at certain times. However, we know a lot about the symptoms to look for and how to treat them.

Common symptoms of all dog allergies are scratching and itching of the feet, armpits, ears and other parts of the face and also around the anus. You’ll notice that your dog spends most if its days looking for ways to rub or scratch the areas in question. You will also be able to see a noticeable difference in the area that’s bothering the dog. It’ll look off color with possibly some hair loss and scabbing. Don’t confuse food allergy symptoms with toxic food symptoms. The two are not related in any way.

Toxic food symptoms are serious and will be recognized by recurring vomiting and diarrhea and should be treated as a serious issue. You will want to take your dog to the vet right away. Remember that being allergic to a certain food does not mean that it is toxic.

Only about 10% of dog allergies are found to be food related. Since the symptoms of allergies of all types in dogs are for the most part the same you may need a little help in figuring out if it’s food related or not. A veterinarian may conclude that it’s probably not food related and prescribe some antibiotics to fight off the infections.

Antibiotics will work against all allergies and will cure the symptoms even if the problem is food related. However, when the antibiotics are discontinued, the food related symptoms will return if the dog’s diet hasn’t changed. So, if nobody was certain about the cause before the antibiotics were administered; if the symptoms return within a week or so there is an extreme probability that the cause is food related.

Once it has been determined that the allergy is food related it’s time to implement a food trial. What a food trial basically consists of is altering or replacing the current regular food with something completely different. You’ll have to run the food test for 12 weeks to be certain of the results.

If your dog is on a commercial best hunting dog food ( regimen you could start by comparing ingredients and switching to the one that is the most different from the current one. It might work or it might not. Commercial brands may or may not differ enough to matter concerning allergies. Their list of ingredients and nutritional information may differ some but the recipe that’s actually followed in the manufacturing process won’t. It is established by a governmental agency and can’t be varied from enough to matter.

If you are making homemade recipes for your dog at home then you can absolutely find and eliminate the problem ingredient and replace it with another similar ingredient.

Know if your dog have an allergy?

If you have noticed a sudden change in your dog’s behavior followed by uncommon red and itchy skin, then you might want to check whether your dog is suffering from an allergy. Researches show that 10% of all allergies in dogs are caused by food, so maybe that should be the first place to look. If you determine that the food is the main reason for the problem, then you should try and find the best dog food for allergies that can help your dog heal.

How can you tell that your dog is having a food allergy?

Food allergy can manifest in many ways which is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to tell whether your dog is allergic to food or not. It usually happens very sudden and owners often exclude that option, as their dog has always been eating the same food. But that can be one of the main problems. Eating the same food for years can be the main cause for allergy, as well as the additives companies put in the food and dog treats. If you suspect your dog has food allergy check for some of the following symptoms:

  • ear infection
  • gastrointestinal problems
  • chronic diarrhea
  • chronic gas
  • constant licking of their feet
  • red and itchy rear end

If you notice any of these issues make sure to consult a vet, prior to taking any actions.

What are the most common ingredients dog have been known to be allergic to?

Dogs can show allergy to almost any type of food. Yet some food is more likely to cause allergy than other, such as food that contains:

  • Wheat
  • Chicken
  • Dairy
  • Beef
  • Eggs

The best way to help your dog with its allergies is to change the current diet. Your vet can help you choose the best dog food for allergies but it will take time before your dog recovers. Allow your dog to adjust to the new food and make the transition slowly, by mixing the old food with the new one. The first change will happen no sooner than 12 weeks so that is the time when you can expect to see some improvement.

How to find the best dog food for allergies?

Finding the best dog food for allergies is fairly simple as long as you follow the vet’s instructions. Most likely it will have to be food that doesn’t contain any grains, such as wheat, corn or soy, as those are the most often cause for allergy in dogs. In addition, the new food should also exclude wheat, beef, dairy, eggs and chicken, just to make sure you eliminate all possible triggers. So what can your dog eat? Here is a list of some of the best dog food for allergies that will help your dog feel better.

Best Mic for Rap Vocals Below $100



I оwn а hоmе recording studio аnd іt hаs bееn thеrе fоr quіtе sоmе time nоw. Ѕіnсе І hаd ambitions оf bесоmіng а major hip hop and rap recording star, І started tо record mуsеlf іn mу hоmе studio.

That wаs sеvеrаl years ago аnd mу life sіnсе hаs changed. І hаd friends whо shared thе sаmе ambitions аs І hаd аnd wе wоuld find оursеlvеs recording usіng mу studio equipment. Whаt usеd tо bе а dream аnd hobby turned іntо а great side job аs І wеnt full-time, operating frоm а dіffеrеnt location. Оnе оf thе problems thаt І hаd, thоugh, wаs finding а great microphone.

The microphones thаt wе hаvе bееn usіng аt thе studio wеrе nоt rеаllу аs good аs thеу соuld hаvе bееn аnd thе rеsults wеrе nоt satisfactory. І wаsn’t exactly skimping оn thе price, уеt еvеn wіth sоmе оf thе top-of-the-line options, І stіll couldn’t find а great microphone. Тhаt іs, оf course, untіl І started to do some research…

How to Choose the Best Microphone for Recording Rap Vocals

Choosing а microphone shоuldn’t bе tоо hard, assuming thаt уоu knоw thе differences bеtwееn microphones аnd whаt уоu will bе usіng уоurs fоr. Granted, recording уоur vocals shоuld nоt warrant thе sаmе type оf studio microphone аs recording instruments. It’s іmроrtаnt tо knоw whаt уоu will bе usіng іt fоr, аnd thеn going оn frоm there.

A general rule іs thаt dynamic microphones suсh аs thе Shure SM58S аrе exceptional fоr instruments аnd life performances. Аs а matter оf fact, іf уоu pay close attention tо whаt mоst live performers usе, уоu саn аlmоst bet, thаt іt will bе а Shure SM58S. Оn thе оthеr hand, condenser studio microphones аrе usеd fоr vocals оr оthеr soft recordings whеrе details аrе extremely іmроrtаnt. Аs уоu саn sее, hаvіng bоth type оf microphones wоuld bе beneficial, but thаt boils dоwn tо уоur budget.

The condenser hаs а flatter frequency thеn thе dynamic, whісh fоr recording vocals іs а must. Whаt ends uр happening whеn уоu record оn а condenser studio microphone suсh аs thе AKG PERCEPTION 220, уоu gеt а mоrе clearer аnd accurate recording. Тhе dynamic оn thе оthеr hand, tunes оut sоmе оf thе details bесаusе оnсе аgаіn, thеу аrе meant tо bе usеd fоr instrument recording аnd live performances.

The condenser studio microphone аlsо requires а preamp оr а mixer, whісh will provide phantom power оf аrоund 48 volts. Весаusе thе condenser requires thе electric juice tо run, thе preamp serves аs а booster. Тhе dynamic dоеsn’t require аnу phantom power, sееіng аs hоw it’s а mоrе rugged аnd lеss sensitive counterpart tо іts brother microphone, thе condenser.

There іs аlsо аnоthеr іmроrtаnt thing tо consider whеn choosing thе perfect studio microphone fоr уоu – thе pick uр pattern. Essentially thеrе аrе three dіffеrеnt kind оf “pick uр patterns;” thе omni directional microphones, thе bidirectional microphones, аnd thе unidirectional microphones.

The omni directional microphones pick uр sounds evenly, sо іf уоu hаvе а hоmе recording studio, STAY аwау frоm suсh microphones. Whу? Іt will pick uр уоur TV, уоur neighbours TV, аnd уоur dog barking аt thе cat.

Bidirectional microphones оn thе оthеr hand pick uр sounds frоm оnlу twо directions, thе front аnd thе bасk. Тhеу аrе оftеn usеd іn radio interviews, whісh allow people tо share а microphone.
Unidirectional microphones аrе thе optimal fоr hоmе recording studios. Тhеsе microphones pick uр sounds frоm оnе direction, аnd allow уоu tо isolate sounds thаt уоu dоn’t wаnt tо record quіtе easily. Тhеу аlsо include thе cardioid microphone suсh аs thе Blue Microphones Baby Bottle Cardioid Condenser Mic.

In conclusion, іt аll depends оn whаt уоu will bе usіng уоur microphone fоr. Іf уоu plan оn recording instruments оr performing live, thеn а microphone suсh аs thе Shure SM58S Vocal Microphone іs уоur best bet. Оn thе оthеr hand, іf уоu аrе going tо bе recording vocals аnd care аbоut thе detail аnd clarity оf thеm, thеn уоu hаvе tо purchase а condenser studio microphone.

1. Studio Projects C1 Review – A Must Read On This Gamechanger!

best mic for rap vocals under 100

The Studio Projects C1 condenser microphone seems to be one of the front runners for affordable, high-quality sound. For a little while now Studio Projects have been running up the rear very quietly while producing microphones that are offering rival quality to the big boys of the industry, and at sometimes half of the price.

The C1 microphone in this case quite clearly surpasses its price tag with the quality of recordings it actually produces. The Studio Projects C1 microphone has been produced and created for many different uses within the studio.

From pristine vocal recordings, to broadcasting, and also close microphone work without sacrificing on the quality of what is recorded. This is achieved with the large diaphragm within the C1 and the pressure gradient transducer which is designed to diminish the noise.

With the C1 microphone, it really does seem that Studio Projects have stepped not just out of there barriers, but have taken the industry barriers further, by producing a quality microphone at an affordable cost.

If you are looking for top quality vocal recordings for the majority of vocal styles without the wallet bursting price, then the Studio Projects C1 condenser microphone is a must when it comes to consideration!

2. Studio Projects B1 Condenser Microphone – Affordable Quality Vocal Mic?

best microphone for recording rap

The Studio Projects B1 condenser microphone is one mic that is becoming more and more popular with people searching for the best mic for recording rap vocals, production, broadcast and other similar jobs without having to pay the higher price.

If you are looking for that all around microphone for recording quality vocals at an affordable price, the Studio Projects B1 could be the perfect mic for you.

The B1 microphone is a mic that can step the recording quality of your work up a notch, and if the next requirement out of a new microphone is to enhance what you are already creating, then this could be a perfect choice.

The Studio Projects B1 condenser microphone has a large diaphragm and with Studio Projects upping the capsule voltage of all of their large diaphragm microphones, you will find that the whole sound of the mic has improved and enhanced for the better and thus creating even better recording quality.

The B1 creates very low noise, and also has 2 switches which create options to switch between levels of pad and also high pass filters, allowing the mic to be very versatile and flexible, which is crucial in today’s recording demands.

So, how’s The SOUND?

Aside from the technical jargon, the most important part of any microphone, is the sound it records right? And this is the most important thing to know when looking to buy a new microphone like the B1.

The Studio Projects B1 microphone is being touted as the great sound, without the high price and it seems to deliver this on all levels. With the increased capsule voltage as mentioned above and the added features brought into the B1, the “rounded” sound it creates is high quality for recording vocals of all types.

The bottom line is, if you are looking to enhance your vocals and create something of higher quality, but are hesitant about shelling out to much money, the Studio Projects B1 could quite possibly be the perfect choice!

If you are looking to buy the Studio Projects B1 Condenser Microphone, then check out the link below for a superb price over at Amazon!

Shure SM58

The Shure SM58 is actually the ‘industry standard’ live vocal microphone. Its sound turns into electrical power, which passes through a cable to your mixing board, exactly where it becomes the usable signal. The best part about this microphone is that it does its simple job in a simple, yet effective method.

The SM58‘s design is what many people associate with microphones generally.  They are used all over the world at all events, from pub gigs to concerts which are broadcast all over the world.

The mic supplies a clear, usable signal that isn’t faithful towards the original source sound exactly, but is a lot more than usable for live applications.

The response rolls off from the low end, beginning at around 50Hz, and in addition it has a apparent peak at close to 3 to 7KHz. These attributes provide it a ‘cutting’ high quality that helps vocals cut via a live mix — and is why this mic is the type of popular favorite with regards to vocals. Other than that, there isn’t much else to say about the applications from the microphone. I don’t really use it in live situations, but it’s a definite live favorite.

Where the microphone really excels more than others of it’s type is it’s incredible reliability. Engineers have been recognized to claim previously that they have accidentally driven over their SM58‘s with their vans/trucks and yet they still work. Personally, I prefer not driving over my gear, but I have been known to accidentally drop them from great heights on several occasions, along with other dents on the grille, yet the performance of the mic is not affected. You can definitely put your trust and rely upon these mic’s!

Just like any mic’s, should you turn the gain up an excessive amount on these, or position them within an unsuitable position, you’ll experience feedback, but this is often easily remedied in many situations by reducing the high mid just a little, and moving the mic to some less susceptible position or just reducing the level a little.

Output is via the typical 3 pin man XLR, and a clip is generally provided with the merchandise when new. The LC a part of SM58 LC simply implies that an XLR cable isn’t provided, but these can easily be picked up at any music store.

Replacement grilles are also easy to find at local stores, so when this gets too dented it is simple to screw them off and you can replace it with a brand new one.

So if you want a reasonable, reliable, industry standard mic, this ought to be your first decision if you’re looking for the best affordable vocal microphone around.

Best adjustable beds reviews-2019

sealy adjustable bed

Different health conditions prevailing in people that can range from poor circulation to arthritis get a long-term solution by using adjustable beds. Health care no longer the only arena they are exclusively associated with and California king to twin are the sizes they are available in.

The craze presently is having adjustable sleeping alternatives and for right reason cause better structural health along with comfort is provided by them and among the sleep products adjustable beds are one of the categories which are rapidly growing. Compared to anyone else you have understood that the best if you have ever visited a hospital and used a hospital bed.

The other category that is steadily rising is that of stairway bunk beds.

Supporting 600 pounds and more weights these kinds of beds are very sturdy too.

Two main components are used to comprise them: the mattress and the base and as numerous ranges and varieties are offered they can help disabled children.

Besides being widely used in nursing homes, hospitals and other related institutions; adjustable beds are also used in home care settings, to help the invalids during the treatment and care. Nowadays, throughout the country’s homes they can be found and presently they are available with either pocket sprung mattresses, memory foam or foam.

Some due to medical necessity are even recommended these, although for healthy movements during night and straight spines the raised feature of adjustable beds should be used only when awake in case this is bought solely for pleasure.

Different bed accessories and adjustable mattresses are no more an extravagance like they were before. For present active daily life they are a necessity and for those individuals who frequently wish that even if by little they could shift their bed either to sit up at ease on it for reading or fight a back pain, it is a marvelous product.

This kind of beds apart from giving basic comfort help to ease back pain and leg swelling and through a controller can be controlled electronically.

For quietness and safety a full DC operating system is offered by manufacturers of adjustable beds. This will renew, refresh, relax and soothe tired muscles away from the world in the ideal place created so nicely.

  1. Flex-A-Bed: With a button’s touch a Flex-A-Bed adjustable bed will give you a place comfortable enough to get relief and rest form injury, back pain or ailment or let you have a better night’s sleep, by perfectly fitting to your body.
  2. Tempur-Pedic: Your Tempur-Pedic can be adjusted to hundreds of relaxing positions by a buttons touch on the wireless remote. In a head-up position while giving support to shoulders, neck and head of yours, you are also kept close to your night stand by the patented Wallhugger® design. Just relax while relishing a relaxing wave massage or drift away to sleep.


Spring Air, Sealy, Craftmatic, Tempur Pedic and Craftmatic are some of the famous adjustable bed manufacturer companies.

Craftmatic Adjustable Beds

Selling 800,000 plus adjustable beds worldwide and marketing them for 30 and more years is the Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Company.

Momentary relief from health problems like sliding hiatus hernia; water retention or swelling of the legs; aches and pains from fatigue; low back pain; rheumatism; arthritis; poor local blood circulation; stress and tension; neuralgia; night heartburn; joint and muscle inflammation or asthma are possible with the optional Heat & Massage available with a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed.

Sleep Comfort

Two models are available in the Sleep Comfort Adjustable Beds – Wall-hugger and Standard.

Available in various shapes and sizes the company offers dual king, dual queen, king, queen and twin adjustable beds.

Mattresses in Latex Foam, Pillowtop Coil, Visco Memory Foam and Dual Firm Coil models are also provided by the company. Anywhere in the United States adjustable beds are supplied by the San Diego, California based company.


In North America one of the largest bedding manufacturers is the Sealy Corporation.

A huge variety of foundation products and mattress are produced by this company and its subsidiaries. The predictable bedding products (foundations and mattresses) are included Sealy’s range which is Sealy Posturepedic, Sealy Posturepedic Luxury Collection and Sealy.

Furthermore, the significant elements used inside the mattress are produced by Sealy. Few of the brands from Sealy are Sealy Backsaver and posture premier, Sealy Posturepedic Luxury Collection, Reflexion Latex Foam Collection and Sealy Posturepedic. Across North America 7,000 retailers sell Sealy’s products.


The visco foam mattress or NASA mattress was founded by the adjustable bed manufacturer whose name is Tempur-Pedic, Inc.

100% visco-elastic memory foam is what the tempur-pedic mattress is made up of. The sleep is made very comfortable as the unique specialty of Tempur-pedic foam allows it to take a shape responding to a body temperature.

Online retail websites as well as in 60 plus countries the tempurpedic mattress is purchasable and sold.

Spring Air

With a Comfort Reach™ action, Ovation™ adjustable base is offered by the adjustable bed manufacturer Spring Air. The Comfort Reach Smooth Glide Action is a part of the Ovation which resembles a conventional bed.

Pressure is relieved from the back as the body’s blood circulation is improved due to the elevation of head and foot. This is available with a wireless remote control with Easy View glow-in-the-dark along with a programmable memory.  Every time the remote is turned on a memory massage recall present in it programs the massage program.

In the next section, we are going to look into these manufacturers’ products in more detail.


Craftmatic Adjustable Beds

Craftmatic adjustable bedsThe Craftmatic Adjustable Beds are built with an elegant style.

Anyone can find a way to incorporate a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed into their décor.

These beds are also durable, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money and then having to turn around and buy another bed a couple of months later.

The Craftmatic Adjustable Beds are also priced very reasonable and they are loaded with different options that you can choose from. If you are interested in the different options you have, ask about the heat and massage options when you are talking to a sales representative.

The bottom line is that you will never be able to understand just how much Craftmatic Adjustable Beds can change your life, until you have actually gotten one. There is truly no other adjustable bed in the world quiet like it because it has superior construction, adjustability and comfort all rolled into one product.

Why get Cratfmatic Adjustable Bed?

There are many different reasons to purchase a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed. Some people purchase them for the utmost comfort that they provide.

On the other hand, you have people that purchase them for health related problems. No matter what your reason may be, you should check into purchasing Craftmatic Adjustable Beds, you will never have a better night’s sleep than what you will get on this bed. There is not another one like it in the world.

All of the adjustable beds that carry the Craftmatic name sit on frames that are created by Leggett and Platt.

Altogether, there are four different styles to choose from.

First, you have the Monaco which is considered to be their top of the line, state of the art mattress. The Monaco comes with massage options and heat options.

The other models are I, II, and III. The III model is the least expensive of them all, which would be a good option of you, are just looking for a quality mattress at a really good price.

Craftmatic is one of the manufacturers that doesn’t list their prices of their website however, they do send out brochures as well as a live sales representative in order to explain the benefits that you would be able to get from purchasing one of their products.

The models that are considered top of the line use latex mattresses and high density foam whereas, the models that are least expensive use the coil spring mattress.

The Craftmatic Monaco offers the ultimate sleeping experience and it is Craftmatic’s luxury model. It has a wireless remote control and a dual massage system that has variable speeds. The Craftmatic Monaco also includes personal heat control, if you would like to add that feature.

On the other hand, the Craftmatic Model I come with the option of a wireless remote control and it has a wave massage system that comes with variable speeds. Both of these models come with a one year warranty that includes the coverage of the motors, controls, gears and the electrical system.

The Craftmatic Model II and the Craftmatic Model III are your basic Craftmatic Adjustable Beds.

Sealy Adjustable Beds

sealy adjustable bedThere is no quality more important in a bed than comfort.

If you are not comfortable while you are on the bed, you shouldn’t purchase the bed or the mattresses.

Before you purchase any bed or mattresses, you need to make sure that you take the time to check out all of your options, never go with the first bed that you see because you could miss out on a wonderful opportunity like this one.

If you are looking for quality and comfort, Sealy Adjustable Beds are surely the way to go. There is absolutely no doubt about it. The appearance of this conventional bed really fits into any room décor that you may already have.

So, you don’t have to worry about your bed sticking out like a sore thumb. The Wallhugger engineering that is put into these beds keeps it so that your night table is within easy reach even during the times that the head of your bed is elevated.

The world’s leading manufacturer when it comes to adjustable beds developed the Sealy Adjustable Beds along with the Sealy True Foam Mattresses.

Sealy Adjustable Beds are built for durability and performance. These mattresses have the overall ability to outstand all of the other mattresses and beds that are on the market today.

Overall, Sealy offers you the absolute best, a luxuriously bed that is comfortable and that positions you so that you are comfortable as well.

The Sealy Adjustable Beds are easy to move and they are also made of a lighter weight. You will have no trouble moving the bed when you are redecorating your room.

There are not too many rollaway beds that are easy to move around. Most beds are heavy and will barely move when you nudge them. However, fitting into décor and easy to be moved aren’t the only two qualities that this bed has, it also has the ability to aid in different situations.

The Sealy Adjustable Bed can help you when you are recovering from an illness or if you have recently had surgery or plan to have surgery soon. These beds can also help you when you are bed ridden or not sleeping well. There are also other people that use Sealy Adjustable Beds when they have circulation problems or breathing problems when you are sleeping.

Sealy Adjustable Beds can also be used in nursing home as well as an assisted care option when you have a patient at home. When it comes to the Sealy Adjustable Beds, you have two different types to choose from. First, you have the Sealy Adjustable Beds that are made out of the True Foam Memory Foam. These adjustable beds have no spring construction and they are well known for relieving aches and pains.

The other types of Sealy Adjustable Beds that are available are the Sealy Reflexion Latex Beds which are known for reducing tossing and turning and at the same time increasing your overall comfort. These beds are naturally hypo-allergenic, mildew proof and antimicrobial.

Tempurpedic Adjustable Beds

tempurpedic adjustable bedsA Swedish company referred to as Tempurpedic, is solely responsible for bringing the memory foam mattresses to the retail market.

The material that is used in the Tempurpedic mattresses was originally created by NASA so that they could pad the seats in the space shuttle for the astronauts.

However, it was revised by the Swedes in order to make it more of an optimal sleep surface.

Today, the memory foam aficionados are probably purchasing the TempurPedic Adjustable Beds and mattresses because of the huge amount of money that this company has spent in order to gain the recognition of their brand name rather than the fact that it is truly a superior memory foam mattress.

Here are a couple of things that you should know about the TempurPedic Adjustable Beds:

  1. There are seven different mattresses that you can choose from.
  2. The prices of those mattresses range from fifteen hundred dollars to six thousand dollars.
  3. The width of the mattress varies from eight feet to fourteen feet.
  4. These mattresses can be used with a flat bed base or an adjustable bed.
  5. The adjustable bed frames are accompanied by massage features and a wireless remote.

Depending on what you are looking for, you may be interested in quiet a few of the different TempurPedic Adjustable Beds. There are many different styles of these beds such as:

  1. The GrandBed
  2. The BellaSonna Bed
  3. The Celebrity Bed
  4. The Rhapsody Bed
  5. And the Deluxe Bed.

ll of these beds are truly special; there are no other beds in the world that are going to sleep quiet like these. The Grand Bed offers unsurpassed luxury; it is a masterpiece that has been crafted using the newest technologies. You will absolutely fall in love with the feel and look of it’s plush.

However, this isn’t all of the beds that TempurPedic has to offer, they also have a lot more to choose from as well.

For instance, the BellaSonna Bed offers you a beautiful night’s sleep and it has layers of Tempur material that conforms to your body which relieves pressure and absorbs motion.

One thing that you have to remember when purchasing TempurPedic Adjustable Beds is that each individual style has it’s own special features that will able you to have a good night’s sleep and that is what is most important here.

When you are looking at the different styles of TempurPedic Adjustable Beds, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

  • First, you need to ask yourself what you are looking for in a bed.
  • Secondly, you need to consider your budget and see which bed fits into the set budget that you have.

Those are the two main questions that you need to make sure that you answer when you are looking for a TempurPedic Adjustable bed to fit your individual needs.

Electric adjustable Beds

electric adjustable bedsNot only for the elderly, who have difficulty while getting in out of bed electric adjustable beds are also great purchase for those who just desires a good sleep during the night.

While lying the position can be moved by you with a button’s touch. The neck, head, shoulders, hips, thighs, legs and feet, upper and lower back can all be positioned to boost the user’s comfort level.  As to adjust the bed to the position desired, the user does not require getting out of bed, this is a superb characteristic.

There are two main parts in electric adjustable beds, the mattress and the base. Prior to choosing which one is the perfect fit for you should take into consideration always the major characteristics. As electric adjustable beds range in several sizes and styles, there definitely will be one located by you according to your liking and filling whatever requirements wanted by you.

Programming the massager according to your level of comfort is a feature in several electric adjustable beds.

So that in you can adjust to be in a more comfortable and natural position you can read or watch TV is allowed by an electric adjustable bed.

To alleviate swelling and pain by rising their feet and legs, will help those people with poor blood circulation in those areas. To assist them with swelling and pain, pillows are used by most people to prop up their feet. In the case of pillows, the problem is that in a small area your feet and legs remain confined.  As we all move during our sleep, so the chances of the pillow no longer keeping our feet propped up by the time we are awake is always there.

This will not be you problem if you use electric adjustable beds. Your feet get propped up just by the bed’s end being raised up. When you are awake in the morning your feet and legs will remain propped up in spite of you moving or whichever position you may end up with.

An electric adjustable or adjustable bed could be what the doctor has ordered incase pillows are not helping and poor circulation is your problem area.


As they have different ergonomic mattresses and electric-powered adjustable beds, relaxation and good sleep is an affordable reality with Laybrook. It is a possibility to get comfort! The “stressless body position” can be achieved by these electric adjustable beds.


The ultimate in electric adjustable beds is provided consistently from Ultramatic. Presently available anywhere, the most advanced high-tech beds are offered by them and their commitment towards you is seen in the business’s best warranties, value, comfort and customer care.


In the electric adjustable beds offered by them a cutting edge is produced due to the exactness in engineering techniques and advanced technology used in their building process.

Adjustable king size beds

adjustable king size bedsIf everyday you share your bed with your partner or spouse and do not own a bed which is king size, in that case to get some additional space to spread out you perhaps thought of purchasing a king size mattress.

In a queen size one feels cramped frequently and the difference between a great sleep and a mediocre one at night is dependant on the king size mattress beds additional rooms.

n case your sleeping space’s improvement is what you are planning, then the advantages of adjustable king size beds should surely be checked by you.

Two people can be accommodated easily in a king size adjustable bed and disturbing their partner is not a case of worry as a comfortable position can be found by them as enough space allows them to do so.

The comfort level which is an individual’s right can happen with the inflation of both the sides of the bed of a dual air mattress chambers on adjustable king size beds. You can evade compromises and negotiations in this part of the relationship, after finding your ideal setting by just adjusting your bed’s side.

The advantages of adjustable king size beds can be truly enjoyed by you, by the possibility of making slight alterations on your side of the bed.

In the traditional bed mattresses one has to suffer those nagging pressure points which can be eliminated in an inflatable air mattress giving you a night’s sleep which can be considered the best by the correct pressurization.

Your body is supported comfortably as there are no pressure points and throughout the night you won’t be turning and tossing.

There are many diverse options, as you will find when looking around for adjustable king size beds.

For even more cushioning an extra layer of memory foam is present in certain models. The beds, which are in rage, are those, which allow each side of the bed to be easily and quickly adjusted with a remote control.

Your partner will not be disturbed when you move, in those models which have dual air chambers, so that will not be your concern and they will also offer you individual comfort settings.

Ucan Health: Head and foot operation controlled by a low voltage, single, whisper quiet electric motor is a characteristic in a luxury adjustable bed which is a luxury model of king size.

More settings and choices are offered in these adjustable king size beds and an easy; new hand control operator controls most of the positions.

Simmons Beautyrest Adjustable Bed: Someone who desires a King size adjustable bed would be recommended the Simmons Beautyrest Adjustable Bed by content customers. From bed watching television will never be similar.

How to buy adjustable beds

Adjustable beds are enjoyed worldwide by millions of people.

Now these kinds of beds can be enjoyed by people at home also although for many years they were seen in hospitals.

Being comfortable is extremely significant for you if you spend much of your time in bed. Without propping up your pillows while sitting and watching television from bed then for you this is the most suitable kind of bed.

For the regular customer, nowadays, adjustable bed prices are becoming more reasonable. Exploring to get the best adjustable bed prices is not a new thing for you if you are an intelligent shopper.

From manufacturer to manufacturer and store to store there can be a difference in the price of adjustable bed. One should advance to the yellow pages after an online research is done.  The additional costs such as installation and delivery should not be forgotten while doing the research.

Shopping for first-rate adjustable bed prices are not only done by the seniors. There are others who also shop for them. These styles of beds should be looked at by everyone who wants a good night’s sleep. You will not only stop fretting about spending more for a bed but also get a relaxing and comfortable nights sleep.

Buying online

For your shopping internet is not the easiest of places.

There are many websites selling adjustable beds, but you need to tread carefully

It is  a good thing in case you locate a nice site which has bed prices which are adjustable and first-rate. Nevertheless, some extra research is to be done by you prior to making a purchase off the internet.

  1. The checkout process of the sites should be looked at. Whether the order page is safe?
  2. Then, is there a contact page of that site? Incase yes, than the site should be contacted by telephone. In no way should you place your order in case  you are insecure about placing your order.
  3. Be absolutely sure that an email is sent to you which specifies when your product delivery is expected besides the all the backup information for you including the purchase’s date, time and receipt, after you have placed your order.
  4. If you don’t feel confident buying online, check whether your local retailer stocks good adjustable beds at affordable prices.
  5. Be sure to compare same type of beds while you are looking for good adjustable bed prices. The adjustable beds are either heavy-duty style or standard. King, queen, full size and twin are some of the sizes available.

As long-lasting mattresses are required for these flexible and wonderful beds, therefore the kind of mattresses is coil spring, air, foam or latex. As using these beds have their own various medical benefits, therefore the adjustable bed prices should not be much of your concern if you are in a desperate requirement of it.

Best Pomade for Curly & Thick Hair- 2019 Reviews and Buying Guide

best pomade for thick curly hair

What are Pomades?

Best pomade for thick curly hairPomade is similar to other hairstyling products like gel but very different too. It is counted among most usable and safest of all available hairstyling products.

It is exceptional for dry hair and styling short hairstyles. From straight hair to curly ones, this is perfect for all hair types. It is the only styling products that make hair shiny and silky without causing any damage.

It became hugely popular between 1920 and 1950 especially with the emergence of “Greasers” subculture. Combed-back hairstyles of Rock & Roll idols like Elvis Presley and actors like John Travolta influenced youth a lot and these styles became a rage.

To make the frizzy comb-back style, people required some styling product and this product turned out to be the best possible option since it offered maximum hold and shine along with the required greasiness.

The best pomade for thick hair adds gloss, enhances hair texture and retains the desired shape for longest duration. For smooth styles too, it offers magnified textural effect.

Curly hair pomades are not moisturizers but moisture sealants, that is, they seal moisture into the hair to prevent dryness and frizz. The pomades can be applied after moisturizers to retain the moisture.

De-greasers like shampoos are used to wash it away, because these tend to be a bit greasy and waxy (if you are using oil based formula). You may also apply common olive oil and rinse with warm water to remove the grease from your hair. It makes a great substitute to products like hairspray and gels, which damage hair follicles and scalp.

In a Nutshell

Pomade is a waxy hair product for those that want to style their hair in a neat, shiny and slick way e.g. Hair-do’s like the quiff, ducktail, pomp, etc. Typically, its essential ingredients are wax and petrolatum. Whilst the wax is used to maintain ‘hold’, petrolatum (grease) is used to create shine and allow for malleable styling.

The 3 Different Types of Pomade

Classically, pomades can be split into three categories, based on the grease-wax ratio: strong hold pomades, medium hold pomades, and light hold pomades.

A lot goes into choosing the best pomade for thick hair. The buying process becomes even more complex if you have thick curly hair.

When you’re shopping for the a pomade that will work best for you, you should realize that there are three different kinds that are pretty different from each other.

Best Strong Hold Pomades on the Market

For the sleek types that require a strong hold pomade to hold up their pomp or any perfectly groomed style and you want it to go the distance. Here’s the best selection for you

The distinctive feature of strong hold pomades is that they have a higher wax-grease ratio, thus ideal in providing stronger and longer-lasting holds . These are perfect for men with thicker hair and tall hairstyles due to their ability to hold together the most and longest.

Strong hold pomades are stiff however, making them less malleable than other types. They can also prove stubborn to wash out of your hair. Due to their high wax-grease ratio, they don’t provide as much shine as the medium and light hold pomades.

#1 Suavetico POMADE review

What hair type is it for? : Due to it’s excellent hold, this pomade is ideal for thick, curly or hard to tame hair.

Smell : Suavecito pomades have a distinctively masculine, yet light scent. Definitely one of this product’s best features

Is it easy to wash off? : Yes! This water-soluble hair pomade has a creamy consistency, making it easy to comb in and easy to wash out.

How long does it last? : Suavecito strong hold pomades have great staying power and can last all day long. If, however ,you do find yourself with flyaways at some point, simply wet your  comb with water and work through the weak areas a few times to re-activate the pomade, keeping your pomp intact.

How much shine can I expect? Unfortunately, this product is merely OK when it comes to shine. However you can use it in conjunction with a light hold pomade for the perfect balance of hold and shine.

#2 Layrite Superhold POMADE review

best pomade for thick curly hairWhat hair type is it for? : Controls even the curliest and thickest hair out there.

Smell : Layrite has a light vanilla scent, a very subtle smell that wears off during the day.

Is it easy to wash off? : Yes. This is a water-based pomade which means it’s easy to wash out.

How long does it last? :Layrite pomade has the strongest hold when used on DRY hair. You control the strength of hold by simply drying your hair to the desired amount. The product itself does however not dry in your hair so you can re-style as needed throughout the day.

How much shine can I expect? The shine you get with this pomade depends on how much you dry your hair.

Read the best customer reviews on Amazon

baxter clay of california#3 Baxter of California Clay POMADE review

What hair type is it for? : Good for thin to thick hair. May not be best suited for coarse hair.

Smell : This pomade has a light tea tree oil scent.

Is it easy to wash off? : Baxter of California Clay Pomade needs to be washed out thoroughly from hair.

How long does it last? : Lasts through the day without flaking up. For increased, strong, pliable hold and style use more product. A little goes a long way though. When hold starts to wear off simply dampen hands and run through hair for re-hold.

How much shine can I expect? This pomade does not give much shine but lends a natural, matte finish to textured styles.

Medium hold pomades

Medium hold pomades are the way to go if a decent amount of hold and shine is good.

Excellent choice for styles like the medium pompadour. This is because they contain a  balanced grease-wax ratio, so provide a regular amount of shine while still being able to hold sufficiently. They work best for hair types that don’t require extra hold or sheen, yet still offer decent levels of both.

Here’s my pick of most effective medium-hold pomades:

reuzel medium grease pomade#1 Reuzel Grease Medium Hold POMADE Review

What hair type is it for? : Especially good for thick hair.

Smell : This pomade has a pleasant, clean smell.

Is it easy to wash off? : It is not difficult to wash off.

How long does it last? : Lasts through the day. For the heaviest hold apply to blow dried hair. For a medium hold apply to towel dried hair. This pomade does not dry or harden in hair so you can restyle it as needed throughout the day without losing control or shine.

How much shine can I expect? Reuzel grease is a versatile wax and oil based product that allows you to control its degree of shine.

Check for the latest price and customer reviews on Amazon

#2 Dapper Dan Medium Hold POMADE Review

Dapper_Dan_Deluxe_Pomade_100ml_Medium_Hold_-_1_3583167616417061053What hair type is it for? : Good for thin to thick hair.

Smell : This pomade has a clean, pleasant, fresh scent.

Is it easy to wash off? : Yes, this pomade is easy to wash off.

How long does it last? : Holds your hair strongly in place all day with the flexibility to restyle.

How much shine can I expect? Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade offers a moderate shine factor.

Check for the latest price and reviews on Amazon

#3 Lockhart’s medium hold  pomade review

best pomade for thick curly hairWhat hair type is it for? : Good for thin to thick hair.

Smell : This pomade has a masculine sandalwood and vetiver scent.

Is it easy to wash off? : As this is an oil-based lube it is not meant to wash out in the very first wash.

How long does it last? : Lockhart’s pomade is perfect for great hold and manageability. It doesn’t harden so you can recomb your hair all day.

How much shine can I expect? Lockhart’s Hair Pomade provides a healthy shine.

Check for the latest price and reviews on Amazon

Light hold pomades

Light Hold pomades for those that have thinner hair types that simply want a product that won’t weigh down their hair or simply prefer the shine a lighter pomade offers. Here we selected the best light weight pomade brands

Since light hold pomades have a relatively low wax to grease ratio, they are ideal for hair styles that require little hold but lots of shine. They are good for thinner hair and to achieve the neat slick-back look, or a side-parting with tidy pompadour at the top.

Whilst they are great for sheen, they are not as effective for hold as the other weight of pomades. If you really desire the enhanced shine the light hold pomades provide, I would advice using it as a top-coat in conjunction with a medium or strong hold pomade. That way you get a good combination of pomades for hold and shine.

Here are the best products for men that I’d recommend

#1 Clean shine light hold pomade by Matrix

best pomade for menWhat hair type is it for? : Good for thin to coarse hair.

Smell : This pomade has a gentle masculine scent.

Is it easy to wash off? : This pomade rinses off easily with water.

How long does it last? : Clean Shine pomade lasts all day and can be retouched by adding a bit more.

How much shine can I expect? Clean Shine Pomade provides a separation and shine.

Check for the latest price and reviews on Amazon


odudsWhat hair type is it for? : Good for thin to thick hair.Smell : This pomade has a rosemary bergamot scent

Is it easy to wash off? : O Doud’s pomade washes off relatively easily.

How long does it last? : This pomade lasts all day and can even provide hold and moisture on days that you do not apply any pomade.

How much shine can I expect? O Doud’s Pomade leaves hair soft, healthy and shiny

Price and review


What hair type is it for? : Good for thin hair.

Smell : This pomade has a light coconut scent

Is it easy to wash off? : High Life Light Hold pomade does not wash out! It contains Emu oil to help strengthen and rejuvenate the hair and eliminate greasy feel.

How long does it last? : This pomade lasts all day if you use a good amount.

How much shine can I expect? High Life Light Hold pomade gives a nice, non-oily shine to your hair.

Price and review

Water Based Pomade

[columns_row width=”half”] [column]best mens pomade for thick hair

Since you are using a water based pomade, apply some water to dampen your hair a bit and get it ready for the product.

Flaking does not happen under normal use. As long as you are using it as it was made to be used and you follow the directions on the can on how to apply pomade, you won’t have any problems.

[/column] [column]Water based pomades are typically less greasy than petroleum or oil based.

They are great for guys that are not looking for the strongest hold, but more of a styling ability. I’d advise you to use a small amount of water based pomades, regardless of how much hair you have, curly or not.

It’s also a good idea to use a rat tail comb to evenly distribute the product into your hair so that you can get your desired look.

[/column] [/columns_row] [separator type=”thick”]

Oil Based

Oil based pomades also work surprisingly well for thick curly hair. They are the most conventional pomades for men. They allow you to restyle your hair throughout the day  (if you choose) as they don’t dry out.

Similar to petroleum based pomades, oil based greases are tougher to wash out than water based. This could potentially be a good thing: after a light wash using a bit of shampoo there will still be enough for the next day, meaning that you won’t have to reapply it everyday.

Petroleum Based

You should go for petroleum based pomades if you want a hairstyle like the pompadour and will need a decent amount of strength. They are a bit different from the other two popular types. These are not as easy to wash out though, as they are more heavy-duty than water based pomades. Stay away from pomades that are greasy or heavy, they won’t help.

As you can see by the table at the top, all of the pomades that were selected do a fantastic job. Any of them will be great for you, whether you’re a beginner or experienced pro. Also, all of them are not only the best pomade for waves, although that is what Roller Coaster Waves and Cold Label Wolfing Pomade are usually used for because they do a great job of keeping the hair laid down.

It all comes down to your personal situation. If you have a curly haircut you will most likely not want the same pomade as a person who has a haircut that is straight. Try out one of these out to start and depending on how your experience goes with that one, you will be able to decide if you want to stick with that or try a different one. I recommend Suavecito to start off with.

Make sure you consider your needs. if you’re looking for something that is natural you will have to carefully investigate which pomades fall into that category. Are you putting emphasis on holding power, shine, moisturization? Decide what you want to get out of it and that will make it much easier to decide which is the best pomade for you!

What is Pomade used for?

The main use is in hairstyling. You can easily style your hair in any shape. You can use pomade for styling your beard, moustache or even side burns. Applying pomade ensures a slicker, shinier and darker look.

People also use pomade with sulfur to grow hair. Also, light version of pomade can prove to be a useful substitute of alcohol-laden hairsprays. Hairspray is actually very harmful for your scalp and hair as it take away all the moisture. Hairsprays are harmful for the environment too due to their high alcohol and toxic content.

Pomades are highly versatile; these are compatible with all types of hair/haircuts. From short to long, mid-length to multi-textured, straight to curly, smooth to frizzy and to slick down edges, pomades are suitable for all. Hairstyles like buns, braids, ponytails and twists direly rely upon pomade to retain their shape.

There are however, some types of pomades that have specific usage. For example, moustache wax is just applied on moustache and cannot be used on head.

Usually, afro-textured hair benefits most from pomade as it keeps them moisturized and doesn’t let them get dry easily. To control frizz, you must use a low-hold-level Pomade.

Pomade is also good for thick and coarse hair as it smoothly glides over the hair and can be applied with palms. It gives your hair additional flexibility due to greasiness.

Pomades are extremely hair-structure-friendly and can be used for styling almost all haircuts. The shine, gloss and flexibility that Pomade gives to your hair are matchless.

How to use pomade?

Applying on Wet hair or dry hair?

We would say neither! Use pomade on damp hair instead for optimal results. It is a misconception that your hair needs to be completely dry before you apply pomade. Actually, you should damp your hair enough that it becomes malleable. However, damping is different from wetting; if your hair becomes excessively wet then the pomade won’t work because the hair will reject the natural oils of pomade. Perfectly dampened hair is that stage when your hairs are just five to ten minutes away from being totally dry.

How much should you use?

The inconvenient truth is that there cannot be a specific plan. No one can suggest the perfect quantity of pomade that will work on all kinds and lengths of locks. Pomade quantity varies with your hair type (less if oily and more if dry), hair length and hairstyle. However, what we can tell you with surety is that you must always start with minimal quantity and add more gradually. It is a lot easier to add more pomade than to remove it completely from your head.

Application of Pomade:

Start by scrapping only a small amount of pomade, equal to a teaspoon in quantity. Using your middle and pointer fingers transfer it to your other hand. Now rub your fingers with your palm just like you do to wash hands. Let the grease coat your hands and turn them into fully loaded styling weapons.

Start applying from the bangs; make a partition using both hands and massage the pomade slowly into both sides the way you apply shampoo. Spike it straight-up so that hairs at the roots can be coated so that you are able to distribute pomade evenly throughout the scalp and prevent clumping.

Using a comb or your hands part your hair from above the temple and apply more pomade into the crease to work the shorter hair down and longer hair up. After done with the front part, do coat the back of your head with pomade starting from the top and wiping the hands down.

What about hair loss?

Do not stop using pomade just because you have heard that it can cause hair loss. It is just a myth that hairstyling products cause hair loss. It is the overuse of such products and inappropriate cleaning of the head/scalp that causes it.

If you don’t thoroughly clean your hair/scalp, you will experience hair loss. Always regularly wash your head otherwise dead skin or scalp’s sebum will accumulate in layers and will block or shrink hair follicles leading to hair fall.

If you are already facing hair loss, use shampoos that are formulated to promote healthy scalp/hairs by clearing the coating of sebum or dead skin.

Pomade vs Wax

Traditionally, the main difference between the two styling products was that wax couldn’t offer pomade-like slicker and shinier appearance. In modern times, the difference is becoming more and more ambiguous since various heavy pomades contain beeswax.

Wax offers a matte finish and tends to be thicker than pomade but doesn’t feel sticky.  Both are oil-based formulas but pomade’s hold is higher than that of wax. Both also require a de-greasing agent like shampoo to be washed out of hairs. Wax is also applied in similar manner as pomade.

However, if you have dry hair or you need flexible hold always, use pomade instead of wax. Pomade is a much better option as wax because now water-based pomades are also available that are lightweight and washed easily. The slicked back look that pomade offer cannot be attained through wax, while wax is better option for spikes.

Use pomades with matte finish to get a non-greasy look. Pomade has excellent hold and shine and allows reshaping of your hair throughout the day. This cannot be done with wax as it becomes hard after application.

For moderate hold wax is suitable and goes with almost all hairstyles. For oily hair type, wax is better than pomade because pomades are greasy. However, wax isn’t as palliable as pomade but is good for making detailed expression and hairstyle accentuation.

Pomade vs Gel

Gel would give you as strong a hold as pomade but the problem with it is that after some time of application, it makes your hair rock solid. Sometimes, gel may turn into flakes and give away the feel as if you have dandruff.

Gel is suitable for styles that need maximum hold such as spikes but even then, everyday application of gel is not advisable. That is so because when gel gets dry it becomes flaky and its flakes fall on to your scalp, blocking excretion of natural oils.

So, with gels, the issue of facing hair loss problem is probably the highest in comparison to pomade and wax. These flakes are difficult to be washed completely and keep on shedding from the scalp every now and then. The end result is that you will find flakes on your shoulders and collar all the time.

That being said, the positive aspect of gel is that it is easiest to wash out from your hairs. Gels are available in different varieties ranging from light to firm hold. The selection should be made according to your hair type and style. Generally, the rule is that light variety is suitable for finer hair. Nonetheless, gel gives away an unnatural sort of a look whereas pomade’s appearance is much more subtle and natural.

Best Baker’s Rack Buyers Guide

Baker's Rack

Baker’s racks are as functional as they are beautiful. Baker’s racks provide shelving made from metal, wood, wrought iron or glass. There are designs for corners or flat walls, big or little spaces, and are fitted with different features to suit your particular needs.

Shelving Choices

Baker’s rack frames consist of sturdy materials such as wrought iron, wood, and stainless steel, each in a choice of finishes to suit your décor. The number and size of shelves on a baker’s rack depend on the size and style of rack you choose. Rack shelves are made from metal planking or mesh, glass, or wood. Baker’s racks are perfect for displaying collectibles, keeping recipe books or herb plants, storing pots and pans and accessories, cooking essentials, and even your microwave oven.

Corner Racks and Hutches

Corner baker’s racks are a good choice for smaller kitchens with limited space. They cleverly utilize often ignored corner space to provide all of the benefits of extra storage. Corner baker’s racks make a smart, organized statement about a kitchen. Baker’s rack hutches offer more discreet cabinet storage for pots and pans or other kitchen necessities. With finishes ranging from polished wood stains to antiqued washes, you can choose a hutch-style rack to suit any kitchen. Also, baker’s racks can provide built in wine racks, or offer convenient drawer storage. you can also have a bakers rack with drawers which offers more storage.


Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional styles, you’ll find a baker’s rack to perfectly complement your décor and personal style. Contemporary baker’s racks have clean lines and modern designs that suit a contemporary kitchen. Traditional baker’s racks are more whimsical, with soft curves and antique or cottage styles. And baker’s racks are just as perfect for the dining room as they are for the kitchen; they provide a lovely display for heirloom pieces, and hutch designs provide convenient storage for napkins, napkin rings, and silverware.

Choose the baker’s rack that’s right for you—to provide extra space, or simply to make a stylish statement.

Corner Bakers Rack

Corner bakers racks are a great way to add style to your home! Plus, they take up less room than the traditional bakers rack and occupy those awkward corners in a room. You will find corner bakers racks throughout many homes today. They are a very popular piece for kitchens, dining rooms, and entry ways. Corner bakers racks can be used in just about any room where you have a corner that needs a little something.baker's rack

Great for those with not much space
A corner bakers rack is the perfect choice for those who don’t have much space. They take up much less room than that of a traditional bakers rack. Tucked in a corner, a bakers rack is great looking and functional as well. It allows you to display plants, books, dishes, or whatever you like, while not taking up your whole room.

Occupy those awkward corners
Do you have an awkward corner that could use a little something? Well, a corner bakers rack is your answer! They are the perfect piece for filling in those empty corners.

You will find that corner bakers racks are usually constructed of wood or some type of metal. You may also find some with glass shelving as well.

There are several styles of corner bakers racks. Traditional, modern, and French styles are what you will find when shopping for your bakers rack. The choice of style is really what look you prefer. Each of these styles offers a fantastic look that will make any boring corner look great.

A corner bakers rack is a terrific piece of furniture that will add beauty and class to your home. It’s also a great way to fill that overlooked corner of your home. A corner bakers rack doesn’t take up much room so it’s great for those rooms with limited space. You’ll find a great corner bakers rack is exactly what you need for your home.

Top 3 Convection Oven Reviews

Convection Oven

With so many convection reviews found online, finding the best convection oven becomes tricky and confusing. To help you avoid this, let’s take a look at the top 3 convection ovens in the market today. These ovens are selected based on customer feedback, rating, and price considerations.

Types of Convection Oven

1. Breville BOV800XL

The Breville BOV800XL convection ovenThe BOV800XL is a Smart Oven that is fitted with Element IQ cooking technology which regulates the power of 5 separate quartz heating elements to effectively cook the food evenly in no time. As if that’s not enough, this oven is made from durable material not to mention a sleek compact design that makes it a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

Also, the BOV800XL has a non sticky interior is easy to clean and has a back lit LCD console that notifies you of the correct cooking time and temperature. The unit turns off automatically when the food is ready and has a sound alert as well. You can broil, cook, warm, toast, reheat, do pizza and cookies as well as roast with the BOV800XL.

2. KitchenAid KCO273SS

The kitchenAid KCO273SS convection ovenGet your hands on the KitchenAid KCO273SS and you will be bringing power and efficiency to your kitchen. This countertop oven comes with features that make its versatile enough to meet your cooking demand easily. It boasts of the bagel, bake, broil, warm and toast as well as reheat functions in addition to the pizza, roast and cookies functions.

It has a 12 inch capacity making it ideal for a middle sized family. The digital controls and the 60 minute timer help you adjust temperatures and cooking time accordingly. The heating elements of this unit are made using the special Even Heat Technology that ensures even distribution of preheated air to cook the food evenly. In a nutshell the KCO273SS is made to make your cooking experience as convenient as possible.

3. Cuisinart TOB-260

The Cuisinart TOB-260 convection OvenWith an incredible 15 functions to its name, the Cuisinart TOB-260 is the convention oven you need to for if you want to replace your traditional oven. It has special settings for fast convection and bagels as well as sandwiches. The heating power which is pegged at 1875 watts is enough to heat up the air inside the oven quickly at exact temperatures giving you perfect results each time you use the Cuisinart TOB-260.

The TOB-260 is spacious a well with a baking pan of 9 inches in width and 13 inches in length which is enough to accommodate a 3 inch pizza, up to nine slices of bread or even a nine pound chicken. The Cuisinart TOB-260 with its well thought out features simply provides the easiest and fastest way to make your meals at home every day.


Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Best Baby Pack and Play

pack and play

Baby Pack and Plays are made to provide your child a secure and lightweight space that is perfect for taking part in and napping. Influenced by how you use your playard, there are a number of options that might be useful. Many parents elect to purchase one to make use of as a “care station” that remains in the house, as well as a second more light-weight version to take on the go.

The word Pack and Play is compatible with the word playard. They can be found in a variety of sizes, colors, plus designs. So if you elect to keep yours in the house then choose a thing that matches your decor. You can enjoy amazing features like a detachable changing station furthermore, bassinet, and fun toys plus sounds. Regardless of what style you select, you are going to discover that running a pack n play will contribute hours of cozy amusement for the child in a secure setting.

What is a Baby Pack and Play?

Baby pack and play

New parents can feel somewhat overwhelmed by all of the equipment that they can purchase for their baby. However when it comes to purchasing a baby have fun with and pack, you’re getting a lot of value for your money seriously. This handy device is especially great investing the child on trips a lot, as they’re an easy task to pack up plus carry with you. Also known as play yards also; pack n plays are made to be collapsible easily, giving you a transportable and safe place for the baby to have fun with and rest.

Types of Baby Pack and Play: 

You will notice that play yards can be found in two different types: Basic as well as Deluxe. The Basic version is quite lightweight and cannot include extra features such as changing and the mobile station. The Deluxe models will often come with a bassinet plus altering station, and also plaything pubs, music, and canopies even.

Basic Pack n Plays: 

The beauty of owning a pack n play is the fact that it’s portable and may fit through any kind of door. That way it is possible to move it from one room to another, or fold it up and stick it in your trunk easily. The basic version is certainly more convenient to take on the go away because it is lightweight plus made with mesh on almost all sides. Often these types of playards furthermore have a travel bag to create it a lot more transportable.

Deluxe Pack and Plays: 

If you’re ready to spend a little more cash, and you also require something high end with additional features, you should select a deluxe pack n play then. This more complex piece includes a removable changing desk and organizer to carry diapers usually, in addition to a bassinet.

If you want the most advanced choice really, then look for a pack and have fun with such functions as the vibrating mattress, digital cellular, canopy, console along with songs, and enjoyable nightlight. Most of these additional bonus deals could be your own if you’re ready to invest a little more, and have more weight.

Benefits of using the Product: 

Owning a pack n play is an excellent way to obtain all of the benefits of the playard without diminishing flexibility. Let’s explore the main key benefits of owning a pack n play before you get one for your house.


This is a really versatile option as possible a play yard, bassinet, or a changing table even. The mattress is soft and comfortable, and the inside from the crib is roomier than that of a few of the lighter- weight baby cribs we tested.

baby pack and play

Safe Play: 

It’s difficult to provide your child continuous attention while you wish you could probably. It’s essential that you ensure that your baby is safe when you do things around the homely house. Once your baby is positioned in the have fun with the pen, you can be confident that they’re at play safely, plus it’s even feasible to leave the area for just a few minutes. Playards are soft incredibly, safe, and comfy for the child, therefore there’s in no way any kind of have to worry.

Easy to Handle:

baby pack and play

Baby Playards can be very easy to build. It can be taken straight into bits and placed into travel carriers which usually go from it that makes it transportable if you want to take trips with the baby. Furthermore, you no longer require an enormous area if you have in order to store this away. So it is completely easy to handle.



All pack n plays are designed to be extremely lightweight & most will fold upward within no time. This indicates that will if you want to proceed to various rooms inside your home you will soon shift the baby’s have fun with pen and also always have them nearby. Also, in the event that you travel a lot, it’s a good idea to create your pack n play with you. Many models include their own travel bag to help to make the portability still better.

baby pack and play

Affordable Price: 

Many types of Pack N Play Playard are found in the marketplaces. They are many shapes and sizes. So they come at various prices. But you can purchase this product in an affordable price.

How to Use the Product: 

It is your duty to carefully use your baby product. Longevity depends on the proper use of the products. Follow the techniques below and I think your product will be long lasting:

Using the Pack and Play: 

The Pack ‘N play may be used like a play yard, bassinet or asleep crib. When utilized a playard, never leave the kid unattended and continue to keep the child in view. When utilized as a sleeping crib or bassinet, you must nevertheless supply the supervision essential for the continued security of your child.

Always keep carefully the Pack ‘N play from hazards in your community that may injure your son or daughter.

Don’t put cushioning or other items in the pack ‘N play that will enable your son or daughter to ascend out.

Stop by using this product whenever your kid reaches 35 inches (89 cm) high weighs a lot more than 30 lbs (14 kg) or is capable of climbing out.

Don’t modify the baby pack and play or include any kind of attachments that aren’t listed inside the particular owner’s guide, which includes about best baby bassinet.

Using the Bassinet: 

  • Make use of Bassinet with only one baby at a time
  • Never place a kid under the bassinet

Care and Maintenance:

Check out your own Pack N Play from time to time for worn components, torn stitching or material. You can replace or restoration the components as needed. Make use of just Graco or higher replacement parts.

If pack and play are used in the sea beach, you need to thoroughly clean sand away your own Pack N Play including the feet, prior to packing it into cover up. Stand in top rail lock might damage it.

To completely clean it, only use soap or even detergent and tepid to warm water.

To clean the carry bag, machine wash in lukewarm water on the delicate cycle along with drip- dried.


Owning a baby pack and play is a hassle-free and secure method to provide your son or daughter along with a great play region that maintains all of them nearby all the time. You have to do things throughout the house, all while maintaining your kid entertained and cozy. Pack n plays are made to add convenience and satisfaction to your life, almost all while interesting your own sweet child plus developing their essential motor skills.

There is a variety of pack plays on the market, and we explored probably the most well-known. Before buying one for your house, make sure to research your options and find out about the many functions these remarkable playpens have to offer. If you read the above reviews attentively and I think your desire will be fulfilled.

Convertible Cribs Basics

convertible crib

Convertible cribs are a great way to reduce the amount of money that is going to be spent on children’s furniture, since the crib can be used in a traditional crib form, used in a toddler bed and even used to be converted into a day bed or double bed through the use of a conversion kit that is available from the manufacturer.

convertible crib

The convertible crib is a great way to save money, but also a great way to ensure that the crib is going to be a stylish focal point of the modern nursery that is being created. Convertible cribs are proven safer, as they are created without the drop down sides and are an option that is preferred by parents and health care professionals.

Taking into account the cost of the crib and taking into account the cost of the conversion kit can be an effective way to help make the decision when it comes to the cribs that are being chosen between. Taking into account these costs and also taking into the cost of the crib mattress can be a great way for new parents to make the decision of which crib is going to suit the design of the nursery and suit the needs of the child that is going to be sleeping in the room.

The best convertible cribs are also a great way to save space in the home. Rather than having to store the crib for the next child, it can be easily converted into the next size up when it comes to the bed that is required for the toddler.

A convertible crib makes use of the crib mattress designed for infants all the way until the age of four, through the time that the bed can be used through the function of a toddler bed. This way, parents can save money, using the crib mattress for as long as possible before the crib is going to be converted into a toddler bed.

How Much Should You Spend on a Crib?

The Crib is undoubtedly going to be the most expensive piece of baby gear that is purchased by most parents. Are you a new parent wondering how much you should spend on a crib or even trying to compare the prices of the various styles of cribs and crib mattresses that are available?

While considering the cost of the various cribs that are being chosen it is equally important to consider the accessories that are required for the crib, including determining the cost and the price of the crib mattress that is going to be used, additional equipment that is going to be required to transform convertible cribs into daybeds or double beds and even mattress pads that are going to be used to ensure protection for the crib.davinci kalani crib

The average cost of a crib ranges between $250 and $400, depending on the type of crib and the style of the design that has been chosen, as well as depending on the brands that are being considered by the new parents.

Convertible cribs are more expensive, with prices that often range between $400 and $1,200 for cribs that are going to convert into a toddler bed, day bed and even into a double bed through the use of a conversion kit but are going to help to save the parents money through the time when additional beds are required for the toddler.

Most parents spend up to twenty five percent of the budget while preparing for a new baby on the crib and the sleeping area for the infant, as they are going to want to ensure that the area is safe and the area is often a focal point of the room that is being designed.

Long Term Side Effects of Adderall

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the ailments that need to be addressed longer. Long-term therapy may be needed so that the signs and symptoms are managed accordingly. But then, there are chances of developing various reactions to the medications over time, as the treatment progresses. When it comes to long-term treatment, patients have to talk things over with their doctors so that a good plan of action could be plotted. If the patients are children, then the parents would do well to ask their doctors for the best treatment regimen for their children.
adderall pills

One of the medications that are used for ADHD is Adderall. This is basically one of the drugs of choice for ADHD. As the drug has amphetamine components, there are big chances of developing various side effects or dependence to this. That is why careful planning is needed on the part of the doctor. Due to the high risk of abusing this drug, it is a carefully monitored and controlled medication. The long-term effects of using this drug, however, are both good and bad, as what many users say. Many are worried that maybe most of the things that they might develop are negative, but doctors say that there are also a lot of good effects in store for them.

Positive and Negative Side Effects of Taking Adderall Long Term

One of the main concerns of people who take this medication is that they might develop dependence or become dependent on the drug. Medical experts say that the secret lies in the proper computation of the dosage. The doctor has to be extra keen on dosing so that the patient will only develop positive results once he or she takes the medication. The dosage should just be enough to get rid of unwanted signs and symptoms. If there are any side effects out of taking the medication, it could still be managed with the help of the doctor. There are still other things to worry about while getting treated for ADHD.

Other long-term effects associated with the use of Adderall are positive, such as increased mental focus, motivation, and a lot more. In brain scans, experts say that there is a significant increase in size in the areas responsible for focus and attention. Another good long-term effect of using Adderall for ADHD is that even when the people stop taking this medication (as per doctor’s advice), the effects they had while they were still on the medication would still continue. They will still be able to manage their signs and symptoms well.

Adderall Stops being Effective After Long Term?

Addderall EffectsMany experts say through the studies they conducted that there is a possibility that the effects of Adderall could fade over time. By then, the people may already be on another type of treatment for their ADHD. It is really a good thing to try to talk to one’s doctor about the ideal treatment for one who has ADHD. It is important to know which treatment options would be the best. Many doctors recommend  alternatives to Adderall because the good results tend to retain a lot longer, but low chances of developing addiction or tolerance.

Looking at Best Vacuum Cleaners from a Different Perspective

Dyson eye vacuum cleaner

Nonetheless, there is a new light for vacuum cleaners nowadays. The attitude of people are quite changing. With the invention of the Dyson robot vacuum cleaner invented by James Dyson, people are becoming more interested to know about best vacuum for thick carpet.

vacuum cleaner

Best vacuum cleaners now have their own personality and life, with the help of Dyson. The same tactics are now used with the vacuum cleaner industry as was used in enticing people to buy iMacs and iPods done by Apple.

You do not have to hide your vacuum cleaner in a cupboard since they have clean lines, chic design, stylish, have lots of gadgets and more. You will be surprised that it would be the center of attention in your dinner party, since it attracts people with its own style. One may find it saddening, but it is true. They are now known as premium vacuum cleaners. People who consider themselves hip and trendy consider a best vacuum cleaner from the Dyson range as a new “must have”.


Let us see the considerations a possible buyer would face on purchasing a premium vacuum cleaner.

To start off with, you have to choose whether to use an upright or a cylinder version vacuum cleaner. Upright versions need you to do that traditional pull-and-push action. However, Dyson now make use of “The Ball” technology in the DC15. This lets the vacuum cleaner glide around your home effortlessly and towards any direction that you like it to go.

A hose attachment is a feature in canister versions. You can control it easily and get to hard to reach places accurately as well. Although upright vacuum cleaners are suited for large and carpeted areas, there really is much difference between the two kinds. It boils down to which one appeals to the would-be buyer.

Next, a would-be buyer should take into consideration the efficiency of the filtration system and the power of the motor used by the best shark upright vacuum cleaner.

People with dust allergy should look into filtration much closely. Dyson also solves this problem. They have this patented “Cyclone” technology and the company has successfully marketed its benefits. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, the suction does not deteriorate since no bag of filter clogs up. You will definitely make a good choice by buying the Dyson vacuum cleaner for carpets, if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is really efficient.

Getting The Right Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home

Do you need to clean a mansion or simply an average sized home? Is your floor entirely or partially carpeted only? Are there difficult to clean crannies and corners? These questions, and much more, are the key to answering the concern on which type of vacuum carpet cleaner is really the best one to acquire.

The innovation and scientific evolution of this ‘then’ simple cleaning tools have taken quite a step higher. From just being a plain mechanical and manual cleaning equipment of the past, there are already robovacuum carpet cleaners. Cleaning those heavy floor coverings and rugs from stacked dirt and debris have indeed become way more uncomplicated nowadays. Talking about comfort, you can also consider the handheld styles that are as little as shoe boxes. In case you require more cleaning capacity then you can easily get the bigger forms. These handheld ones can also be the best small shop vacuums to clean your business area if you have one.

If nooks and angles are the problem then select those that have stretched hoses and replaceable brush heads. In case you are the health-conscious type of folk then you may want to take into consideration getting the ones with HEPA filtering system. This type will make certain that the circulation of air is a whole lot cleaner and safer particularly for your children. Generally there are also bagless vacuum carpet cleaner types that no longer require cleaning of those cluttered vacuum cleaner bags.

An additional important attribute to think of when deciding exactly what vacuum carpet cleaner type to buy is your budget. Picking from among the many brands can be a daunting task as these designs vary in prices too.

Undoubtedly the most reliable vacuum carpet cleaner types are those with brands that have stood the test of time and have indeed been in the market with lots of distinctions and good testimonies pertaining to its performance.

Once more, knowing what you require and considering your resources, will save you substantial time in deciding.

Vacuum cleaners are readily available commercially and all you have to do is select which one is the most suitable for you.

Best Recliner Chairs for Sleeping- Your Ultimate Guide

best recliners for sleeping

Talk to any decorator and they will tell you that your home should be your sanctuary…a special place where you go to get away from Life’s stresses and strains. Adding the best recliner chairs for sleeping to your home decor offers the kind of warm, embracing experience that allows you to quickly forget about the cares of the day.

But it’s not just about comfort. Today’s recliner chairs are also designed to provide specific health benefits.

Doctors will tell you recliner chairs offer much-needed support to people with challenging physical conditions, such as back injuries, partial paralysis, arthritis and pregnancy. Relieving the stress that gravity places on the spine, and other bones, helps to alleviate pain and support healthy posture.

Advances in recliner chair technology also means that you can find a chair with custom features to meet a wide variety of wishes and needs. Consumers can choose from dual positions, multi-positions, anti gravity recliner, electric recliners, lift recliners, swivel glider recliner, riser recliner, ergonomic recliner, and rocker recliner chairs.

Some models are equipped with built-in foot extensions, and others have free-standing ottoman-style foot rests. And for the person with a complete sensory experience in mind, programmable massaging recliner chairs with audio speakers are also available.

Style has also become an important feature of today’s recliner chairs. Traditional, as well as, modern designs and materials have been incorporated into a finished product that, not only fits in, but enhances your home decor.

Whatever your specific needs may be, you’re sure to find the recliner chair that will take your relaxation experience to new levels.

As you sink into the soft, welcoming embrace of your very own recliner chair, there’s no mistake about it… you’re home!

We hope our recliner reviews help guide you to the best recliner for your personal comfort and taste.

Which is the strongest bike lock in the market?


With the price of gasoline at all-time highs, many people are parking the cars and getting out their bicycles. Not only are bikes a great form of exercise, but they also don’t require anything to operate — other than strong legs of course.

Because of the costs driving, riding a bike can be a great alternative. If you’re a college student, you know that money can be pretty tight; bikes are a great way to get around for free. But having a bike means having the best (read strongest) bike lock.

Chain locks

strongest bike locksChain locks are some of the most secure locks available. The chains are very thick, and they typically are covered with some sort of sheathing to make it difficult for thieves to cut the links.

Since chain locks are so thick, they are often very heavy and relatively difficult to transport. Because of this, most people use chain locks when they will be leaving their bike parked for a long period of time or over night.

You can keep the lock in your dorm room or locker and lock your bicycle when you arrive.


bike u-locksOne of the most popular bike security devices that you will see around college campuses is the U-lock. Just as the name implies, these simple but sturdy U-shaped locks are very easy to operate. You just clamp the bike to the parking stile with the lock from behind.

The U-lock is also easier to transport than the chain lock. They are lighter and many come with frame bracket that allows you to keep the lock out of the way until you need it.

They are usually made from strong forged steel and would take a while for the lock to be picked. However, like the chain lock, U-locks are only capable of securing one spot of the bicycle — for instance, the frame. For bikes with detachable wheels or seats, you’ll need to use the U-lock together with other U-locks are cable locks to make sure you secure all parts of your ride.

Cable locks

bike cable locksCable locks are the simplest and least expensive type of lock, and they are fast and easy to use. If you are in the market for the lightest bike locks, this should be your obvious choice.

There are two different types of cable locks: one that requires the use of a pad or combination lock, or an inclusive cable lock that locks to itself by means of a combination lock.

Again, some bike riders around campus choose to use a couple of them, just to further detour theft. They are made of heavy-cage braided steel cable that is encased in a layer of rubber, which is less likely to scratch the bike.

These types of locks can be difficult to cut because of the hardness of the steel, but they are weaker than either the U-lock or the chain lock. For this reason, it’s more common for cyclists to use a combination of chain locks, U-locks, and cable locks for maximum protection against bike theft.

Which is the best/strongest bike lock for you?

Of these three types of bike locks, the best one will depend on your situation. Are you locking it up to go to class? Are you locking it up for the night? When and where you need to secure your bike will determine what your lock strategy will be, and often the best bike lock for college will be a combination of a few different locks.

Espresso Machine Reviews and Buying Guide


Looking for espresso machine ratings before you buy one? You are on the right track and in the right place!

Hi there, I’m Ken. I enjoy espresso coffee just as much as you do, and I have researched on espresso machines since my first unit many years ago. So I can tell you that finding out espresso machine ratings before investing hundreds of dollars in one is the smart move to make. You can even get so lucky as to find a Best Espresso Machine Under 200.
espresso machine ratings

Espresso Machine Ratings – Where to Start Looking

Before you read the espresso machine reviews, start by deciding what type of espresso machine makes your life better.

Semi automatic espresso machine – You do the grinding and tamping manually, the espresso machine does the rest. Great for people who want a bit of control over their espressos. Price ranges from low to high.

Automatic espresso machine – Usually uses proprietary espresso pods; fuss free and mess free. Wonderful for offices and people who want the same espresso quality every single time. Price ranges from low to medium.

Super automatic espresso machine – The machine does it all, whether you choose to have dark espresso or creamy lattes, simply press the right button. Price ranges from medium to high.

I will recommend the model for each type that has the highest espresso machine ratings, in other words, the best espresso machine of its kind. Read on!

Espresso Machine Ratings for Semi Automatic

Best Semi Automatic Espresso Machine – Rancilio Silvia

espresso machine ratings
If you like the process of brewing your own espresso, and looking for a great espresso machine made with the finest quality materials, you must have this lovely espresso machine! The Rancilio espresso machine is known for its commercial grade parts and durable brass boiler that will last you years and save you thousands of dollars from the local coffee chain.

Check out the espresso machine ratings here: Rancilio Silvia

Best Budget Semi Automatic Espresso Machine – Delonghi EC155

espresso machine ratings
Those who are out to get the cheapest pump driven semi automatic they can find, you want this espresso maker! For such a low price, you’d be surprised it makes good espresso at all, but the Delonghi EC155 espresso machine ratings are high and apparently many people agree with me that it is the best you can get for less than $100.

Read my espresso machine ratings for: Delonghi EC155

Espresso Machine Ratings for Automatic

Best Automatic Espresso Machine – Nespresso Citiz

espresso machine ratings
If you can’t be bothered with grinding, tamping, cleaning up or maintenance, the best espresso machine for you is the Citiz. This machine is so convenient that it is a favorite in the workplace. You simply do not have to worry about messing up the place with coffee grounds; just drop in the pod, let it heat up and brew! The milk frother comes as a set for your milk based espresso drinks.

See the best price and other espresso machine ratings for this unit here: Nespresso Citiz

Espresso Machine Ratings for Super Automatic

Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine – Delonghi ESAM3300

espresso machine ratings
There is no better super automatic espresso machine out there at this price. This Delonghi espresso machine makes decent espresso and even better cappuccinos. The frothed milk from this espresso machine is absolutely awesome. Although this machine isn’t as quiet as a Bosch, the $650 price tag is certainly good enough to compromise that small detail.

Read the ratings and get free shipping from here: Delonghi ESAM3300

Budget Super Automatic Espresso Machine – Gaggia 9004 Syncrony

espresso machine ratings
This espresso machine may be cheap looking and has a plastic body, but it is the cheapest super automatic espresso machine you can find that makes good espresso. The double boiler is something to be pleased of, since it saves you waiting time in between brewing coffee and steaming milk.

Check out the espresso machine ratings for this unit: Gaggia 9004 Syncrony

More Espresso Machine Ratings

Take it from someone who has owned more espresso machines than washing machines in his home, a great espresso maker will make your day, simply by giving you convenience and a cup of lovely espresso. Well, there will be more to come, and I hope my espresso machine ratings helped you find the best espresso machine for your home.

Car Surround Stereo: A How-to On Car Surround Sound

Best car speakers

With 5.1 surround sound becoming more popular among mainstream vehicle owners, I decided to bring the home theater experience to my 2016 Nissan Maxima GLE. By documenting this installation, I hope to raise interest among do-it-yourselfers in adopting such a setup in their own cars.

My goal was to achieve balanced 5.1 surround sound while creating a unique streamlined installation that accented the factory interior with a high-tech look that wouldn’t visually shout out its presence upon a casual glance through the window. For the materials to use, check out this definitive guide on the best car speakers.

Location, Location, Location

Best Car speakers

The first step was to decide on the location of the product that I would be installing (1). The Maxima had a very large opening for the then-current equipment, which gave me a high degree of design flexibility.

The center channel needed to be somewhere that would make sense at the installation, performance and aesthetic levels.

Because I didn’t want to mount it on top of the dash or cut a hole out of the top of the dash, I decided to relocate the HVAC–as well as the hazard and defrost buttons–to the lower portion of the dash.

This repositioning provided a lot of room for the center channel installation. I also chose to place the Kenwood DDX7015 DVD monitor in the factory double DIN location and use the trim ring to mold it to the factory panel.


I disassembled the HVAC unit so I could use the factory trim ring–but it was too big. Solution: modifying the HVAC so that it could fit into the dash bezel.

As sometimes happens, however, finding one solution created another challenge: namely, the factory thermometer, which Nissan located on the right side to the HVAC bezel. This is used to maintain a constant temperature in the vehicle, which is very important in Daytona Beach, FL, where I live and work.

I wanted to make sure that I retained the full function of the vehicle, so my next step was to relocate the hazard and defrost switch. I then moved the temperature sensor between the two buttons. Once everything had its location, I cut the factory bezels using the best brake rotors.

To make the radio look like it came with the car, I cut out the dash bezel a little larger than the bezel that came with the radio; the same was done with the HVAC and the relocated buttons.

With the factory bezel cut, I mounted the equipment securely into the factory brackets and made sure that both bezels were mounted securely to the HVAC and the DDX7015. A common mistake made by installers when fabricating anything is that they fabricate first and worry about mounting later. It makes for a better and cleaner install when you mount the equipment first and fabricate around it.

With the equipment mounted in their permanent locations, I superglued the rings into place and removed the equipment. Scruffing up the entire bezel with 40-grit sandpaper followed. I then taped up both the radio and the HVAC, and mounted them into the brackets. This step ensured that everything fit while I applied body filler.

Inside and Out

Before applying the body filler, I took a 3″ grinder and ground down all of the bezels’ sharp edges so they would visually flow into each other. Next, I mixed up some Rage and filled up to the edges of the radio and HVAC. The body filler can be sanded after it dries, but you should first remove the equipment so it doesn’t get damaged or scratched.

After removing the equipment, I started out with 40-grit to knock down all of the high spots, then finished it off with 80-grit.

It is very important that there are no imperfections in the bezel. If there are, they will definitely show up later during the primer and paint stages. Just like an install has to look good from the outside, it should also look good on the inside. Using solder and heat shrink to make all of the electrical connections in the vehicle ensures a nice, clean install.

With the radio and the HVAC roughed in, the bezel was reinstalled and mounted securely. It’s important to note that mounting the units securely will guarantee that all of your fabricated pieces fit tightly.

A Sound Center

The 5.1 surround sound system necessitated constructing the center channel from scratch . Because I didn’t want the center channel to draw too much attention to itself, I stayed within the factory lines of the dash.

I find that it helps when you can build a frame for your material to secure to, so I taped the sides of the dash and constructed the frame. I had to make sure that the 4″ speaker could mount securely into the center channel and decided the best way was to create a ring for the speaker so that it could mount from the back. I also rounded over the inside edge of the ring to eliminate 90* angles that would detract from the overall look of the install.

After securing the frame, it was time for the grille cloth, which I stretched and superglued into place. When installing, be sure to pull the grille cloth tight so that it won’t sag when applying resin. Before mixing up the resin, cover all of the factory panels as well as the center console and the floor.

I then mixed up 8 ounces of resin and added 8 ounces of 1/32nd milled fibers to give it a little more strength. After that dried, I mixed up some Duraglass and applied it over the resin and milled fibers. When doing this, you should make sure that you do not remove the piece until you have applied both resin and Duraglass, and both have dried completely. This will prevent your panel from warping and not fitting correctly.

My next step was to make a mount for the tweeter. I had a few ideas about the look, and the one I decided upon (with some help from my students) was to shape my design out of acrylic. Acrylic is easy to bend; its malleability allowed me to set the tweeter at a different angle than the 4″ driver.

The tweeter pod was then molded into the center of the acrylic piece and Duraglassed in. Next, I attached the acrylic to the center channel and superglued it into place. With that temporarily in place, I re-installed it in to the dash to make sure that it was lined up and straight. The acrylic was then molded into the center piece, this time using body filler (because it didn’t need to be reinforced and was easier to sand).

Dash to the Finish

With two down and one to go, all that was left was the lower portion of the dash. I decided to remove the ashtray and cigarette lighter and install the two buttons and the thermometer. This was prepped and installed just like the radio piece.

After completion of the prep sanding, it was time for primer. The type that Installer Institute uses is a polyester high build primer with the brand name Slick Sand. This primer’s best qualities are its abilities to be built up and sanded very easily.

For the color, I took a piece of the dash to a local paint shop so it could be dye-matched to the rest of the vehicle’s dash panels. After a applying a few coats by spray gun and some dry time, they were ready to be put back together and re-installed. Before that, I used the soft side of the Velcro to prevent the painted panels from rubbing against the factory dash and damaging each other.

The installation achieved the desired effect as a sleek, high-tech central command center for the Maxima’s 5.1 entertainment center. There’s more to the story, of course, but that’s for another issue. Remember: An install is never finished until everything works correctly and the customer approves–even if you are your own customer.

Snoring Aids: What Works Best For You

snoring aids that work

It is time for you to say goodbye to snoring so you (and possibly more importantly, your partner) can get a good nights sleep.

Hearing from someone for the first time that you snore is a shocking and life changing experience. After all, you didn’t know you snored ! Worst of all, you can’t stop it.

You’ve probably tried a dozen self help or snoring aids by now and the fact that you’re looking at this website is testament that whatever you’ve tried hasn’t worked.

Unlike others, I’m not going to mislead you or provide you with bundles of false or hyped promises.

Fact – there is no cure for snoring.

If I’ve just dampened your hopes a little then I’m really sorry, But it’s important to begin our relationship on an honest footing – don’t you agree?

There are however snoring products that will help you.

Because we’re all different, the causes of our snoring are also different. So, there isn’t a solution to a particular cause.

The good news is that there are snoring aids that significantly reduce or eliminate snoring when used. There is no telling however, which product will suit your particular circumstances. What works for you may not necessarily work for your friend or family member.

People snore for different reasons.

That said, each person’s experience with a variety of snoring solutions may also differ.

What efficiently works for some may not work for you at all. Here you will find the different snoring aids available in the market and to what situation or type of snorer they work best.

So before you rush to obtain the next snoring aid you have in mind, read this article and find out what the best snoring aid will be for you. If none of these works for your partner, consider reading our Lunexia Reviews here, a top rated sleeping aid that you can use to get a decent night’s sleep.

Anti-snoring Pillows

best snoring aidsSleep posture can also cause snoring.

When you sleep flat on your back, the flesh of your throat is prone to relax and block the airways. For that reason, especially designed anti snore pillows or positional therapy pillows such as the sobakawa buckwheat pillow are created.

The simple concept is to encourage you to sleep on your side to prevent snoring. If you are sleeping for any other reason though, this might not be a good option for you.

Additionally, you can actually sleep on your side without the help of any special pillow. That said, many snorers do not find this snoring aid particularly helpful although it may be a good support to CPAP Masks.

Stop Snoring Nasal products

Nasal strips, cones, or sprays are created for people who snore because of their nose.

If you have allergies, sinusitis, colds, or any other problem that blocks the nasal airways, these products can be very handy.

Most if not all nasal products for snoring are designed to keep your nostrils wide open when you sleep. While some people find relief using these snoring aids, the efficiency of these products is actually limited to the congestion in your nose. If you are snoring for other reasons, these may not be highly beneficial for you.

Anti-snoring Chin straps

Chin-strapChin or jaw straps are designed for people who snore because they sleep with their mouth open.

Different brands use different fabrics that are comfortable to the skin. My Snoring Solution is one of the best available chin straps for snoring.

They work by holding your chin up throughout the night while you sleep so your mouth would no longer hang open and cause snoring.

While it works for some people, it may not be particularly advantageous for people who frequently toss and turn when they sleep.

Constant movement may cause the strap to slide and therefore lose its efficiency. Additionally, if you are snoring for reasons other than your mouth hanging open, this is not the best option for you.

Anti-snoring Mouthpieces

Oral appliances are generally considered efficient snoring aids. Two types of mouthpieces are the tongue retainers and the jaw retainers such as the airsnore mouthpiece.

Tongue retaining devices are relatively new and are generally designed to keep your tongue from falling backwards so it does not cause airway obstruction. Breathing through your nose, however, is a requirement for using tongue retainers. If you cannot breathe naturally through your nose, they are not the recommended solution for you.

Good Morning Snore Solution

An alternative to the stop snoring chin strap is an anti snoring mouthpiece which uses tongue displacement technology to gently and comfortably solve your snoring problem.

Instead of holding the jaw in place, the Good Morning Snore Solution works by pulling the tongue gently forward, clearing blocked airways.


  • Clinically approved, with over 70% of the people who took the trial opting to keep using it after the study
  • Suitable for long term use
  • More comfortable (once you get used to it) than many of the other anti snoring solutions available
  • Affordable, especially with their Family pack offer
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) cleared and BBB (Better Business Bureaus, Inc) accredited


  • Cannot be used if you have a blocked nose, either as a result of a cold or allergies as you need to be able to breathe through your nose.

VitalSleep Anti snoring Mouthpiece

If your jaw is the reason you snore, then this jaw correcting mouthpiece could be the anti snoring device for you.

The VitalSleep works by holding your lower jaw gently forward.  It moves your tongue out of the way, naturally bringing it forward preventing your throat from constricting or collapsing.

Opening your upper airway allows for unrestricted breathing throughout the night, so you can sleep soundly, deeply, and without interruption


  • At the time of writing, they are offering ‘Buy 1 get 1 Free’
  • Allows you to breathe through mouth or nose
  • Works in all sleeping positions
  • Softer material than most other snoring mouthpiece solutions
  • Comes in 2 sizes and is fuly adjustable
  • Value for money
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • One year warranty
  • FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) Approved


In some extreme cases, as with all mouthpiece solutions, long term use can lead to jaw allignment or bite issues. But aside from this, there are no clear disadvantages.

Anti-snoring mouthpieces are know to work well at an affordable price.  Like the snoring chin strap, they are not glamorous, but at the end of the day if this or any other stop snoring product can help you and your partner get a better night’s sleep then VitalSleep anti snoring mouthpiece has to be worth a try!


Mandibular Advancement Device: The Treatment Of Choice

snoremeds-men-women-packsPeople who snore have a wide selection of remedies ranging from nasal sprays, pills, anti-snoring pillows, chin straps, jaw or tongue retainers to CPAP machines.

However, sleep experts are now recommending the use of a mandibular advancement device for the treatment of snoring.

If you have no idea what it is and what it does, then you have come to the right page. Find out if it really works or if it could be the most suitable solution to your condition.

What Are Mandibular Advancement Devices?

Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD) are indicated primarily for snoring, upper aiways resistance syndrome, and mild to moderate sleep apnea.

These are mouthpieces that have the mechanism to reduce the ability of the upper airways to collapse.

The design is similar to mouthguards that is worn intra-orally to hold the lower jaw slightly forward so the soft tissues and muscles of the upper airway are tightened preventing the obstruction of the airway which is the common cause of the vibration or snoring.

While Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (or CPAP Machines) are considered the most effective option for obstructive sleep apnea, the treatment is relatively invasive and requires high level of compliance which makes patients prefer Mandibular Advancement Devices.

MADs are often preferred because they are non-invasive, easily reversible, and quiet. Conversely, the size and discomfort associated with the use of these mouthpieces often discourage users.

MADs are usually effective for tongue base snorers, however, they are typically not recommended for people who wear dentures or have uneven teeth.

Here are the most effective mandibular advancement devices in the market:

  1. Zyppah Review
  2. PureSleep Review
  3. ZQuiet Review
  4. SnoreRx Review

Clinical Studies on MADs

Over the years, there has been a substantial increase in the evidence that supports the use and efficiency of oral appliances in the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Various sleep studies have revealed that using MADS has led to the reduction of snoring and alleviation of OSA symptoms.

In point of fact, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), a recognized organization of clinicians involved with the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, has identified oral appliances as effective treatment for OSA, and that these devices should be the first interventional therapy for snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Advantages of Mandibular Advancement Devices

  • Non-invasive form of treatment
  • Less bothersome compared to CPAP mask treatment
  • Simplicity and portability
  • Relatively cheaper than other treatments.


  • Discomfort and soreness in the jaw
  • Excessive salivation
  • Mouth dryness
  • Gum irritation
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Toothache and jaw pain
  • Damaged teeth, oral tissues, and jaw joints
  • Permanent change in the position of the jaw or teeth

The degree of these side effects varies among individuals. Some users may experience one adverse effect that may not be experienced by others. While these effects can be rectified in time with regular use of the oral appliance, there are cases where the adverse reactions persist and get worse hence it is advised to cease using the device.

Changing your sleeping position

change sleeping position to stop snoringDid you know that your sleeping position could be contributing to or even causing your snoring?

A simple change to your position may reduce the problem to a more manageable level, or even stop your snoring altogether.

1) Do you sleep on your back?
If you currently sleep on your back – try sleeping on your side.   If your snoring stems from sleeping with your mouth open, sleeping on your side helps to keep it closed.

2) How elevated is your head?
Try using an extra pillow, or a firmer pillow to lift your head higher than the rest of your body without being so high that it becomes uncomfortable.  This effectively assists with keeping your airway open & improves drainage, which should reduce snoring.

3) Does your chin drop down to your chest?
Using your hand to prop up your chin, or maybe a pillow as your sleep can also help.  As your chin drops, you are reducing the size of your airway passage, which increases the chance of vibrations, in other words snoring!

If the last question particularly rings true with you, then you may want to invest in a snoring chin strap.  At lot of us move around in our sleep, therefore ensuring that your hand or something else stays put is difficult.  This is where the snoring shin strap shines – you just put it on before you go to bed & it stays put (forget about the fact that you look a bit daft – after all, who cares as long as you get a better nights sleep because you stop snoring)

Could Dairy Products be causing you to snore?

dairy products cause snoringRecently, my wife and eldest son were diagnosed with a dairy intolerance which has prompted further investigation into the impact consuming dairy products on a daily basis can have on your health, in particular, could it cause snoring.

For my wife, the removal of dairy products seems to have stopped severe ‘elbow pain’ which she had been told by the Doctor was tennis elbow.

What is interesting, is that she only got tested because our son was experiencing headaches (which have now stopped following his change in diet) and she went along to provide support for him.  It was about a week after she stopped consuming dairy that she realised her elbow pain had vanished (providing relief for the first time in 12 months!)

It appears to be a somewhat controversial connection, but in some cases, eliminating dairy products from your diet may also help you to stop snoring (and prevent nightmares!).

Research shows that consuming dairy products produced by cows causes your body to make more mucus or phlegm and this happens whether you have a dairy / lactose intolerance or not.

The mucus can also be thicker than normal and the effects of the dairy in your system can last a few hours.  Too much mucus, or mucus that is too thick can make you snore as it blocks passageways in the nose and throat that are used for breathing.

So consuming dairy products, particularly later in the day could be contributing to your snoring.

At the end of the day, if you are a snorer, there are so many alternative dairy products available on the market today, it has to be worth a test.  You can even try just eliminating or reducing your consumption during the afternoon at first to see if it has any effect.

If you do give it a go, I would love to hear if it did actually help you to stop snoring.

But remember…  there are plenty of other contributing factors to consider such as your weight, whether you smoke and how much alcohol you drink – all of these can be a cause of your snoring. Just like dairy products contribute to snoring, some foods can stop snoring.

How to Deal with a Snoring Partner

The worst thing about having a snoring partner is that they generally don’t understand just what the impact their snoring is having on you.

All you want to do is have a good night’s sleep – so if your partner is not prepared to make changes to stop their snoring, what can you do?

Here are a few tips to help you deal with a snoring partner:

  • Depending on the level of snoring, you can try wearing the best earplugs for sleeping to reduce or even eliminate the noise
  • If possible, arrange to go to bed before your partner so that you can get to sleep before your snoring partner does
  • Although not ideal, if you have sufficient house space, sleep in a different room to your snoring partner
  • Encourage your snoring partner to sleep on their side,  giving them a gentle nudge over if they slip back onto their back
  • Doing regular exercise during the day will not only improve your fitness levels, but also ensure that you are more tired at bedtime & more likely to easily fall asleep

If you have tried these tips & are still badly affected by a snoring partner, ask them to read my story – you never know, it may be enough to encourage them to buy the snoring chin strap and put an end to your misery!

Mouse Repellent Peppermint Oil- Does it Really Work?


Mice are a problem so common that every 8 out of 10 ladies are looking for mouse repellent peppermint oil.

The thought of killing mice with poison is too much for some of us and it is better to look out for other natural methods for eradicating rodents out of your house.

We are going to discuss one of the best ways to get rid of mice with peppermint oil. The most important benefit of peppermint oil mice is that it is effective against a number of troublesome creatures and that is why it is the best way to get rid of mice.

How Does Peppermint Oil Repel Mice?

mouse repellent peppermint oilFirst of all let us find out what is peppermint oil.

Peppermint oil is extracted from the peppermint plants and these are used for a variety of purposes including cooking, pest control, fragrances, shampoos and similar purposes.

You might be thinking that why not to use peppermint extract instead of peppermint oil mice. But for your information, peppermint oil is much stronger than the extract and much more effective. You can only use peppermint extract for some basic purposes like baking or cooking.

See also: Best Roach Killer for Apartments

Working Mechanism of Mouse Repellent Peppermint Oil

Before understanding the working principle of mouse repellent peppermint oil, you need to understand few basic things about mice.

Mice do not have strong vision and they rely on their smelling power to find eatables. Oil of peppermint consists of menthol and has a strong smell in it which makes it really hard for these little scavengers.

Caution: You need to handle peppermint oil carefully as the it has a strong smell which makes it hard for even humans and can even affect your throat.

  1. Find the source of mice in your house and then place peppermint oil near their home. It is quite easy to find out the source of mice and you can follow their droppings for better idea.
  2. Use cotton balls and dip them in peppermint oil before placing near the source of mice. But keep in mind that cotton will lose the scent very quickly, so replace it in regular interval of time.
  3. Now place these balls near the regular path of mice and in places like cabinets, attic and similar locations. Due to the strong smell of peppermint, mice will stay away from the place.
  4. If you believe that rodents are entering your house from the backyard or garden, then make a perimeter of peppermint oil near your house.

How To Use Peppermint Oil on Mice

If you are looking for a more efficient way of using peppermint oil on mice, then prepare a mixture of peppermint oil mice, peppermint leaves, and peppermint cloves.

Now prepare small sachets of the mixture and you can use old cotton cloth for the purpose. The locations to place these bags are very important and keep them at all the problematic areas. These bags will maintain the mouse repelling scent for a longer period of time and they are much more effective than cotton balls.

mouse repellent essential oilIn case you live in open field or along the countryside then the best method to avoid using mouse trap is to plant fresh peppermint in pots.

Place a pot in your kitchen and it will help in you to get rid of mice to a certain extent. Moreover you can use the peppermint leaves for mixing them with peppermint oil and similar usage.

It will ensure a regular supply of peppermint for your food, tea, and other requirements. If you are working out for a much easier way to use peppermint oil mice, then it is best to use it as spray. Get some carrier oil from the market and mix it with peppermint oil. Fill this in a spray bottle and then use it along the holes, baseboard, and other area where mice roam freely.

One of the most important benefits of using peppermint on oil is the large number of usages of the oil. Peppermint oil is great for medicinal purposes and it is used in different types of herbal treatments.

Moreover there are so many usages of peppermint oil including headaches, nausea, and other herbal treatments. But it is important to consult your doctor before using peppermint oil for any remedial purposes. It is necessary as there are slight chances of rashes or allergy in case it doesn’t suit you.

If there are some other deterrents in your house in addition to mice then peppermint oil is really great for your house.

Moreover using peppermint instead of poison is good for the safety and health of your kids and pets both. You can use peppermint oil against a number of insects including spiders, ants, and different types of bugs. You can prepare a mixture of peppermint oil with other carrier like lemon grass oil or similar product. Now spray this solution on bugs and they will probably die.

It is better to use the spray at first place so that these bugs may never appear in your house. You can even spray it over plants so that the bugs may not eat away the leaves of your plants. Another great way is to spray it along the perimeter of your house so that bugs may not come inside at the first place.

One can even use peppermint oil on skin as a cure for bug bites or other kind of insect bites. By now you must have understood the benefits of using peppermint oil instead of other solutions and it is advised to use it as the more humane and effective method of getting rid of rodents.

Sleeping Bag Reviews

sleeping bag reviews

These answers to the five most common questions asked about sleeping bags will help you decide what kind you should buy.

How much am I willing to carry?

When you have to walk several miles to your campsite, every pound you’re carrying counts. That’s why you need to really analyze how much you’re willing to carry that far. The material a sleeping bag is comprised of makes all the difference in how much it weighs. Most bags made with synthetic fibers are light and easy to compact into small spaces such as backpacks. If you’re driving right up to your campsite, on the other hand, down sleeping bags are more high maintenance but naturally warm.

What climate will I be in?

Speaking of warmth, you should consider the temperatures you’ll be up against on the nights you’re set to camp. Check out the weather report for the area where you’ll be and plan accordingly. Snowy mountainsides or winter conditions will require a warmer fabric, such as a flannel-lined sleeping bag; hot summer nights or humid tropical climates should be accommodated with a nylon sleeping bag, which will try out easily if wet and allows more air flow than other fabrics. A blend of fabrics will be able to withstand the harshest conditions.

What shape do I want?

The classic rectangular shaped sleeping bag may be the most appealing option because it’s what you’re used to, but the cocoon-shaped sleeping bag allows you to preserve your warmth, while the tapered style is best for conserving space.

Is it the right fit?

For tall campers, longer sleeping bags are a necessity, and there’s a size of sleeping bag to suit everyone. From over 6 feet to under 5 feet tall, you should find the right fit to ensure that you get the best sleep possible while you’re camping. Don’t forget the kids—they’ll need a sleeping bag that’s sized just for them.

Where will I be using it?

Sleeping bags aren’t just for camping. If the bag will be used for a sleepover, in a camper, or other non-camping arrangement, you’ll probably want a sleeping bag designed just for that type of use rather than hardcore camping.

It’s hard enough to fall asleep while camping. When you buy the right sleeping bag you can get a good night’s sleep for plenty of energy and adventuring in the morning.

Sleeping Bag Fill

Which sleeping bag fill is the best for you? It depends on how, when, and where you will be use your sleeping bag. For example, if you are camping out with the family and not moving around.

A family sleeping bag that is medium weight and less expensive is right for you. However, if you are backpacking and you are going to be carrying your bag to a new location every day. You will want to look at the lighter bags.

Finally, if you are going on a mountain climbing expedition where it will be very cold, you will want to choose a warmer bag perhaps a down bag. Things to consider and general tips are presented below.

The table below show a comparison of bags by the fill material.

Temp. Rating
Duck Down
Taper, Rect.
Lite Loft
Taper, Rect.


Note About Temperature Ratings
Ratings are only a guide in helping you decide on a sleeping bag that best suites you needs. There are many uncontrollable elements that cannot be accounted for in determining temperature ratings.

If you are not sure that a bag is warm enough for your intended use we recommend purchasing a higher rated bag to make sure that you have years of satisfaction and are not stuck with a bag of limited use.

Things to consider

  • What will this sleeping bag be used for?
  • What temperature range and seasons will it be used in?
  • Do you sleep cold or warm?

The majority of sleeping bag users are fair-weather campers, and a general temperature range for summer or cottage users in North America is -5’C to 10’C. If you tend to get cold when you sleep, we suggest purchasing a bag with a rating 5′ to 10′ warmer than what you think you will need.

Is it likely to get wet?

No one expects to end up with a wet sleeping bag, but if it is going to be used for water activities or open air sleeping, attention should be paid to how the insulation behaves when wet.

  1. Down loses its insulating capacity when wet, though it dries quickly hung up in the wind and sun.
  2. Synthetic fills retain their insulating capacities better than down.

Will it be carried a lot, and therefore must it be light and compact?

The ideal insulation would be extremely warm, compact, light, stay dry, and be inexpensive. Unfortunately, trade-offs must be made between these considerations. Pack size and weight are particularly important for activities like hiking and canoeing with lots of portages, so down or Lite Loft bags are recommended.

  • Do you sleep still or move around a lot?
  • Who will use it, and what size and shape should it be?

Rectangular sleeping bags are roomy and most like a normal duvet or blanket. They are often chosen by casual, family, or first-time campers for their comfort and versatility. Tapered bags are wide in the shoulders and narrower at the feet which increases their warmth because there is less air space in the bag. As well, tapered sleeping bags are slightly lighter than rectangular bags.

Mummy bags, as the name indicates, are “worn” by the user; they are meant to fit snugly to the body and to move with the user. As a result of the close fit, mummy bags are warmer and lighter than rectangular and tapered bags, but are less roomy and familiar in use. Mummy bags are often chosen by serious users who will be exposed to extreme conditions, and who prefer the efficiency of the mummy design.

How much am I willing to spend, considering that I will have this bag for many years?

General Tips

If you are not sure what temperature rating you need, it’s always safer to buy a sleeping bag for cooler temperatures because you can always vent through zippers at the foot or side of the bag.

Remember that temperature ratings are decided based on the assumption of the use of a tent and sleeping pad, which helps to insulate the bag from the cold ground.

To get the most out of your purchase when buying two bags to be zipped together, buy bags with different temperature ranges. On cooler evenings put the heavier bag on top and on warmer evenings put the lighter bag on top.

When given the option of left or right hand zippers, left-handed people should buy bags with the zipper on the right side and right-handed people the left side. Reaching across your body is a more natural and easy position in which to adjust your zipper.

When repacking your sleeping bag in its carry bag or stuff sack, you should stuff it rather than roll it. Folding and rolling the same way every time will create creases and cold spots in the insulation.

Most sleeping bags are washable in a front loading machine washer with mild liquid soap. They can usually be dried in a machine drier on low setting or line dried. Polyester fills like Hollofil or Woods

Hi Loft may also be dry cleaned. (These are general rules, but always check the directions on your own bag). Using a sleeping bag liner inside your sleeping bag and washing only it saves the trouble of washing the entire bag and will increase your sleeping bag’s life in the long run.

American Crew Pomade Review

american crew pomade review

A pioneer in the men’s grooming business, American Crew is known for its passion, commitment and style when it comes to hair and body care products.

American crew provides customers with the everyday style, class and extra edge that they have been looking for. The company has an entire styling line of products which range from molding creams, clays to pomades and hair sprays.

These products have been quite popular with men and are considered as a defining highlight of the ‘modern, chic man’ today.

Basically, American Crew has led the way with its styling range when it has come to men’s grooming. Since the average man realized that he had to look good and presentable every day, he turned towards grooming products such as pomades for wavy hair and hair creams which make hair styling easy and keep them in place.

Crew pomade is one of the unique water soluble hair product that is easy to use, versatile and a very good alternative to every other styling gel out there.

The Best American Crew Pomade Reviews

  1. Pomade 3-Ounce jar: This is one of their best hair products that can make all kinds of haircuts and styles look good and appealing. It is water soluble, has a light texture and particularly works well for slick back hair. If you have been looking for a product to tame those wavy and curly hair, your search ends with this.
  2. Crew Defining Paste: It is great for long hair and provides them with a pliable and natural hold. The past is very convenient and easy to use, and can be distributed evenly through hair by just a quick run of the fingers. It contains beeswax which is the reason behinds its consistent hold and matte finish.
  3. American Crew Fiber: This fiber like product acts as a conditioner for hair, giving them a fine and polished finish as well as making them appear voluminous and thick. It also protects hair against loss of moisture and ensures that they remain smooth. The fiber is a unique, one of a kind product that has been created from a special formula with the aim of enhancing the overall look and hair style.
  4. Crew Molding Clay: It is a product that carries concentrated styling power for all kinds of hair. It is particularly great for humid conditions and people who are sporty or athletic.

Why Choose Crew Pomade?

American Crew has been around for almost two decades and distributes its numerous men’s grooming products across the globe.

It has a shampoo and body wash range, shaving products and the hugely popular hair styling line. Men’s salon and barbershops throughout the country have tested and approved the crew’s hair products and rate them very highly. The pomade is a stand-out product that is the highlight of the American crew hair styling range.

It is known for its water solubility, easy application and removal, mild fragrance and the ability to last through the day and night.

The pomade has a very strong hold and will keep your hair in place no matter what the weather conditions are. Unlike other hair products, the crew pomade ensures that your hair appears natural, non-greasy and shines after every application.

Crew Pomade Effectivity Analysis:

American Crew is an established company which has been associated with men’s grooming for many years. Their hair styling products, in particular the gels and pomade are a hit with many different men of all ages and hair types.

Those who have used the pomade already know how effective it is for holding the hair in place and styling it every day. The people, who are as yet unfamiliar with this magical product, need to give it a try at least once.

The crew pomade is great for all types of hair usually, but works best with curly or wavy hair. All you need to do is apply a small amount and run it through either damp or dry hair lightly. It will leave your hair looking shiny, naturally thick and ready to be style whichever way you want.

Its water based formula not only provides a strong hold but also makes sure that the hair never stiffens through the day. If you are going for the messy, yet casual look, this is the perfect pomade for you.

Pros and Cons of Crew Pomade:

These products are considered top notch when it comes to quality and delivery. However, there are still some downsides that must be brought to attention. The crew pomade has its fair share of pros and they definitely tip the balance in its favor, but there are a few cons which should also be noted.


  • The highlight of this pomade is its water solvency, which allows it to be washed out after just one time shampoo application.
  • Crew’s pomade will not grease your hair or make them look oily.
  • It has castor oil as one of its main ingredients and that is great for hair.
  • The pomade makes them hair appear voluminous and shiny.
  • You can control the shine and hold of the pomade through its application quantity.
  • A small amount works just as effectively as a large one, which means that you don’t have to apply huge quantities for maximum effect.
  • It is cheaper than most of the hair styling products that you will find.
  • Lasts all day and allows the user to restyle hair without needing to apply it again.


  • Maximum effect is mainly visible in thick and curly hair.
  • Might not last that long with longer hair, as it’s mostly good with shorter hair.
  • The hold of the product may vary in different hair types.
  • Sometimes, it may dry out if the weather is too hot.

Where to buy American Crew products:

If you click on our product description, you will be directed to the Amazon landing page from where you can easily purchase the product. There is also the American Crew website that you can check out for more hair and body products.

Steel Toe Shoes – What’s Great about Them?

best steel toe shoes

A good pair of steel toe work shoes can be a pleasure to wear while providing your foot with the protection required. A properly fitting pair of work shoes should help eliminate foot related complaints and allow you to work in comfort and safety. When selecting a pair of shoes the things you should keep in mind are the fit, fabric, sole material and the flexibility of the shoe.

The hardest part of the work shoe buying process is finding the best cheap work boots. The most important factor is the length of your foot, but it is also advisable to take into account the activity for which the shoe will be used, the width, and the arch. Further, sizing varies according to international standards and from manufacturer to manufacturer.

best steel toe work boots for diabeticsIf the shoe feels good on your foot then you are much more likely to actually wear the shoe. You should keep in mind that the size printed on the shoe box is just a starting point, and a properly fitted shoe should make you almost forget you are wearing it.

Another thing to keep in mind is because safety work shoes are harder and less flexible there is a tendency to buy oversized shoes. Avoid this at all costs since oversized shoes won’t adequately support your foot. Instead the shoes should be snug but not tight.

The fabric from which the best steel toe shoes are made is very important. Some options are leather, suede, canvas, rubber, and some other man-made fabrics. Leather seems to be the most popular material as it tends to fit the foot very well after a short break in period, and it is durable and fire resistant as well.

best steel toe shoesThe sole material and tread is also important in selecting a pair of diabetic work boots. Soles are generally made of synthetic or natural rubber or of leather. Synthetic rubber is the preferred material for steel toe work shoes, and it provides a waterproof and hard-wearing sole. The tread should be slip resistant to avoid the chance of a nasty slip and fall injury.

Flexibility is essential in a well-made shoe. If the product won’t bend then it can impair your agility and cause discomfort and even blisters. If your foot will not roll through a step then the shoe is not flexible enough. A shoe also needs to bend in the right places. Again, leather has a good balance between flexibility and durability.

In summary, a great pair of shoes requires a properly sized shoe made from a quality material that offers the wearer the appropriate sole and the proper degree of flexibility.

Tips on Choosing Work Boots

If you’re working in manufacturing and construction – or other fields where a high degree of protection is required – then steel toe boots or shoes are perfect.

You’ll likely discover yourself in one of these three situations:

  • Your company requires you to wear durable shoes with reinforcement in the toe area as a safeguard against injury.
  • You’re not compelled to wear this footwear, but you want the additional protection that these steel toe boots or shoes supply.
  • You’ve got a career in as an inspector or in sales that brings you into workplaces that necessitate added security in footwear.

Here you will find the facts you need to select the most appropriate steel toe work shoes or boots for your situation.

  • Ensure that your work shoes or boots have been certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for standards of protection. The shoes should be labeled clearly with its ASTM certification, whether it’s stamped on the shoes or boots or a label is stitched in. Many of the ASTM standards have been enforced and adopted by governmental agencies.


  • Make certain that your steel toe boots are a good fit – both on your feet in addition to your particular workplace. When selecting footwear that will fit you well, concentrate on the fit of the protective caps firstly. There are numerous shapes and styles of caps and the most important thing is to choose one that is most appropriate for your feet.


  • Select a superior quality pair of steel toe boots or shoes for the highest degree of protection. Weigh how much harm could be done to your foot in a construction or industrial accident – and consider how much that might affect your ability to work and support your family and yourself. Then, invest appropriately in the highest quality steel toe boots.

Backpacks for College – Get to Know the Best you Can Have

best college backpacks

It is always exciting to buy brand new backpacks for college, nearly all teenagers expect to be able to choose a brand new cool back pack each and every year ahead of heading to college. The college backpack offers all of them with comfort yet in addition, it is really a declaration of exactly what individuals they’re inside social interaction.

Finding a cheap backpack for college is simply the launch of choosing procedure relative to design and also comfort. The subsequent part is actually finding a college backpack which will support all of your individual items.

Through the years a backpack has set the standard in holding reading textbooks, boxes, clothing, woman’s make-up, as well as other important stuff that students really wants to hold. The college backpack is becoming much like the handbag, filled with thrilling offerings which is owned by the actual owner and is also never to be breached intruded.

The owner puts items within their backpack which might be very own and sometimes they don’t want anyone including the parents to search through their individual belongings. This is kind of their particular concealing spot for almost everything.

You notice kids less than 5-6, even toddlers, and college students of every age group among them, and you also actually notice best supervisors travelling to job or maybe their conference having a leather based backpack on their own back. All is actually fair game and everything is actually ideal. Much more so, almost all is trendy.

You can also start using these backpacks beyond college or even job. Lots of people drive them together whenever flying overseas for small business or perhaps entertainment. There exists simply no absence of suggestions where one can put it to use almost any period of day time or even nights.

best college backpacksThese days, things are at a real quick stride that nobody has got the time frame to relax at a chair and perform. Rather lots of people do the job on the run keeping their particular workplace inside a backpack. The backpack could be the table in lots of ways since it not merely holds materials however it can hold your own laptop computer which supplies all of the essential information required for your working environment.

Many of us no more require a workplace with document units, table and also complex library. Almost everything we all right now require is available as laptop computer plus a backpack.

We want the best backpacks for college to hold our own items for instance pencils, parts, digital video disks and also everything required to your small business or with regards to college students items they require for college. The backpack furthermore holds the laptop and in many cases a compact printing device occasionally.

Each one of these items tend to be products necessary for a business office and often stored perfectly on the table. Right now the touring individual can easily load up all of the necessary items and comfortably put them in the college backpack taking in everything they require where ever they could go ahead in life.

Choosing a Backpack for School

How to Choose the Best Backpack for School

In different cases, many children and students are carrying a lot of weight in their backpacks and this can create problems such as back strain so it’s important to choose a backpack which is lightweight and has a waist strap. This strap helps to spread the load from the back and shoulders to the hips and legs. You should also consider whether you want your backpack to also double as a diaper bag.

Size and fit

A loaded school backpack should ideally fit between just below the shoulder blades to about 2 inches higher than the waist. The waist strap helps to distribute the school backpack’s weight more evenly. Padded shoulder straps also help and the wider they are they better they are for comfort and safety. A great alternative to the backpack on your back is the school wheeled backpacks and those with extending handles can be very comfortable.

Added features

It helps if there are different compartments in the backpack to help organize different items together. This also helps to prevent items moving around when the best backpack for school is in motion. Many backpacks have pockets for a laptop, an MP3 Player, a cell phone, keys and pens and pencils.

Fitness for Purpose

Backpacks should be strong and well designed and manufactured. Respected brand names are more likely to offer long term durability than cheaper brands.

But don’t forget that children grow so you are not looking for a school backpack which will last them forever. Their growth and interest in style will mean that they will want to change their backpacks fairly frequently.

If you are looking for a backpack for school use, this may be different to one that will be used for camping or taking part in sports.


In today’s economy this is important but the cost of the backpack also has to be weighed against the comfort, safety and durability of the backpack. Whilst the leading brand names will charge more, they are not going to make it more than they have to in order to compete with each other.

The best advice I can give is that you shop-around and look for quality at bargain prices. With the internet this is much easier than ever before and you can easily compare prices from different High Street stores as well as  online stores such as Amazon where there are often cheaper and convenient.


What Parents Need to Know Before Purchasing Baby Girl Socks

best baby girl socks

Purchasing baby girl socks can be a much harder task than at first blush when you realize all the factors that go into it. There is a whole range of socks meant for your girl that start with branded expended styles, but inexpensive baby girl socks can also be made well. It all depends on your experience and care you take before you buy. Never go just by the looks.

When you choose upon the certain kind of socks, you need to check its quality by having a trial upon your baby’s feet. It will also let you know about its fitting better.

The Need for Socks

Baby girl socks are meant to protect the feet of your small girl. When your girl wears socks, you can have a huge sigh of relief. The matter doesn’t end there. Providing enough warmth for your baby’s feet is extremely vital as well.

Most of the mothers just concentrate on the upper part of the body and leave feet uncovered. These results in your girl having cold feet. It is impossible to cover her feet with a cloth always.


Before purchasing baby girl socks, just go through its features and specifications. Firstly, choose upon the kind of socks you need. There are different types of best baby socks that stay on available like ankle socks and knee socks that perfectly fit upon the feet of infants and toddlers.

You can consider small socks that are just below the knee level in case your baby girl is a small grownup kind. Parents who are much concerned about their girls buy slipper socks that can be worn that match footwear perfectly. There are designer socks like trumpet socks that provide an attractive look for your girl.


baby girl socksThe trend of fashionable wear for baby girl socks has been on the rise in recent times. For example, there are baby socks that consist of laces and buttons. You need not always pull over socks upon your baby girl’s legs causing a lot of discomfort.

Buttoned socks provide extra comfort as you can leave some buttons when more air is needed. The feet of a baby girl are sensitive and smooth. Hence, purchasing an ordinary quality sock will cause severe hurt. You need to consider socks that are made of fine quality material like 100% cotton.


best baby socks that stay onYour priority for baby girl socks should first go to the comfort level. Ensure that the socks you buy provide enough warmth for your girl during winters and protect her feet, whenever she walks. Never compromise with the price factor instead of quality.

As a caring mother, you might not be spending a few bucks more whenever you can get cute, stylish and girly socks with all the features you are expecting included. While preferring quality of the socks, you have to consider those that are made of flexible material as it allows you with the comfort of removing socks any number of times without hurting your baby’s skin.

Baby Girl Lace Socks

Dressing up your baby girl is always an enjoyable experience. Baby girls are always fun to dress up because of the hundreds of looks you could create for her. If you want to make your baby look like a princess, a fairy perhaps or some ballerina, there is always a dress that would be perfect for her.

baby girl socksAmazingly, whatever you put on your baby, they are just adorable and cute and cuddly. These little angels do know how to carry a look and every style you create for your baby girl can be a masterpiece in itself.

If you’re off to a special event, you would always want your baby to look her best. It sure feels great to have everyone adoring your baby and complimenting on how cute she is. Just as how moms stress on what to wear for themselves, they also want to make sure they pick the best dress for her baby. For birthdays, christening, church, or any special occasion, party dresses are always the best pick.

And every party dress must have a pretty pair of baby girl lace socks to go with it. Lace socks never goes out of style when it comes to dressing up baby girls. They’re a classic and with the newer and cuter designs in the market, it just keeps getting better.

But they’re not really just for party dresses. Baby girl lace socks could match so many outfits in your baby’s wardrobe and could pretty much be a mix and match item. These little things could make your baby look so lovable and cute. The laces have its natural way of adding a sweet touch to your baby’s dress.

Dressing baby girls means coordinating outfits and matching colors. The versatility of these pairs makes it easy for you to have all the fun in dressing up your little bundle of joy. Baby girl lace socks are available in a wide variety of playful colors, lengths, styles and are very much affordable too.

It’s easy to get them at local baby stores. You could also look up some really cute styles on many websites online. Getting a pair for each color of dress your baby has would take care of her wardrobe for the next few months. You can indulge yourself on all the dressing up ideas you have for your baby. With it, your baby girl can be stylish and cute wherever you take her to.


Writing Essays: Improving Your Technique

essay writing

Being proficient in writing essays is a skill that can be learned. Unfortunately, many students who set out to write essays have the slightest clue what to do. However, with a little research, it is possible to improve on their skills to such an extent that they will be offering their writing service for a fee!

This article sets out to highlight various tips that anyone can apply when writing. The first thing is make a list of all the keywords and ideas that have to be discussed. This will enable them to execute a logical flow of thoughts when writing.

It will also ensure that none of the important points are left out. Secondly as you set out to write, organize the whole work into section. That means that there should be an introduction, body and ending. All these parts should be highly impressionable on the reader.

Another point to note is to check on the grammar and spelling. You may have very enlightening information but if spelling mistakes are present, it can be a major turn off and distraction even to the passionate readers. To avoid this, it is advisable to use a competent word processing program that automatically checks the spelling for you. If you opt for handwritten material, proof reading should be done by an essay typer well versed in grammar and spelling.

Another way to make writing essays interesting is to include stories that try to explain your points. These stories are usually called anecdotes and are used by professional writers especially in the beginning to captivate the audience. These stories should encourage the reader to relate with what is being discussed.

The reader should be able to relate at what is being discussed at a personal level. These stories also contribute to the whole essay becoming an immersive experience to the reader.

Finally make sure that your work has educational value in that it will give the audience the incentive to see things differently. If someone is trying to explain for example the downside of female circumcision, they should leave the reader with no doubt as to why it is unacceptable.

Remember as a student, writing essays need not be drag. With a little help and a change in attitude, it can become a whole lot enjoyable. Once you perfect your skills, you will be surprised by the sheer number of people and firms who are willing to even offer you cash for your writing service.

 What Are the Basic Features of An Essay?

After examining your essay paper with the key elements and asking for views from your instructors, and your friends, you should have at least one or two exciting composition issues. Consider the following suggestions.

  • If you are preparing to compose an essay on how to live in develop countries you should learn to be cautious, that you have to deal with your own individual attributes. Just because something sad or terrible had happened to you it does not mean that you will be in a fantastic institution or college.

You don’t want to be valued as a horrible individual; you want to be valued as the individual who revealed amazing attributes under difficult conditions. It is because of this, an essay which comes to this subject is regarded among the best.

Unless you only use the terrible practical knowledge as a contact with which, it increases your own individual attributes, you will not create a fantastic composition. Graduates and experts educating people should generally prevent this subject permanently unless you can dispute that your practical knowledge will make you any better.

  • “Diversity” is the best trick to improve your essay paper. Every institution, expert educationist, or college student, wants to increase variety. For this purpose, so many people are inclined to assert what makes them different.

However, basically saying you are an assassin to add you any points. While an essay makes use of this information and probably is your best subject idea, you must finalize the issue by dealing with your own individual attributes and how you changed preconception, treated cultural ostracism, etc.

You must display strongly to your individual attributes, pursuits, inspirations, etc. Address, particularly how your format will promote the world view in university, the instructional atmosphere, and self-confidence.

  • Don’t refer to your weakness unless you need to describe them anyway. You want to create a good perception, showing all the good attributes that will increase your chance of being accepted. Why to confess to weakness and failures when you can instead display your strengths. It not your weakness that will make you essay great but your strength. So, list them all in your essay paper.
  • Be genuine, but not for honesty’s cause. Unless you are a truly good writer, your best and enthusiastic writing will be about activities that actually took place. Write a composition about your lifestyle that shows your character.

Nursing Bra for Large Breasts -Tips for The Large Breasted Mother

Nursing bra

Women with large breasts (those with DD cups and above) are used to the challenging situations their large breasts cause them throughout life and nursing with large breasts is no different.  Here I’ve listed some important nursing tips for large breasted women:

It All Starts with Support

Double D’s and above need support!

Large breasted women need to pay much more attention to the type of bra that they wear and how it supports their breasts. Small breasted women can really just get away with anything (I guess having the allure of large breasts doesn’t come without a price!).

Keep in mind that your breast size WILL INCREASE with the pregnancy so factor that in when bra shopping.  You can expect to go up at least 2 cup sizes.

Underwire or No Underwire While Nursing?

Ok, ok.  This is a serious debate out there and many so called “experts” advise against underwire while nursing and some say it is just fine.  First a background on the debate.  Some say that the underwire pinches the skin and can cause plugged ducts or mastitis.  While the possibility exists, it is not likely and can happen from a number of situations outside of a bra with underwire.  It’s best to ask your OB/GYN their recommendation and trust what they say so you can feel good about your decision.

Finding A Quality Nursing Bra

A good nursing bra is expensive.  There is just no if’s and’s or but’s about it.  Sure you can get a cheap or low priced nursing bra but they will not be the best for large breasted women who are nursing.  If you want the proper support, comfort and durability of lasting multiple pregnancies make sure you invest in several quality nursing bras.

BreastfeedingBreastfeeding your baby can get a little difficult at times, therefore you must put in some considerate thought before buying the right kind of nursing bra for yourself.  As you already know, nursing bras are not quite similar to the regular kind. They are specially designed to provide your breasts with all the necessary support that is required during this special time.

Nursing bras allow easy insertion of breast pads.  These specially designed bras come with cup lining that help avoid irritation.  A good-fitting nursing bra can really help make the task of breastfeeding much easier.  They are available in a wide range of sizes, with plus sized nursing bars readily available for full-figured women.  As the title suggests in this article, we try and provide some tips that can help you choose the right nursing bra for large cup size.

Another question to ask yourself is whether you should wear a push up bra when you are breastfeeding.

Here is a list of things that you need to look for while buying plus sized nursing bras:


  • Make sure that the nursing bra is easy to use. It must allow easy opening and closing with just one hand. Good quality plus sized bra may come with plastic clips or hooks that are easy to open one-handed.
  • Good support is the most important feature that you must look for. A plus sized bra with bad support can lead to back strain. Therefore, make sure the bra provides adequate support to get the best results.
  • The best time when you must buy yourself a nursing bra is during mid to late pregnancy. Make sure that the bra allows insertion of breast pads and are made with a stretchy material.  Remember that good bras would always provide adjustability at the cup and strap.
  • Although you may prefer to use the best prostate massager, it is advisable that you do not make use of them in the early postpartum weeks. They might put added pressure on the milk glands which may reduce production of milk. You can find many new plus size nursing bras in stores that provide the same support as under-wire bras.  But if you are really looking to buy an under-wire bra then make sure it fits perfectly.
  • It is wise to purchase a bra where the cup is lined with cotton. You must let your skin breathe, otherwise sweat mixed with breast milk can lead to rashes and infections.
  • You can wear light nursing bras in the night. Usually the nighttime bras are much more comfortable that day wear bras.
  • Nursing bras come with specific instructions about washing and drying. Make sure to follow the necessary directions to help keep your bra in shape.


These tips shall help you find the best plus sized nursing bra for yourself.  Keep in mind that you would need to keep changing your bra every now and then throughout the day, so make sure to buy as many nursing bras as you can afford.

Buying the best plus sized nursing bra does not mean spending a fortune on an expensive or branded item, it is about determining which fits the best and offers easy adjustable along with proper support.



Free Essay Papers Writing Help


Do you want to know how to write an essay? Or are you looking for free stuff like a free English essay or a cheap essay writing service? Whatever it is that you are looking for, all your problems are now solved as you have reached the best online virtual teacher.

Because we, at Write an Essay have been providing essay-writing guide which will take you through different steps and techniques of learning how to write an essay and to write it well. So, if you are looking for a free essay guide, you have arrived at the right place.

As you know, essay writing is difficult when you do not know what to write and/or how to place the relevant facts and information accordingly. You may often be asked in schools and colleges to submit essays & papers and you would have gone out on the quest of free essay papers.

However, getting essay-literate through the net is a different proposition. Beginners don’t know how to improve their knowledge through internet and how to locate a suitable & free essay from the lot. That is where we come in. We receive many emails every day about our free essay resource through our online feedback form and have selected some of them for your viewing. We are sure that they will help you a lot in knowing about the links on our site.

Let’s Start – Free Essay Papers

There are a few things you can do to make the process of writing your application essays a little easier on yourself and a little more likely to produce the kind of essay that will get you accepted. Adopt the following strategy or modify it to suit your temperament, but do something like this:

  1. Collect all your application materials into one pile and compare the essay topics you’ll have to work on. Note the similarities and group together the applications that overlap in their requirements.
  2. Choose one essay to work on first, and give yourself no more than 8 days to come up with a complete draft. Stick to this time-line religiously: giving yourself a frame within which to come up with essay ideas can do wonders for those little gray cells up there.
  3. Don’t wait till the weekend to do the first essay. Make it a Thursday or a Friday, or whatever, but don’t do it on the weekend because if you do, you’re likely to revert to that blanked out slo-mo state that is the bane of all essay writing.
  4. Jot down any ideas, phrases, sentences, dialogue bits that come to you in the next few days. Don’t bank on being able to remember them cold once you sit down to write. Jot them down as you think them up.
  5. Within the 8-day period, give yourself 2 days to write a complete draft of your first essay. Don’t wait till day 8 to start drafting it.
  6. Once it’s done, put your first essay draft away for a couple of weeks and begin to work on the next one.
  7. By the end of four weeks, you’ll have complete drafts of four applications and you can then begin to revise essay number 1. During the preceding four weeks, you’ll probably have come up with more ideas, some refinements of what you’ve already written, ways of expressing yourself more clearly or more strikingly or simply better.
  8. Do at least 2 revisions of each essay, but make sure to space them out by a week or so in order to be able to see them afresh when you return to them.
  9. Have a teacher or one of your parents or perhaps an older sibling or your aunt and uncle read the essays and tell you what they think of them. Consider their feedback as objectively as you can and incorporate the suggestions that you believe will make the essays
  • read better,
  • represent the person you are more faithfully and accurately,
  • capture the reader’s interest more securely.
  1. Have a third person proofread each essay for spelling and punctuation errors, send the essays out and get ready for a long wait.

Cast Irons and Waffle Irons


Due to good heat diffusion and retention features Cast Iron is abundantly used in cookware for daily household items. Cast Iron items have been used for ages. It’s not a recently evolved technology.

best waffle makerThe fact that cast irons can withstand high levels of heat makes them one of the best choices for frying or searing edible commodities. Best thing about them is their non-stick surface property which makes them an excellent choice for doing chores like making eggs, cakes etc.

Still they do require small amount of care since bare cast iron is susceptible to rusting. Instant cleaning and washing after use and applying small amount of vegetable oil while bonding them together by heating the cookware afterwards is a good way of protecting it against rusting.

One positive effect of this type of cookware is that it can leach minute quantities of iron residues in the food once it’s being cooked. It is good for anemic or people with deficiencies of iron.

Some types of these irons include, flattop grills, Dutch ovens, frying pans etc. Frying pans are very common these days which are almost used all over the world without any questions.

A waffle iron on the other hand is another type of cooking utensil that is used to make waffles. It works by having two metal plates hinging together in unison which are molded inside with different patterns of the makers liking, usually in a honeycomb fashion, to make waffles.

All what is needed to be done is to heat the Cast Iron Waffle Maker and batter poured between the plates while they’re pressed by being closed which bakes a waffle later to be happily enjoyed by so many people.

Modern day waffle irons are developed into tabletop electrical appliances which are automatically heated by a heating element just like any other thermostat based device. A light usually indicates the temperature and/or whether the device is ready or not. They are also often coated with non-sticking material so that food stuff wouldn’t stick to the iron once it’s done.

Waffle irons come with a lot of types from which some can make very thin waffles, thick waffles, different shapes and sizes. They often come with labels like ‘traditional’ or ‘classic’. Some models popular among people are the ‘Belgian’ waffle makers that produce a thicker sized waffle than the more conservative waffle irons.


Make Your Own Thick and Fluffy Delicious Belgian Waffles for Your Special Time With Waffle Irons

best wafflesWaffles. Hmmm…yummy. That’s the first expression that comes about waffles the first time I hear it. Waffles are a crisp cake made of cooked batter, while batter itself is a mixture of flour and eggs with milk and water that comes in the form of liquid.

Usually waffles come with a pattern of squares on it. You can eat waffles with syrup, such as chocolate syrup, pineapple or even strawberry syrup. Just imagining it makes you want to taste it right? If you really want to taste it, then continue reading this article.

Waffles are good for any kind of occasions that you spent with only yourself or even with your families and associates and even your love ones. To make waffles, we simply need the tool that can cook the batter up so that the square pattern can be made. That tool is called waffle irons.

The waffle irons is a tool that consist of two hinged iron plats so that it can cooked or compressed the batter especially in square pattern or even any patterns such as landscapes, maple leaves, or even a religious symbols. These waffle irons nowadays were built in a way that a perfect Belgian waffle can be made by anybody.

We know that a Belgian waffle is a thick with pocket size waffles that’s crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy in the inside. Either you describe in other way, the perfect word to describe it is just the word: delicious. You don’t have to worry, if it’s the delicious Belgian kind of waffle that you seek then the waffle irons are the right tool that you need.

The waffle irons nowadays are made of nonstick cooking surface so that you don’t have to worry that your waffle will stick and crush when you are going to take it. The thick grids of the waffle irons allow you to make waffles with the complete form of a how a waffle should be. So, you don’t have to worry that the batter will overflow. The waffle irons are made with brushed stainless steel that makes it looks so firm and sturdy yet it also looks so stylish and elegant.


The waffle irons are also set with a digital timer light so that we can be sure when is the time that the waffles will be ready and we also don’t have to bother waiting when will the waffle ready. Isn’t it nice? With these waffle irons, you can make any other food as the company of the waffles. So easy, so trustable, and saving your time. That is what the iron waffles should be.

After you finish using the waffle irons, comes the part where everybody feels so depressed about it. That part is the cleaning part. If you still have your granny’s waffle irons that still have the wooden handles and the cooking surface is so stick than it is a very reasonable why you’re going to be depressed.

But you don’t have to worry about it because the iron waffles nowadays are made so that the sticky surface is out of the waffle era like I mentioned earlier. You just have to concentrate on how to make your waffles taste so delicious for your special time.

So, go on and make your own thick and fluffy delicious Belgian waffles for your special time with waffle irons.

6 Smartwatch Technologies to Look for When Shopping for a Smartwatch


smart watchesEven though they have been around far longer, smartwatches never really got quite as much hype as other gadgets such as tablets, notebooks and smartphones. Even until today, the smartwatch is not a completely developed technology just yet.

In fact, there are only a handful of players in the smartwatch industry, and these include Martian, Pebble, Sony and Samsung. However, giant electronic companies such as Nokia and Apple are rumored to be planning to join the race with their own versions of the smartwatch.

If you’re planning to shop for a smartwatch or you’ve always been curious as to what one can do for you, then this article might be of great help. Read on for the different features and technologies of today’s smartphones. Having a good idea about these technologies will also help you decide on the best smartwatch for android under $100 for you.

Smartphone Compatibility

One of the most important things that consumers have to remember about the best fitness trackers for cycling is that they are not designed to stand alone. After all, a smartwatch is still first and foremost a timepiece whose job is to tell you the time. Most of the other tasks that it will be capable of will depend on its smartphone capability.

Every single one of today’s smartphones features a smartphone integration technology, which means that the watch will need to work in sync with a smartphone. From your watch, you will be able to check and place calls and text messages, edit your music, browse your calendar and such.

Most of today’s smartwatches are compatible with either Android or the iPhone so it’s important to consider what smartphone you are using before shopping for a smartphone. Pebble, Sony SW2, Martian, Toq and Galaxy Gear are all compatible with Android. However, keep in mind that different smartphones are compatible with different Android versions.

For instance, Martian smartwatch will work with any Android phone while Sony SW2 will only work with Android 4.0 and later versions. Among these smartwatches, only Pebble and Martian offer iPhone compatibility.

Notification Capability

Most experts agree that notification capabilities are the most important feature of any smartphone. Aside from receiving calls and text messages, a smartphone can easily alert you if you receive any email, chat messages, social network notifications and such. However, it’s not precisely convenient to have to hold your smartphone in your hand at all times, especially if you’re in an important event like an office meeting.

A smartwatch discreetly alerts you when you have a phone call, text message or email by lightly vibrating on your wrist. This means you can easily see who’s calling you without having to pull out your phone.

When choosing a smartwatch, make sure that it is able to give you a wide range of notifications. This is important since not all smartwatches are able to give you all the notifications of your smartphone.

Third-Party Apps

Although your smartwatch will naturally come with several apps, you will definitely want to purchase more in order to make the best of your smartwatch. Third-party apps will add to the functionality of your smartwatch. In case a smartphone has little to no third-party apps then you might find its usability extremely limited.

 Physical Features

Even the best smartphone technologies will not be of much use to you if the watch itself is not something that you will want to wear on your wrist. Therefore, it’s also important to look at the physical features of the smartwatch.

Although smartwatches are designed to be light on your arm, they still differ when it comes to size and dimensions. The Sony SW2 and Galaxy Gear are quite large in size and will be more suitable for men. Women with smaller wrists will do better with sleeker smartwatches.

Material and colors are also important considerations when shopping for a smartwatch. Most watches are made from stainless steel and aluminum, while Pebble is made from plastic. Of course, color is also important since it helps you express yourself and look more fashionable. Almost every smartwatch is available in sleek black. However, more decorative colors are also available, such as orange, red, green and gold.

Fitness Tracking Feature

Another common technology that most smartwatches share is a fitness tracking feature. This feature can be highly useful when you’re running or simply taking a walk for exercise. Some smartwatches have built-in pedometers while some watches require you to download a third-party app.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is another feature that you will want to look for when shopping for a smartwatch. Fortunately, most smartwatches in the market today boast some level of water resistance. The Pebble smartwatch can even be worn when swimming.

So, there you have it…. some features you should consider prior to purchasing a smartwatch. Take your time to identify your needs and then wants in a smartwatch as they aren’t cheap. Take your time…. it’ll be worth it.

Guide to Nutribullet Reviews, Recipe Book & Their Prices


Many of you may have experienced knife cuts from time to time. You frequently suffer these little injuries in kitchen. It is very hurting when your fingers slip on the knife while chopping on the cutting board and you yelp in pain. You may look for band-aids in order to stop bleeding. These types of accidents destroy all the fun out of cooking. One thing you need to do is to get rid of such chopping accidents by investing in a nutribullet system.

We live in favorable times since anything and everything we want to know and inquire about can be found through the help of internet. Similarly, you will find several nutribullet rx reviews online which will help you get a better understanding of the machine’s functioning. The machine comes with a detailed nutribullet recipe book which helps in trying out several new smoothie and juice recipes.nutribullet rx reviews

According to the nutribullet reviews, nutribullet blender can chop food at varying speeds and you just need to decide how you want the food items to be chopped down by pressing buttons designated to a certain blade speed. The top most feature of this grinder is how its blades withstand the processing of hard foods. Research shows that Nutribullet has the toughest blades and are efficient to grind the hardest nuts down to a complete liquid consistency.

Most of the nutribullet reviews are submitted by regular users of the blender and most of the reviews constantly rave about the ease of use as well as the smooth texture of their juices and smoothies. The nutribullet reviews give you a total understanding of how the blender has made people’s life easy and content.

If you are a new to Nutribullet, browse the search engines and learn more about it through nutribullet reviews. Simply speaking, it is nothing but a grinding machine that is far efficient than the normal grinders available in the market. This machine is not merely a rotating motor packed in fancy plastic covered body. It is designed with twin turbo motors that synchronize to ensure that the machine does not vibrate much and maximum performance is achieved.

Nutribullet Blender Reviews & Functionalities

Many people are big fans of health drinks that are home made. Some are fond of experimenting with desserts while others try hot and spicy soups. Whatever is your choice, Nutribullet can help you get it done at the minimum efforts. Herbal drinks, fruit smoothies, tea, complex and rich salad dressings, homemade nut sauces and many other delicacies can become easier with Nutribullet recipes.

You can try many recipes given in the nutribullet recipe book and also formulate your own creations and experiment with flavors, the sharp blade has the ability to crush and blend the ingredients into a nice paste or liquid consistency so you will not have to worry about chunks in your sauces and smoothies. You will be so impressed by the functioning of the blender that you will end up submitting your own nutribullet reviews as a testimony to the great product.

All the above-mentioned recipes are uncommon and are created fully to meet the health requirements of people of all age groups. The calorie and nutrition value of each is mentioned next to each recipe in the nutribullet recipe book. Its benefits are also mentioned so that you will be able to know how the drink is and how it affects your health. You’ll find a notable improvement in all areas of your health with the usage of the nutribullet recipe book.

If you have doubt about the operation of this machine, you may go through Nutribullet reviews online and get a clear understanding of its functioning. Also, it will eliminate all the uncertainties about the machine’s quality as the manufacturer provides four years warranty covering all the repairs done during that period.

You just need to contact them and they will revert back to you to discuss the problems you are facing. They provide impeccable customer service that aims at client satisfaction. The customer service employees replace the parts quickly and efficiently without any hassles.

Now that you are convinced about the effectiveness of the blender, go ahead and get your own. But if you still need more proof, then just read through the countless nutribullet reviews and all your doubts will vanish in an instant. Go ahead and impress your friends and family by whipping up some amazing treats from the nutribullet recipe book.

The Ultimate Guide to Consolidating your Student Loan


Do you want to consolidate your student loans?

If you’re unsure about what you should do then you need to understand what a student consolidation loan means.

Student loan consolidation is getting all your debts under one lender. For example you have a loan with lender A and lender B. When you consolidate you put both loans with A and B together with a new lender C.

By consolidating your student loans you can lower your monthly repayments. We’ll get to that shortly.

Federal Student Loan Consolidation

The most common time to consolidate your student loan is when you finish your studies. However you must be eligible to consolidate your student loan first. To be eligible to consolidate your federal student loan you must be:

  1. No longer enrolled at any school (or enrolled for less than half time)
  2. In the ‘Grace Period’ which is 6 months after you graduate OR must be actively repaying of your loan.
  3. Have a minimum of $10,000 in debt (there are lenders who will go as low as $7,000)

Ok, What’s A Federal Student Loan & Private Student Loans?

Having a federal student loan will give you more benefits than a private student loan.

  1. Interest is 100% tax deductable
  2. You can defer your payments on federal loans if you go back to study.
  3. Private loans have no advantages because it is similar to a personal loan. If you get a secured loan you’re rates are better if you get an unsecured loan you’re limited with the amount and you’re rates will be slightly higher.

Remember when you consolidate your student loans to keep your government federal student loans separate from your private student loans. Don’t consolidate them together or you’ll loose out on benefits.

Getting Student Loans

Did you know that 50% of all students who graduated had taken out a student loan of some sort? And the average amount borrowed was on or about $10,000. The interest rates for student loans in the past few years have dropped. Every year on the 30th of June new interest rates for student loans are released.

When you get a student loan make sure you don’t get an outstanding debt. Some students get loans of up to $80,000 which makes repayments extremely hard unless you’re pretty well off.

The best tip you can get is “Don’t over borrow” because you’ll have to pay it back one day. And when you over borrow it will affect your future credit ratings. If you’re repayments are well over 8% of your income you might find it hard to get mortgage after graduation. So keep you borrowing to a minimum.

Federal Student Loans

The average student who graduates from university will find it hard to make repayments for their student loan. Unless you win the lottery or have rich parents you won’t be able to celebrate your financial freedom just yet. But there is a way out for students with high repayments.

A standard federal student loan is easily spent during the course of your studies and you may find yourself with more than just one federal student loan.

As a young student you don’t want to be under pressure to make your federal student loan repayments while studying. In all respects, you still need money to buy term papers for sale.

In order to help students still studying and students who have recently graduated, financial lenders have developed programs to lower your interest rates from as high as 5.5% to as low as 1.75%.

Typically federal consolidation student loans can save gradates around 50% in payments every month which is around $160. However if you have more than one loan then your payments will be slightly high but you’ll still get the massive savings offered by a federal consolidation student loan.

The period that you can consolidate your federal student loan can be anywhere from nine years to twenty years. Most lenders will not require a credit or income check because these loans are designed for students. And like myself a couple of years ago, I was flat broke working at as a delivery boy.

Why Apply For A Federal Consolidation Student Loan?

Suppose you don’t come from a well off family and you don’t have a high paying job, and you want to go to college. A few years ago before consolidation loans most people would go to college and work part time so they can pay off their loans or maybe even quit college because the payments are too high or they can’t get enough time to study. Federal consolidation loans are here to support students in need of an education. So if you’re in this position then check them out as soon as you can.

How Does A Federal Consolidation Student Loan Work?

If you currently have a loan with two lenders for the total of $15,000 at 5% interest and you want to consolidate your student loan you can apply from a few lenders.

How it works is ingenious. The lender who is consolidating your federal student loan will pay off the two lenders that you’re already making repayments to. Then you’ll get a new loan with the new lender and you make all repayments to them with a much lower interest rate of around 1% – 2% for the next few years.

Now that you know how federal consolidation student loans work you should start looking for a new lender and consolidate your loan today. Good luck with all your studies and I hope you enjoy the rest of your studies.

Using Melatonin To Cure Sleeping Problems

melatonin for sleep

The use of melatonin for sleeping is well known and many have benefited from the use of this natural supplement as a stand along treatment, or combined with other natural sleep supplements.

Melatonin is actually a hormone which is produced in the brain by the pineal gland and it’s this hormone that is responsible for are sleeping patterns. It is known as the sleep-wake hormone and when it gets dark of a night, more of this hormone is secreted to help you naturally get tired for sleeping.

Once day light breaks and things become lighter so less of this hormone is produced and you begin to wake up. If you are unlucky enough to be a shift worker, then you will know all about the havoc that not being in the natural routine can have on your body, as it is dark when you are supposed to be sleeping and light when you are tying to sleep.

As we age, we produce less melatonin and this decline in production increases the more we age, so supplementing could be an option if you are having troubles with sleep.

Supplementing with melatonin for sleep can help to mimic the natural circadian rhythms of the body and help bring it back to a more natural balance. You don’t need to take much of this supplement to have an effect on sleeping, as small dosages are all of what’s needed to do anything.

Melatonin is usually made from the amino acid l-tryptophan, which is another good supplement that helps with sleeping. L-tryptophan, is a precursor to melatonin, as when you supplement with it, your body produces serotonin, then melatonin.

Combining both supplements has an even greater effect on sleeping and most good sleep supplements will contain either these 2 ingredients or 5-HTP, which is also related to both.

There are really decent supplements for sleeping that have these ingredients in them in effective dosages which work together with other vitamins and herbs, to help with getting better sleep.

The dosage of melatonin can differ from person to person and what works for one person, may not work for another, so keep this in mind if you are not experiencing any benefits from supplementing with this.

Possible drug interactions:

It is safe to take melatonin, but if you are on medications, it is always best to check with your doctor first. There are possible drug interactions when taking this whilst on medication, so don’t risk it until you have checked.

You should not use melatonin if you are taking any of the following medications:

  1. Antidepressants
  2. Benzodiazepines
  3. Antipsychotic medications
  4. Blood pressure medications
  5. Blood thinning medications
  6. Beta blockers
  7. Steroids

Remember to always check with your doctor first if you are on any medications, as you don’t want to run the risk of a possible interaction, or run the risk of disrupting your sleeping problems even more.

Trust me: This is the most comfortable way to sleep on an air mattress bed


Mοѕt people spend аbουt 8 hours per day οח tһеіr bed. Tһаt’s one third οf a day wһісһ wе саח safely assume tһаt wе spend one third οf ουr lives οח tһе bed fοr ουr sleeping needs.

The best air mattress bed іѕ a ɡοοԁ сһοісе fοr spending one third οf ουr lives bесаυѕе οf іtѕ comfort аחԁ versatility.

Tһеѕе beds саח provide уου wіtһ many benefits. Sleeping comfort, even pressure points, adjustable firmness, portability аחԁ less ƖіkеƖу tο become breeding grounds fοr bed bugs аחԁ dust mites.

Sleeping comfort

The best air mattress for camping gives way tο heavier раrtѕ οf уουr body tһаח lighter раrtѕ. Tһеѕе beds react οr give way tο different pressures іt receives.

Wһеח lying down, ουr body һаѕ different weights frοm head tο feet. Tһе shoulder аחԁ hip areas һаѕ more weight tһаח tһе οtһеr раrtѕ οf ουr body.

Air mattresses adjust tο tһіѕ uneven weight giving уουr body аח even pressure frοm shoulders tο feet.

Adjustable Firmness

Tһіѕ іѕ a ɡrеаt advantage over οtһеr bed types. Yου саח сһοοѕе tһе firmness οf platform bed types wһеח уου bυу tһеm, wһісһ mean уου wіƖƖ һаνе tο try out tһе bed before buying tһеm. Tһаt’s tһе firmness уου wіƖƖ ɡеt fοr аѕ long аѕ уου υѕе tһе bed.

Air mattresses һοwеνеr, Ɩеt уου adjust tһе firmness ‘οח site’. Yου саח adjust tһе firmness tһаt іѕ mοѕt comfortable tο уου wһеח іt іѕ already installed rіɡһt іח уουr bedroom. Even іf уου һаνе used іt fοr several years, уου саח still ɡеt tһе same type οf comfort уου ɡοt wһеח іt wаѕ brаחԁ חеw. Otһеr types sag wіtһ age.

A small amount οf air һοwеνеr, escapes frοm tһе air mattress material. Bυt tһаt’s חοt a problem ѕіחсе mοѕt air mattresses come wіtһ аח a good vacuum pump. Jυѕt power up tһе best MTB bike pump аחԁ inflate οr deflate іt according tο wһаt’s mοѕt comfortable tο уου.

Dust mites аחԁ bed bugs

Tһіѕ іѕ another aspect tһаt air mattress beds аrе advantageous tο οtһеr types οf bed. Sіחсе tһеѕе beds аrе air tight, tһе volume (length x width x height) οf уουr mattress аrе impenetrable bу dust mites аחԁ bed bugs аѕ breeding grounds. Unlike οtһеr types, tһе insides аrе mοѕt vulnerable fοr dust mites аחԁ bed bugs tο breed.

Wһеrе tο bυу air mattress beds

Tһе easiest places tο look fοr tһеѕе mattresses аrе frοm online bed stores. Yου саח read reviews, examine different types аחԁ specs, аחԁ сһοοѕе frοm different brands. Aѕ mentioned earlier, уου don’t һаνе tο test tһе firmness ‘οח site’ bесаυѕе уου саח adjust tһе firmness yourself tο suit уουr comfort.It саח bе delivered tο уου a few days аftеr рυrсһаѕе. Instructions аrе included οח һοw tο assemble tһе air mattress bed properly. Bе sure һοwеνеr tο keep іt away frοm pointed οr rough surfaces bесаυѕе tһіѕ іѕ tһе οחƖу disadvantage οf tһіѕ type οf bed.

Cһοοѕе health.

Aח air mattress bed іѕ a healthy сһοісе minimize tһе breeding ground fοr dust mites аחԁ bed bugs, even pressure points tο prevent straining уουr skeletal muscles аחԁ sleeping comfort fοr a ɡοοԁ night’s rest. A restful sleep саח rid уου οf stress аחԁ anxiety. Tο add tο tһе health aspect, сһοοѕе organic materials fοr уουr toppers, beddings аחԁ water based pillows. Synthetic materials gas out over time аחԁ חοt very ɡοοԁ fοr уουr health.

Adult Bedwetting – It’s More Common Than You Think

Smart watches

Adult bedwetting is a problem that many adults have, but they don’t talk about because it is embarrassing.

Adult bedwetting is common after imbibing too much alcohol. This can cause adults to wet the bed because they sleep so soundly that they don’t wake up in time. Adult bed wetting can also be a sign that there is a medical condition that needs attention, such as an infection of the bladder.

When adults experience adult bedwetting, technically known as adult enuresis, they often do not even contact a doctor to see if there is an underlying reason for this occurrence. Instead they suffer the adult bedwetting in silence and try advertised products, such as pampers and pull-ups.

For some people that suffer from adult enuresis, there is good news because there could be a cure.

If the adult bedwetting is the result of a medical problem, once the doctor does the necessary tests to see what is causing the bed wetting, then he/she can prescribe the proper medication.

One of the common causes of adult bedwetting is neurological. There is a gland at the base of the brain that affects the way your bladder functions, especially as you get older.

If this is the problem, there is a medication that will cure your bedwetting problem, but you will need to take this medication for the rest of your life.

Adult bedwetting is a treatable condition.

Other causes of adult bedwetting

If there is no medical reason for the adult bedwetting, there are other ways of preventing you from waking up in a wet bed each morning.

An imbalance in the muscles of the bladder lets the urine leak out without you being aware of it.

The bladder may be too small to hold all the water and therefore, it has to let some of it go. This causes bed wetting, which for adults is an embarrassing problem when they are staying in someone else’s home.

One of the obvious remedies for this adult bedwetting problem is to make sure you go to use the best bedwetting alarm. A little forethought can go a long way to help adult bedwetting.

Adult bedwetting isn’t just a medical condition

Limiting the amount of fluids you drink after dinner will also help to reduce the adult bedwetting problem. You can experiment with this just to see how much you can safely drink in the evening before the adult enuresis starts to act up again.

One way to do this is to write down the times when you have a coffee or a pop in the evening.

Some adults who have a bedwetting problem have found that by limiting the amount of caffeine they consume helps to reduce the bedwetting. This is because caffeine is a diuretic and is directly linked to adult bed wetting.

Some of the ways of helping to prevent adult bedwetting include using an alarm clock to wake up you up during the night so that you can go to the bathroom. However, this is not a good idea if you have insomnia or if you have a hard time getting back to sleep, once something wakes you.

There are adult pads that you can purchase at pharmacies to place under you at night, but these are only useful if you have a slight bed wetting problem.

You can also help to reduce the instances of adult bedwetting by exercising the bladder muscles. If you take a few minutes a day to act as if you are trying to stop urinating, this is a good exercise that will help these muscles.

Sports ceiling fans: Just what are they?


Most of the sports ceiling fans have to be seen to appreciate their ingenuity. Sometimes the body of the fan is constructed to resemble the sport theme. Other times the body of the fan is a relatively normal design but the fan blades are bright and contain the graphics of the sports theme. Some fans have pull chains with a ceramic pull that is hand painted and displays the sport theme of the fan.

One important issue that concerns parents about these types of best window fans is that they are safe for their youngster.

This is why most of these fans have many of the key components of the moving parts housed in their encasement, which makes it difficult for a child to access. Also, the fan blades are usually designed to spin at a moderate speed and are not made of materials that break easily.

Not toys

Children should be instructed that even though sports ceiling fans are fun and exciting to look at, they are not toys to be played with. If a child is schooled properly in fan safety they will likely obey their parent’s teaching and leave the fan alone. They can then enjoy the fan and dream about the sports theme the fan represents. It is amazing the creativity that these fans can bring out in an inquisitive child.

Generally, sports ceiling fans are a little more rugged than traditional ceiling fans. Sports ceiling fans are also different from best window fans, which are somehow regarded safer.

We all know that children can be rambunctious so the ceiling fans are usually installed in such a way as to survive the impact of some type of ball without sustaining serious damage. This is important because you can never predict the behavior of kids. They often throw balls in the house even if their parents have told them never to do so.

Companies manufacturing Sports Ceiling Fans

Because sports ceiling fans are such a specialized market not all of the major ceiling fan companies design these types of models. Some of the industry leaders in producing these models are Craftmade, Hunter, Monte Carlo, Sweet Pea Gallery, Sports Fan Products and Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans. These 5 companies together have a large number of designs that are sure to please the little tyke or grown up tyke in your household.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about this specialty-ceiling fan. With the researched information provided to you in this article you should have an easier time shopping for the exact ceiling fan that fits your needs. Good luck on your shopping search.

7 of the best ergonomic kneeling chairs for the money


For the past few years, kneeling chairs have become an American and UK alternative in seating when it comes to working your typical 9-5 desk job.

Even better has been the fact that these ergonomic kneeling chairs are extending their influence and crossing into other sectors of the workforce in order to provide comfort to the backs and spines of millions of individuals working in positions that can lead to serious spinal injuries overtime (e.g. the personal services industry).

Kneeling chairs have long since evolved after Peter Opsvik and his first kneeling chair model, the Balans kneeling chair, back in the late 1970’s.

Since then, many manufacturers have come along, either improving upon this existing design or adding another layer of comfort to their own kneeling chair models.

Choosing the Best Kneeling Chairs

If you are in the market for a kneeling chair, be sure to check out the following reviews for the best kneeling chairs on the market today:

Best Kneeling Chairs 2016

Best Picture Brand/Manufacturer      
Best kneeling chair 2016 Jobri Kneeling Chair
ergonomic kneeling chair 2016 Sit4Life Kneeler Perfect Fit
Eurostyle ergonomic kneeling chair Eurostyle Haley Ergonomic Kneeling Chair
Balans kneeling chair Balans Kneeling Chair
Boss ergonomic kneeling Stool Boss Ergonomic Kneeling Stool
Flash Furniture ergonomic kneeling chair Flash Furniture Ergonomic Kneeling Chair
Work smart knee chair Work Smart Knee Chair
Detailed Reviews

Jobri Kneeling Chairs

UNIVERSITY PRESSA Jobri Ergonomic Kneeling Chair could very well change the way you work.

If your work dictates that you spend most of your day seated on your desk, you’re no stranger to that feeling of stress and soreness with prolonged sitting.

Your back always feels strained while your knees always feel in need of stretching.

Thankfully, ergonomic kneeling chairs can eradicate such a predicament for workers like you. This type of chair dramatically lessens your risk from back, shoulder and knee injuries.

Truth be told, ergonomic chairs are one of the most beneficial inventions ever to hit the furniture market — and ergonomic kneeling chairs are no exception.

How the Jobri Ergonomic Chair Works

The Jobri Ergonomic chair is for people who suffer from back injuries or lower torso discomforts.

Its revolutionary design makes people appear to kneel and sit at the same time. Usually equipped with a foam seat and kneel pad, its unique design makes the sitter so comfortable, that spending whole day long in a Jobri Ergonomic Kneeling Chair will not result to any physical stress, muscle pain or injuries.

Revolutionary Features

Purchasing the Jobri Ergonomic Kneeling Chair will give you many health benefits, as it automatically corrects your posture the moment you ease into the seat. It prompts you to sit up straight, at an angle wherein your spine, back, shoulders and neck are perfectly aligned.

The Best ergonomic kneeling chair
With the Jobri kneeling chair, your hips are shifted forward, so that there’s little or no pressure at all on your lumbar area. This simple change in posture dramatically improves your breathing and increases your flexibility.

But best of all, you can also choose the manner or way of sitting.

One choice is to face forward with your knees tucked under you. This way, your weight is concentrated on your hips and not on your knees.

Another choice is to sit facing forward with your knees directly in front of you. the jobri kneeling chair works wonders for your posture too; when you are training your kids to sit upright and to refrain from slouching, an ergonomic chair is the perfect training equipment to help you.

What to Expect

The Jobri Ergonomic Kneeling Chair comes in black/grey steel frame, and black/grey fabric. Its nylon castors allow you to pull and push the chair to any corner, and once seated you could adjust the height from 21 inches to 28.5 inches.

One chair weighs 280 pounds, with an overall width of 18 inches; it is built in standard size to fit most office desks.

One unit entitles you to a five-year warranty period, and may cost as low as $139.00.

Click here for more reviews of Jobri kneeling chairs or to get your hands (and buttocks) on one today!

Balans Kneeling Chairs

Balans Kneeling Chairs are hard to come by…and for good reason. Originally designed by Peter Opsvik, the Varier Balans kneeling chair is one of the most sought after kneeling chairs — and quite possibly one of the most expensive too!

Unlike traditional kneeling chairs –especially those without back support –the typical user is cautioned that prolonged usage may cause some discomfort — especially during the breaking-in period.

However, when it comes to using a Varier Balans kneeling chair, these types of ergonomic chairs are designed for prolonged usage and even come with the option to remove the back support extension feature for those times when relying on it isn’t needed.

Designed with You…and Your Spine in Mind

Peter Opsvik designed the Varier Balans chair, originally manufactured by Stokke, to be “THE” leading kneeling chair on the market. Even today, it remains to be challenged that the Varier Balans kneeling chair is in an ergonomic seating class of its own.

The original concept of these types of kneeling chairs was to enhance the user’s active sitting by way of supporting and enhancing the body through each movement made.

Balans kneeling chairs are thought to enhance concentration, alertness, posture and productivity whether you are working a hard day at the office or simply doing homework at the table.

Features of Balans Kneeling Chairs

While each model of Varier Balans kneeling chairs varies to some degree, there are quite a few features that are standard issued with Balans kneeling chairs:

  1. Each Varier Balans chair boasts upholstery made of 3% polyamid and 97% wool.
  2. All Varier Balans kneeling chair upholstery is abrasion resistant!
  3. 100% oak, beech, and walnut wood harvested from sustainable forests.
  4. Over 15 different colors to choose from including: black (standard), turquoise, pink, red, white, lilac, blue, bright orange, brown, warm gray, lime green, and many more customizable colors.
  5. Promotes constant natural movement; enhances breathing during usage.
Important Considerations
Unfortunately, Varier Balans kneeling chairs are hard to come by given the fact that they must be manufactured in Norway. For that reason, very few distributors carry these particular kneeling chair models for residents of North America.

Boss Office Kneeling Chairs

boss ergonomic kneeling chairWhile Boss kneeling chairs don’t carry the same notoriety like popular name brands as Varier Balans or Jobri, these kneeling chairs definitely carry a lot of bang, for a little bit of bucks!

The line of Boss products, from manufacturer Norstar Office Products, spared no expense on comfort, reliability, endurance, and functionality with this line of comfortable ergonomic kneeling chairs.


The Boss Black Fabric Ergonomic Kneeling Stool is the best kneeling chair if you are in the market for a sturdy, yet comfortable kneeling chair.

This knee chair has become the favorite of many users — especially those suffering from lower back pain due to injury or pregnancy. The knee chair provides enough support for both your spine and tailbone.

This particular Boss kneeling stool was designed to promote an upright posture by way of its ergonomic design that calls for your hips to ease forward during sitting.

Doing so allows you to alleviate potential strain to your lumbar muscles due to your shoulders, neck, and back being aligned while sitting.

Special Features
  • Ergonomic knee platform and seat cushion for maximum comfort during long periods of sitting.
  • Study black metal frame
  • Hooded double wheel casters for increased mobility whether on hardwood or carpet.
  • Adjustable knee height functionality

Product Specifications / Dimensions:

  • Seat measures: 16.5″ W x 13″ D
  • Adjustable seat height: 20″ (when adjusted downward) and 25″ (when adjusted upward)
    27″ nylon base

Where to Buy:

The Boss Black Fabric Ergonomic Kneeling Stool can be purchased online from Amazon.

Click here to pick up your Boss kneeling chair today, or to read more in-depth customer reviews.

Eurostyle Haley Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

UNIVERSITY PRESS(5)If you spend most of the day seated in front of your computer, you need the Haley Knee Chair to prevent back, neck and shoulder injuries.

This type of chair is also known as an ergonomic kneeling chair, and it is designed in such a way that your thighs drop to a 70-degree vertical angle.

Hence, it allows your body to shift weight towards your pelvis and shins, easing the burden of working long hours in a sedentary seating position.

The Need for Ergonomics

According to the U.S. Department of labor, an estimated one million Americans sustain work-related injuries every year simply because their work environment is not ideal and suitable for them.

Injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pains, as well as neck and shoulder strain are prevalent among workers that suffer from repetitive stress injury brought about by a stressful and crude working environment.

Do not be part of this dismal percentage. You owe yourself a good working environment, and changing your chair, table and other office fixtures in accordance with the principles of Ergonomics, is one of the wisest things you could do.

Ergonomics is the science of determining the interaction between human beings and other elements of a system; it is primarily concerned about optimizing your work performance by focusing on your well-being.

Your Need for a Haley Knee Chair

Getting a Haley Knee Chair is one way of following the principles of Ergonomics and taking care of yourself.

Haley kneeling chairs are built with an adjustable seat and a kneel pad that allows you to sit and kneel at the same time, thus reducing the pressure on your neck, shoulders and back. It is designed primarily for people who suffer from back injuries, and for workers who spend long hours seated on their desk.

The Haley kneeling chair comes only in a sophisticated black color, though you could choose the frame to be either black or aluminum.

Its metal frame makes it sturdy and strong, while its upholstered fabric seat and knee support makes it comfortable. You could adjust its height with the rubber grips, and you could move it around easily on its rollers.

You may purchase the Haley Knee Chair from for under $120.00.

On top of taking care of your finances by working hard, it’s time you should take care of your health too; making sure you have a friendly work environment and spine is the perfect place to start.

Sit4Life Kneeler Perfect

sit4lifeIf you are looking for a kneeling chair and it just so happens that you are on a tight budget, investing in SIT4LIFE Kneeler Perfect Fit Plus kneeling chair is a great way to enjoy all the comforts of a quality kneeling chair, without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

The SIT4LIFE Kneeler Perfect Fit chair should have instead been renamed “Perfect Sit” as it has been ergonomically designed to ensure that you get the most comfortable seating position and posture when using a kneeling chair.

The kneeling chair is designed with your back in mind. You can enjoy amazing health benefits thanks to its ergonomic design that keeps your neck, shoulders, and back perfectly aligned throughout your work day.
•    Adjustable height capability for tall users
•    Perfect for individuals who suffer from lower disc pain and swelling as well as prostrate problems
•    Memory foam cushions for added support during prolonged usage
•    Rolling casters to increase mobility
•    Free 5 Year Warranty

Product Specifications / Dimensions

  • 18″ wide
  • 29″ deep
  • Knee pad cushions measure 6.5″ x 11″
  • Seat size measures 17.5″ x 12.5″

Where to Buy:

The SIT4LIFE Kneeler Perfect Fit Plus knee chair can be purchased directly from Sit4Life with free shipping. Considering that most kneeling chair models average MSRP’s well above $120, we think that is a good deal.

Kneeling Ergonomic Chairs: Why Should You Care?

Long before Peter Opsvik designed his first kneel chair, the principles of ergonomics and alternative seating positions was on the minds of Hans Christian and Dr. A.C. Mandal.

The two decided to expand upon the idea of moving away from traditional upright seating in order to encourage a healthier way for the human body to sit for prolonged periods of time.

Their original ideas, combined with the various kneeling chair designs that followed, have brought awareness to helping millions of individuals around the world find their natural balance line.

The purpose of your natural balance line is to allow your body to sit in a 110 degree open-angled position. Doing so allows for pressure to be released from your spine and for your back to on its natural curvature.

Before you rush out and purchase any ‘ole kneeling chair, be sure you are well-versed on how kneeling chairs work and what features you should look for when purchasing a specific chair.

What’s so special about kneeling chairs?

Did you know that when you sit in a traditional desk chair or office chair, you are in essence forcing your buttocks to take on the burden of bearing the the total weight of your body?

Over time, this can wreck havoc  not only on your lower back, but also on your spine, which is ever so delicate.

If you are seated at a desk for prolonged periods of time, the chances for injuries and problems enhances even quicker — especially if you are not practicing proper sitting behaviors or giving yourself adequate breaks and taking the time to stretch.

How to sit correctly in a kneeling chair

To help combat this increasing problem, kneeling chairs have become the perfect solution in many cases.

Kneeling chairs (also referred to kneel chairs or knee chairs), are designed to make sure you a sitting in the healthiest position for your body. It does so by forcing your body into a perched position where your legs are opened (creating a semi-abducted position) and where your spine is alleviate of compression.

Here is a YouTube video that demonstrates how to sit properly in a knee chair.

Common Kneeling Chair Misconceptions

While the term “kneeling chair” may incite the idea that all of your weight is being supported by your knees, the reality of using a kneeling chair is the fact that your knees are not only bearing your body’s weight, but your buttocks is also playing a vital role as well.

Additionally, kneel chairs that come with shin support pads have these cushions in place to provide additional support while promoting healthier posture as well.

Additional Kneeling Chair Benefits
Did you know that in addition to improving your natural balance line and posture, kneeling chairs also help promote better blood circulation and breathing? Kneeling chairs are designed to promote better seating posture and as a result, this allows for your diaphragm to move much more efficiently, therefore resulting in enhanced breathing. Tips on Choosing the Best Kneeling Chair…

There are quite a few things to keep in mind when you are looking for the best kneeling chair model. Below is a quick list of characteristics to look out for as you are shopping for the perfect kneeling chair:

Ask yourself the following questions:

1.) What type of support are you looking for in a knee chair?

Should the cushions of your knee chair be firm, or should they mold when pressure is applied so that they will provide a perfect fit for you buttocks and ankles/shins?

2.) Does your knee chair require rolling wheels?

Many kneeling chairs come with dual wheel casters that will move in the direction of your body weight while sitting in a kneeling chair.

If, however, you are working in a position that requires less movements (e.g. working as a massage therapist), then you should opt instead for a kneeling chair that does not swivel at your every movement.

3.) What type of frame are you interested in?

Kneeling chairs come in a variety of frames, with the two most popular being made of wood and steel.

However, when it comes down to selecting the frame, either backless kneeling chairs or kneeling chairs with backs, you will ultimately have to make this decision according to your daily needs and work environment.

4.) Does the name brand matter?

There are a variety of kneeling chairs on the market not made by more popular manufacturers like Jobri, Balans, or Haley.

However, in some cases, sacrificing well known brands for cost can be to the detriment of your chair. Therefore, thoroughly reviewing your chair — and reading the reviews from other buyers — is a great to ensure that you’re getting the best kneeling chair for your money.

With these ideas in mind, be sure to check our reviews of some of the more popular ergonomic kneeling chairs on the market.

Emjoi Micro Pedi Review: Callus Remover

emjoi micro pedi

I love to wear sandals during the summer season as they not only look good but also allow my feet to remain dry and cool.

But I was always troubled by dry skin and required pedicure from beauty salons every now and then to keep my feet looking soft and smooth.

I was looking for a beauty device that I could use at home to get rid of callus and dry skin. My search took me to Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover.

emjoi callus remover reviewI have been using this foot callus remover for several months now, and I must say that this beauty product keeps my feet looking soft and smooth as if I have just returned from a beauty salon after getting a pedicure.

I am so impressed by this device that I thought I should share my experience of using it with my readers.

Save your time and money by using this amazing buffer

Those troubled by accumulation of dead skin on their feet know how ugly it can look when they wear sandals. If you do not have the time and the money to spend on costly pedicure at a beauty salon, you must try a foot callus remover.

The emjoi micro pedi is designed to remove dead skin and callus gently from the skin of your feet. You must take action before you start to get comments about your ugly feet, especially when you do not have time to visit your beautician frequently.

The emjoi micro pedi works effectively and very efficiently

The reason I found Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover wonderful was that it was able to remove dry and calloused skin effectively in just a few seconds. More importantly, it did not cause any pain that is associated with other buffers available in the market.

This amazing device does not consist of metal scrapers that can harm your skin. Thus, it is safer than most other buffers available in the market and gentler than the pumice stone that I used to soften my feet earlier.

If you have used any other buffer earlier and found it useless, you will be pleasantly surprised with the efficacy of this foot callus remover.

Fits comfortably in your palm

Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover is ergonomically designed to easily fit in your palm. You can buff all parts of your feet without feeling any discomfort. You will be surprised how its gentle rollers buff away all your hardened dead skin.

No more pain after using metal scrapers that are also potentially dangerous to use on the delicate skin of your feet. The uniquely designed rollers of the Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover spin to 360 degrees to achieve buffing in a desired manner.

Reveals smooth and beautiful looking feet in a very short time

If you are going to a dinner party and wearing sandals to reveal your feet, the callus on your feet can suddenly turn off your mood. You are in a hurry and do not have the time to undergo pedicure at a beauty salon.

This is where Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover comes handy for you. Just use this compact beauty device on your feet for a few seconds to reveal smooth and lovely looking feet.

The Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover is battery operated. You need not sit near a power source or waste time trying to untangle the power cord of the product. Just insert 2 AA batteries into this foot callus remover and you are ready to have good-looking and smooth feet free from dead skin in minutes.

The Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover may not soften your very hard feet in one go but you will find visible results with constant and frequent use.

If you are a runner or a hiker with dead skin accumulating on your feet, you will be happy to keep this handy little device at home to have soft and smooth feet all the time.

No more torture of your delicate feet with metal scrapers

Remove all the dead skin and callus that is generated by walking, running, and all the other chores at home and the office. Its rolling pads look innocuous but they are more effective than metal scrapers and much safer and gentler than these scrapers.

It is also a device that is easy to clean and maintain. Being small in size, you can store Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover anywhere in your home and even carry it around in your bag.

Other Features that make the emjoi micro pedi foot callus remover wonderful

* Gentle and safe on your feet
* Effectively buffs away dead skin to reveal pink feet in a few seconds
* Saves your time and money on expensive pedicure at beauty salons
* Operates on batteries to allow you to use it anywhere
* Easier to use than a pumice stone
* Roller spins 360 degrees to remove callus from all parts of your feet
* Safer than metal scrapers that can harm your feet
* Ergonomically designed to not tire you out during the exercise
* Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association

Do not push the device against the dead skin

There are many people who say that the device is not effective as the roller stops spinning when they try to push it against the skin in an effort to get more close cleaning.

This is true but you cannot expect a battery-operated device to have more power than you, do you?

In fact, there is no need to forcefully press the device against your feet as it does its work effectively with just a gentle push on areas having dead skin.

I am more than satisfied with the working of Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover ever since I purchased it a few months ago. If you are worried about callus and dead skin accumulating on your feet, the best place to buy this wonderful foot callus remover is at

Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover is ergonomically designed to easily fit in your palm. You can buff all parts of your feet without feeling any discomfort. You will be surprised how its gentle rollers buff away all your hardened dead skin.

Everything Else You Need to Know About Feet Callus

The repeated exposure to friction, results to the formation of hard, coarse and irritating thick scales on the skin. These scaly and ugly blisters are commonly referred to as Callus.

They are often times formed and found on the foot, in and around the soles and especially the heels.

Frequent running or walking around with uncomfortable footwear is the common cause of the friction. Calluses are not harmful skin irritations but severe cases have been recorded to progress to infection or skin ulceration.

Common Causes of Calluses:

External body factors causing callus on the skin:

  1. Shoes that are too short or small to accommodate oxygen inside the shoes or sock that are relatively coarse due to the material component.
  2. Manual labor, most commonly to the hands, for people doing masonry or carpentry or anything related to construction and heavy lifting
  3. Excessive exposure to hard and heated surfaces during athletic activities
  4. Non wearing of shoes

Internal body factors affecting formation of calluses:

  • Disproportioned foot stricter or improper foot positioning
  • Strong and stubborn bone structures

Feet Calluses Symptoms:

  • Calluses appear as skin scales that are relatively thick and difficult to shed off.
  • Usually found on feet and hands and bone joints.
  • Usually white-grayish-yellow, brown or red, in appearance
  • Dried scales are painless, while newly formed callus are tender and easily peel off but leaves a rather swelling feeling.
  • Some calluses especially those form on the heels or back of the foot would swell with a burning feeling.

Treating Calluses

There are possible ways of treating and getting rid of feet calluses widely practiced by sufferers. Some settle for Callus Remover Gels and Lotions. Others hunt down homeopathic remedies and some people settle with the removal using laser machines.

Depending on the gravity of calluses on your skin, you can alternatively settle with any of the above treatments. Seeking medical attention at certain instances is recommended to those people who are suffering excruciating pain or those who are diagnosed with diabetes.

Calluses are harmful skin irritations that often heal and go away unnoticed. Some people find keratolytic agents helpful in alleviating and eliminating calluses.

Sometimes feet callues can be easily shed off after immersion to certain chemicals like salicylic acid.

Often time calluses can be simply treated or prevented by limiting activities that are often exposed to friction. One handy preventive measure would be the use of well-fitting shoes to allow oxygen circulation inside the footwear.

The following are some personal care that can minimize or take control of callus formation:

  1. Cover the affected areas with bandages or anything that has air cooling system.
  2. Apply topical solutions like lotions and ointments to soften and moisturize hard and dry calluses.
  3. Use pumice stone or any coarse removing tool when bathing to slowly eliminate or shed calluses.
  4. Avoid too much stress on your hands and feet when doing household chores or manual labor by wearing gloves or any protective gears.
  5. Make it a regular habit to soak your feet and hands in saline solution or any moisturizing agent to soften down the calluses.

Slings and backpack baby carriers

best baby carrier

What’s old is new again.

For thousands of years, mothers have carried their babies in slings on the back or near the heart. Though out of fashion in many Western countries for a while, they’ve come back into style with a vengeance. But this ancient idea has been adapted to modern times where it’s sometimes known as ‘babywearing’, with greatly enhanced benefits.

Slings are made of cloth or fabric, often nylon or some kind of blend. They’re flexible, comfortable for parent and baby, and provide a secure carrying method. They also provide a way of transferring body heat to keep the baby warm while offering physical closeness that is a value to both parent and child.

The styles available cover an astounding range.

slings and baby carriersSome are wraps that are modeled after ancient Asian methods. They coil around the parent’s back and waist, then wrap around to form a sling in which the baby can lie or sit securely.

Others resemble a backpack with some of the pieces removed. The straps flow over the shoulders and a thick belt wraps around the waist.

Either model allows a baby to be carried in front or back, and both positions have their advantages. In front, the baby is close to the heart where it can see or touch the parent’s face.

That creates a valuable bond that comforts the baby and will please any parent. Worn in back, the weight is distributed along different muscle groups, making it easier for a parent to carry the child for longer periods.

In either case, babies can be faced toward the parent or away, both of which also have their benefits. Facing the parent, the child is close and can see and feel they are protected. Facing outward, they can more readily explore the world, which develops perception and mental faculties, and also helps keep the baby occupied and satisfied.

Backpack-style carriers offer much the same benefits, with variations. A backpack style carrier is a little sturdier and offers additional places to attach harnesses and pockets. It provides a little stiffer frame so that babies can sit up more easily.

Backpack styles make it easier to shift the weight upward to the shoulders, where the baby can be ‘worn’ for long periods or distances. That’s especially helpful when taking nature walks or for long outings at the mall.

All the different styles come in every possible color and design. Some offer forest scenes, others may be covered with drawings of cars. Still others may sport only an abstract color scheme. In short, every possible variation is available to suit every individual taste or interest.

Traditional hard shell carriers, often a converted car seat or 3-wheeled stroller bed, still perform a valuable role. But slings or backpacks offer advantages that those designs can not. Every parent will want to have at least one of each type.

How many more toys does the little one need


How many more toys does the little one need?

Before you answer, consider that toys do much more than entertain. They educate, stimulate the development of perception and cognition, and may help build muscle strength and control. And, of course, amusement shouldn’t be scoffed at, either. A happy baby is a healthy baby.

The range of educational toys that also entertain little ones is endless. Baby Einstein books are everywhere. Others encourage exploring shapes and sounds. That musical toy that you hear as just a noisemaker is actually helping the baby associate a chosen movement with the creation of a particular sound.

Fitting shaped blocks through the right size hole may seem like just a game. But at the same time the baby is amusing him or herself it’s learning that some things fit and others don’t. That ability connects later to learning the alphabet and words where some things ‘fit’ and others don’t.

Don’t overlook the need for a sheer physical outlet, as well. As any parent can testify, babies have lots of energy that just can’t be suppressed. They touch, they explore, they push and prod. That’s helping them develop muscle control, fine-tuning hand and eye coordination, and more. It’s also a sheer joy for the little ones to see what happens when they bat that mobile to make it squawk and spin.

Even dolls are more than just ‘playthings’. If they talk, the baby is learning about human sounds and what they mean. If they’re dressing the doll, the baby learns in a different way how some things fit and others don’t. They also learn that some things can break or tear. Valuable lessons while they enjoy the process.

Toy chests

Don’t forget that all those toys have to have a place to live.

Toy chests come in a range of styles that can blend right in with any nursery decor or childhood interest. The little farmhouse toy chest can be populated with farm animals that remind them of the petting zoo. A stylish mahogany or beechwood chest is perfect for that rich-looking design you spent months imagining during pregnancy.

Develop your child’s interest in baseball at an early age, while you integrate the toy chest into the rest of the furniture and decorations. Or, select the princess carriage toy chest and turn a mundane storage box into a wonderland full of treasures. Choose the circus design and watch your child’s delight in animals grow starting right from those early months.

Education, development and sheer fun are all part of contemporary toy and toy chest collections. Made of durable materials that are safe and stylish, the baby won’t be the only one who is happy with the choices.

Asbel Kiprop to be charged in an Iten court


International middle distance runner Asbel Kiprop is set to be charged in an Iten court in connection with assault of a night guard, a senior police officer has confirmed.

Keiyo North sub-county police chief Joseph Ireri told The People daily that the runner would be arraigned in court once investigations into the incident is completed.

“We want to ascertain the extend of the injuries that was inflicted on the victim of attack on the material night by Kiprop before we come up with the charges to prefer against him in court,’ stated Ireri.

The renowned two times world 1500 metres champion who is also a police officer,allegedly entered into a bar in Iten town on Sunday night past the stipulated drinking hours and forced his way into the social joint while drunk.

The night guard identified as James Mukuria who was manning the bar told him that the main door had been locked since the official drinking hours were over and police officers on patrol would arrest them if they find the joint operational at that time.

An enraged Kiprop together with other four men who were with him, dragged the guard to the door before hitting him with a gun butt threatening him that he was a senior police officer who can go anywhere he wants at any time without restraint.

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“Kiprop punched me several times on the mouth and kicked me on my private parts saying that he is a police inspector and cannot be questioned by anyone or taken anywhere,” said Mukuria.

The guard said that he feels a lot of pain when passing urine that is at times blood stained resulting from the injuries he got from the beating. “Am doing a humble job to help me sustain my family and what I want is justice from the police,” he cried.

Kiprop is said tom have forcibly entered the bar while brandishing his pistol and harassed the pub’s manager when he asked him why he had beaten up the guard.

The police boss who described the incident as serious stressed that they are considering withdrawing the gun from the international runner if he will be found guilty of accusations leveled against him.

Ireri said that the aggrieved person had already recorded a statement at the station adding that a P3 form seen and filled by the doctors at the Iten county referral hospital indicates that the night guard was physically assaulted.

According to the berocca review the night guard who is due for dental tomorrow at Eldoret hospital, sustained injury on the upper jaw in which three teeth loosened, painful groin and swollen left sleeping earplugs.

This is not the first time the athlete known for his flashy lifestyle and love for booze has been accused of harassing local residents. Last month he allegedly told one of the young men at a local social joint that he would shoot and suffocate him in a good electric blanket if dared crossed his way.

10 of the best nootropics of 2016


Being smart is usually the key to success in almost any aspect of life. But while it is true that genetic factors affect the quality of the brains, there are also substances that can empower the brains to perform well. the best nootropics and nootropic stacks can make a person who does not have smart parents to become mentally acute.

Cognitive Enhancers versus Brain Boosters

best nootropic stacksCognitive enhancers are substances that improve mental functions such as memory, concentration, attention, cognition, and intelligence.

Brain boosters or nootropics belong to the category of cognitive enhancers. On the other hand, cognitive enhancers may not necessarily be a nootropic.

The word nootropic was derived from the Greek word nous, which means mind, and trepein, which means to bend.

Nootropics supplements are also known as smart drugs, memory enhancers, and intelligence boosters. These are available over the counter and may be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Brain boosters have very few side effects and extremely low toxicity, and therefore are safe for consumption.

How Do Cognitive Enhancers Work?

how cognitve enhancers workThe ability of the brains declines steadily with age. It can also be impaired by unhealthy lifestyle, drinking too much alcohol, stress, and lack of sleep. Cognitive enhancers, particularly nootropics, help restore the normal brain function through the following:

  • Regulating the availability of neurotransmitters. The brain is an integral part of the nervous system. It consists of billions of cells, the neurons and glial cells that connect to each other and spread electricity among each other. This spread of electricity is facilitated by chemicals called neurotransmitters. Cognitive enhancers are able to affect the levels of neurotransmitters that are essential for memory and alertness.
  • Improving the supply of oxygen in the brain. The brain consumes more than 20 percent of the total oxygen used by the body. More oxygen is consumed during studying and sustained concentration. In order to continue to function effectively, your brain must have enough levels of oxygen delivered through your bloodstream. Cognitive enhancers work by increasing the supply of oxygen in the brain. Cognitive enhancers increase blood flow to the brain, resulting in the transport of more oxygen to the brain.
  • Enhancing neural connections. When neurons connect to one another, they allow the brain to function better. There are nootropics that can directly facilitate synaptogenesis, which is the formation of neural pathways and connections within the central nervous system. Synaptogenesis occurs naturally and is believed to be almost entirely responsible for learning and reinforcement of skills and memories.
  • Treat neural degeneration. Cognitive enhancers affect brain function by preventing or even reversing damage to neurons. These substances promote metabolism in the brain tissues. Nootropics contain active amino acids and peptides that regulate intracellular exchange and improve synaptic transmissions. These also help protect the neurons from the effects of hypoxia and toxins. Mental conditions such as Alzheimer and Parkinson’s are also prevented.

Types of Cognitive Enhancers

There are several types of cognitive enhancers, and these are either naturally synthesized by the body or absorbed from foods. Cognitive enhancer supplements may also be prescribed for immediate results. Below are the most popular varieties of cognitive enhancers.

  • Piracetam. A smart drug that helps stimulate the central nervous system. Piracetam works by increasing communication between the two hemispheres of the brain, and increasing activity of the corpus callosum. Expected result is improved learning and creativity.
  • L-Alpha GPC. L-Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine or simply L-Alpha GPC triggers the synthesis of acetylcholine, a neurochemical that enables learning and memory. The two primary sources of L-Alpha GPC are milk and soy. This substance promotes mental clarity. It is also believed that L-Alpha GPC helps fight against dementia, senility, and other brain disorders.
  • L-Huperzine. This is a natural plant alkaloid which has been proven to boost memory, learning, and concentration. L-huperzine helps raise the level of acetylcholine, strengthen the brain receptors, and stimulate the synthesis of nerve growth factor.
  • L-Theanine. This is an amino acid found in the leaves of the tea plant. The primary effect of L-theanine is increased alertness. L-theanine helps fuel the alpha waves in the brain responsible for alertness.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine. This is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body. It is used to treat several types of mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s, age-related memory loss, concentration problems, and poor circulation in the brain. A single dose of acetyl l-carnitine by IV can result in short-term improvements in blood flow in the brain.
  • Vinpocetine. Vinpocetine is an extract from the seeds of the periwinkle plant, a common evergreen ground cover. It is a derivative of the alkaloid vincamine. Vinpocetine is found to improve cerebral circulation, memory, and other brain functions. A powerful memory enhancer, vinpocetine promotes cerebral metabolism and improves blood flow in the brain. Vinpocetine works by causing mild dilation of the blood vessels, thereby allowing for increased cerebral blood flow.
  • Hydergine. Hydergine is a cognitive enhancer derived from rye. It has the ability to improve peripheral circulation and cerebral function. Hydergine is an effective treatment for senile dementias. Hydergine can also increase blood flow and oxygen levels in the brain. It boosts metabolism of brain cells and increases the volume of mitochondria for more energy.
  • Vitamin B. This refers to all known essential water-soluble vitamins except for vitamin C. Thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid, pyridoxine, and cobalamins are all included in the Vitamin B group. Vitamin B helps improve brain function, and in the synthesis of neurochemicals. It also allows the body to convert carbohydrates into glucose, which is the primary source of energy by the brain.
  • Lecithin. Lecithin is the generic term for a group of fatty substances occurring in animal and plant tissues such as phosphoric acid, glycerol, choline, and phospholipids. Lecithin produces the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which allows communication and transmission of signals among brain cells. It is speculated that an increase in lecithin will induce brain cells to produce more acetylcholine, thus improving memory.
  • Fish oil. Fish oil is obtained from the tissue of fatty fish like salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that are good for mental health. Research shows that fish oil can help improve memory and concentration, and is also effective in treating bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder, and schizophrenia.
  • Alpha lipoic acid. It is a fatty acid found naturally inside every cell in the body. Alpha lipoic acid can cross the blood-brain barrier, and pass easily into the brain. Because it is a potent antioxidant, alpha lipoic acid helps protect the brain and nerve tissue by preventing free radical damage.
  • 5-HTP. 5-Hydroxytryptophan is a chemical produced in the body from the amino acid tryptophan. 5-HTP is converted into serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is responsible for producing positive emotions. It is used by the brain to transfer nerve impulses form one neuron to another.
  • CoQ10. Coenzyme Q10, also known as ubiquinone or coenzyme Q, is an enzyme produced naturally in the body, and is found in every cell. According to studies, an increased level of CoQ10 in the body helps increase levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps in the transmission of signals in the brain and other vital areas. It is also suggested that CoQ10 can help protect the neurons from free radical damages.

How the earplug has now become the ear protection product for snoring and other noises

best earplugs for snoring

To get protected from loud noises such as snoring, or for blocking intrusion of foreign bodies, water, excessive wind or dust, earplugs are used, as they have been designed to be set into the ear canals for protecting the wearer from these intrusions.

How it protects from water?

There are earplugs that have been designed specifically to avoid water getting into the ear canal, particularly when activities like swimming or water sports are carried out.

These earplugs are made from moldable silicone or wax, which gets custom-fitted as when the wearer sets it into his ear canal. As per the study that was conducted in the year 2003 and which got published in Clinical Otolaryngology, an effective, comfortable and easier way to avoid water from entering into the ear canal as when compared to the wax plugs happen to be that of a cotton ball that gets saturated with that of petroleum jelly.

Many have propounded the view, which includes Jacques-Yves-Cousteau that advocates the harmful effects of the earplugs caused to divers, particularly to scuba divers.

The source of breathing for scuba divers happen to be the compressed air or gas mixtures of other kinds, which gets done at a pressure that matches the water pressure.

This pressure can only be found inside the ear, and not between the earplug and the eardrum, which causes the pressure found behind the eardrum to moot the bursting of the eardrum. Skin divers are known to experience less pressure in the ears, but their outer ear canal also has only that of the atmospheric pressure.

The earplugs that can be put to use by the divers happen to be the vented earplugs, as this is the only type that can be used by them.

Main Earplugs and Hearing Protection

There are three main earplug types for hearing protection, which include the Foam earplugs, Flanged earplugs and the Silicone earplugs.

Foam earplugs

green foam earplugs

made from soft foam.

Foam earplugs are one among the three main earplugs, which are made from memory foam that primarily get compressed and are inserted into that of the ear canal, where the expansion then helps in the plugging in of the earplug.

Silicone earplugs

Silicone earplugs are the earplugs that get rolled in the form of a ball that are molded carefully as in a way to fit on top of the external section pertaining to the ear canal, which enables the wearer to enjoy a comfortable fitting.

Flanged earplugs

Flanged earplugs are the earplugs that include most types belonging to the ‘Hi-Fi’ or musicians’ earplugs and that of custom molds, as when they are molded.

Memory Foam earplugs – Method to use

In the case of earplugs for snoring, the Mining Safety and Health Research at NIOSH advocate the usage of the roll, pull and that of the hold method pertaining to the usage of these earplugs.

The process unfolds with the rolling of the earplug by the user, as it gets rolled to take the shape of thin rod so as to get pulled back on that of the ear, and to be followed by the holding of the earplug with the finger to make the earplug get deep into the canal. Twenty seconds must be left to elapse for the expanding inside the canal in the case of the need for getting a complete seal.

Disposable and Non-Disposable Earplugs

Earplugs encompass non-disposable or disposable types, with silicone and foam being disposable earplugs or that get used on fewer occasions, as the solid earplugs usually take the form of the non-disposable type.

No-roll foam ear plugs happens to be the variation pertaining to the foam, in which a central stem that is built-in is used for pushing the foam plugs as in a way to get inserted in the ears, for that of a clean, simple, inexpensive and a helpful option as when compared to the traditional form of the roll down foam earplugs.

History of Earplugs

The history of earplugs can be traced back to the times of Odyssey. Odyssey has recorded the usage of wax earplugs for the first time, where the wax earplugs were used by Odyssey’s crew to avoid distraction caused by Siren’s songs. It was in the year 1967 that the current earplug material got discovered through the efforts of Ross Gardner along with his team, which got accomplished at the National Research found in the USA.

Earplugs Types and Use

Earplugs have been put to use for various purposes. Concerning the use of earplugs, industrial workers wear this type of earplugs to avoid the sounds from loud machinery that lie within hearing distance as while working for longer periods. The earplug is also put to use by that of MoD, or the British Ministry of Defence, where soldiers make use of this type of earplug when firing weapons. Earplugs get rated according to their ability to bring down noise levels.

Hearing Protection Tests in the U.S. and the European Union

There are hearing protection tests carried out to testify the noise reduction ratings. The U.S. Environmental protection Agency in the U.S. has made it mandatory, wherein the hearing protection has to go through tests for providing NRR or the Noise Reduction Rating, in which a panel comprising of ten subjects get tested in that of a laboratory for determining the attenuation that gets tested over various frequency ranges.

The hearing protectors also go through strenuous testing methodologies in other parts of the globe, and as per the European Union, earplugs are required to go through tests that fall in accordance with the acoustical testing standard of the ISO or International Organization for Standardization, which happens to be the 4869 Part I, with the SNR or the Single Number Rating or HML, High/Middle/Low getting calculated as per the ISO 4869 Part 2.

Hearing Protection Tests in Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Canada

With regards to the hearing protection tests, many countries follow their norms to testify the noise reduction ratings of the earplugs. The ANSI S12.6-1997 of the American National Standards Institute is used in Brazil for testing hearing protectors and the NRR (SF) or the Noise Reduction Rating Subject Fit is used for ratings of the hearing protectors. In Australia and New Zealand they follow different standards as for protector ratings, which in turn yield a quantity in Sound Level Class for that of the 80th percentile or SCL80. A class system is implemented in Canada for rating the protectors’ performance.

Having reviewed the merits related to different ratings methods, a rating system has been developed by Gauger and Berger, which forms the basis to pave way for an American National Standard that is new, which is recognized as ANSI S12.68-2007.

Different Rating Methods

The different methods provide different interpretations, nevertheless, each of the methods carry an effective percentile that gets associated with that of the rating, as the rated attenuation has to be achieved by that percent pertaining to the users. The NRR for instance is arrived when the difference between that of mean attenuation and two standard deviations get calculated, and in turn gets translated into that of a 98% statistic, which means that the level of attenuation should be achieved by 98% of users.

The HML and SNR happen to be the difference between a mean minus and standard deviation static. In effect, the level pertaining to protection should be achieved by 86% related to the users, on an approximate basis. In the same breath, the difference between mean and one standard deviation paves way for the NRR (SF), which in turn is the representation related to 86% of the users, as this level of protection is expected to be achieved by the users.

The differences that get noted between that of the ratings depend upon the way through which the protectors get tested. An experimenter-fit protocol gets used for testing the NRR. A subject-fit protocol that is experienced is used for testing the SNR/HML. A subject-fit protocol that is naïve is used in testing NRR (SF).

As per Murphy and others (2004), different amounts related to attenuation gets yielded through these three protocols, with the NRR (SF) happening to be the least and the NRR, the greatest.

The National institute for Occupational Safety and Health provides guidelines for adjusting the experimenter-fit NRR, where the NRR ratings that are required differ greatly from that of lab tests to that of field tests.

Derating of Labeled Noise Reduction

For compensating the known differences between that of attenuation values that are laboratory-driven and that of the protection that gets obtained by the worker belonging to the real world, the derating of labeled noise reduction ratings gets done as follows:

Earmuffs – Subtracting 25% from that of the labeled NRR of the manufacturer; earplugs that are slow recovery formable type by subtracting 50%; and all for other types of earplugs, by subtracting 70% from that of the labeled NRR of the manufacturer. These derating values are proposed to be put to use until such time, where the manufacturers test as well as label their products that fall in line with that of a subject-fit method as that of Method B pertaining to ANSI S12.6-1997.

Derating is not required for the NRR (SF) that is put to use in Brazil as it takes a resemblance to the manner through which the hearing protection is worn by a typical user.

Most earplugs happen to be elastic earplugs that are made from memory foam, which get rolled typically into that of a tightly compressed cylinder, without creases, as it gets done by that of the wearer’s fingers and is then put into the ear canal.

As when it is released, the expansion of the earplug takes place until the sealing of canal is done, which blocks the sound vibrations from reaching the ear drum.

Other types of earplugs get pushed into that of the ear canal without getting rolled initially. A cord is used to connect earplugs at times, for keeping them together when it is not put to use. Vicious wax or that of silicone happens to be the other material bases that are commonly used for the making of earplugs.

Hearing protection provided by other devices includes the electronic devices that get worn around or/and in that of the ear, for keeping the loud noise pertaining to gunshot at bay , while the quieter sounds get amplified to that of normal levels. Though rich in features the price related to the electronic devices happen to be nearly one hundred times that of their foam counterparts. Since the earplugs bring about the reduction in the sound volume they are used in preventing tinnitus and hearing loss, among the other ailments.
Importance of Noise Reduction Ratings

Noise Reduction ratings of the earplugs is an important criteria that helps deduct the noise reducing capacity of the earplugs. The EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency in the U.S. necessitates hearing protectors that get sold in the possess NRR or the Noise Reduction Rating, which happens to be an estimate related to the reduction in noise experienced at the ear in case of protectors getting worn in a proper fashion. Owing to the discrepancies arising out of procedures for the fitness of protectors that get done in the testing laboratory and about the way users wear protectors, the OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the NIOSH or the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health have brought forth the derating formulae for reducing the effective NRR.

While Single Number Rating or SNR and the NRR get designed as in a way to be used with that of C-weighted noise to make sure that lower frequencies don’t get de-emphasized, the other ratings as that of NRSA and NRR (SF) get determined to be used with that of A-weighted noise levels, where the lower frequencies get de-emphasized. The NIOSH along with the U.S. EPA have brought in the mandatory requirement of 7-dB compensation between that of C and A weighting, which needs to be applied as when NRR gets used along with that of the A-weighted noise levels.

Derating by OSHA

In the training manual catering to the inspectors, OSHA has defined the adequacy related to hearing protection that is to be put to use for a hazardous noise environment, which in effect should get derated as in a way to account for the way the ear protection is worn by the workers relative to the way by which the attenuation of the protector gets tested in the laboratory by the manufacturer.

The derating factor set by OSHA for hearing protection provided by all types is 50%. In case of putting it to use with that of C-weighted noise, the derated NRR becomes NRR/2. In case of putting it to use with A-weighted noise, 7-dB adjustment for that of C-A weighting gets applied by OSHA first, and then the derating of the reminder happens.

To take a closer look, if 33-dB is the attenuation of a protector, the derating would be:
Derated NRR = (33-7)/2
Derating by NIOSH

A different scheme has been proposed by NIOSH for derating, where the protector type forms the basis upon which the derating is done. The NRR for the earmuffs should get derated by 25%, and the derating for slow-recovery foam earplugs is 50%, and it is 70% for other protection types. The C-A spectral compensation is applied differently by NIOSH as when compared to OSHA. Where the 7-dB factor gets subtracted first by OSHA followed by the derating of the result, the NRR gets derated first to compensate the C-A difference later through the means of NIOSH.

To know how it works, a 33-dB slow recovery foam earplug for instance would possess the NIOSH derating as:
Derated NRR= (33/2)-7
For the many hearing protection types, NIOSH has derating percentages that are different. In the current scenario, the derating factor for premolded plugs is 70%, and it is 25% for muffs and the fast expansion foam plugs carry a derating factor of 50%. For an earmuff, the procedure related to finding the derated NRR by making use of NIOSH derating system would be as following:
Derated NRR= (Original NRR x (1-.25)-7

Noise Reduction Ratings –Expected Updates

A new standard was published by the American National Standards Institute in 2007 for noise reduction ratings related to hearing protectors, which was ANSI S12.68-2007.

Collecting threshold data by that of a laboratory test and making use of the real ear attenuation at that of threshold data prescribed as per ANSI S12.6-2008, a set pertaining to 100 noises as per listings in the standard is used to compute the noise reduction statistic concerning the A-weighted noise or NRSA.

Rather than using single noise spectrum for computing noise reduction rating, variability pertaining to spectral effects and subject is incorporated by NRSA. A method is also defined by ANSI S12.68 for estimating the performance related to a protector in noise environment that is atypical.

For protectors that possess significant differences between that of low as well as high frequency attenuation, the derating might be severe as that of 10-15 decibels.

The effect related to C-A is less for that of ‘flat’ attenuation protectors. The need pertaining to calculators get eliminated by the new system as it relies on databases related to empirical data and graphs, as it is also considered to embrace more accuracy for determining NRRs.

Hi-Fi earplugs or Musicians’ earplugs

Earplugs also serve other purposes as the musicians also put earplugs to use. Musicians performing music styles that embrace loud noises as that of rock music wear earplugs at often times to avoid damage to their

blue custom made musicians ear plugs

musicians earplugs

hearing by their own performances. Musicians’ earplugs are made with the focus proffered in attenuating sounds evenly across that of the audio band for minimizing the effect concerning the user’s perception of treble and bass levels. Technicians and musicians use them commonly in concert and in studio for avoiding overexposure to that of high volume levels.

Generally this is achieved as when a tiny diaphragm gets incorporated for reducing low frequencies, along with that of damping or absorbent material used for high frequencies. Differing form the simple earplugs that are disposable, these earplugs are designed for constant re-use and carry a costly tag. Near about 20dB is the attenuation given by these earplugs as these earplugs get designed for protection from noise levels that are very high.

Custom-made musicians’ earplugs

There are custom-made musicians’ earplugs for individual listeners. A hearing test gets administered by an audiologist and the molds pertaining to the ear is then made. A custom ear-piece is then made by a company as in a way that different attenuation capsules can get inserted into the earplugs.

Different levels pertaining to attenuation gets provided by the different capsules, usually in the likes of 9, 15 as well as 25 dB. Flattest attenuation gets provided by these earplugs as also truest isolation for avoiding from outside noise is made possible, as the earplugs fit firmly into that of the individual’s ears.

Better protection also gets provided from noise levels that are very high. This earplug type is a popular stuff with audio engineers as these earplugs can be worn for listening to loud mixes, as they can also be done for longer and extended time periods.

Concerning other activities as that of skiers and hobby motorcyclists, decibel reduction earplugs happen to be the preferred choice, for compensating the noise related to wind against that of the helmet or head.

Flight ear protection

Earplugs assume more importance as they also provide protection during the travel undertaken in a flight. For protecting ears from pain that get caused by cabin pressure changes in airplane, earplugs are available. Some of the products unveil porous ceramic insert that reportedly helps to equalize the air pressure found between that of middle and outer ear, which helps is avoiding pain while take-offs and landings are experienced.

Earplugs for Sleep

Earplugs, which get worn while sleeping, are designed as in a way to block external sounds, which might disturb the sleep.

Specialized earplugs designed to prevent such noises as that of partner’s snoring sound might come with sound-dampening enhancements, which enables the hearing of other noises for the user, as with the case of an alarm clock.

For determining the comfort levels related to best earplugs for snoring that get used while sleeping, trying it while lying down is the idyllic way.

The pressure caused on the ear as experienced between that of head and pillow might bring down the comfort levels.

Moreover, while the head gets tilted back or to the side, it produces considerable anatomical changes in that of the ear canal, as in most cases it is the reduction related to the diameter of the ear canal, which might bring down the comfort levels in cases of earplugs being too large.

Earplugs and Health Risks

Though earplugs are considered safe, precautions will have to be exercised to overcome possible health risks, as additional ones may also appear with the usage becoming a long-term affair.

When earplugs get pushed into that of the ear canal, the air pressure might go up as a result, this in turn pushes it against that of the eardrum and causes pain. The pressure on the ear may get caused as when lying down on a particular side and this is the same when expanded foam earplugs get pushed completely into the ear. The latter risk gets bypassed through the means of removing, compressing as well as inserting the earplug to the desired depth. Vice versa as when pulled out, the eardrum gets pulled by the resultant negative pressure. In effect, it is better to screw or jiggle out some earplugs carefully rather than getting the earplugs yanked out. Yawning is of no help to equalize the air pressure difference, as it gets the pressure between that of the environment and middle ear equalized, while it is in the outer ear that this overpressure gets located, as between the earplug and the eardrum.

Ear wax as well as debris may get pushed into that of the canal if inserted too deep into the ear canal as well as when the earplug gets pushed against the eardrum. As a precautionary measure, pushing of ear plugs to reach deeper portions of ear canal must be avoided than getting grabbed as well as rotated. When earplugs produce impact on the ear wax, the earplug can get removed by irrigation or through other remedies, as that gets described.

Allergic reactions are also a possibility, though it is rare, as immunologically inert materials make up for the earplugs generally.

Earplugs for Long-term use

There are earplugs that are fit to be used on a long-term basis. For long-term use, custom molded plugs are the idyllic choice, as they are comparatively gentler and comfortable to the skin and wouldn’t get too deep into that of the ear canal. However, frequent or prolonged usage of earplugs may bring about the health risks denoted here, apart from the health risks on a short term basis.

Earplugs might cause the building up of the ear wax and in plugging the outer ear, as the normal flow pertaining to the ear wax to go outwards gets blocked. Tinnitus can be the result, as also the discharge, hearing loss, infection or pain can also be caused by the usage of earplugs. Ear wax in excess should also get carefully removed as from the ear, as water as well as mild soap should be used to clean the earplugs regularly. Nevertheless, the foam type earplugs are the disposable types and have a tendency to expand as well as lose memory property when these earplugs are left for drying after the process of washing through water and soap gets carried out. These earplugs possess the tendency to become spongy, and when compressed these earplugs expand quickly, increasing the problematic nature as when these earplugs are inserted to get into the ear canal. Sound attenuating property on a large scale is also lost as when these earplugs get washed and dried.

Irritation might get caused to the temporomandibular joint by the earplugs, which can be found near the ear canal, which ultimately leads to pain. Non-elastic earplugs that are individually fitted might be a good alternate as when it comes to causing of irritation as when they get compared to the foam ones, which get subjected to expanding inside that of the ear canal.

Ear inflammation, otitis externa can also be caused by earplugs, although using the earplugs on a short term basis as when shampooing of hair or swimming helps in preventing it. The growth of pathogenic bacteria on the warm foam type earplugs cannot be ruled out. But only the loss of integrity pertaining to the skin leads to infection. The hard as well as the poorly fitting earplugs can pave way for scratches of the skin pertaining to the ear canal, which might lead to an episode. During acute episode, disposable earplugs are the idyllic ones to be used, or cleaning of used earplugs and proper drying must be done as in a way that the healing ear canal doesn’t get contaminated with that of infected discharge.

Earplugs – Custom molds

Custom mold earplugs come in with many advantages as they are made to overcome the negative aspects concerning the usage of earplugs. The molding of noise as well as decibel reduction earplugs can be done as in a way to make it a correct fit that suits the individual’s ear canal.

Though it gets done at a higher cost, the discomfort can be reduced that gets typically experienced when the earplug is put to use on a longer term, or in case of performance or protection being inadequate. Pressure molds as well as the flight earplug molds are the types that are not the most common ones, as these earplugs are not put to use quite often as the other earplugs get used, and hence the demand is lesser.

To enable best results, these earplugs get molded in the ear as in a way that these earplugs get positioned in the right way that meets the position for the usage.

In case of earplugs used while sleeping, the earplugs should get molded so as to suit the lying-down mode, as the positioning of jaws in different ways leads to significant changes concerning the form related to the ear canal, where reduction related to the diameter is the most common, risking in making the sleeping earplug too large otherwise. Silicon is used to make the molded earplugs mostly, but there are other materials that get used as in the case of thermoplastics.

Drop it like it’s hot! The top 10 Dj controllers of all time

best dj controllers 2016

Authors side note: Although this post contains reviews of the 10 best DJ controllers, nothing, in my opinion, beats Novation and Numark. Enjoy reading 🙂

#1 Novation TWITCH DJ Controller – a completely new take on DJing

In the world of music technology Novation is a brand name that I instantly associate with innovation and quality.

As a producer and DJ I have owned many of Novation’s products over the years and I have always been satisfied with what they have had to offer

I have found their midi controller keyboards with their patented AutoMap technology to be an absolute godsend both in the studio and on stage.

On its release Novation’s Automap was an incredible leap for music technology enabling producers and musicians to manipulate their virtual synths and effects in real time using physical controls on their keyboard or midi controller!

And now, I am pleased to see that Novation has continued their long tradition of innovation by teaming up with leading DJ software manufacturer Serato to give us the Twitch. The great thing about this collaboration is that it means that the Twitch is midi mapped out of the box to work with Serato’s Itch. If you’re prepared to do the midi mapping yourself the Twitch will also work with Ableton Live and Traktor.

Stand out

In a market where many cheap DJ midi controllers look like toys, the Twitch stands out as it looks like a serious DJ performance tool.

It is a unit that that you could confidently take to any DJing situation without the risk of feeling embarrassed about the fact your controller looks like a child’s toy. We all know that Digital controllers have not yet gained full acceptance in the world of DJing just yet so Novation have done well here to build a unit that looks like it means business.

The overall build quality is excellent and the all important cross fader seems like it will withstand regular use in even the most demanding of sets. The actual control surface features two banks of eight MPC style trigger pads on each channel that can be used for hot cueing or triggering samples. The trigger pads are of a decent size meaning that even if you have had a few too many drinks before your set you will still be able to hit them with a high degree of accuracy.

When the Twitch is used with Serato’s Itch it offers four versatile performance options (Hot Cues, Slicer, Auto Loop and Loop Roll). There has been much talk about creating your own edits and remixes ‘On the fly’ in recent years by various manufacturers but I have yet to see a product that can back up these claims as well as the Twitch. It’s features like these that really stand out to me and I am sure will appeal a great many DJs out there.


The two LED backlit touch strips are an excellent addition and seem to be an update on the XY pad technology employed within Novation’s Xiosynth range. The touch strips can be assigned to a variety of parameters including needle drop, changing the pitch or even FX intensity.

The twitch features a crystal clear club ready 2 input 4 output built in soundcard, unlike some cheaper (and far inferior) models, this unit is ready to be used on any sound system in any club. I was pleased to see they had included a mini and quarter inch jack input which means no stress if you happen to forget your headphone adaptor when your playing out! Anyone who has played out at a club where they do not know the other DJs and has forgotten this small but essential bit of kit will know what a godsend this simple addition truly is!


Novation have got it spot on when it comes to the size and portability of the Twitch, its small enough to fit in even the most cluttered DJ booth or laptop bag without sacrificing usability. Each control is big enough to be able to be used accurately, something that a majority of smaller DJ controllers leave to be desired.

In conclusion I highly recommend the Novation Twitch to any DJ seeking an intermediate digital solution that will open up a myriad of creative possibilities at a price that wont break the bank.

Numark NS6 DJ Controller- Sexiness with wheels

The Numark brand is well known for their high quality workmanship and awesome looking equipment and now they bring us the NS6.

It’s ecstasy to the eyes.

A four-channel DJ controller with complete built-in mixer, it features four decks of software control, something that the Numark NS6 sits ahead of the pack with unrivalled. It builds on it’s critically acclaimed breakthroughs of the NS7, NS7FX and V7 by adding four-deck capability and a full-blown four-channel mixer in a compact, portable, all-metal (sexy) housing that is built to perform. Of course accompanied by the much loved Serato brand.

One of the key features of the Numark NS6 is the exceptionally responsive, high-resolution touch-activated platters. They deliver 3600 ticks of resolution per rotation and when combined with its automatically adjusted platter sensitivity, results in super-precise turntable control that acts like the vinyl it emulates.

The NS6 also sports enhanced Strip Search virtual needle drop technology by adding position indicators that allow DJs to keep tabs on track position. A great feature that allows them to concentrate on the music and not stress about the small stuff. In addition, bi-colour LEDs indicate which deck is in control and the playback status.

Along with upgraded features like direct access to beat grid controls and beat skip, Numark stayed true to their fans and their design favourites such as mouse-free Serato library navigation, complete Pitch Control, Key Lock, manual and instant Looping and Hot Cues.

The Numark NS6 also features a professional 24-bit audio interface that provides pristine audio quality from the computer. Featuring XLR outputs, a headphone out, two mic inputs, two phono inputs, four line-level inputs, and USB output, the NS6 has a wealth of connectivity options.

Thanks to close collaboration between Serato and Numark we see them again bringing us a great package with Serato’s ITCH DJ software shipping with the NS6.

They’ve once again used the same cutting-edge control technology as in the NS7, where turntable and control information are communicated between the hardware and software at over ten times standard MIDI resolution.

It’s a massive data stream and it allows for completely latency-free control. Due to the NS6′s use of MIDI information to communicate, it allows for use with a wide variety of MIDI software.

The NS6 brings us a great marriage in the digital and analog DJ worlds, offering a very powerful control on digital audio and the crowd.

The Numark NS6 is sure to spark the “WOW” factor in you and every great DJ out there. So get yourself a great piece of machinery before someone else is burning up those wheels and stealing that amped up crowd away from you!

#3 ION Audio iCUE3 Discover DJ System – Review

ION Audio iCUE3 Discover DJ System – ReviewPerfect for beginner DJs.

If you want to test drive your DJ skills… or you know someone who’s dying to give it a go for the first time. The ION Audio iCUE3 Discover DJ System is the perfect way to suck it and see. If it turns out you don’t enjoy being a DJ at least you haven’t spent a fortune on professional kit. And you’ll have a whale of a time finding out!

A cool low cost computer-DJ package

This smart little beast is ideal for music lovers who have never tried DJing before, harnessing the considerable power of your PC or Mac to make parties, events and even club nights go with a swing. Expect a hardware DJ control surface with a convenient, standard USB connection and really good DJ software courtesy of MixVibes excellent CROSS LE performance software.

Everything you need to test-drive becoming a DJION Audio iCUE3 Discover DJ System – Review

  • everything you need to DJ via your computer, supporting your digital music collection or iTunes library via M4A, AIFF, WAV, MP3, FLAC and OGG audio formats
  • A smart two-deck controller with volume, three-band EQ, pitch controls and a scratch wheel for each of the two decks
  • Bass and treble controls plus big, clear touch-sensitive scratch wheels for that traditional vinyl feel
  • Includes a cross  fader so you can mix between songs
  • Matches the tempo automatically between tunes
  • Lets you record and share your performances
  • Allows you to extend your mixes with loops
  • No drivers or power adapter needed
  • Measures just 7 x 4 x 12 inches, takes CR2 batteries
  • Easy-to-use software

Designed with practicality and creativity in mind

The controller is laid out in the same way as the traditional two decks and mixer format for a professional feel . Simply load your tracks to either desk and you’re off – it’s a dream to cue up, create exciting advanced transitions and even get to grips with scratching.

  • Pitch your tunes up and down effortlessly and match BPM with ease
  • Enjoy automatic beat-matching
  • Shape your sound beautifully with bass and treble control
  • Easy for anyone to learn from scratch
  • Record, play back and share

 What do the experts say?

Phil Morse at says that the ION Audio Discover DJ System is a no-frills, cheap-as-chips DJ controller, a good starter product for digital DJing.” And it’s tipped to be a big hit this Christmas. While it isn’t a professional product, it’s very good value indeed for beginners and people who think they might like DJing… but aren’t 100% sure. If you get hooked, you can always invest in something with a little more oomph.

Buy now in time for the holidays

#4 Mix Vibes UMIXCONTROLPRO DJ Mixer Review

Mix Vibes UMIXCONTROLPRO DJ Mixer Review

A great package with integral sound card but the inbuilt effects leave a little to be desired. More Details

Are you looking for a complete DJ package?

Consider buying the Mix Vibes UMIXCONTROLPRO DJ Mixer.

I’ll tell you why.

The package consists of a controller with external MIDI DJ and CROSS DJ software. The controller comes with an interface for the internal soundcard and the best thing is that the Mix Vibes UMIXCONTROLPRO DJ Mixer looks so cool in a very compact design.

This DJ Package has an attractive look. It’s rugged but not too heavy. The front and back side is wrapped in a solid metal chassis. Inputs, outputs and controls surface are well-designed. The control surface consists of easy-to-use buttons, faders, and knobs. The jog wheels are also well-built and a lot of fun to use.

#5 M Audio X Session Pro Mixer DJ Controller

M Audio X Session Pro Mixer DJ Controller

This is a cool device for DJs who are used to the two channel style of working. But if you want more you should look at another device and system. More details

Every DJ has their own way to express themselves and present their personalities through their mixing. If you are hunting for a digital solution that will enable you to fully express yourself the M Audio X Session Pro Mixer DJ Controller may be exactly what you are looking for. All you need to get started in digital, laptop DJing is provided in the package.

#6 Reloop Mixage Interface Edition DJ Controller with Audio interface – ReviewReloop Mixage Interface Edition DJ Controller with Audio interface

This is a great piece of kit. Lots of fun to use and the audio quality is superb. But the buttons and controls could be more clearly labelled. More details

The ReloopMixage Interface Edition DJ Controller with inbuilt Audio interface is one of the innovations that can transform the way in which DJs perform.

For those who want to create and sculp music which is capable of making people get up on the dancefloor the right tools are needed. There have been so many innovations which are offered in the market today and one of the best types of DJ controller is made of Reloop. It is reasonable to call it one of the best DJ controllers of all time for it is very innovative and provides a variety of features that are ideal for today’s digital DJ.

By using these innovations DJs are able to express their creativity in ways that were previously restricted to the studio. Read on for more details on what this device can do.

#7 M-Audio Torq MixLab DJ Controller Review

M-Audio Torq MixLab DJ Controller Review

This is a great out of the box controller. Simple to use, very affordable and with a top class pedigree. Read the details

The M-Audio Torq Mixlab is the best choice if you want to touch the sky with digital DJ-ing. This device provides the complete package that will propel your digital DJing to a whole new universe.

This M-Audio Torq MixLab offers one of the simplest and most intuitive user interfaces of any of the DJ controllers that I have checked out. The controller with the USB port immensely easy to install and use.

It truly is plug and play. No need to install any other hardware driver to support the USB because you will find it instantly recognized by the Mac OS X and Windows XP.

The software provided is all you need to mix up some killer sets. The USB controller included gives you easy access to all parameters and if you get to grips with all of the available features you will be rocking the dancefloor in no time. Are you feeling this?

Click here to check the latest price and reviews on Amazon

#8 DJ-Tech 4Mix DJ Mixer Controller Review

DJ-Tech 4Mix DJ Mixer Controller Review

Some great features on this device such as the comfortable trigger pads. But you need to test this before you buy and make certain it works with your laptop and software. [Details]

The DJ-Tech 4Mix is highly popular with people who work in clubs. If you want to try one of these you should have no problem in finding one in stock at your nearest DJ equipment store. Availability is one of the things you have to consider when you are planning to buy DJ devices. But what does the DJ-Tech have to offer?

The word ‘compact’ ideally describes this DJ-Tech 4Mix. The controls are round buttons with non-slip rubber feet and is covered in black –plastic. It is also supported with a silver and black bushed cover. The well made knobs are made from silver–effect plastic look unnecessary, but the knobs are sturdily built.

It is very easy to remove the cover to change the VCA cross-fader. The virtual DJ LE is built with four types of controller. Big pads offering joint control of four lines with filters and samples are amazing features. The controls are simple, bold and chunky. In the middle of the device, there are four lines with equalizers, line faders, knobs, and buttons and there is also a cool red LED button.

The DJ-Tech 4MIX is an amazing controller and a nice concept even though the virtual DJ LE provided doesn’t support fully support the device and the software is not really brilliant because of the bizarre mapping. But, other devices have the same problem, and you can’t dwell on it as you have to remember the other great features.

It’s likely that the limitations that I encountered were due to my trialling a pre-release unit and the manufacturer will most likely update the firmware to overcome the reported limitations. You can use the popular Traktor software for performance mapping.

Click here to see the latest reviews and best prices on Amazon

#9 Behringer BCD3000 DJ Mixer Review

Behringer BCD3000 DJ Mixer Review

A very affordable DJ mixer and controller. Ideal for those on a budget who want to break into digital DJing. Details

For budding DJs on a budget, the Behringer BCD3000 DJ Mixer may be exactly what you are looking for. This device lets you play and mix any WAV, MP3, MIDI, or other kinds of audio format with its real vinyl feature. This Mixer is suitable for use with your PC with Windows XP and MAC OS X operating systems.

Behringer are a reputable audio kit manufacturer with a presence across 5 continents with 1,500 employees. Over 13 years, this company has become well respected since it has introduced many sound-related products including mixers and headphones.

This DJ equipment won an award as best TRAKTOR 3 controller.

Ease of operation and the no nonsense interface makes this an ideal beginner setup. You can easily take it anywhere because of its small size and you do not need to bring stacks of CDs with you as you can store all of your digital audio files on your laptop.

The Behringer BCD3000 DJ Mixer has 4-channels with USB audio interface. This enables you to control all DJ applications by using the TRAKTOR 3 LE software. It also has a high quality microphone and 3 band kill equalizers for each channel which are the absolute basics needed to mix tracks live. It is perfectly suited to those who like to party, due to excellent sound quality.

Click here for the latest price and reviews

#10 Allen & Heath Xone 4D Universal DJ Controller Review

Allen & Heath Xone 4D Universal DJ Controller Review

This is a top end controller with advanced features developed by respected DJs and producers and from a reputable manufacturer in this field. Highly recommended.

If you are looking for a serious professional DJ controller to use in conjunction with your personal laptop, you would do well to consider the Allen & Health Xone: 4D Universal DJ Controller. This professional DJ controller is an updated version of the previous DJ controllers: Xone: 1D, Xone: 2D, and the Xone: K2.

This device combines comprehensive DJ features and high specifications which makes it highly desirable as both a great device for bedroom DJs or as a truly professional digital DJ system.

Check ratings, price, and reviews on Amazon


The Evolution and History of DJ Technology

 If you go to any club today and take a look at the DJ booth you will probably see a variety of devices, levers, wires and machines that the DJ skilfully uses to get the club jumping night after night. You may not recognise every piece of equipment each DJ uses but the modern, highly technological set up definitely marks a huge departure from the simple two deck vinyl record based systems that were used right up until the 1980s.

DJ technology history has come a long way in recent years, moving from simple turntable systems to modern DJ Midi Controller Technology and you can track it from it’s earliest origins right here!

Laptop DJ Midi Controller by AskDaveTaylor

Laptop DJ Midi Controller by AskDaveTaylor on Flickr

The Earliest DJ Decks

Did you know that the history of DJ technology can be traced right back to the 1890s? Well, 1892 to be precise when Emile Berliner first introduced gramophone records to the world. Thomas Edison had been the first man to create the phonograph cylinder in 1877 but the competition between the two ultimately saw the German-American inventor win out. His records, which were later to be commonly referred to as “vinyl” after manufacturers switch to vinyl from shellac, allowed people to buy music and provided the technological advancement that gave rise to the first DJ.

Old School Gramophones - Early DJ Technology - by CLF on Flickr

Old School Gramophones – Early DJ Technology – by CLF on Flickr

The very first DJ, Californian Ray Newby, actually used a small spark transmitter to broadcast over radio waves in 1909. This allowed him to play a record here and there in between news items and discussion. However, technology moved on rapidly between the 1910s and the start of World War II. By the 1940s, instead of using basic spark transmitters to play records in between discussion, turntables had been introduced.

Turntables changed the face of DJ-ing and it was British DJ Jimmy Savile who proved to be the pioneer that took it to the next level. He used two decks simultaneous to enable him to play music continuously. This use of turntables allowed for the very first DJ dance party in 1943 but the use of twin turntables allowed for the opening of the very first commercial discotheque, Whiskey a Go-Go, in Paris during 1947. More followed in the United States and Europe so DJ technology essentially changed the face of entertainment.

Innovative British DJ and alleged pervert Jimmy Saville by surprise truck on flickr

Innovative British DJ and alleged pervert Jimmy Saville by surprise truck on flickr

Revolutionising the Decks

Two deck vinyl systems were commonly used from the 1940s right up until the 1970s. During that time, a variety of new techniques and new technology ensured that the role of the DJ was constantly changing. For example, the 1950s saw the introduction of sound systems, whereby the DJ would play records through huge speaker systems in clubs and in the streets so that they were able to interact with the crowds during songs as well as in between records.

DJ performance styles also evolved in the 1970s. For example DJ Grand Wizard Theodore accidently invented scratching in 1975, using the turntables to create a unique sound that has become iconic over the years. Tempo also became a tool that DJs would used to create transitions between songs on the turntables without any hesitation or jumping. This seamless manoeuvring from one song to the next is taken for granted by clubbers today but it was a major technological innovation at the time, and all made possible as a result of Technics.

In 1972, the Technics SL 1200 was released. A Hi-Fi turntable it has +/- 8% pitch and a direct drive motor that allowed DJs to beatmatch. It also had features that meant it was highly reliable, maintained speed and made DJ-ing much more flexible. It allowed DJs to develop signatures and cutting edge techniques that revolutionised the art of DJ-ing. The Technics turntables became a staple of the DJ-ing scene and were heavily used until the turn of the Millennium and beyond.

Technics SL1200 Turntable - Closeup by marcoPapale

Technics SL1200 Turntable – Closeup by Flickr

Spinning the Discs

DJ technology undoubtedly placed the turntables at the forefront of the music world but it did eventually move on but this time towards a different type of disc. Vinyl was out and CDs were in. The very first controller that allowed DJs to use CDs was the Pioneer CDJ 1000. Allowing analogue control, the digital turntable was released in 2001 and emulated the vinyl turntables of the day. It also allowed DJs to use various techniques, such as scratching and adjusting the tempo.

Pioneer introduced a range of CDJ models, all of which had various features that allowed DJs to make the transition from vinyl to CD. Until then, most clubs had been resistant to it because of the lack of DJ functionality the existing CD players allowed them. However, CD machines have not had the longevity that turntables had in terms of the durability of the technology. Why? Because controller technology has taken over.

DJ Booth Decks, Mixer and Speakers

DJ Booth by kayintveen on Flickr

DJ MIDI Controller Technology

DJ MIDI controller technology has revolutionised DJ-ing in recent years, adding a digital dimension to sets and employing computer technology that allows DJs to play music from a wide variety of files, from MP3 to .wav, and deconstruct and edit songs as and when they like. Software did not immediately take off as a result of the sound quality of the tracks but, as it improved, DJs have increasingly turned to DJ MIDI controller technology.

DJ MIDI controller technology incorporates computers, digital musical instruments and various other devices as a single entity. MIDI is short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and it allows each of the elements that are connected together to communicate with each other and integrate together seamlessly.

Incorporating a range of features, software elements and hardware machines, turntables and CD decks, the most up to date DJ controllers allow the individual DJ to inject a little creativity into his or her set, providing a simulated vinyl experience without the limitation that laptop DJ software often provides.

Native Instruments Traktor S2 DJ Midi Controller by sebilden on Flickr

Native Instruments Traktor S2 DJ Midi Controller by sebilden on Flickr

Choosing Digital Vinyl Control Systems

There are numerous DVS, or Digital Vinyl Control Systems, available today but two are more popular than others. Serato’s Scratch and Traktor by Native Instruments. Scratch was released in 2004 with the label of vinyl emulation software.  It is designed to offer DJs the option of manipulating tracks and is compatible with most digital audio file types. It utilises CD players or vinyl turntables so as to combine the versatility of the software and the control of the hardware.

Serato also released Itch in 2008, which is an integrated hardware and software that links directly to hardware controllers. It is also simplified as compared to the Scratch system and connects to compatible hardware via USB.

Native Instruments’ Traktor is also a software package that offers a massive range of options, from seamless looping, advanced beat detection and track beat gridding through to automatic synchronisation of tracks. It uses the MIDI clock functionality to sync hardware and gives the DJ the ability to layer four sound sources via the four playback decks feature. There are associated Native Instruments Traktor hardware products that are optimised for the software but there are numerous other hardware options that are compatible with it.

Serato Scratch DJ Setup

Serato Scratch Live 2 DJ Setup

Getting the Best Hardware for Your Software

Of course, there is plenty of hardware available to use alongside the Traktor, Itch and Scratch software. For example, the Numark NS7 USB DJ controller is an intuitive controller that comes with a two-channel scratch mixer, a responsive turntable and high torque motor, amongst other features. Alternatively, the Vestax VCI-300 MkII offers functional simplicity. Both are optimised to work with the Serato Itch software.

But some manufacturers of hardware also offer their own software. For example, M-Audio created the Xponent, an all in one DJ MIDI USB DJ controller to work seamlessly with their own software, Torq. Although it is not the most intuitive combination, it is highly reliable and has all the features you would want in such a system.

If you did want to enjoy DJ techniques like scratching during your sets then you may opt for the Hercules DJ Control Instinct instead. The pressure detecting jog wheels feel incredibly natural and mimic the way in which you would scratch a vinyl record. They also bend the pitch within tracks. The mixer area is clearly separated from the deck area too so you can make the most of every track.

There are also other elements of hardware available, such as the Akai APC40 Ableton Live Controller, a dedicated performance controller that has high quality controls, 16 endless encoders, 9 45mm faders and 109 buttons overall, all of which are designed to give the DJ complete control over real time mixing, production and remixing.

Akai APC40 Live DJ Set by stevedocious on Flickr

Akai APC40 Live DJ Set by stevedocious on Flickr

As you can see, DJ technology has come an awfully long way in a very short time. Although history has proved that DJ technology has always opted for quality over innovation and so only embraced CD and digital technology widely when it’s been highly developed, it is advancing more quickly than ever before today. With version after version of software being released with more features than ever, it will be interesting to see what the next developments will be!

Check out this live Tech House DJ set from Matt Akita using an Akai APC40, Native Instruments Maschine along with a Macbook Pro and iPad.

YouTube Preview Image

Don’t let the Nintendo screw you: use a tri-wing screw driver

Tri wing screw driver

A tri wing screw is mainly used in electronic devices and is considered as a typical security screw that would require the right screwdriver for opening. Generally, Nintendo products (including Nintendo Switch and Wii) have been using tri wing screws since a long time and they require special tri wing screwdrivers for opening and operating.

Tips for Using the Tri Wing Screwdriver

The most important thing while using the tri wing screwdriver is the application of the pressure. Make sure that you do not put too much pressure on the screw, and save your energy for turning the tri wing screwdriver in a proper way.

The tri wing screws are known to be a bit of a hassle and you would require the right type of tri wing screwdriver for opening them.

Another helpful tip in this regard is the selection of the right kind of tri wing screwdriver, something that would make sure that you are able to take out the tri wing screw easily. If you are wondering where to get a tri wing screwdriver, you would have to take a look at the various screwdriver kits that are available online.

There are some awesome offers on complete screwdriver sets that can help you in opening almost all sorts of screws. A tri wing screwdriver would definitely be a part of this set and you can strike a good deal on these kits easily.

Tri-Wing Screwdriver

tri wing screwdriver symbolThe Tri-Wing screwdriver is a type of tool designed for special screw heads. These screwdrivers have three wings (hence the name tri wing, triwing or tri-wing on some labels) and a triangular hole centered so the tip could match a proper screw-type only.

Several manufactures use tri-wing screws for electronic devices, usually gadgets like Nintendo Wii or DS, PSP, GameCube and Game Boy, or mobile phones from Sanyo, Nokia and Panasonic.

The main purpose of this specialized socket is to prevent unauthorized access to the central electronics unit, which (according to the manufacturers) should only be accessed by qualified electricians and technicians.

People who aren’t experts, but still want to open the cover of the gadget to remove the spilled liquid or to clean the dust will certainly have difficulties while trying to remove it without tri-wing driver.

Plastic and internal components are very sensitive, any attempt to force entry or tamper can result in damaging the device.

Hardware stores will tend to have rare Tri-wing screwdrivers in stock, but fortunately, many online shops have this screwdriver available to buy for just a few dollars.

Instead of term “Triwing screwdriwer” you may find it called Y Screwdriver, Trigram Screwdriver or Triangular slotted screw driver. There’s a difference between mentioned screwdrivers:

  1. Trigram has tapered sides and a flat end,
  2. Triangular slotted is without a hole in the center
  3. Tri-groove is tamper resistant screwdriver too, but has wings partially convexed at the edge without connection in the center.

The tri-wing screwdriver design

gamecube screwdriverThe tri-wing screwdriver seems to have short shank, but there’s a simple reason for that. If the distance between the handle and the blades was longer, the force applied on the screw would be greater, not mentioning the fastener distortion.

The cause is simple: torque or moment of force is proportional to the distance between the bolt and hand. Tri-wing (just like jeweler’s screwdrivers) have shortened shanks to reduce the force and possibility of breakage.

Tightening the screws may not chip the screw heads only, but the breakable threads too.

Use the rubber grip only for loosening the screws. If you screw it too tight or apply too much pressure to plastic screw, the sharp helical ridge will deform and cause troubles when trying to unscrew.

Remember: screwdriver is made of tough steel and it multiplies the power of your hands compared to the gadget! Handle with a Tri wing screwdriver carefully because this hand-tool is generally used for very sensitive electronic devices.

The special type of tri-wing screw is the one without three “wings” united in the center of the screw hole. This form of screwdriver is named tri-groove screwdriver. The standard “tri-wing/trigram” does have slots connected to each other in the middle. Both tools are a part of every better tamper proof screwdriver set.


Recessed tri-wing screws can be found anywhere: from game controllers, consoles and mostly Nintendo Wii, to cell phones from Sanyo, Panasonic, Kyocera and Nokia, Fujifilm cameras, Black&Decker irons or some Apple wireless keyboards.

Macbook Pro has fixed battery with these screws and popular smartphone manufacturer HTC uses it on Aria model. The use of Tri-wing screws and drivers has expanded to many household appliances. So, it’s advisable to have it at hand just in case of a minor repair.

Tamper-resistant screw on the street lamps has a role of preventing the theft.

Tips for using Tri wing screwdriver

  1. Only tri-wing screwdriver matches the same screw head, don’t use anything else to remove the plastic cover. Using the different screwdriver may wear down the screws and permanently disable the opening. The only way to open it then is to break plastics parts. If the cause why you cannot unscrew the gadget are “wings”, which seems tri wing screw thread screwhead photo.PNGto jump while trying to unscrew, then you probably bought tri-groove instead of buying “tri-wing” screwdriver (or trigram as it’s sometimes called, which is not the same but can be used on both types).
  2. Don’t tight the screw too much since strong screwing could damage threads. Screwdriver additionally increases the torque of the hand, be careful when tightening. Keep the hand below the shank while screwing just to see the difference. That’s why tri wing driver is made “too short”.
  3. If a bolt won’t screw in, smear it with soap or add zero rust spray.
  4. Do not forget to apply the right-hand rule. We all get confused about handedness and instead of unscrewing in anti-clockwise direction, we do the opposite thing.
  5. Try not to loose screws! They are no bigger than a grain of rice and rare to find just like tri wing screwdriver, so it would be a good idea to put them in a box of matches or a glass to keep them all together.

Types: The difference between Tri-Wing, Tri-Groove and Trigram

Tri-wing screwdriver is often mistaken for similar types of tamper-proof screwdrivers.

  1. Y screwdriver and Tri-Wing are the same tool, Triangular slotted screwdriver has a small difference; it hasn’t got a hole in the center of screw-head.
  2. Trigram differs very slightly and it is sold under the label trigram/triwing most commonly.
  3. Tri-groove is a completely different type of screwdriver.

Let’s see the difference between these three mentioned security fasteners, and other similar but not the same screws and drivers which cannot be used for unscrewing Wii or Gameboy.

Some of them can be recognized at the first look since they differ by the shape of the extension head, while the other may look similar but surely won’t fit the screw perfectly as a proper tool. Find a screwdriver for your needs before shopping for it!

Tri-Wing screwdriver

tri wing design tamper proof threeTri-Wings have characteristically triangular slotted recess that matches only the appropriate bolt.

It’s shape is easy to remember since it has curved wings or flat ones on some symbols. No matter it’s shape, most tri-wings are made of stainless steel, triwing screws easily get stripped if using a screwdriver tip of the wrong shape.

Tri-wing screwdriver is specially designed to protect the valuable accessories like Nintendo Wii and GameBoy. tri yUnboxing without Tri-Wing driver or simply said tampering will damage the product for sure, no matter how much torque you add. That’s not so important if you are dealing with a toy from fast-food, but expensive consoles don’t look very nice when you see scratches or broken plastics. The left picture represents Tri-Wing screwdriver used on the gadgets, sometimes called Y screwdriver or trigram. Do not confuse this screwdriver with Opsit, it has the exact same design but reverse threads. Unscrewing can be done by turning the screwdriver clockwise, which is the opposite of Tri-Wing and regular screwdrivers.


trigram driver gameboy nds ndsl wiiThe edges are tapered and the ends are flat, which is not the case for Tri-Wing. Trigram screwdrivers are available in sets of 2, 5 or up to 10 pieces, or as unique bit mounted on a proper socket. Trigram is used for Gameboy, NDS, NDSL and Wii under the name triwing/trigram screwdriver.


tri groove screw typeThe wings aren’t joined in the middle. Tri-groove usually refers to the two types of screwdrivers: the regular, without connection between the radial slots and Australian, “holt-head” version. The slots on the screw-head are not centered to make handling better. Both bit tip and screw head can be found on the market. tri groove nutThe nut connectors are not uncommon for Tri-groove security screw drives.


Other Tamper-proof Screwdrivers

tri arc


Tri-Arc screwdrivers have three arches. They obviously vary from tri-wing, so it’s hard to go wrong.

Torx Tri-Lobed

tri lobe torx shapeTorx 3-Lobed screwdrivers are sometimes used in Europe for tamper-proof screws and they are very rare for USA.


tp3 triangularTP3 have triangular screw shape which can be replaced with 6-side Torx, in case the size matches.
tp3 screw

Every mentioned screwdriver is a registered trademark of TamperProof or Phillips Screw Company.

Disassembling tri-wing devices

tri wing screw driverThe tri-wing tip is magnetized to make handling with a screwdriver easier.

Screws are very tiny, about 3mm in size, so holding them with one hand while screwing with other is impossible.

Once you have matched the screwhead, setting the triwing screw into its place is simple. It won’t fall easily unless we want to remove it from the tip of a screwdriver.

Note: both tri-wing and cross screwdriver were used to take apart a gadget, make sure you get each one needed for the product you own before starting disassembly. Inform yourself about required screwdriver type, confusion among tri-wing, tri-groove, Y-screwdriver, trigram, is common even for experts. Buying a different tool won’t match the bolt.

How to unscrew Nintendo Wii

Follow these steps:

  1. Remove the plastic cover on the side of Nintendo Wii and pull the caps off to reveal the screws.
  2. Take them off using flat-tip screwdriver. See tutorial for Wii disassembly to follow this article step by step guide.
  3. Remember that each sticker and rubber foot hides one screw: tri wing/trigram or Phillips. Each one should be taken apart in order to fully diassemble Wii.
  4. Try to match the proper screwdriver size if possible, the type is obvious if it’s not an appropriate. Improper type of screwdriver may cause the damage to the screw head and then it is impossible to strip off the screws.
  5. Those on the back near a barcode label will require tri wing screwdriver to continue disassembly.
  6. The side panel should be unscrewed using Phillips head screwdriver or cross screwdriver instead, if fits into the recess.
  7. The black plastic cover could be removed now. It hides few more tri wing screws waiting to be loosened. Note that disassembly cannot be done without tri wing screwdriver or its alternative. Take apart the remaining components of Nintendo Wii as we did with the previous.
  8. Watch out for the white caps covering the leftover screws. A slot screwdriver is an excellent choice when removing the rubber foot off- the fastest way to uncover and less risk for scratching Wii.
  9. Now we are ready for removing the front panel from Nintendo Wii. You won’t need triwing/trigram anymore. Take it off slowly because the wires are still attached to the connector. Remember to be gentle when unplugging electronic components, thin wires can be accidentally detached and cause further problems.
  10. Now, only the side cover has remainded. Pull it off, with a help of a flat-head screwdriver if needed, and unscrew the last four on the metal bracket/heatsink. Remove CD driver and remember to keep the screws on known place while repairing/modifying Nintendo Wii.


Unscrewing the security screws on PSP

  1. Open the battery cover, remove the black sticker and unscrew fasteners that you find under it.
  2. To disassemble, you will need Phillips or cross screwdriver and tri-wing/trigram.
  3. Remove bottom and side screws using tri wing screwdriver to open PSP. The front panel that covers LCD screen has a sealed connector for the control pad. The joystick won’t function without it , try to put it on the right place when assembling the console.
  4. You are now able to put a custom plastic cover on PSP. Evolve PSP Slim, Chrome, Crystal Clear screen theme- pick the one among many beautifully designed covers!

HTC Aria

A popular smartphone manufacturer these days, HTC corporation, has also protected their devices from tampering. If you remove the rubber caps in all four corners of HTC Aria, you will see tri-wing screw bits. The best way to do it is to use slotted screwdriver and slowly pull them off. Loosen tri-wing screws with correct screwdriver.


Too small?

The first deficiency of tri-wing screwdriver seems to be the size of the item since it is 4 to 5 inches long. The small handle doesn’t look very handy, but surely has it’s very own purpose. In case screwdriver was made larger, the hand would create more moment of force through the shank and possibly damage the precious screw head.

It’s not unusual for tri-wing screwdriver’s blades to strip off after unscrewing a dozens of screws. Constant bit wasting is the reason why you should buy a high-quality steel screwdriver or even a set of screwdrivers.

The option to buy tri wing screwdriver as a set instead of just one screwdriver is better.

Screwing without unscrewing?

The tri-wing screwdriver may sometimes rotate without unscrewing.

If this happens, carefully add more pressure when tip fits and slowly turn it. Remember that the screwdriver has a magnetic tip in order to make screwing easier and keep the small screws in place. If the tri-wings have become worn and difficult to remove, the last thing you can do is to break the plastics cover.

Best soccer cleats

best cleats for soccer

Soccer cleats or football boots as they are known around the world come in many different combinations and permutations of upper, cleats and playing surface. Let’s outline the basics:


The cleats or studs are designed to be used in different weather and field conditions as follows:

Soft Ground (SG)

Soft Ground (SG) or “Screw ins” are typically used in wetter conditions around the world such as Northern Europe and Northwest USA. These tend to have fewer cleats/studs and can be interchanged. The replaceable cleats or studs are usually removed and replaced using some kind of spanner/wrench/key. The cleats/studs tend to be longer so as to grip into the softer ground and/or mud. Typically the back two cleats/studs are a little longer than the 4-6 cleats/studs under the front of the foot. Traditionally “Screw ins” were the cleats/boots worn by pro players, but since the quality of pitches around the world have improved with drainage, you very rarely see mud or waterlogged conditions on a pro soccer pitch/field.

Hard Ground (HG)

Hard Ground (HG) consist of many smaller cleats/studs and are typically used when playing on hard, dry grass, all weather (artificial) pitches and even snow/ice conditions.

Turf Shoes

Turf Shoes are very similar to Hard Ground shoes, but there tends to be even more cleats and they are usually a little shorter than Hard Ground cleats. They can be used on modern artificial grass fields, dry grass fields and in the street.


Indoor or futsal shoes are similar to tennis shoes and are worn on indoor turf fields, indoor wood floor gymnasiums, plastic sport court surfaces and on the street. They have a much thinner sole to them than tennis shoes to keep the foot low and avoid ankle rollovers. Most wood surfaces require the shoes to be non marking so that they do not leave unsightly marks on the wood surface.

It is very important to make sure that the soccer player selects the correct shoe for the conditions at the time. Ideally the soccer player should have two types of shoe available in order to give them the best options. Selecting the right shoe for the playing conditions will help reduce injuries as well as permit the soccer player to perform without any difficulties.


This is the part of the soccer shoe that wraps around the foot and forms the primary surface for contacting the ball. The upper part of the shoe can be made using synthetic and/or natural material such as leather.

Over time the upper part of the shoe has undergone tremendous research and development as soccer shoe makers attempt to launch a shoe that can claim to improve the touch and feel on the ball, the power and accuracy of shots and passes and the speed or pace of the soccer player wearing them. Often such claims are clever wordsmithing from the companies’ marketing departments.

When choosing which type of upper for a soccer shoe, the soccer player has to decide upon comfort, touch and feel on the ball and durability. The soccer player should also consider the likely weather conditions and field conditions also. Water retention, heat evaporation, ability to stretch in warmer climates, ability to dry off quickly in wetter conditions are all factors to be considered.

Here are the major options available when selecting the upper of a soccer shoe:

Full-grain/Calfskin Leather

Usually thicker, more durable and more affordable. More suited to wetter conditions and frequent use.

Kangaroo Leather

This kind of upper is softer, more comfortable and provides a nicer touch on the ball. Not as durable or tough as full-grain/calf skin leather. Also more expensive as well.

Pittard’s Leather

Pittards leather is a specialized kind of leather exclusive to the German soccer brand, PUMA. This is an attempt to provide the softness of a kangaroo upper and the durability of a calf skin upper.


Synthetic shoes can range from very cheap plastic shoes right through to the top of the line material in crazy colors! Typically the appeal of these kinds of uppers are the lightness of the shoe giving the impression that wearing them will improve the speed of the soccer player. Synthetic uppers provide manufacturers with the ability to be creative in terms of colors and designs as well. Often players chose these types of uppers favoring fashion and coolness instead of comfort and performance. While super light synthetic uppers may help the soccer player run quicker because they are carrying less weight, they often forfeit the quality of the touch on the ball and the ability to control the ball as well as shoot and pass accurately.

Soccer shoe manufacturers often combine different surfaces on the soccer shoe to try and provide the best of both worlds between lightness and speed as well as durability and comfort.

Some cleats have a synthetic surface on the upper in the regions where the upper contacts the ball more often, a classic example if this was the old Adidas Predator cleats.

Best Weed Eater Buying Guide

best battery weed eater

The weed eater is a versatile tool that can help you keep the yard tidy. It has an intelligent design, allowing you to reach even small places and get rid of unwanted bushes.

The operational system of a weed eater is quite easy. You don’t need to be a professional landscapper in order to use one.

The eater cuts the weed using a nylon string that is spun by a motor at a very high speed.

Remember not to get fooled by the material as it is very powerful, and you can easily cut yourself if you do not pay attention.

In this buying guide, we share with you the tidnits that you should consider when buying a weed eater.


Why a weed eater?

The main purpose of weed eaters is to cut of grass and weeds. Besides this basic use, there are other great advantages of owning such a product:

  1. You can cut even thorny vines without hurting yourself, thus prevent them from spreading;
  2. You can trim at an optimum size small shrubs and bushes;
  3. You can mulch leaves. All you need to do is to hold it against the ground for a few seconds;
  4. You can carry it with ease. This is also available for the best string trimmer, as it allows you to move freely in every corner of the yard.

Types of Weed Eaters

Before choosing the right product for your yard it is important to understand how it works and how it can be efficient for you. To be more precise, the three types of weed eaters are:

  • Electric weed eaters
  • Battery powered weed eaters, and
  • Gas powered weed eaters

best electric weed trimmerElectric weed eaters

Electric weed eaters are a perfect choice for small yards and lawns. This is because their mobility is restricted by an electric cord.

When buying the best electric weed eater for your lawn, remember to calculate the distance from the power outlet to the end of the yard. Make sure that the extension cord can cover the whole surface.

The main advantages of owning such a device are the fact that they are lighter in weight than the other two types, and they are also quieter.

Ease of operation is another reason why you may prefer to get an electric weed eater. In order to start them, you only need to press a button. Another great thing about electric trimmers is the fact that they are environmental friendly as they do not emit any type of gas.

Battery powered weed eaters

best battery powered weed eater

Battery powered trimmers are very light and do not make any type of noise. The main advantage of these devices is their portability. They can be taken anywhere and are helpful tools even in prolonged power outage situations.

It is important to know that you will need to replace the battery once it is dried out. Furthermore, it is strongly advisable to own an extra one, especially if there is much work to do, as it may burn.

best gas weed eaterGas powered weed eaters

Gas powered weed eaters are the most powerful among the three types. This means that you can use them for a heavy duty work without worrying that they may burn.

The motor is powered by gas or a mixture of oil and gas. If you want a certain type remember to check the model’s details. The main advantage of gas powered trimmers is the fact that they are not restricted by anything and can reach even the most distant edge of the yard.

They are also a perfect choice for fields near the house or for homes with a wide yard. Remember that the string can break due to the heavy use so it is highly advisable to buy extra nylon cord when you purchase this type of weed eater. The main disadvantages of gas powered devices are the fact that they produce a louder noise and are heavier than the other two models.

Top 5 Best Week Eaters Review

#1. Black and Decker LST420 20-volt Max Lithium High Performance Trimmer and Edger

Black and Decker LST420 20-volt Max Lithium High Performance Trimmer and Edger Black Decker weed eaterassures a long battery life for an extended runtime. It is a perfect tool for trimming and edging. It features a switch with two modes allowing you to choose between extended run time and high power. It can be used up to an hour, making it a great option even for large yards.

This weed eater is operated by a runtime extension technology that assures a higher performance. It is perfect both for heavy duty and prolonged trimming. The system includes two lithium-ion batteries with a power of 20-volt. They provide a longer life, and you will be able to enjoy it year after year.

The power drive transmission has the role to deliver power from the motor towards the string in order to be able to cut the grass with ease.

You can forget about unwanted bumping thanks to the automatic feed spool. The handles and height can be adjusted according to the desires of each individual. In order to switch from trimmer to edger all you need to do is to rotate the edging feature.

2. Black & Decker 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Trimmer/Edger

Black & Decker 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Trimmer/Edgerbest battery weed eater This is the right tool if you want to carry it all around the yard without being restricted by a cord.

It can effortlessly handle even delicate trimming. You can use it for unaesthetic crisp edges that grow along the driveway. You can even trim the grass around small trees and shrubs.

This weed eater can convert from trimmer to an edger with a simple turn of the shaft. It is activated by a powerful lithium-ion battery of 20-volt. This also assures a longer life and effective usage year after year.

The power drive transmission assures effective power conduction from the motor to the string. Furthermore, you can use it continuously without worrying that it may bump thanks to the automatic feed spool. You can switch from groom to edge with an easy flip-up.

This device weights only 5.2 pounds. It is adjustable, thus it provides a better maneuverability. The energy star rate certifies its heavy-duty usage. Furthermore, it includes a limited warranty of 2 years for a worry-free usage.

#3 Black & Decker 13-Inch Lithium Ion Cordless High Performance String Trimmer

blackdecker-LST136-main-smBlack & Decker 13-Inch Lithium Ion Cordless High Performance String Trimmer

Black & Decker 13-Inch Lithium Ion Cordless High Performance String Trimmer is designed to ensure an efficient cutting. The powerful motor can help you finish the job faster and more efficiently. Furthermore, it can trim the grass even from areas that are hard to reach. It has an excellent runtime so you are not forced to finish your job fast.

This weed eater works with a powerful battery of 40-volt. The power is transferred from the motor to the cutting string through the power drive transmission. The automatic feed spool allows you to use is with no pause without worrying that it may bump.

You can choose from maximum power to maximum runtime thanks to the power command dial. You can use it both for trimming and edging. It is controlled by a power command that assures maximum speed and maximum power according to your needs. The powerful battery needs about 1 hour to recharge.

#4. Earthwise CST00012 18-Volt 12-Inch Cordless String Trimmer

earthwise weed eaterEarthwise CST00012 18-Volt 12-Inch Cordless String Trimmer

Earthwise CST00012 18-Volt 12-Inch Cordless String Trimmer is easy to use thanks to the lime green customer touch points. It is gas free, and the batteries are rechargeable. The engine is very quiet and does not emit any types of fumes.

This weed eater works with a motor of 18-volt. The charger is included and together with the battery is compatible with other Earthwise products. The handle is adjustable, thus assuring a better maneuverability.

The cutting feature includes three adjustable positions. The plug together with the cord retention hook is built in. It also includes a lock off switch for a safer use, especially for families with small children.

#5. GreenWorks Corded String Trimmer

best weed eater for the moneyBest Weed Eater

GreenWorks Corded String Trimmer is eco friendly as it does not emit carbon into the air. The product comes with a 4-year warranty that certifies its resistance. Furthermore, it provides high power without polluting the environment. It does not require tune-ups or maintenance. It is a great tool so you can quickly finish mowing the lawn each weekend.

The auto line advancement system allows you to replenish the worn line whenever is needed. The handle rotates 180-degrees, allowing you to mow with ease hard to reach areas, such as sidewalks and driveways.

You do not need to worry that the cord may disconnect thanks to the integrated cord lock system. The telescoping shaft is adjustable in order to provide greater comfort. This also means that it can be accommodated on the operator’s height.

This trimmer is powered by a motor of 4 Amp. It is powerful enough to tackle even with the toughest weeds that grow in your yard.

Factors to consider when buying a wed eater/string streamer


In order to purchase the best weed eater you must first decide the type that suits your needs. Battery trimmers are perfect for small yards as they are portable and very quiet.

If you own a big yard and garden, then you must consider purchasing an electric or gas powered device. Remember to consider the noise level and motor power. The dimension of the surface you need to trim must be directly proportional with the size of the motor.

The five weed eaters presented above have a price range starting from $38.25 to $138.00. As it can be seen, each comes with different features and motor power.

The first three devices work with a lithium-ion battery that assures a longer life and a higher trimming capacity. The fourth design includes a charger that needs about an hour to be operational. The last weed trimmer is eco-friendly as it does not emit any carbon. It depends on you to choose the best one for your house.

Tips for Choosing the Best Weed Eater

In order to choose the best weed eater you must start by analyzing your needs. This implies the surface that needs to be trimmed as well as the quality of the grass and weed. Besides these aspects, remember to consider the following tips:

Decide on a certain type. There are three types of weed eaters available: electric, gas powered and battery powered. The first one requires to be connected to a socket in order to be functional, while the other two are 100% independent.

Decide on the features. Each design comes with certain features included in order to ease your work. An important aspect that must not be neglected is the ability to be adjusted. This includes both the height and the handles. If you have small children make sure that there are safety measures included in order to prevent unwanted injuries.

Make sure that it is useful. The utility is extremely important, and this includes the weight. If you know that you have some back problems, or you are not allowed to lift avoid purchasing a heavy device as you may not be able to use it. Remember to check the measurements and specifications and see how the motor in powered, and if it is convenient for you.

Check the reviews. The best indicator of a product is the reviews of people that have actually bought it. Once you have decided on a certain product remember to check if what you buy is what you receive.


Trimming the yard is a common activity. It provides a safe playground for children and also enhances the aspect of your home.

Choosing the best weed eater can turn out to be pretty easy if you consider certain aspects. Their purpose is to ease your work by providing a fast and effective usage.

Avoid making a purchase without analyzing the surface of the garden and the frequency you need to trim it. These devices are designed to last as long as you use them as indicated. Remember to choose a product that it is covered by a convenient warranty.

Your cats are your friends: Get them the best cat litter box money can buy


Looking for something auto-functioning for your cat ?

The Omega Paw-Self cleaning litter box  is the right choice for many cat owners. You should probably get it too.

The Omega Paw-self cleaning litter box is completely automatic, but it doesn’t require electricity to operate.

It can be assembled in a much easier way. It has moved far away from the troublesome cleaning methods. With the plus point of self cleaning, it also separates the used litter from unused one bringing it at the frontier of easy disposal.

This the most attractive feature for cat’s owner. The little kitty will soon become addicted to it. As soon as your kitty becomes addicted,your hectic task of removing the waste by manual work will be over and self-cleaning litter box will do the work on its own.

Here are the other recommendations.

PetSafe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box

The Petsafe cat litter box has a very unique design.

The units rotate slowly while cleaning the cat waste. This does not pose any disturbance to the cats even while she’s taking care of business.

All the waste will be channeled to a hopper and eventually to a plastic waste bag. We don’t have to deal with the cat waste. The good part, we can even use recycle plastic shopping bags. Talk about environmental friendly.

The unit can easily be assembled, there is no need for special tools.

Further more the litter box is designed for big cats in mind. The litter box can easily accommodate up to 12lb cats. Since there is no moving parts, the unit is safe for any cats. We don’t have to worry our cat’s fur being caught by moving pars anymore.

PetSafe Cat Litter Box

Features :

  • Self-cleaning litter box for cats up to 12 pounds
  • Continuously cleans without disturbing cat; reduces odor and odor causing bacteria
  • Unit moves at one rotation per hour; quiet operation- no initiation or running sound
  • Economical and environmentally safe; uses recycled plastic shopping bags
  • No tools required for assembly; no moving parts for optimal safety

Click HERE for the full Petsafe cat litter box description.

Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure in White

Made with high quality wood, the Designer Catbox is a perfect solution for cat owners. With this cat litter box, you can easily conceal your cats litter box with a style. The unit can easily blend into our house design. No more ugly looking cat litter box.

The box is painted with non-toxic and lead-free paint, complete with storage for litter accessories.

The unit is design is 18.5 inch length, 15.25 inch width, and 5.25 inch height. It should be able to accommodate large sized litter pan. It can easily be assembled, no special tools are needed. Just a standard screwdriver is required.

Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure in White

Features :

  • An interior panel and staggered entrace prevents litter from being kicked onto the floor.
  • Outer hole can be set up on right or left, so that you can keep it hidden from guests.
  • Durable, glossy, non-toxic, lead-free paint – made to last.
  • Hydraulic safety hinge holds lid up for easy cleaning.
  • Keeps curious children and dogs looking for “treats” away from the litter pan.

Click HERE for the full Designer Catbox description.

LitterMaid-Elite-Litter-BoxLitterMaid Elite Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The LitterMaid Elite Mega Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box keeps your home practically free of bad smells

It cuts down bad odor and mess from cat waste.

When your cat has left the box, the LitterMaid will use its steel rake to push the waste to a sealable container located beneath the box.

Then an ionic air cleaner will be activated to absorb and freshen the air.  The air cleaner will cut down the bad odor by more than half. At night the ionic air cleaners cycles on for 10 minutes for every hours to ensure odor free air.

For safety reason, the rake will automatically stop and reverse immediately when touch.  The rake also can be detached for easy cleaning. The LitterMaid comes with sealed disposable waste receptacle complete with the carbon filter which allows for safe and easy disposal of waste.

The unit is perfect for a large cat or few cats. All it needs is AC supply or standard D batteries to operate.

Features :

  • Includes removable steel rake, ionic air cleaner, waste receptacles, AC power cord, and more
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Ideal for households with large cat or multiple cats
  • Powerful odor-absorbing carbon filters reduce waste smell by 50 percent
  • No-touch self-cleaning litter box rakes waste automatically into sealable container
  • Ionic Air cleaner
  • Motion sensors
  • daily scooping
  • safety Sleep Timer
  • steel rake

Click HERE for the full LitterMaid Elite description.

Bionaire Odor Grabber Litter Box

Bionaire-Odor-Grabber-Litter-BoxThe Bionaire Odor Grabber Litter Box is designed specifically to remove bad odor. It also purify the air through quiet filtrastion system. This ensure clean and healthy environment for the cat and the ownwers. The unit is so advance,  it will also provide indicator when the air filter need to be replaced.  No more guessing works.

The unit is design with a contemporary style which fits our modern home design. Who said cat litter box cannot be stylish?

Features :

  • Automatically removes embarrassing and unwanted odors
  • Built-in electronic air purifier quietly circulates air without disturbing your cat
  • Does not emit ozone-producing ions
  • Use with any style of litter
  • Includes 12-foot power cord and 2 sets of filters


Click HERE for the full Bionaire litter box description.

LitterMaid-LME9000-Litter-BoxLitterMaid LME9000 Elite Mega Advanced Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The LitterMaid LME9000 litter box comes with 4 waste receptacles and carbon filters. In addition it is also equipped with ionic air cleaner which removes the bad odor. So, no more worry on the awful smell. This fully automated unit is also equipped with infrared sensor which removes the cat’s waste a few minutes after cat leaves the unit.

The unit is designed for extra large cats in mind.  If you have few cats or extra large cats, you should consider this unit.

Features :

  • Self-cleaning litter box for extra-large cats or multiple-cat households
  • Infrared sensor detects and rakes waste away 10 minutes after cat leaves
  • Timer automatically resets upon re-entry; paw-cleaning ramp; “on/off” switch
  • 4 carbon filters, 4 waste receptacles, and ionic air cleaner for reduced odor
  • Measures 28 by 20 by 8-1/2 inches

Click HERE for the full LitterMaid LME9000 description.

brilliant-pet-scoopfreeBrilliant Pet ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

ScoopFree® is a self-cleaning litter box. You don’t have to bother with your cat waste for weeks. Brilliant Pet’s ScoopFree is the only self-cleaning box that uses disposable litter trays.

No more see, touch or smell your cats waste.

This self-cleaning litter box is equipped with disposable litter tray pre-filled with Premium Blue Crystals. The crystals will absorb moisture and odor and begin to dehydrate solids.

Later, the machine will rake the waste into a covered compartment. The only task that we need to do is to replace the disposable tray every few weeks, just that simple. No more scooping, cleaning or re-filling your cat litter box.

Features :

  • Automatic, no-touch, scoop-free litter box rakes solid waste out of sight
  • Disposable tray prefilled with Premium Blue Crystals that absorb odor and wetness
  • No need to touch, empty, clean, or fill litter box for up to 30 days
  • Designed by MIT-educated cat lovers to keep your pet clean and safe
  • Box measures 27.5 x 19 x 7 inches; litter area measures 14 x 14 inches
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

Click HERE for the Brilliant Pet ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box description.

CatGenie-120-cat-litter-boxCatGenie 120 cat litter box

With the CatGenie 120 cat litter box, you will never have to worry about cat litter again. Neither will you be bothered by bad smell.

The CatGenie 120 cat litter box will flushes waste away and washes itself. The litter box has been tested, used, and recommended by veterinarians nationwide. It also use biodegradable, recyclable SaniSolution cartridge, a definite true eco-friendly product.

Features :

  • Automatic cat box flushes waste away and washes itself clean
  • Uses litter-like Washable Granules to satisfy cat’s need to dig and cover
  • Ideal for cats of average size and 6 months or older
  • Requires hookup to cold water and electrical outlet
  • Includes biodegradable, recyclable SaniSolution cartridge
  • Product Dimensions: 25.8 x 22.4 x 13.8 inches ; 46.8 pounds

Click HERE for the full CatGenie 120 description.

Best basketball shoes of all time

best basketball shoes

If you want to buy the best basketball shoes for your game, you need to know about a few important factors that will help you make your decision.  Playing basketball can put a big strain on your body and feet; therefore, the way a basketball shoes is made and the materials that are used in their construction should play an important factor in your decision.

Several other important factors you need to know about when buying your basketball shoes is that you must find a pair that provides you with support, comfort, flexibility, absorption, breathability, durability and most of all one that fits right.

Basketball Shoe Construction

Basketball shoes are constructed in three parts:

  1. Upper
  2. Midsole
  3. Outsole

The upper plays an important part in of the shoe design as it help keep your foot securely in place while playing the game.  The midsole is the part of the shoe that provides cushioning and shock absorption and is thought to be the most important part of the shoes design.  The outsole is the rubber bottom of the basketball shoe and provides traction so you do not slip running up and down the court.

Shoe Cuts

Best basketball shoesThere are three shoe cuts.  First is the “high-top”.  The high top basketball shoe comes above the ankle and provides the best support and comfort to your ankle.  The second shoe cut is the “mid-top”.  The mid-top basketball shoe comes just to the ankle and provides moderate support to your ankle.

The third shoe cut is the “low-top” basketball shoe. The low-top basketball shoe does not provide your ankle with any support.  This type of basketball shoe is generally used by those who play the guard position and are looking for lightweight shoes that enhance their speed.

Basketball Shoe Materials

Best basketball shoes 2Basketball shoes were once made from leather and canvas.  One of the most famous canvas basketball shoes is the Converse All Star which was introduced in 1917.   In 1923, Converse added the name Chuck Taylor to All Star sneaker and in the 1930’s added his signature to the shoe.

Today, leather is no longer used to make basketball shoes.  Therefore, basketball shoes are made from synthetic material due to its lightweight, durability, breathability and flexibility.

Basketball Shoe Brands

The best basketball shoes come in a variety of styles, sizes, color, shoe cuts, brands and models.  Basketball shoes can be purchased in basketball shoe stores or online.  Prices for these shoes range from $50 to as much as $250 for basketball shoes such as Nike’s Hyperdun and Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite basketball shoes.

There are many brands of basketball shoes on the market today.  However, Nike is considered the leader in selling basketball shoes due to the popularity of Michael Jordan and his Air Jordan basketball shoe line.  Other basketball shoe brands are:

  • Adidas
  • Converse
  • Ekito
  • Reebok
  • Under Armour

Finding the Right Fit

The overall fit of your basketball shoe and proper sizing a key to having comfortable shoes and minimizing injuries.  If your basketball shoes are improperly sized it can lead to the following issues:

  • Ingrown toenails
  • Blisters
  • Corns
  • Calluses
  • Ankle injuries
  • Foot injuries
  • Leg injuries
  • Hip injuries

In order to find the right size basketball shoe for your foot, it is suggested you follow the rules below whether you are buying kids basketball shoes; girl’s basketball shoes; youth basketball shoes, women’s basketball shoes, or men’s basketball shoes:

  1. Measure your foot with your sock on either with a tape measure or in a store using the stores foot measuring device.
  2. Always measure your foot while standing, never while sitting down.  This is because your foot gets longer and wider when you stand.
  3. After lacing up your shoes stand up and walk around.
  4. Use your fingers and see if you can feel a ¼ inch to ½ inch space between your big toe and the front of the shoe.  If you do have this space, your shoes are okay.
  5. You should have a little room to move your toes around, but not a lot.  If you toes feel too cramped or if you can move them around a lot, then the size is either too small or too big.
  6. Make sure your heal fits securely in your basketball shoe and does not move down or up easily nor should it be able to come out of your shoe freely.

If you follow these steps outlined above, you should be able to the best basketball sneakers for your needs.

Review for Nike Air Max Hyperaggrssor Basketball Shoe

Reviews for Nike Air Max Hyperaggrssor Basketball ShoeLet’s see if Nike’s Air Max Hyperaggressor is one of the best basketball shoes of all time.

Nike’s Air Max Hyperaggressor has a Hyperfuse upper that is made of three kinds of materials that eliminates the bulkiness while giving the shoe good ventilation as well as stability.

The basketball shoe uses Max Air in the heal and along with the cushioned midsole drives comfort while providing the response of a shoe you expect during your practice, pick up or league game.  The herringbone pattern on the sole of the shoe along with a solid rubber outsole provides great durability and the traction you need when playing.

Overall rating for hyperaggressor basketball shoes

Nike_RankConsumers have the option to rate their experience with their Nike shoes on Nike’s website.  The raters playing ability and level of play varied from youth, intramural’s, church leagues, high school and college.  They also played varied basketball positions with point guard being the most often played – followed by small forward.  In the review, Nike asks the consumer to rate the basketball shoes on the following:

  1. Size – Runs Small – Runs Large
  2. Fit – Runs Narrow – Runs Wide
  3. Durability – Non-Durable – Durable
  4. Comfort – Uncomfortable – Comfortable

Nike’s Air Max Hyperaggressor rated a pretty good score with 4.3 out of 5 stars on Nike’s website.  There were a total of 11 reviews on the Nike website.  As far as the ratings went, 4 out of 5 stars received the most votes in the rating with 6 with only rater rating the shoes at a 1 out of 5.  The total set of ratings were as follows:

  • 1 out of 5 stars = 1
  • 2 out of 5 stars = 0
  • 3 out of 5 stars = 0
  • 4 out of 5 stars = 6
  • 5 out of 5 stars = 4

The Good About Nike’s Hyperaggressor

In looking at the ratings, several people who purchased the basketball shoes said they had great cushioning, incredibly light, roomy, comfortable, supportive; good for wide feet and have great traction.  Some described the shoe as “really cool”, “excellent shoe”, “great” and “seriously amazing”.

The Bad About Nike’s Hyperaggressor

There were not a lot of bad things written about these shoes by those who rated them.  As mentioned prior, there was only one rater who thought this basketball shoe was pretty bad and “did not like the shoe at all”.  Other areas of the shoe that raters felt were issues were that the Air Max symbol was stiff and dug into their heels.  Another person, felt that shoes did not breathe very well; therefore, causing their feet to be very wet after playing.

In the end, while the Hyperagressor may not be the best basketball shoe or the cheapest basketball shoe (range from $70 – $100); they will meet the needs of most players today as it relates to functionality and cost.

The best basketball shoes for men

Men’s Basketball Shoes Buying GuideGot game?

It does not matter whether you are playing pickup basketball or play basketball on an organized team, selecting the right men’s basketball shoes will make all the difference in how you play the game.

Does your style of play involve a lot of quick cuts and acceleration and stopping like a guard? Or, are you more like a forward or center that jumps a lot?

No matter what your game, many people select their basketball sneakers based on style and look. However, comfort and fit are probably the most important selection criteria that you should use when selecting your basketball shoes.

If you choose the wrong size and fit when you buy your basketball shoe it may lead to injury, blisters, back, knee pain and a host of other issues.

In addition to comfort and fit when you are buying your basketball shoes:

  1. Stability
  2. Support
  3. Durability
  4. Court Feel
  5. Absorption
  6. Flexibility
  7. Weight
  8. Construction

Which Shoe Cut is Right for Your Game?

  1. Hi-top
  2. Mid-top
  3. Low-top

Final considerations

The game of basketball requires a lot of movement, running and stress on your body and joints. Therefore, you will need to make certain you select the right shoe cut for your needs.

Remember, basketball sneakers come in three shoe cuts; high- top, mid-top and low-top.

high top basketball shoesHigh top basketball shoes have been around for almost ten decades. They are one of the most commonly used basketball shoe today.

Many feel that high top basketball shoes can prevent and reduce the risk of ankle sprains. In basketball, the most common injury is an ankle sprain.

It is also believed that high top basketballs can help if you have knee problems as the provide stability to the leg while playing the game.

Mid-top basketball shoes

mid top basketball shoesMid-top basketball shoes are lower than hi-top shoes; therefore, they are less restricting for your ankles.

With your ankles being less restricted, your ankle will have increased mobility.

Some basketball players feel that when their ankles are less restricted, they can run the court faster.

Mid-top basketball shoes provide more ankle support the low-top shoes; however, not as much as hi-top shoes. Another benefit to having your ankles less restricted is of your mid-top shoes

Low-top basketball shoes

low top basketball shoesLow-top basketball shoes provide the least support for your ankle; however, they do provide the most mobility.

Additionally, low-top basketball shoes are usually much lighter that both hi-top and mid-top shoes.

Many feel that the benefits of increased mobility and reduced weight do not outweigh the increased risk of ankle injury or sprain.

While once very popular, low-top shoes have lost their popularity and are not used by many players today.

Cool Basketball Shoe Gadgets

Men’s basketball shoes have come a long way since Converse introduced it All-Star sneakers ninety five years ago. Nike recently introduced new technology into their Hyperdunk+ b-ball kicks.

This shoe has a bunch of sensors built into them along with connector in the sole of the shoe

Once you connect the adapter to the shoe, it transfers the information via Bluetooth technology to your iPhone. While this feature is cool, it does come at a pretty high price. These are not cheap basketball shoes as the Hyperdunk basketball shoe will set you back around $250. You can buy these and many other great basketball shoes online or in your favorite basketball shoe store.

Felt Belt: 14 days to immaculately sculpted abs and a flatter belly

the flex belt review

You’ve probably seen them on TV or in magazines.  Exercise belts that promise to help you tighten up your abs just by wearing them.

The first thing most people probably think when they see one of these devices is “Sounds nice but do they work?”

Surprisingly one of them actually does. Although it would be unwise to be skeptical of such a device, it’s backed up by clinical trials and advanced science with over 40 years of development.

Introducing The ‘Flex Belt’ Abdominal Toning Belt

The Flex Belt is such a device and one that does do what it says it will when used properly. So how does it work then?

The basic technology at play here is called EMS which stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation:

It works by sending the same type of messages to your muscles that your brain usually does during exercise.

What you get is an effective stimulation that really gets results. The beauty of this device is that because it’s portable you can go about your daily life and responsibilities while still get toned and tightened. This is great for anyone on the go or busy moms who just wouldn’t have time to exercise to meet their goals.

You can even wear it while working or watching TV, so in that sense it’s very versatile and convenient for anyone to use at almost anytime.

The Technology Behind The Flex Belt

flex belt reviews The scientists that have developed this ab belt have been doing it for around 30 years and have constantly improved the design overtime to make it even more effective for tightening and toning one of the toughest spots of the body, the abdominal.

Some competing ab belts rely on just “vibrating” the area which does little more than annoy the person wearing the device with no positive effect whatsoever.

The Flex Belt works much differently.

It sends electrical signals to your muscles to stimulate them like they would naturally during exercise which is key to getting results.

It’s made of medical grade material, has withstood clinical trials and boasts an impressive customer satisfaction rate.

Does it really work?

The answer is quite simply, yes.  Let’s take a look at these customer reviews so you can see for yourself:

  • 100% of users said their abs felt more toned
  • 92.3% said the firmness of their abs had increased

That’s not all though…

The very same technology used in this belt has already been used by medical professionals for some time now.  In cases where people needed therapy and were unable to exercise EMS has been used to help them get healthy again by stimulating their muscles so that they can recover and become strong again.

This isn’t some scam wanna-be technology, but rather a trusted method for stimulating muscles to contract the same way exercise does.

Is the flex belt better for men or for women?

I’ve had a few questions from readers about whether the flex belt is better for men or women. The answer to this is no, but let me explain a little bit more on this topic.

Generally speaking, and don’t take this as gospel because it won’t be the same for everyone, men want to use an ab belt to get six pack abs while women want a flatter stomach. This isn’t to say there aren’t some women who also might want six pack abs 🙂

From a man’s perspective the flex belt isn’t going to be the only thing you need in order to look like a men’s health fitness cover model.

You’re going to need to be doing focussed and intense ab workouts a couple of times a week, follow a strict diet and get in tons of cardio. The Flex Belt will be your secret weapon that will allow you to get in ab workouts even on your off days from the gym and recover from hard ab workouts with a EMS session on the same day.

Women who want a flatter stomach will want to follow some of the same advice I mentioned above for men less the ab focused workouts. Using the flex belt should be enough ab toning for you to flatten your stomach pending you’re also getting some cardio exercise and eating right to keep belly fat to a minimum.

So at the end of the day, whether you’re a man or a woman the Flex belt suits you both and will help you achieve the goals you have for your ab fitness.

What’s the lowest possible price on the Flex Belt?

the flex belt reviewIt depends on where you buy your device from.

If you buy it from the official website then the least expensive I think you’ll end up buying the belt for is $175-$179 and that’s using a discount code.

Now some folks have bought the same belt via Ebay for under $150 supposedly. This is possible, however I feel there are some risks associated with buying a device like this off of ebay when you could just buy it direct.

First off you may not get the same 2 year warranty and you definitely won’t get the 60 day money back guarantee.

There’s also a slight chance that you’re buying refurbished product, return or used device rather then a new one. Not to say that there’s an issue with buying a refub or used belt, but you should know ahead of time that’s what you’re getting and pay accordingly.

Now this last point is something I just discovered lately, and as of yet don’t have proof but it’s something to take into consideration. Buying from an auction site could mean you end up with a non authentic product. There are companies who copy designs and make them look the same and then sell them on non official websites. This is just something to watch out for.

If it was my money I’d spend the extra bit to buy from the official website. Why? Because I get a good warranty and I get a good guarantee.

Is it a scam? Where are there so many negative reviews on Amazon?

True, there is no shortage of negative reviews for the Flex Belt out there. And there’s no easier place to find them than on

I’ll admit before I buy anything I always visit to check out what other people think of it. I don’t just do this when I’m shopping online, heck I’ll do it when I’m in a store from my iPhone.

I of course also did it before getting the Flexbelt and I wanted to share with you my views on the negative reviews about the flex belt that exist out there.

If you take the time to read the reviews on Amazon about this device you start to see a trend. Every one of the less then 3 or better star reviews is either complaining that the belt didn’t help them lose weight or they’re just hating on the device and EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) in general.

Here’s an example review from a consumer who bought the belt and returned it.

“I bought the belt, and although I felt it work my abs, I showed no results as far as weight loss. That’s not what this belt is good for. Plus, the gel pads wear out super fast and they’re not cheap. You’d be better off spending $200 on a gym membership. One good thing I can say is they were very quick and gave me no hassle when I wanted a refund!”

If you analyze this review the first thing we see is that the reviewer says they felt it working their abs, which is the goal of the belt.

However they then go onto say that it showed no results for weight loss, which is not what the belt is for. They also suggest that spending $200 on a gym membership would be a better idea.

I won’t necessarily argue with that if you have a couple of hours each day to commit to going to the gym. They end their review by saying that Flex Belt was good about giving them a refund, which in my opinion speaks highly of their customer service.

What’s the takeaway here?

The reviewer was expecting the belt to do something for them that it’s not designed to do, but did comment that the device worked as advertised “I felt it work my abs”.

If you go to Amazon and check out the reviews for the Flex Belt you’ll see that there are more positive then negative ones, and the majority of the negative reviews (at time of writing this) are more people just hating on EMS rather then actually providing constructive feedback to other consumers.

I stick by what I’ve been blogging about on this site since I started it. If you understand what the Flex Belt is capable of (strengthening and toning your abs) and you follow a healthy diet and get regular exercise then not only are you going to get stronger abs but you’ll likely begin to lose some inches on your waist line, feel better not just in a healthy sense but also about yourself.

Don’t let the cynics scare you off of something you want to try. I’ve always found the only way to know for sure about something is to try it for myself. The Flex Belt offers a 60 day money back guarantee and as the sample review I posted above suggests they honor that guarantee.

What Do You Get?

Flex_belt_for_men_largeLet’s open up the pack and take a look at what comes with your Flex Belt pack.

  1. 4 Gel Pads
  2. 1 Year Magazine Subscription
  3. 1 Month Access To A Meal Planner
  4. No Batteries Required
  5. 2 Year Warranty
  6. 60 Day Money Back Return

Tips On Operating

The unit has a control setting that ranges from 0-150 (the competing Slendertone Flex only offers 100).  This affects the intensity of the ‘workout’ so you can tailor the feel to your own personal taste and needs.

When wearing the belt 3 main gel pads are used to conduct the current to the areas on and around your abs.  When applying the device you will feel a pulsing sensation.  This is just mild and is also dependant on the intensity you’ve set on the device.

As the current flows to your muscles you then feel them tighten, just like a workout.  So simply set this intensity to a level that you are comfortable, probably low at first until you get used to it.  Then you can keep increasing it over time as your muscles adjust.  Just like with real exercises you’ll feel sore initially with just light use.Flex Belt Controller

At that point it’s just a matter of adding more intensity to keep improving.

You’ll know it’s working by the way you feel afterwards which is even more proof if you still needed it at that point.

How Intensity settings work

Starting Intensity Level

The idea is that when you first start using the device you begin by using the strongest intensity level you can stand.

Too low a level and you’re not giving your abs the workout they deserve, too high and well you might be a bit sore later on. For most people it seems to be somewhere between 30 and 70 for a starting level.

This will vary based on your current abdominal fitness and how much belly fat you have covering your abs right now. You will need a higher current of EMS to give the same workout for someone who has more belly fat compared to some who has less.

Increasing Intensity Level

Similar to working other parts of the body eventually the same intensity level will begin to produce less results. This is when you want to boost the level you’re using. This might mean you increase it by 5, 10 or even 20 levels. It’s all personal preference and you’ll need to see how it feels to know how high you should set it.

I’d suggest keeping a journal of what you started at, how long you stayed at that intensity level and then what intensity level you move up to. This will show you your progress over the weeks.


Intensity levels aren’t the only thing you can use to boost the workout your abs gets from The Flex Belt. You’ll also find that moving up through the programs offered in the belt will also yield a different workout.

For example: Program 1 is a beginner program and the training level is considered “light”. It’s a 20 minute long session and the Toning power is 14 micro Columbs (uc). In the Flex Belt manual it suggests only spending 2 sessions at this level, although you can spend more if you’d like. From there you progress to Program 2 which is still the same toning power but now goes for 25 minutes and then the Advanced program which is the same toning power but now 30 minutes. Longer periods of time at the same intensity level will produce great abdominal endurance in my opinion.

How long until I see results?

The company behind this actually guarantees you will see results in only weeks.  The amount of time needed per day is recommended at around 30 minutes.

Remember though the whole point of the belt is that you can wear it anywhere.

Finding 30 minutes to put it on during work or other responsibilities isn’t going to be a problem so it’s just a matter of waiting a few weeks for the results to show without having to mess up your schedule with trying to fit the gym in.

Some people even wear it when doing laundry or reading, there’s always going to be a time you can fit this into your lifestyle.

It’s also quite comfortable.  They’ve designed it to ‘breath’ so that you won’t be uncomfortable wearing it which would hamper your results long term.

And again 100% of users reported results so it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ you’ll get results.

Start Getting These Same Results Now

Will it tone all areas af my abs?

This product stimulates all your stomach muscles because it affects your upper abs, lower abs, and even your obliques.  Because of this you get  well rounded (or should I say ‘flat’) results.

Backed by pro athletes

Besides the underlying technology being used by people in the medical field, the Flex Belt itself is also used by top performing athletes so they can stay in shape which is critical to their success.  They trust the results they get otherwise they wouldn’t use it.

Jerry Rice is one of those users.  Well known as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), Jerry had to be in top shape to out run defenders in his quest for breaking recordings in receiving yards.

4 time Gold Olympic medalist Janet Evans also uses it to keep her core ready.  If you’ve ever swum competitively you’ll know how difficult it is.  It’s a testament to the Flex Belt that Janet uses it to keep in shape for such a strenuous type of exercise.

How Does It Stack Up Against The Competition?

The Flex Belt is hands down the best device for getting the kind of abs you want.  For a more in depth look at why check out the official website which has a lot of good information on quite a few of the competitors.  Click here to read about the comparisons

How Much Does It Cost

flex belt I’ll admit this unit isn’t the cheapest home health product out there.  But if you add up the time and fees for going to a gym it actually starts to look like a bargain.

The cost for a single unit is $199 but you can get it for 10% off and FREE shipping when ordering through the links on this page.



Rating: ★★★★★


Rating: ★★★★½


Rating: ★★★★½

Get The Flex Belt Now

At this point you’re probably done reading and ready to order your own so you can start to finally get some results without all the work that most people try to go though (and usually end up quitting anyways).

So here’s a link to learn more about it (if you need more convincing) or to just order if you’re ready now.

Click Here To Buy The Flex Belt with FREE shipping and 10% Off

How to look amazingly dashing in a backless prom dress

cheap backless prom dresses

One of the most important events in high school is the prom night.

Both high school girls and boys wait for this night so that they can dress up in their best attire and stand out from the crowd.

Most girls plan for their prom dresses way ahead as do not want anybody to imitate their style and share their glory. Now days they are various styles available for the young lady and she can use it to style her prom dress after understanding her personal taste and body requirements. If you have a stunning figure you can invest in a sexy dress which could be selected from the various latest backless prom dresses collection.

What are the different styles which can be used for a backless prom dress?

A backless prom dress is a sexy dress and if you are planning to wear one for the prom night you would definitely have the spotlight on you.

But before selecting the dress it is essential that you understand whether you can carry this daring dress. Does it suit your body size?

If you do not take these basic considerations into account you might end up looking frumpy on this special day.

Backless Prom Dresses

Style 1- A long red gown with spaghetti straps

If you want the red carpet show stoppers look, then you can select a red backless flowing gown with spaghetti straps from your celebrity styled Backless Prom Dresses collection.

The hours that you have spent in the gym would be shown off and you can carry this body hugging dress with confidence.

The gown is styled like a mermaid and you would definitely raise a few temperatures at the prom night.

 Style 2- Plunging neckline aubergine gown

Plunging necklines is a style which is quite popular in prom dresses. You can select one in aubergine color which has a plunging V neckline and the neckline ends with rhinestone decoration encrusted in empire waist style.

The material used to make the gown is chiffon and it would softly hang over the body. The unique aubergine gown when pained with simple accessories would make you look like a modern Cinderella waiting for her Prince Charming.

Style 3- Colorful gown

If you love multi colors then you can one which has the vibrant colors of the rainbow in it and enjoys a backless back design.

The gown can have a halter neck with pink, green and blue sequins stitched into it in different abstract designs. With your vibrant personality this would be a sure winner.

Style 4- Silver colored backless gown

Metallic colors are in vogue now days.

If you want to dress like a killer for the evening, then you can select simple silver gown which has a cross spaghetti back which would show off your well toned back. The neck style of the gown could be halter neck.

Style 5- Short prom dress

If you have lovely well toned legs that you would love to show off on prom night, then you can wear a short prom dress which might be in empire style or sport a halter neck which layered short skirt design. The design of the dress would be very simple but you would look a princess on your prom night.

A few challenges you might face when wearing your backless prom dress

When you select a backless prom dress from your favorite Backless Prom Dresses collection, you might face a few challenges which can be solved with a little thinking. This are-

1.    When you are wearing a backless prom dress with plunging neckline you would face the absence of bra sport. You can solve this problem by using adhesive bra. These bras just have the cups of a bra and there are no clasps or straps attached. When you wear these bras you receive support and your breast gets lifted. Also these bras are nearly invisible and you would not be able to see them.

2.    If you are flat breasted and want to sport a backless prom dress, then you can wear breast petals. These are bras which are shaped like a flower and add shape to your breast and making them look full. You can stick the stickers to the gown and be very comfortable when wearing them.

The monster water shoes shopping guide for men and women with a sense of class

best water shoes

Like many families in the United States you probably love to play in OPthe water one way or another.  Whether it’s in the pool, or in one of the local ponds, creeks, lakes or rivers.

Americans love their water fun. With as much time that is spent in the water it  is a good idea to wear a good pair of water shoes to protect your feet and make the whole experience more relaxing and fun.

Finding the best water shoes is not always the easiest task but with a little help it can be.

What to Look For to Find The Best Water Shoes

  1. Where do you Play; A key factor is the place where you have the most activities in water. If you mostly play in a pool or in your Best Water Shoesfront yard a nice inexpensive pair of water shoes may be just what you need.
  2. Maybe you hike to your favorite water hole or river; You may need to look into a more expensive pair of shoes that are both a water shoe and a hiking shoe.
  3. In some circumstances you may need a heavy duty and secure water shoe because of the extreme nature of your play. There are many quality water shoes out there that will stay on and be durable even in the most extreme circumstances.

Style and Functionality

As with all clothing on the market the Best Water Shoes can range from a beautiful fashion statement to a drab but utilitarian style. TevaWhat ever your preference you will find what you are looking for with a little help and the right knowledge of what and where to look. When looking for a sport or utility water shoe a great place to start is the local sporting good store. Some of the larger ones may even have a whole section devoted to water shoes. In some of the big box stores you may find a wider range of pricing and something to fit you budget.

For a basic shoe that will protect your little one’s feet around the pool or running through the sprinklers, places like Wal-Mart, Target or one of the clothing stores would be a great place to start. Many of these more economical types may be the best water shoes for you. The beauty of the cheaper water shoe is that each year your children are able to pick out a new style or color and you don’t have to break the bank. If you have a boat or jet skis it is always good to pick up a few extra pairs of inexpensive water shoes for spares when you have guests who don’t bring their own.

Some High Quality Makes of water Shoes

Some of best water shoes on the market for all around use and functionality are:

  • Teva – From flip-flops to waterproof boots to beautifully designed boat shoes, the Teva line of water shoes is one of the most diverse and High-Quality offerings out there. They started with the first Sports sandal and have expanded the line since then.
  • Nike – Famous for their tennis shoes and good quality footwear, the Nike company has a very good line of Water shoes for the outdoor sports industry.
  • Speedo, Sperry, DBX and Body glove have very nice models of water shoes for the avid outdoor family.
  • Many of the outdoor companies have water shoe lines like Columbia, Mountrek, Fila, Keen, world wide sportsman and Wolverine.

For Outdoor Sports and Playing in the Park

One of the best water shoes on the market today are the styles that wolverinetake into account more than just the water. Many people love to be outdoors and water is just part of the adventure. Many of the Shoes that are on the market are designed in such a way that they are just as functional in the water as they are for climbing a mountain or jogging down a path to the river.

Always make sure that your pair of the best water shoes are appropriate for your family in the water of your choice. There are many places that make great memories in our lives and the water always seems to be part of them. To ensure they are great and fun memories, check out the other articles on our site to help you choose the right water shoe for you and your family members.

Selecting water shoes for men

The market for water shoes for men continues to expand with more styles available for shoppers to choose from. Whether they are used sperryprimarily poolside or need to be durable enough for exploring creeks, streams and trails, traction is the common component of this specialty footwear category. Since the amount of coverage varies by style and brand, it is important to match the shoe with the activity it will be worn for ensuring maximum comfort and protection. With a large selection of styles and brands to choose from it can be an overwhelming task to select the right pair, so the following information can be helpful in sorting through some of the many options:
Selecting the best shoes to transition from water to land
The idea of amphibious footwear is that someone will be frequently in and out of the water, requiring exceptional traction and foot protection. While there are many styles to choose from, each is nikebetter suited for some activities more than others, so that consideration should be made before heading out to shop. For example, it is easy to get slides on and off, but they may not be recommended for back country trails like some more rugged sandals. The durability of the shoe needs to match the demands of the activity the wearer plans to do.
Top brands to consider for men’s water shoes
While functionality is the main component in the shopping process, brand-loyal shoppers will see several familiar names including:
-Body Glove
Water shoes for men are available in several styles
water shoe for men-Sneakers: These can look like they belong on a basketball court, a running track or a hiking trail, but their materials are designed for the water.
-Boots: Not as common, but shoppers will still find a few high styles and a couple of booties that are lower.
-Slides: Light and easy to get on and off, these provide less coverage to the top of the foot. (Also referred to as flip-flops or thongs)
-Socks and aqua shoes: These lightweight choices can be one piece or be form fitting around the toes
-Sandals: These have some coverage across the top of the foot but are not fully enclosed. The majority completely cover the toe.

Shopping for water shoes for men can be simplified by narrowing down the selection to match the activity they will be worn for, before deciding on a specific brand. That will eliminate some styles, making it easier to find the best pair of shoes for the shopper’s specific needs. From that point, the only decisions that need to be made are brand, model and color.

Braun Juicer Reviews

best wheatgrass juicer
Juicer, red beetroot juice, other vegetables health diet detoxification concept

Braun juicers are one of the best in the market. Their product line meets every criteria that our experts use to decide on a perfect juicer and what’s more, the company offers a warranty that covers the Braun juicers from every type of malfunction.

In our private tests, we found Braun juicers durable, efficient, and consistent juicers.

The recent model (the Multipress MP80) can handle large jobs from large fruit and vegetable varieties quickly. From the top, its unique lid doubles as a special filling tray. It facilitates large quantities to be out into the juicer.

A large pulp container allows you to extract large number of fruits in one go. The transparent container makes controlling possible. Juices are extracted directly to any container through a spout. This spout has a foam separator that allows you to get a bigger volume of juices.

Braun juicers are easy to clean. The filling tray, cover, juice container and pulp container can be easily disassembled. All Braun juicers are dishwasher-proof as well.

When looking for the best juicer, any Braun juicer will make a very good investment and a good return for your money.

Braun Juicers At A Glance…


  1. Well built
  2. Efficient and consistent juicing
  3. Large pulp container
  4. Easy to disassemble and clean

Braun Mp75 Juicer Review

With Braun MP 75 Juicer, turns fruits and vegetable into tasty and nutritious juice. It is easy to clean and has a cover that is reversible and may also be used as a feeding tray. It is designed to withstand regular home use.

Braun MP 75 Specifications:

  • Height: 11.4 inches
  • Width: 6.5 inches
  • Depth: 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 5.4 lbs.

Designed with ease of use and storage in mind, Braun MP 75 juicer’s pieces fit together like a Chinese puzzle. It takes up minimal space on the counter, and it’s a breeze to assemble and disassemble. It also makes great juice, extracting every drop and leaving the pulp very dry.

Recommended: Read our review of the best wheatgrass juicers.

The container includes a special foam strainer, so when you pour out your juice, it’s clear and unblemished. The feeding tube is small and it forces you to cut smaller chunks, presenting less chance of jamming the machine. And the top of the juicer converts to a handy feeding tray.Braun MP75

Braun MP 75 has an automatic pulp ejection feature that allows continuous processing. It also has a handy foam strainer for ease of pouring. It has a double safety lock design to avoid accidents while juicing. All plastic removable parts are dishwasher safe and the motor can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

This juicer is ideal for first time juicers because it is very easy to use.

Overall, this multi press juicer is lightweight and compact yet powerful. It can juice both fruits and vegetables however, you have to cut or chop them into really small pieces since the feed chute is quite small.

Braun MPZ22 Citromatic Deluxe Citrus Juicer


This is a highly efficient juicer that is simple to use. It has unlimited capacity and dispenses juice directly into the container. With an anti-drip spout, juice flow is continuous.

Braun MPZ22 Juicer Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Color: White

Braun MPZ22 Citromatic Deluxe Citrus Juicer is driven by a 60-watt motor, this powerful citrus juicer delivers an unlimited amount of juice directly into a container through an anti-drip spout. If you need to interrupt the juice flow, the spout snaps into a locked position.

Braun MPZ22 Citromatic Deluxe Citrus Juicer is easy to clean. This juicer is made of hard, gleaming plastic and comes with a clear plastic dust cover to protect the juicing cone. With the dust cover in place, the juicer stands 9 inches high and is 6-1/2 inches in diameter.

This deluxe citrus juicer has unlimited capacity. It dispenses juice directly into the container. The anti-drip spout locks to allow foBraun MPZ22r interruption of juice flow. It really works well, no more clutter on your kitchen counter. It runs a 60-watt motor that provides maximum extraction. It also includes a protective dust cover.

This Citromatic Deluxe Juicer is actually recommended by Ina Garten, a Food Network star that has her own cooking show called Barefoot Contessa.

The only downside with this machine is that it is not dishwasher friendly, plus it has a tendency to produce a lot of whizzing noise when it is in use.

Check for detailed user reviews on Amazon.

Braun MPZ-7 Juicer Reviewbraun juicer review

Have your very own fountain of juice and get this small yet durable juicer. Made with hard plastic, this juice press promises you a long juicing partnership.

In terms of juicing, you can get best results with oranges, tangerines, tangelos, pomelo and grapefruits. And no, this one doesn’t work with carrots and the like because for the obvious reason that this great kitchen appliance is a citrus press and not a juicer.

The pressure activated cone works well, squeezing up to 14 oz of juice in no time. This is made possible with the 20 watts motor and the revolutionary 59 rpm motor which turns in the opposite direction for additional juicing power.

For your favorite glass of pomelo juice, all you have to do is squeeze it right into the pressure activated cone. And for added convenience, this kitchen gadget has an ejector pulp for easy juicing as well as cleaning.

The conventional collection container does all the tricks in collecting the fresh juice. And for you to totally enjoy it, a built-in strainer is there to give you the product pulp-free.

Ease of Cleaning

And after juicing, next would be cleaning it, right? This juicer also offers you enjoyable cleaning time as the container easily detaches. Storing it is also not an issue as it has a cord storage so it won’t clutter your cupboard.


Style-wise, this gadget is appealing to the eyes. Be it in a modern or a traditionally-designed kitchen, its style is made sure to adapt and complement your kitchen.

The Braun MPZ-7 Juicer is one great juicer with its efficient juicing, durable body and affordable price. In addition, this gadget is equipped with user-friendly features to make your juicing easy and fun. One concern though is it’s a bit noisy. But it is not much of an issue as long as it yields fresh and nutritious juice.

Check for the latest price and reviews on Amazon


best cookware set


Best Stainless Steel Cookware

For most cooking uses, stainless steel cookware is your best bet. True, stainless steel cookware will require a little bit more heat to cook compared to other cookware material, but stainless steel is a healthy, durable, attractive, and versatile cookware material.

It’s dishwasher safe, easy to maintain, impervious to scrapes and long lasting.

Personally, stainless steel cookware is always my number one pick cookware for home cooking.

However, if you are professional cook that requires truly high end cookware, you should go with copper and porcelain cookware.

Here are my top picks for stainless steel cookware after much research from consumer report, cook illustrated and my personal cooking experience.

1. All-Clad Stainless Steel Cookware Set

all clad stainless steel cookwareThe All Clad brand name is synonymous with top quality cookware. Their stainless steel cookware set lives up to this legacy.

For a good even heat, sturdy, excellent quality of workmanship, and a dependable name, I can’t think of anything better than the All-Clad cookware set except it’s a bit pricey in the category of stainless steel cookware.

The 9-piece stainless steel cookware includes:

  • 2-quart covered saucepan
  • 3-quart covered saute pan,
  • 10-inch fry pan
  • 3-quart covered casserole pan
  • 6-quart covered stockpot

Check for customer reviews on before you buy.

2. Simply Calphalon Stainless Cookware Set (Best Value Stainless Steel Cookware)

Simply Calphalon Stainless Cookware SetConsumer Reports chose this as the best value cookware… but it has more to offer than just the affordable price tag.

It has an excellent score for evenness heating, and performed reasonably well in testing of nonstick durability. Based on Consumer Report, handles could be sturdier, but they are safe and comfortable.

Cleaning the uncoated pieces require more effort but all component except frying pans are dishwasher safe.

This 10-piece of stainless steel over aluminium includes uncoated saucepans and large and small non-stick frying pans with glass lids.

3.  Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless Cookware Set (Best Budget Stainless Steel Cookware)

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless Cookware Set

Any shopper who is brand name conscious should stop for a moment and seriously consider this seven piece set. Cuisinart, a mainstay in the kitchen industry are the manufacturers of this 7 piece cookware set, which is available on at an exceptional price.

The 7-piece cookware set includes:

  • 1-1/2-, 3-quart saucepan
  • 8-quart stockpot
  • 10-inch skillet–all with lids.

This is undoubtedly the best budget cookware in stainless steel cookware category.

4. KitchenAid Gourmet Essentials (Best Stainless Steel Cookware For Induction Cooktop)

KitchenAid Gourmet EssentialsThe 10-piece set of uncoated stainless steel over aluminium will work on an induction cooktop and can go in the dishwasher afterward. Silicone rubber handles are oven proof and comfortable, but they could be sturdier. Typically, handle rivets collect dirt.

Hard anodized cookware sets

Hard anodized cookware simply means cookware made of electro-chemically hardened aluminum. Some come with handles of the same material but some with stainless steel handles. There are also hard anodized cookware with non-stick quantanium/titanium coated surfaces.

Advantages of hard anodized aluminum cookware

  • Very durable because the hard anodized surface (uncoated) does not chip or peel and is resistant to abrasion and corrosion. (Hard anodized aluminum is even used for satellites!)
  • Chemically stable so that it is nontoxic and does not react with acidic food.
  • Uniform and quick heating up to the melting point of aluminum (1221 degrees F)
  • Almost nonporous so the food does not stick stubbornly to the surface. But note that it is only stick-resistant and not non-stick like Teflon surfaces. Your omelet will not glide smoothly from the pan when done, but food does come off very easily when washing the pan.
  • Unlike non-stick Teflon surfaces, hard anodized cookware sets can be used with metal utensils. The surface does not scratch with metal spoons and spatulas (with no sharp edge).
  • Oven and broiler proof provided that the handles are also hard anodized material.

Disadvantages of hard anodized cookware:

  • Not dishwasher safe. Hard anodized cookware can only be washed by hand with suitable cleaner for the stains. Stained hard anodized cookware does not affect cooking experience though.
  • Have to use hot pads when taking them out from oven or broiler, because the handles are of the same material and will burn your hands if you don’t.
  • Hard anodized pans are heavy for some people.

Here are my recommendations for hard anodized aluminum cookware

#1 Rachael Ray 10-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set

Rachael Ray 10-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware SetThe Racheal Ray celebrity cookware set is surprising good! A lot of users give it almost a 5 stars rating in the Amazon user reviews, and for a good reason too.

Two things I really like about this cookware is the orange color handle and extremely easy to clean.

#2 Calphalon Commercial 9-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set

caphalon cookware setThe Calphalon Commercial 9-piece Hard-anodized Cookware Set consists of a 2 ½ -quart covered shallow saucepan, three different sizes open skillets that measure 8, 10 and 12 inches, as well as two covered chef’s casseroles with diverse sizes, which are 3-quart and 7-quart.

This cookware set has heavy-gauged and hard-anodized aluminum construction that is capable of fast and even heat distributions. Most of the users who have left reviews on Amazon and other online shopping sites praise the cookware set for its even heat distributions capability, which makes the quality of the dishes produced near excellent.

The Cookware Set is equipped with heat resistant stainless-steel Cool V handles. The lid of the larger casserole of this cooker set is designed in a dome shape to preserve moisture and enrich flavor, which enables you to have succulent meat dishes.

The cookware set is safe to use with metal utensils, broiler and oven.

Although it is not machine washable, a great number of users reviewing it say that the cookware set is easy-to-clean.


Some users have complained that food sticks to the cookware set. Nevertheless, a few users have pointed out that the food will only stick to the pan while cooking, but at the completion of cooking process, the food will release from the surface automatically.

Verdict: Although, Calphalon might have little food-sticking problem that requires some tricks to eliminate it is a healthier choice as compared to Teflon cookware.

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Non-stick Hard-anodized 14-piece


7 of the best grills for the money- 2016 and beyond

best grills to buy

I really enjoy barbecuing and I’ll be the one doing the grilling whenever there’s a trip or party with my friends. I’ve owned and tried using different grills, from gas (propane) to electric, to charcoal grills.

Each type works quite differently but the best grills are those that cook tasty food.
Best Grills
In this article, I will be reviewing different types of outdoor grills including the best outdoor gas grill, best charcoal grill, best electric grill, best gas grill, and best natural gas grill. All the best grills I’ve reviewed are available from Amazon.

How to Choose the Best Grills

Before you can choose the best bbq grills, you need to know the type of grills available. Here are 4 types of most common grills used:

Gas Grills

weber best grillGas grills are also referred to as propane grills. They are a great choice if you are looking for a quick, easy, and clean grilling process. Food also tastes great, especially if you add some smoking woods or mesquite wood chips.

I will normally use gas grills for my grilling sessions to add a smoky, flavorful taste to food. A lot of my neighbors also own gas grills and they are quite happy with it. A small advantage over charcoal is that the flame can be controlled using buttons or dials.

If you have your eyes set on a gas grill, the best gas grill I’d recommend is the Weber 57067001 Q3200 Natural Gas Grill, which is available on Amazon.

Charcoal Grills

weber 841001 performer charcoal grill
Weber 841001 performer charcoal grill

Charcoal grills are the original stuff that got the grilling hype started. They still in use because the combination of wood and charcoal gives you that amazing smoked flavor.

What can I say; using a charcoal grill takes mastery of skill because you can’t control the flame as easily as gas grill. But it is one of the best ways perfect your grilling skills, like a real man ought to.

 If you are looking forward to brush up your grilling skills and give your food that incomparable, tasty goodness of smoked flavor, the Weber 841001 Performer Charcoal Grill comes highly recommended.

Electric Grills

George Foreman Electric Grill
George Foreman Electric Grill

Electric grills are convenient because they heat up quickly and are easily adjustable. For starters, you don’t need any fuel other than an electrical outlet. Most modern electric grills also allow you to give a smoked flavor to food by soaking wood chips and putting them on the reflector pan. This helps to seal the natural juices of food.

Using an electric grill, temperature is also distributed evenly, giving you a good grill (no more undercooked/overcooked food). This is perfect for entertaining guests because you won’t want to serve burnt food or getting sweaty all over. Whenever I don’t feel like “getting down to it” or on slower days, I’ll use an electric grill. My best recommendation in this category is the George Foreman GGR50B.

Natural Gas Grill

Natura gas grill weber
Natural Gas Grill

Natural gas grills are a cheap and convenient alternative. Natural gas is cheaper than propane , which means that even when you have to use more (you HAVE to use more because it burns with half the cooking power of propane), you still save.

For those who want to reduce gunk, this is the best choice because it’s environmentally friendly due to efficient burning.

Also, there’s no need to wait for it to heat up (like charcoal grill). On days when I want to use it, I’ll just hook it up to the gas outlet in my kitchen and I’m ready to go. I’m all for this incredible Best Natural Gas Grill. Check it out!

Our top picks reviewed

#1 Best Outdoor Gas Grill – Weber 586002 Q 320 Portable Outdoor Gas Grill

weber best grillThe Weber 586002 Q 320 Portable Outdoor Gas Grill is a grill that can cook up to 2 whole chickens or 36 hot dogs.

Personally, I think that’s a good enough portion for a single grill

I’d usually use this when I organize neighborhood grilling sessions.

It has a warming rack, great for times when I just want to keep the food warm while I wait for guests to arrive.

Good safety measures

The is designed in a way that looks like stationary cart, making it not tipsy at all. I’ve used grills that fall with the slightest push and it’s not a good sign. The propane canister in this grill is locked in place so that it won’t move around.

The ignition is electronic, making it very user friendly. All you got to do is turn on the gas and press the ignition button.

Cooks much quicker than other grills

It heats up to about 400 degrees in one minute. I have been using it to cook burgers, steaks, and hot dogs in a jiffy.

A quicker cooking allows me to cook more in a shorter period of time. With this, I can spend more time catching up with guests and not over the grill.

Easy to assemble and clean

I assembled this grill in a breeze and there are no complicated parts to put up or procedures to follow. It looks great after full assembly. This is something I’d like to show off because it has a sleek design. Besides that, the cast iron grills are split, making it easier for cleaning.

An Amazon reviewer, Jayme Davis had this to say about Weber 586002 Q 320 Portable Outdoor Gas Grill:

“This is the best grill I have ever owned. If you want a serious grill for a good price that has perfect even heating and searing, this is your grill.”

Check for the latest price and customer reviews on Amazon

#2 Best priced portable gas grill- Weber 1520 Propane Gas Go-Anywhere Grill

Weber-1520-Propane-Gas-Go-Anywhere-GrillThe Weber 1520 Propane Gas Go-Anywhere Grill looks delightfully unique. It’s perfect for those getaways where you can’t bring your usual grill with you.

Convenience is the biggest plus point of this grill. Surprisingly, it can fit up to 4 steaks on the grill at any one time. That’s really great because I’ve owned other portable grills but none has such generous cooking surface.

It also gives an excellent flavor to food. This is mainly because of its with brilliant Flavorizer system.

Surprisingly, this grill’s flavorizer system is really easy to use – I just added some wood chips on the metal plate and cook atop. The flavor penetrates into food easily, making a camp meal so wonderful I feel at home.

Here’s a tip: keep the lid closed for even heat distribution and quicker cooking.

Easy to clean and store

Thanks to its small size, cleaning and storage has never been a problem. As long as you follow some tips on how to care for your grill, you’ll find that the Weber 1520 Propane Gas Go-Anywhere Grill can last very long. Rust shouldn’t be a problem if you wash well and keep it dry.

No charcoal or lava rock needed

As it runs on propane and uses wood chips for that extra flavor, you’ll find that using this grill is no mess. Save your charcoal grill for home use where you have more time to spare and a comfortable space for handling the mess.

Get the Weber 1520 Propane Gas Go-Anywhere Grill on Amazon!

#3 Best charcoal grill- Weber 2005 Model 841001

weber 841001 performer charcoal grill
Weber 841001 performer charcoal grill

The Weber 2005 Model 841001 22 1/2-Inch Performer Charcoal Grill is a unique grill that combines both charcoal and propane gas. It’s an improvement from the traditional charcoal grilling process.

A convenient ignition system ignites the propane which in turn, heats up the charcoal. You are good to go when the coals turn white-hot. It’s designed to give your food a zesty smoked flavor without getting messy.

It is very easy to assemble

I received my package from Amazon unassembled but that’s okay because the instructions in manual are clear.

Each part is neatly wrapped. All I got to do is get the propane canister and I can start grilling.

Gives a great smoked flavor to food

The charcoal element makes food extra tasty. Heat control is easy with the knobs and dials, though you need skill to master grilling with charcoal. Grilling with the Weber 2005 Model 841001 22 1/2-Inch Performer Charcoal Grill has been a delight.

No charcoal mess- grill is easy to clean

The charcoal storage bin can easily hold up to 20lb of charcoal. The ash container also keeps ashes well and makes disposal very convenient.

Plenty of space to cook

There’s plenty of space to cook steak, fish, burgers, and hot dogs. After warming up the Weber 2005 Model 841001 22 1/2-Inch Performer Charcoal Grill (which can take up to 20 minutes), you can cook generous portions of food.

This grill is also available on Amazon.

#4 Best Natural Gas Grill – Weber 3841001 Genesis E-310 Natural Gas Grill

Natura gas grill weber
Natural Gas Grill

I don’t personally own a Weber 3841001 Genesis E-310 Natural Gas Grill but I’ve used it quite a number of times and I know what it feels like to work on this grill.

Basically, this is a very good natural gas grill and designed in a very sophisticated and sleek manner. It feels great working on this grill and more importantly, food is cooked in a short period of time and tastes great.

Cooking meat and fish over this grill proved to be no problem at all. You can adjust the temperature easily, giving you full control over the cooking process.

As I’ve mentioned in my Best Charcoal Grill review, cooking using charcoal requires some skill. This grill, however, makes an amateur look like an expert!


Easy to assemble

Though I’ve not bought it myself, I’ve helped my friend assemble this grill when he first bought it. All I can say is it’s no hassle at all, despite the sophisticated look of this grill.

Flavorizer adds essential flavor to food

The flavorizer adds a distinct smokey taste to food. Whenever I use this for grilling, guests have been complimenting food cooked using this grill. Those who don’t know will think it’s the superb marinate but I know better and it’s attributed to the flavorizer bars.

Quality product for long lasting use

My friend maintains the Weber 3841001 Genesis E-310 Natural Gas Grill well and it lasts for many years now.

Purchase on

#5 Best Electric Grill – George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill

george foreman best grillThe George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill is a fuss-free grill suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Bear in mind that using a grill indoor requires extra precaution measures, especially if you have kids and pets around.

As this is a fuss free grill, it powers up easily within minutes with an electric plug-in. Perfect for days where you don’t feel like grilling outside, you can do the same in the house with this.

M Chang bought this grill from Amazon and commented:

“I am quite happy with the surface area, as I can easily fit 8 large burgers on at once. I live in the frozen north, so the fact that this grill will also work indoors is plus.”

This is one of the best George Foreman grills that will give your meat a seasoned flavorful taste

For those who are not exactly picky about having that smoked flavor from charcoal, the George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill works just fine. Seasoned meat (i.e. chops and chicken) taste just as great on this grill.

You can get this grill on Amazon for less than a hundred bucks.

#6 Best Multipurpose Electric Grill – George Foreman GRP90WGR

George Foreman GRP90WGRIf you are looking for a multipurpose grill, then you should consider the George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Removable-Plate Grill. With tremendous positive reviews in Amazon, this grill is the choice for those who want good grilling with multiple grill functions.

I call it the “smart device” because it does what other grills don’t. Here is why you should own this grill:

1. You have multiple cooking options

I wouldn’t go as far to say “endless” but rather, this grill gives you flexible cooking options. With the 5 removable grill plates, you can cook bake, grill, make waffles, and even paninis (I haven’t tried all).

The food isn’t exactly “awesome” material but hey, if you have realistic expectations, this grill will give you reasonably good food.

2. Really easy to clean

The removable plates make it very easy for me- I just have to take them out, wipe the grease, and wash it with soapy water and sponge.

3. Temperature control is terrific

With so many cooking options, it just makes sense that there is a varied range of temperature for cooking different food. Feel free to experiment!

4. With so many cooking functions, this grill is a bargain!

There, I said it. The George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Removable-Plate Grill with 5 Plates is a great bargain considering the many cooking options given. Buy now and you won’t regret it.

Grab it on your way out!

4 Tips on How to Care for Your Grills

Tip 1: Always Clean Your Grill Immediately after Use

After each grilling session, don’t leave food residue on the grill.

What I mean here is for a long period of time, say, overnight or over two nights. Residue left for long is much harder to clean.

Scrub the grate using a long handled, brass bristle brush. The food residue should fall off and it’ll be easier to clean after that.

Next, wash the grate with a wet soapy sponge. Then, use a second wet sponge (soap less) and run through the grate, making sure that there is no soapy residue in crevices.

Tip 2: Polish the Stainless Steel Parts

To maintain the shininess of stainless steel surfaces, you got to give it good polishing from time to time. Sometime, long term use of tap water can cause mineral to deposit on the grill.

One particular trick I find useful to do is mix a part of hot water and vinegar and spray the solution on the grill. Then, I’d use a cloth and wipe it dry. To make it shinier, try using baby oil. My grill looks brand new thanks to these simple tips.

Tip 3: Disinfect Your Grill Routinely

Hygiene should be top priority in any food preparation you do. Same goes for grilling. To keep your grill bacteria-free, you’ll need more than the good clean-scrub routine.

Using hydrogen peroxide and cleaning cloth, you can easily disinfect your grill. Just spray some hydrogen peroxide solution and wipe down the stainless steel parts.

Tip 4: Only Use Your Grill for Its Intended Purpose: Grilling

Never use your grill for any other reason beyond the purpose it’s made for. For example, don’t do any cutting on the grill, especially on a stainless steel surface.

Once, my cousin did this mistake and boy did it scratch the surface. All I can tell you was he had a hard time looking for a replacement.

Don’t use the surface for putting hot pan or any other cookware. There is dish rack for that. Use a stainless steel scouring pad to avoid scratching and damaging the steel surface. Don’t use a steel wool pad!

Safety and Grill Maintenance Tips

Grilling can be an enjoyable experience if no mishaps or accidents happen in the process. But grilling accidents do happen. The good news is that accidents can be avoided by practising simple safety tips.

1. Keep a fire extinguisher at reach during grilling

Fire accidents are the most common but they are also readily preventable. They can happen when your grill isn’t used after a long period of time or if you’re using a propane gas grill, a refilled canister can probably be the cause. If you are using an electric grill, then a faulty power outlet can be the problem. You should know the quickest way to cut fuel supply, and everyone present should know the number to fire department.

2. Check the grill hoses

This is important because sometimes, the gas tube may be brittle (due to improper storage or after long period being unused) and cause it to have holes and leakages. You should take a look at places where you don’t often check (i.e. behind the grill). If you discover any problem, immediately stop using the grill and fix the problem. You shouldn’t compromise, thinking that using it a little while longer will do no harm. That can turn out to be a very bad decision.

3. Keep flammables away

This one takes common sense to figure out. Keep flammables like gasoline and other form of fuel away from grill. Also, if you are grilling from your backyard, keep it at a safe distance (maybe 10 feet) away from the house. If you are grilling elsewhere, don’t keep the propane gas container in a hot environment (i.e. car trunk). Pressure can cause gas to escape. Once, my neighbor almost caused a fire when he kept the gasoline too close to the grill and hadn’t noticed. It was a relief that another friend helped him out and quickly moved it away before an accident happens.

4. Don’t leave grill unattended

This is especially important if you have kids or pets around. Like all other accidents, they catch you by surprise because it happens at times when you least expect it to. If you think that leaving the grill for a few minutes while you go elsewhere shouldn’t cause any problem, think again. What I’m trying to say here is you shouldn’t leave room for accident to happen. When it comes to grilling, my motto is always “better safe than sorry”.

Something else I’d like to highlight is that you shouldn’t wear loose fitting clothes because it’s easier to catch fire. A grilling process is enjoyable when you have taken preventive measures to keep yourself and those around, safe. I hope you’ll share these tips with others.

Best baby carrier reviews

Ergo Baby Carrier – Best Convertible Baby Carrier

When it comes to shopping for a baby carrier, every parent will have different needs, preferences and proportions so there’s no single carrier that is perfect for everyone.

The best way to see if it is the best baby carrier for you is to try on the carriers at the store or borrow one from a family member/ friend.

Always try them on with your baby. If you don’t have a baby (yet!), borrow a doll or a stuffed toy.

Here a check list of what you should look for when buying a baby carrier:

  1. Comfort
  2. Fit for your baby and you
  3. Safety
  4. Features
  5. Usability
  6. Construction
  7. Care
  8. Flexibility
  9. Ability to Adjust the Straps
  10. Adaptability
  11. Appearance

A good baby carrier should have all these incorporated in its make.

To help all of you mommies and daddies, here are some more points you should take note of when shopping for a baby carrier:

1. Which one look do you like?

There are many types, styles, colors, and patterns of baby carriers in the market today. If your budget does not allow for each parent to have his/ her own carrier, both you and your partner need to make some compromises to find the best baby carrier that you can both be happy to wear.

Try on the different types of baby carriers to see if you like the versatility of sling baby carriers or the ability to store your baby supplies with a backpack baby carrier. You can also choose a wide range of colors and custom patterns.

2. Balancing

The most important thing to consider is how your balance is like when wearing the baby carrier. You should also consider the balance of your baby’s weight distributed across your neck, shoulder, back, and hips.

3. Who will wear the baby carrier?

Unless you want to buy different baby carriers for yourself and your partner, the best baby carrier for the both of you is one that is adjustable for many sizes. Slings are great for any size of adults. The more structured carriers may be harder to fit both parents as they usually come in different sizes.

4. To be padded or not to be?

3 wheel baby strollers may or may not come with padding on the straps, seats or back supports. Some do not have any at all. Your decision to have or not to have any padding will depend on the climate of where you live in. Padding can make you and your baby more comfortable but if it’s too much, your baby may get uncomfortable.

If you live in a cold climate, you may need all the padding you can get so that your baby will not get cold when you’re out and about. Skip the padding if you live in a warm climate.

5. Where will you use the baby carrier?

If you travel extensively with your child, you may need to find a frame-less baby carrier that can easily be folded and stored.

The best baby carrier would be one that can be used in both warm and cold weather: made out of well ventilated mesh and have an extra winter layer (or winter fleece). If you’re going to the beach or water park, you may need a baby carrier that is made out of waterproof or quick drying fabrics.

6. Baby carriers for any budget

I feel that it is best to invest as much as you can with baby carriers. A really good baby carrier can be used with your future children. However, if you have a small budget, say around $20, you can find the most simple and basic front baby carriers at discount shops. Just make sure you check them for any defaults.

The most important thing you need to do to find the best baby carriers is to try as much as you can before you buy one that satisfies your every requirement. Make sure you ask the shop assistant for a baby doll to get the feel of how it would feel like.

Here are our best baby carriers:

moby wrap baby sling#1 Moby Wrap Baby Carrier – Best Sling Baby Carrier

Celebrity mom, Ali Landry swears that her daughter Estela loves being in the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier – and for the first 6 months of his life, my son, Jacob, did too.

For me, the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier helped me bond with Jacob during the height of his colic phase. I love Jacob from the moment I knew he was growing inside of me, but those wails drove me crazy. My fiance brought home the wrap one day when a friend told him it may (or may not) help. Fortunately for us, it did help.

Cuddling my son while he was in the wrap seemed to be more comfortable to him. Doing that while sitting in the rocking chair, on the other hand, helped calmed him down. I was relieved when he stopped crying so we did the routine for the next two months or so when he grew out of the phase.

After that three months of unexplainable crying, Jacob still enjoys being in the wrap. So, when we would go out for lunch or shopping or a hike in the park, we would take turns carrying him in it. The best thing is that the wrap can be adjusted to cover the baby so that when I want to breastfeed or if he’s sleeping, it’ll be more private for the both of us.

Easy to use and maintain

The wrap can seem to be intimidating, but believe me, after a couple of practice, you’ll be OK with it. There are a variety of ways for you to wear the wrap and they’re easily executed with the instructions that came with the package. Other than that, the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier can be washed and dried in the machine.

Overall, I love the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier and I still use it to cuddle him to sleep because I enjoy the closeness we share. So, if you’re looking for something that will nurture intimacy, head down to Amazon to get the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier now!

BabyBjorn Original#2 BabyBjorn Original – Best Front Baby Carrier

There’s always a reason why a product lasts for a long time. And after being in the market for more than 40 years, the BabyBjorn Original is still one of the best baby carriers around.

I got this when my sister-in-law decided that my nephew is too old and too heavy (he’s almost three) to carry around.

The carrier is so comfortable that even after a long period of time, my 8 month old son, Jacob, is still happy sitting in the carrier and even falling asleep in it.

He doesn’t cry because of being too hot while he’s in the seat. Not only is the sling comfortable for the baby, but it’s also comfortable for me too. The baby sits comfortably on my shoulders and doesn’t cause me any pain on my back.

And I also need to stress on how durable the BabyBjorn Original is. Even after going through two really active boys, this best baby carrier still looks OK without any tears despite the minor discoloration when I first received it. I use this almost every day now (from shopping to hanging out the laundry to an easy hike in the afternoon) and it is still is fine.

Easy to use

This baby carrier is so easy to use that I can slip in and out of it by myself. If Jacob is asleep, I can always put him facing me and when he wakes up, I can just switch him to face the front. Unfastening and re-fastening him to change his position is easy and I don’t need to put him down. It also can be adjusted quickly to fit me or my hubby without much effort.

The BabyBjorn Original really is a handy and easy baby carrier for babies that are starting to explore the world. And although the price can be to much for some budgets, it’s definitely something you’d want to invest in.

So, head on to Amazon to check this baby carrier out.

#3 Kelty TC 3.0 Child Carrier#3 Kelty TC 3.0 Child Carrier – Best Backpack Baby Carrier

My husband is an avid hiker and he plans to take Jacob along one of these days. Although I feel like we don’t need it, we still checked out some backpack baby carriers in the store and I personally felt that the Kelty TC 3.0 Child Carrier was the best we tried.

My first concern with the backpack carrier was that Jacob will be so high up and since he moves a lot, he may just slip under or over the carrier while his father is hiking.

But the shop assistant assured me that will not happen with this carrier.

The seat is sturdy and is strapped safely on the carrier. The child’s safety is added with the clipped shoulder straps which will still allow the child to move but with a restricted capacity.

Great features

The 2010 version, as I was told by the shop assistant, has one big improvement over the 2008 model – it comes with a foot-step. It’s quite handy as it holds the carrier in place when you want to move your child in or out of the carrier.

The Kelty TC 3.0 Child Carrier also features a sun/ rain hood that is great when hiking under the hot sun and being ready for a weather change. The carrier also comes with a changing pad but I think if we bought this, Jacob would outgrow the pad very fast as it is rather small.

With this carrier, I foresee that I won’t be needing extra bags to put Jacob diapers and milk and/ or snacks – my hubby assured me he can lift Jacob and the things all by himself (he likes being Jacob’s Superman).

I’m still contemplating over the older and newer model but come to think of it, there’s really not much difference. The price however is. The blue Kelty TC 3.0 Child Carrier we like retailed for close to $180 at the store but Amazon has a 22% discount to take advantage of!

Check more pictures, price and customer reviews on Amazon

Ergo Baby Carrier – Best Convertible Baby Carrier#4 Ergo Baby Carrier – Best Convertible Baby Carrier

While I was still studying in college, I babysat for my brother and sisters a lot. While babysitting my niece, Alana, for one week during summer of 2008, I got the chance to try the Ergo Baby Carrier.

As you might probably guess from the name, the Ergo Baby Carrier boasts an array of ergonomic design. The company not only talked the talk but walked the walk. The shoulder and waist straps are padded with foam and are adjustable to the wearer.

The best part of the carrier’s design is that all the weight is supported not only by the shoulders, but also by the hips. This makes it a lot more comfortable when I needed to carry Alana for a long time (she needs walks for her to nap). And trust me, with a pudgy baby like Alana, this is a feature that you’d be thankful for.


The Ergo baby carrier can be converted into 3 carrying positions; front, back and hip. With Alana, she preferred to be carried on the front. She loves looking around while I took her for a walk around the neighborhood.

Alana hated to be left alone, so when there was no one around and I needed to make her milk or cook her porridge, I’d strap her on my back. Out of the three positions, I didn’t fancy the hip position as I felt off-balanced and could potentially harm Alana.

The Ergo Baby Carrier that I used was a little bulky and seemed not stylish but it does come in different colors and fabric design with camel lining. Plus, Gisele Bundchen is sporting this around with baby Benjamin. I’m sure hoards of stylish moms will follow suit.

This baby carrier is on the more expensive range.

Check price and reviews on Amazon

#5 Infantino Cozy Rider – Best Budget Baby Carrier

Although I believe in investing in something as important as a baby carrier, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a good baby carrier with a smaller budget. And after reading reviews and asking the women in my mother’s class, I find that the Infantino Cozy Rider is the best budget baby carrier for the money.

Fuss free
When I first saw this in on some of the mothers in class, my first impression was that it looks so easy to use – later, I found that it really is easy to use.

It’s a simple carrier where you only need to just slip it over your head and click the straps in. Putting your baby in and getting them out is easy because there’s these quick release straps on the sides that will give you some room to slide the baby in and out.

The Infantino Cozy Rider, however, doesn’t have much padding and seeing what a softy I am, I thought that it would cause a lot of pain.

However, the ladies insisted that it’s comfortable for them. No chafing, strained necks or shoulder pains to be complained. A plus side of having lesser padding is that they actually feel closer to the babies. It also doesn’t interrupt you much when you’re out and about in public, whether riding on the bus or going shopping at the market.

Extra features

When you put your baby facing forward, the front part can be folded down and act as a bib to soak up any drool. You can put it up so that it’ll act as your baby’s head support when he/ she is facing you or when the baby is sleeping. There is also a nook where you can attach a pacifier or a chained toy for your baby.

The downside of the Infantino Cozy Rider is that it will not lasts long as the recommended maximum weight of the carried child is 20lbs. However, for less than $20, it’s a great baby carrier to start with.

Grab it on your way out

#6 Belle Baby Carrier – Best Celebrity Baby Carrier

When I was carrying Jacob, I started to notice a lot of baby things from the people I see on the streets and celebrities in the tabloids and magazines. One of the baby carriers that I noticed on celebrities was the Belle Baby Carrier . So when I was shopping for a baby carrier, I tried it on to see how it would fit.

Belle Baby Carrier

Great design

The carrier allows all the weight to be supported by the hips, which helps reduce the probability of back pains. If you think this will cause stress on the lower back, the crisscross straps will help you relieve the pressure on your hips and distribute it to your shoulders as well.

If you live in a hot and humid weather, the Belle Baby Carrier will be comfortable for both your baby and you.

The minimal padding makes it cooler to wear and the mesh will dry off quickly. The lightness of the materials use also makes it good for traveling, maybe that’s why many celebrities use this.


Despite the sleek design, comfort and the support that I looked for, this baby carrier could not fit my hubby as it is too small. He’s to big and tall for the carrier. Also, seeing that the baby carrier is small and I anticipated that my baby would be big like his father, he would outgrow the baby carrier too fast.

Nonetheless, the Belle Baby Carrier is a great baby carrier in terms of design, quality and comfort. It’s a shame that it can’t fit my giant hubby. If you think you can fit the carrier to both you and your partner, head to Amazon to get this baby carrier.

Why should I use the a baby carrier?

Why would anyone prefer using baby carriers when there are strollers or prams to wheel baby around?

Well, I use strollers too, but they are a pain to bring out sometimes, and there are places where wheels can’t go! I also like baby carriers for the intimacy it nurtures between baby and me. My Jacob loves it too, to be able to feel my warmth and breath when he sleeps in the baby carrier.

Baby carriers are also called baby slings. They range widely in design and make, from simple pieces of fabric to all forms of pouches with zippers or buckles,  and they are usually adjustable to fit different sizes of parents and babies. Some of these have neck holds to keep baby’s head in place for babies who have not yet developed a strong neck, and can be used for babies from one week old until you can no longer bear his weight.

The main types of baby carriers are:

  • Ring slings
  • Pouch slings
  • Wraps

I don’t know about your baby but my 8-month old Jacob wants to be with me most of the time (thank goodness I work at home) especially when he’s sleeping.

Unless I’m doing something really physical and potentially dangerous around the house, I would have him strapped onto me with the my ergo baby carrier while I do simple chores or write on the couch while he sleeps.

Wearing Jacob in one of my best baby slings allows me to have my hands free and him close by my side.

Another reason of why you should use the a baby carrier for both you and your baby is that it’s safer when you carry your baby outside the house. You can carry your newborn around the park in a sling baby carrier, use a front baby carrier for extra support while you’re out shopping and bring your baby on a hike with the little bundle strapped in a baby back carrier.

There are three main types of baby carriers and each one has its own advantages.

Sling Baby Carriers

  • Perfect to use with a newborn when the baby needs bonding time in its parents arms. It will also help calm a colic baby – I did that with my son, Jacob.
  • You can move freely around the house with two free hands to do household chores, while keeping the baby happy.
  • This is the best baby carrier when you need to discreetly breastfeed your child or create a veil to cover up your baby when its sleeping. There are some makers that have the ‘tail’ feature so that it can be used as a blanket or a cover-up.
  • Getting your baby in and out of the carrier is really easy. Your baby will not be easily disturbed when you move it around because the material is soft and there are no straps to put on.
  • Small, light and easy to pack.
  • It can be hard for some people to figure out how to manipulate the long stretch of cloth.
  • May not be suitable for toddlers as most of the weight is rested on one shoulder which will eventually cause shoulder pains after a period of time.

Front Pack Baby Carriers

  • Like the sling, front pack carriers are small, lightweight and very portable. It is also as versatile as the sling carrier and it’ll let you do other things while you’re carrying your baby.
  • Most models give you the option to place your baby facing you or out to the world. Older babies loves the latter because they can explore the world.
  • With the front pack carrier, it is better to wait for your child to be strong enough to hold its head upright.
  • Getting your baby in and out would be harder, unless the seat unbuckles separately from the harness.

Backpack Baby Carriers

  • Older babies that are starting to notice the world will enjoy the view up high on your shoulders.
  • You can stuff your supplies in the packs.
  • Many models come with a hood to protect your child from the sun and rain.
  • The best backpack baby carrier would be one that is made to stand the elements while you hike, go around the amusement park or making your way through the mall.
  • It is not the best baby carrier if you want to get the carrier on and off by yourself. It will usually take two people to put on or off.

As you can see, each baby carrier has its own advantages and disadvantages. To find the best baby carrier for you, you would need to consider what advantages you would need from the carrier and if you can work around the disadvantages – there is no such thing as a one carrier fits all parents. Often times, you would need to go through a few as your babies get older.

Safety tips for baby carriers

Hiking with your baby placed in a baby carrier can be a recipe for a Britney-Spears-like-incident where she stumbled nearly dropped her baby, Sean Preston. However, there are some necessary steps you need to take to ensure that safety is not compromised.

Here are some simple safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Make any adjustments to the straps before you put your baby in.
  3. Be aware that your babies movements may affect your balance.
  4. Do not use the carrier as a child seat.

3 of the best baby monitors for iphone- baby monitors that connect to iphone

iphone baby monitor


Mobicam DL Digital Monitoring System

Mobicam DL Digital is monitoring system that is ideal to look out for your baby up to 300 feet away. This product can be used through wired or wireless access, and also can be functional over an internet connection through the help of a separately purchased software called “MobiCam Anywhere.”

Focusing on the product itself, the following REVIEW will show you why this is an excellent monitor for your needs.


There is no installation needed for this device. It has a 2.4-inch LCD high-resolution display, which makes the video exceptional. The screen size is not huge but it is just enough to not compromise the quality of the video display. The audio is also crisp, it is not static and there is no signal interruption to interfere with the sound.

It is compact, palm-sized and has a rechargeable battery. It is easy to carry when moving from room to room.

For recording purposes, it has an SD card slot for extra memory space. There are various ways to monitor using MobiCam Digital DL. You have both video and audio mode, audio mode, and VOX or voice activation mode which saves the battery quite a bit.

Mobicam-DL-Digital-Monitoring-System2-300x240Both day and night, MobiCam is extremely functional. Using other monitors you may have trouble especially at night since you won’t want to disturb your child sleeping but, with MobiCam that is not a problem with the presence of night infrared vision.

This feature enables you to view you child clearly even at night without causing any disturbance. It has a 20 ft. vision that automatically turns on when the lights go out.

Modicam Digital DL monitoring system works with up to four cameras. It is not hard to link with the other cameras after connecting with the first one. It has an option that lets you set up your cameras and make them work alternately. Another impressive piece that this monitoring system has is a USB output that enables you to connect it to your computer for internet viewing through another PC or iPhone using the MobiCam Anywhere Software.

Check Current Prices at


On the other hand, this product lacks lullabies, zoom in, and a two-way communication system, which I actually expected to see.

The camera is not always flexible for all the angles. Due to the small screen, it can be tough to see what your baby is doing without placing it in close view.

Despite the limitations, it did not affect the efficiency of the product.

Why this Monitor is Right for You?

This monitoring system will surely meet your needs, especially if you are searching for a quality video and audio iPhone baby monitor at a low cost. This is indeed affordable and easy to use. In the box are the monitor unit, camera unit, two AC/DC power adaptors, USB cable, AV cable, camera mounting hardware, and instruction manual.

With the use of all the included cables, and other equipment in the box, you are free to set up the monitor to connect with many different devices like TV, computer set, mobile phones and other cameras. It is user friendly and easy to install.

In addition to the stated features, it also has a complete control over the brightness and the volume level so you can customize the best setting for you while eyeing your baby. It is easy to adjust for your convenience.

BabyPing-Secure-Wifi-Baby-Monitor-266x300BabyPing Secure Wifi Baby Monitor

Latest technologies are never limited to any boundaries. With the advent of these powerful technologies, BabyPing was able to produce a Secure Wi-fi Baby Monitor that can be connected to any iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. It is, in fact, one of the best baby monitor that connects to iPhone.

For Prices, More Pictures, and Reviews, Check it out at!

The Pros

There is no reason to worry about how to install the product. A computer is not a necessity for the set up. It only requires an iOS device/iPhone to link with it.

Within a few minutes, you can start monitoring your baby using Wi-Fi, 4G or 3G connection. Any barriers from you and your baby will not interfere with your monitoring. At any range, with the available wireless internet connection, you can monitor your baby wherever you are.

This product has an impeccable display. Has a high-definition video and photo display, in addition to that, automatic clear night vision comes along with the deal. This feature won’t allow the device to emit any glow that can disturb your baby while sleeping. By far, the signal for the audio is very clear and lets you hear only the essential sounds around your baby because it has a high-sensitive microphone.

“Wonderful video at night and great apps for idevices (apple iOS) at home and while out of network via World Wide Web (BabyPing+)! ” – Kelly

Security level is doubled in this baby monitor. A total control and privacy setting can be enabled with the use of its password protection and the leading encryption method. In terms of alerts, this baby monitor automatically notifies you through vibrations, sounds when there are low Wi-Fi warnings or your baby cries.

The Cons

Everything has its own imperfections. And just like the other products in the market, BabyPing Secure Wi-Fi Baby Monitor for iPhone and iPad has a few.

From what you can probably gather from its name, this baby monitor will not work without a Wi-Fi connection.

It may also have some internet connection issues which are inevitable on Wi-Fi products. Moreover, it is only compatible with iOS products.

In terms of video display, there is about 2-3 seconds delay. Despite the cons, it will not greatly hinder the quality of the monitor as a whole.

Included Features

The box includes:

  1. BabyPing video monitor: used for monitoring the baby
  2. Monitor stand/ wall mount : used to place on a flat surface or attach to the ceiling or the wall
  3. 3m power supply: with UK/US/EU plug attachments
  4. 1m network (ethernet) cable: used to setup the BabyPing Video Monitor
  5. 2m iDevice extension power cable: used to extend the cable when charging your Apple device
  6. Pack of cable clips: used to secure any cables
  7. Attachable rubber feet : used as the monitor stand, if used on a horizontal surface
  8. Mounting screws: used for wall or ceiling mounting

Why You Should Choose this Monitor?

Aside from the features packed with this baby monitor, it gives you an extreme convenience of checking your child any time of the day and anywhere you are.

This is an ultra-smart baby monitor product. It gets way sophisticated than the traditional monitor. It makes the actual sharing of joy with your friends easier. With just a tap on your iOS device, the app is on and running. You can still fully access your device; make a call, access Google, or any other applications in your iPhone while the monitor runs on the background.

Alongside, if you are one of the avid fans of iProducts and have a baby or children, this baby monitor will be a perfect fit for you. You will feel rested with the help of this baby monitor when apart from your child. Just Wi-Fi connection and you are ready to go. You do not need to carry your baby with you. This baby monitor makes you feel like you are together although you are not. Experience a worry-free baby monitoring with the help of a Wi-Fi connection and any Apple device.

See additional user reviews on Amazon + Purchasing options

Best Baby Monitor for Two Way Communication

withings smart baby monitor

I have always wanted an excellent two way baby monitor and I finally found one. As much as possible, I want to see my baby and check on her even when I’m outside the house to give me peace of mind. Baby monitors do not have to be expensive in order to get a quality product.

Good thing, LYD W386D1 was made available in the market, I can keep an eye on my baby all the time without spending too much money!


The LYD W386D1 comes with a 2.4-inch color LCD with digital wireless transmission where the transmission range in an open area can go up to 656 feet. It has a stable signal with no interference and guarantees privacy. I don’t have to worry that the pictures in the monitor will be seen by my neighbors even if we have the same video monitor. Thus, I am assured that no one can see my baby except me.

See More Pictures and Reviews

Another good thing about this product is that the monitor has pan/tilt functions. This monitor allows me to adjust the angle of the camera and even put it a little farther from the crib, play around with the effects, whether horizontal or vertical and I can even adjust the picture and the sound with a high resolution display. The baby monitor also has a two-way speaker where I can even talk to my baby and let her hear my voice anytime.

Click for More Pictures

The best feature of LYD W386D1 baby monitor is that it is equipped with a night vision camera which features nine infrared LEDs capable of capturing images and footages from up to 32 feet away.

The baby monitor’s camera has a 7-10 meters night vision range where I can see my baby sleeping soundly at night. It also has a unique design that brings a happy mood in the baby’s room.


“Does not have motorized pan/tilt, you can only adjust camera direction manually.”

–       Gmy_gmy

As shared by one of the buyers of the product, LYD W386D1’s pan/tilt does not come with a remote and I have to manually rotate it. And since it comes with a built-in Li-battery, the problem is that it will only last for 3 hours, hence the need to recharge it everyday. It’s a good thing it comes with power adapters. It also does not have a temperature display, which for me I find it non-essential in a baby monitor, or even a vibration mode to alert me every time my baby cries.

Why buy LYD W386D1 two way baby monitor?

“No issues and eases my mind because its just a quick glance to check on my child. Highly recommended!”

–       Csheffield

If you need a single camera monitoring unit, then this product is right for you. It’s simple, easy and ready to use and at less than 60 bucks, you can get a camera, receiver, earphone, 2 piece power adapters and a user manual.  You don’t have to pay much to get the essentials needed in a baby monitor.

Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Monitor

There is nothing more comforting than making sure that my baby is doing great while sleeping. One of the things that made the Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video a great monitor is its ability to show the room clearly.

You do not really have to turn the lights on just to make sure that you are having a clear view of the whole room. The night vision that is included in the monitor can allow you to observe your child even when the lights are turned off. This is beneficial to me because my child cannot really sleep with the lights on.


There are different things that you need to know to understand the benefits of this Motorola two way baby monitor. As a starting point, I will discuss the range.

You can view your child and still have signal when you are 200 ft. away. This range allows you to view your child as you are working on something in your home or room or when you are busy preparing food for your family.

Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby MonitorThe technology used in this type of monitor can also allow you to view your child in a clear 3.5 LCD screen.

Now, if you want to monitor the temperature in your baby’s room in order to make sure that he/she is comfortable while sleeping, this monitor has it. With the use of this monitor, you will be able to know the temperature changes in your kid’s room with ease.  I really thought that was a neat feature.

You can also make your child sleep with the remote controlled lullabies. And finally, you do not have to worry when it is dark because this two way baby monitor has an infrared night vision that allows you to observe your kid while he/she is fast asleep during the night. This is one thing that made this video monitor better than the other monitors.

You can also talk to your baby and console him/her when he/she is crying. This device allows you to communicate with your kid.  I use this occasionally for reading to my baby or when I just want to let her know that I am here.

Check the latest price and customer reviews on


If you want to know the disadvantages of this product, no need to worry because this is durable and it is one of the best monitors I have used. The battery life can only last for 3 hours but normally I am plugging it in at various spots so it does not appear to be an issue.

Why this two way baby monitor is the best for you

Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

In my experience, I can say that this monitor is the best for you because it has all the features you could ask for.

It will be very easy for you to monitor your child because of the video, the night vision and the two-way communication.

You do not have to go to the room and talk to your kid personally when he/she cannot sleep.

You can just sing to him/her or you can just turn on the lullaby with the use of the remote. This really is just an excellent and convenient monitor.

Additional Reviews!

“I have already tried many two way monitors and Motorola is so far the best among them.”

“I just bought this monitor after I broke a lot of monitors in the past 3 and a half years. When I checked its features, I already know that it is the best monitor that I have bought.”

“After a long search I can say that Motorola monitor is the winner.”

Best price on

Levana Astra Baby Monitor Review

If you are looking for the best two way baby monitor that will allow you to clearly talk to your baby, Levana Astra 3.5” PTZ Digital Baby Video Monitor is the best one for you. This product is specially designed to make it more comfortable for parents to look after their babies without requiring their presence.

The best thing about the product is its two-way communication that allows you to interact with your baby while he/she is in the other room. This will allow you to regularly monitor your kid while you are busy doing something.

As a mom, knowing that your kid is safe during the night and during the busy hours of the day is something that can bring you peace of mind.


There are different things that you need to consider when you are buying a digital baby video monitor.

First, you need to know the range of the signal. This is important especially if you have a big house and you need to be on the other side of the home every now and then.

With Levana Astra, you can secure a 750 foot range. Comparing it to other monitors, this is quite impressive. You can roam around the house without worrying about interruptions because of slow signal. Aside form the range; you should also consider the battery life.

Levana Astra can be used for 48 hours when it is in its PEEP mode and it has a 10-hour battery life when you turn your screen on. Aside from those, this type of monitor has a 12 ft. automatic night vision. You can make sure that your kid is doing great even during the night.

Levana Astra also comes with 3 remote controlled lullabies that you can use when your kid is having a hard time to sleep. You can also use up to four cameras with this type of monitor. The camera can be adjusted and zoomed if you want to. And finally, the most important benefit that you can get is the lifetime live customer support that the manufacturer can give.

Levana Astra


When it comes to the disadvantages, you cannot really find issues with the product. One of the things that can give you a hard time using this is inexperience and newness.

If you have been using other products before, you may find it hard to shift to this monitor especially when the controls are different. However, you just need to be familiar with it and you will be happy with it.

Get the best prices on Amazon

Why this baby two way monitor is right for you?

There are different factors that can make you realize that this is the best monitor for you. First, the features of the product is worth its price. You can be sure that you bought something that can give you the service that is equivalent to the amount of money that you spent.

One of the other things that made this monitor special is the feature that allows you to speak to your kid and the remote control lullaby that you can use to make him/her fall asleep. These two features are very important if you are busy doing something or you are already in bed. You do not really have to go and check, you just have to talk to the baby and just turn on the lullaby to make him/her sleep.

Levana Astra monitor also allows you to monitor your kid in 24 hours. If the baby can sleep only when the room is dark, there would be no problem about that because the monitor is made with night-light that can allow you to see him/her even when there is no light.


Best View Handheld Wireless Review

With the advancement of technology, it’s no wonder that even baby accessories will go with the latest trends – colored video, digital wireless and even equipped with night vision

Good thing FDL Technology from China was able to incorporate all the features necessary for a baby monitor by creating Best View Handheld Wireless 2.4 GHz.

Now, even parents can relax at night without worrying of not being able to monitor their babies.



Best View Handheld Wireless has a digital wireless 2.4-inch screen color LCD monitor with a secured signal to guarantee that no one else will see your baby but you. This baby monitor can also be connected to a television, monitor, VCR or even a DVD recorder.

Furthermore, this product comes with an AC adapter and battery support to ensure portability. I can bring it anywhere.

And the best thing about this product is that it is equipped with a night vision camera with two-way talking and 360 degree rotation.

As a parent, nothing will give me peace of mind unless I know that my baby is safe and sound. With the Best View Handheld Wireless, checking on the baby is more convenient especially when I have other things to do, like cleaning the house or doing the dishes. The receiver can be taken any time and anywhere, even at night, because of the presence of infrared lights. The baby monitor even has a strong night vision distance.

“Best value for a baby monitor. Most features for the money.”

–      David

Apart from being a baby video monitor, this product can also be used to secure the house and act as a CCTV camera. I

even tried to put the camera in the front door and surprisingly, I can see who’s coming and even talk to them without going to the front door myself. Other than this, the unit can also be placed in shops, garden as well as garage security.

“The video is good, night vision worked well.”

–      Erin


Despite the unit’s excellent features, Best View Handheld Wireless 2.4 GHz has a few issues. Even though it says in the product label that the baby monitor has a 360-degree rotation, it sometimes does not work.

The zooming settings are also not optical and can only be zoomed in or out once. And although the night vision works well, there are instances when it started to make some noises and static sounds that can disturb the baby’s sleep.

It also doesn’t have a temperature display or a vibration mode although personally, I find this non-essential when it comes to choosing a baby monitor. Other than these, the video monitor works absolutely fine.

Best View Handheld Wireless Baby Monitor

Why Best View Handheld Wireless? 

“The picture is as clear as a TV picture, and I love that the monitor is portable and rechargeable so I can bring the monitor all over the house with me.”

–      G. Masel

Best View Handheld Wireless 2.4 GHz may not be the cheapest baby monitor in the market but definitely, it is not the most expensive.

At around a hundred bucks, you get a good deal for your money. It may not have the most advanced features but it does have the essentials needed.

Since the product is provided with night vision, you can even see your baby at anytime of the night without having to worry, thanks to its infrared lights.

For Prices, More Reviews, and Pictures, Check it Out on

Quotes from actual Amazon Reviews

“This is very easy to set up and use. The best feature of this monitor is its night vision.”

“My wife is 100% confident about the monitor because of the camera that works like a charm.”

“The camera and all the stuffs are very easy to set up and the microphone is very useful.”

Check it out at

Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor Review

Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor ReviewThe Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor is an excellent monitor for someone interested in the best sound, excellent features, and a great battery option at an even better price.

Angelcare products have been providing parents and guardians with some of the best monitors and this model continues in that mold.


The first thing you will notice about this monitor is the design. As you can see from the pictures above, it looks a bit different than other monitors that are of similar cost. The reason is because this monitor has a lot of additional technology.

The Range is equally impressive.

The sound monitor offers a range of up to 820 feet which is definitely on the higher end. You will have the ability to freely move around your apartment or home without worrying about range issues.

In addition, there was not a problem with additional walls being in the way whether they be cement or some other thicker wall.

This brings us to the next positive, the sound!

The one thing I know every parent is concerned with is the sound of their baby monitoring device.

same6-300x199Let’s be honest, the whole point of a baby monitor is for listening. If you have interference, or the sound is too low, then the monitor is not doing its job. The Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor won’t disappoint you. The monitor comes with eight different channels and a 927 MHz frequency. The microphone is adjustable which provides added functionality.

Finally, the best feature about this monitor are the extra bonuses. These bonuses include a belt clip, temperature display, sound indicator lights, AND rechargeable batteries.

For its low price, this monitor easily outdoes the competition.


Now, every monitor has some issues. We can assure you, this monitor has less than most though. First, we did notice that the room temperature display did not display immediately. Although this was a small issue, if you wanted to know the temperature immediately, you could not. But waiting a few seconds certainly allows the device enough time to catch up.

Second, the device only comes with batteries for the receiver rather than both the base and the receiver. The interesting part is that both units can use the batteries. Not a huge issue though.

Finally, if you turn the volume up too high, it starts to crack the sound a bit. You may notice this but it was not a huge issue considering putting the monitor at the level of sound may have been too much any way.

VTech Communications Safe & Sound Baby MonitorThe VTech Communications Safe & Sound Baby Monitor

The VTech Communications Safe & Sound Baby Monitor is an excellent baby monitor for the price.

This monitor provides you with easy listening and a no fuss system. If you want a baby monitor that works and something that is straightforward and works, then this baby monitor is for you. You will love the price, love the sound, and love that it just simply works.


First, this monitor has unbelievable range for the price. You can get audio with this monitor up to 1,000 feet. This is great for parents or guardians that have bigger spaces or have bedrooms that are further away.

In addition to the range, this baby monitor comes with the very handy belt clip. Often, this is an add-on accessory for monitors but with this monitor, you get it right away. No more worries about setting down your monitor and forgetting it!

Next, the monitor has an excellent battery. Most batteries only allow a full day charge such as 12 to 15 hours. However, the VTech Communications Safe & Sound Baby Monitor lasts for up to 18 hours on a single charge. This allows you to not worry about the battery issues that plague other two way baby monitors.

Another major pro for this baby monitor is the sound. The monitor uses DECT Digital Technology which helps for two things. First, the monitor’s sound is extremely clear allowing you to know what is going on with little if any interference. Second, the technology transmits a secure signal so you know you are the only one listening.

Finally, the monitor comes with two-way communication capability. This allows you to talk back and forth with your child. The VTech Communications Safe & Sound Baby Monitor also has silent mode, allowing you to view lights on the monitor which correlate with the level of noise.


Although this monitor will allow you to listen to your child, and it is a great price, the monitor lacks some other key features that some parents may want. The monitor does work well, but it lacks video. Video can be great for parents who want to see their child.

The monitor also lacks the ability to listen through your iPhone or iPad. This means that you constantly need the monitor by your side. Luckily, it does come with a belt clip which does make this process easier.

Finally, the monitor does not have temperature notification or movement sensors. This can be great for knowing if your baby is uncomfortable or if there is just movement from your child rather than noise.

For Prices, More Pictures, and More Reviews, Check it Out on

withings smart baby monitorWithings Smart Baby Monitor

This is the most unbeatable and the best iPhone, iPad, and iPod compatible baby monitor available in the market.

The monitor provides you with the ability to see clear video of your child from anywhere and even allows video monitoring in the dark.


First, the Withings Smart Baby Monitor has a high resolution video sensor which allows you to see every detail of your infant’s room. The camera has pinch to zoom effect and allows you to keep an eye on your child’s room at all times.
Night Mode

Second, the Withings Smart Baby Monitor has an infrared camera night mode allowing you to monitor your child without waking the infant up.

One of the biggest problems with non-video monitors is that you must open up the door to the room to actually check on the infant sleeping. With this device, you will never have to risk waking up your child again.

withings smart baby monitor3In addition to the video, the Withings Smart Baby Monitor comes with the ability to download the free WithBaby App for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

This truly goes beyond most of the monitors out there because you can check on your child from much greater distances.

If you are away on a trip or out to work, you can check on how your child is sleeping and is being cared for.

The monitor has the ability for you to connect with your child through two-way communication. Although this feature is becoming more standard, it is a necessary component if you like to practice talking to your child or reading to your child from a distance. The sound is clear and interference free.

Alert System

The Withings Smart Baby Monitor also comes with some of the best alerts you can find. With the App, you can receive messages if there are any changes in noise, movement, temperature, or humidity in your child’s room. This allows you to keep track of your child’s comfort level without constantly checking on the room itself.

What is in the Box?

This system comes with the actual monitor, a carrying bag for travel, a bedside stand, battery, power supply, three power adapters, and the manual for use. You can download the iPhone App from the App Store for free as well.

Amazon Review Quotes

“I loved the fact that this monitor allowed me to play music to my child with built in songs!”

“The iPhone App is great. It allows me to get great signal and the difference between me being at home and on my data plan is very little. I am soooo happy I decided to go with this model.”

“The monitor comes with a great history log so I can keep track of patterns that occur at night. It graphs it out and shows me anything I may have missed.”

“The video quality was an added bonus. Our previous monitor got interrupted and the signal was just not great. With this monitor, it is wonderful to see my baby sleeping while I am away.”

“This is an excellent product. If my baby wakes up early, I can remotely flip on the nightlight or play music to keep her occupied while I am slowly getting up. I cannot believe I used something else before this.”

For More Reviews, Pictures, and Prices, Check out the Withings Smart Baby Monitor on Amazon

The Best Baby Monitor Comparison Guide


If you are anticipating a beautiful new infant in your life, you likely have many different questions.  Honestly, one of the biggest questions is what do you need for your new baby?  If you find yourself looking for the Best Baby Monitor then you are at the #1 Source Online for Baby Monitors.

Our interactive chart below and the analysis that follows will help you figure out what baby monitor will be perfect for you and your new family.

We understand that everyone has specific preferences, but a everyone wants the best baby monitor available for their infant.  We have the best comparison charts available online as well as reviews of the newest monitors for your child.  Check out our chart below for the 5 of the Best Baby Monitors or our many articles and reviews highlighting the best monitors available.

What is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is a radio system that is used to listen to sounds made by your child remotely. Normally, a baby alarm, or baby monitor, includes a microphone which is placed near the child or crib. The sounds are then transmitted from the monitor near the baby to the remote monitor in your possession.  The primary purpose of a baby monitor is to allow parents, guardians, babysitters, or other family members to hear when an infant wakes up.

Types of Baby Monitors

There are many different types of monitors.  In addition to the typical wired and wireless monitors, some monitors are two-way which allows the parent to speak back through the monitor to the baby. These are useful for parents or guardians who are interested in crib talk, which is a method to help infants to practice their language skills.

Other monitors include a video camera and are known as baby cams.  Baby cams are extremely useful for parents interested in the way their children fall asleep.  However, a video camera monitor also provides additional security for the child and the parents or guardian.  Some baby cams do have night vision providing increased visibility even when the lights are out.

Finally, there are movement monitors.  Movement monitors are a type of baby monitor in which an alarm will sound after a specific amount of time when the child is no longer moving.  These are useful for parents that are concerned about their child’s sleeping patterns.

How to Find the Best Baby Monitor for Your Needs

Because of the various types of baby monitors, it can be tough to find a monitor that suits your needs.  No worries though! We have Five Tips to help you find the best monitor for your needs!

First, you should consider a video monitor.  Video monitors are excellent for checking on your infant and bringing peace of mind to yourself.  In addition, they help you see what is going on in the crib or the babies bed.  Normally, parents hear crying, noises, or something else and are unsure of what happened.  However, with a video monitor, you can easily check on the issue.

Second, choose a wireless model.  A wireless model provides the most flexibility for you to finish what you are doing elsewhere.  You can continue working inside or even outside.  Look for a model with a belt clip to make sure the monitor is near you at all times.

Third, make sure the model has a battery light.  More importantly, make sure you can see it.  Often, many baby monitors provide a lighter light which can dim to the point of a parent being unable to see if it is still powered.  The more prominent of light, the more peace of mind you will have.

Fourth, look for a model with sound activated lights.  Sound activated lights provide a flashing of lights if there is noice.  This is a great option for when you are on the phone, or need to silence the baby monitor.  The best part, is that even if it is silenced, you will see the lights flashing.

Finally, find a model with a high frequency above 900 MHz to 1000 MHz.  The primary reason for this is so you can hear any and all noises with proper clarity.  Some monitors and baby cams do not have strong enough frequencies which often results in additional interference and less clear hearing.

Follow those tips and find the best monitor for your baby!

Review of the Top 5 Baby Monitors

Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night VisionThe Infant Optics DXR-5 is one of the best baby monitors available for the price.  This monitor will give you peace of mind no matter what you are doing in your house or apartment.


The design of the Infant Optics DXR-5 is built for portability and superior sound a video quality.  The blue design allows this monitor to not be obtrusive or one that stands out within your house or apartment.


The Infant Optics DXR-5 has a screen with an extremely sensitive microphone.  In addition, it provides up to 800 feet wireless transmissions in open areas and up to 150 feet in enclosed areas.  The range is impressive considering this is a video monitor.  In addition, the camera has night vision to help with your peace of mind while your child is sleeping.  Finally, there is a power saving mode which allows the monitor to shut off automatically if there is no noise for 3 minutes.

Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews on

Motorola MBP33 Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Infrared Night Vision and Zoom 2.8″ Color LCD

Motorola MBP33 Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Infrared Night Vision and Zoom 2.8″ Color LCDThe Motorola MBP33 is a high end monitor which will allow you to have some of the best range and visibility of your sleeping child.  Above all, this monitor is sleek and powerful enough for anyone’s needs.


The design of the Motorola MBP33 is excellent.  It provides portability as well as a sleek look for anyone interested in a monitor not being too intrusive.  In addition, the monitor comes in multiple colors to suit any parent or caregiver’s needs.


This monitor has some of the best features of any monitor around.  First, the baby monitor has 2.4GHz with a range up to 650 feet.  The LCD display is 2.8 inches and provides real time video along with infrared night vision.  If that is not enough, the monitor plays five lullabies which are built into the monitor.  There is also a silent mode which provides five lights to see how much noise is coming from the room.  If you are constantly moving around, the monitor has an out of range warning and offers room temperature monitors so you know your child is comfortable.

Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews on

Samsung SEW-3037W Wireless Pan Tilt Video Baby Monitor Infrared Night Vision and Zoom

Samsung SEW-3037W Wireless Pan Tilt Video Baby Monitor Infrared Night Vision and ZoomThe Samsung SEW-3037W is the top of the line baby monitor.  This baby monitor offers some of the highest power and flexibility when it comes to monitors.  In addition, it is backed by excellent products made by Samsung.


The design of the Samsung SEW-3037W is sleek but also simple.  The model weighs in at 2.5 pounds but has a very distinctive look.  The quality of the product can be seen simply by looking at the pictures.  However, the actual feel of the product will higlight the quality of this baby monitor.


This Samsung SEW-3037W has the ultimate features.  First, the range of the device is one of the best.  The monitor offers up to 900 feet of pure interference free signals.  The device is also two way providing you the ability to practice baby talk with your child.  In addition, the camera supports pan and tilt functions that you can operate from other areas in your home.  The image from the Samsung SEW-3037W is clear and crisp with an amazing 640 X 480 resolution.  Finally, the device not only has infrared night vision but you can also view during the night up to 15 feet away.

Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews on

 Angelcare 4 Piece Baby Video Sound and Movement Baby Monitor System Ac1100

Angelcare 4 Piece Baby Video Sound and Movement Baby Monitor System Ac1100This Angelcare Monitor is also one of the best monitors available and quite possibly may be the best available.  Although this model might appear more expensive, the offerings for this product are nearly second to none.


The design of the Angelcare Monitor is unbelievable.  The monitor offers some of the best looking products and even comes with touch screen capability.  There are four pieces in this model and they offer a sleek, high technology approach to baby monitors that may be unrivaled. 


This Angelcare Monitor comes with four pieces: 1 parent unit, 1 nursery unit, 1 charging station, and 1 sensor pad for movements.  In addition, the monitor comes with 2 AC adapters as well has 3 rechargeable batteries.  This model is the ultimate 3 in 1 monitor with the ability to see, hear, and talk.  The device has color video, an infrared camera, a sound monitor for two way communication, and a motion sensor pad.  This device comes with 2.4 GHz and has a range of up to 656 feet.  The sensor pad will detect the slightest movements.  Finally, there is back up power, a belt clip, and a locator in case a unit is missing.

Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews on

SVP 2.4GHz Wireless Digital Baby Day and Infrared Night Video Monitors

SVP 2.4GHz Wireless Digital Baby Day and Infrared Night Video MonitorsThe advantage of the SVP Monitor is not only the features but the price.  This device is packed with features, beautifully designed, and costs less than half of most monitors.  Bear in mind, this is still a powerful baby monitor.


The design of the SVP Monitor is simple but powerful.  This version comes in pink and additional colors, but also looks durable.  Although the price might lead you to believe that this product is not high quality, think again because it offers great durability for the price.


This SVP Monitor comes with 2.4 GHz and transmissions up to 200 feet indoor and up to 800 feet in open space.  The portable monitor comes with a 2.4 inch LCD color screen and the parent or caregiver is supplied with a belt clip for the ultimate portability.  In addition, this monitor contains night vision with adjustable brightness.  Finally, the batteries are rechargeable and it has an automatic power saving mode.  With these features, you would be thinking this device is extremely expensive but think again.

Find the Best Monitor for Your Needs

Now that you have seen all that baby monitors have to offer, check out our endless reviews and find your next monitor today.  We only review the best products and hope that you enjoy looking through our reviews to find that special communication device for you and your family!

Best organic crib mattress review


When you’re shopping for an organic crib mattress, there are many things that you should know about in order to make the right decision for your baby.

First, you might be wondering what an organic crib mattress is in the first place. Maybe you are a parent who is concerned about leading a fully organic lifestyle, that not only includes organic foods, but also as many organic products as you can find for your household.

So, why don’t we start by defining organic crib mattresses.

Organic crib mattresses – What are organic materials?

What exactly are organic materials? Can you call “green” and “eco” products organic as well? Is there really any difference?

The short answer is, yes.

Organic materials can only be called as such if they are completely free of all inorganic chemicals and other environmentally toxic chemicals. Even if there is a small trace of these particles, the USDA will not allow them to be called “organic” on any of their labels.

In fact, there are harsh fines and sometimes even criminal penalties associated with companies who break this law.

For this reason, the best organic crib mattress reviews will always seek to inform their readers of what the legal history of the company is and provide all the information necessary to evaluate whether you want to use their services or not.

Best organic crib mattress reviews

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Crib Mattress

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Crib MattressThe Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Crib Mattress is just how it sounds. You don’t want to compromise on your baby’s health, and now you can have an organic crib mattress that isn’t made with any harsh chemicals or vinyl.

The Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Crib Mattress has a waterproof surface that is easy to clean and is a 100% polyethylene food grade waterproof surface.

This is a better alternative to any vinyl or PVC that is normally found in a baby’s mattress.

Polyethylene is used in the food packaging industry and is completely pure and non-toxic.

The baby crib mattress also has organic cotton filling which promotes a healthy and more chemical-free sleeping environment. This organic cotton is all natural and renewable. It is unbleached, undyed and grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

The Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Crib Mattress is all hypoallergenic with a dust mite barrier cover so that baby won’t inhale any more dust mites than necessary and there is no need for an additional dust mite barrier encasing.The matress also is free of wool or latex which are known to be allergens for baby’s soft skin.

The baby mattress also has firm support with a heavy duty 252 coil orthopedic innerspring with a firm, flat surface that gives the utmost support that complies with pediatricians and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Plus the Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Crib Mattress has fire protection which is a non-toxic system that exceeds all federal and state standards.

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Crib Mattress offers:
  • Waterproof surface
  • Organic cotton filling
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Firm Support
  • Fire protection

The Reviews

The Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Crib Mattress got an overall 4.5 out of 5 stars from parents that are actually using this mattress for their children.

One mom said she has been doing her research and it was hard to find an organic mattress that was made in America and then she stumbled upon this one. She thinks the mattress itself is extremely well made and is easy to clean and durable.

Another mom said that her 4 month old sleeps soundly through the night on this mattress and she herself has slept better knowing that her daughter is sleeping on a state of the art, organic mattress.

Another mom commented that her son was born 4 weeks early with a respiratory distress syndrome and she has asthma herself. So with these risk factors she had to invest in the Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Crib Mattress instead of a vinyl replacement for having natural chemicals and not toxins inhaled. This was the safest mattress for him possible and it was very important into ensuring that her son could breathe well.

We have found the best price for the Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Crib Mattress to be at Amazon.

#2 Naturepedic No Compromise 150 Organic Crib Mattress

Naturepedic No Compromise 150 Organic Crib Mattress The Naturepedic No Compromise 150 Organic Crib Mattress is an excellent choice for baby’s optimal health as it is an organic mattress that is not made with toxic chemicals like other vinyl mattresses. The Naturepedic No Compromise 150 Organic Crib Mattress has a waterproof surface that is easy to clean. It also is made of 100% polyethylene which is a food grade waterproof surface. The mattress is 100% organic cotton which is natural and renewable. It also has a dust mite barrier over which makes the Naturepedic No Compromise 150 Organic Crib Mattress completely hypoallergenic.

The Naturepedic No Compromise 150 Organic Crib Mattress also has heavy duty border rods that add strong side and edge support. There is non-toxic fire protection which meets and exceeds the federal and state flammability standards. There is no latex, coir, wool or other potential allergenic materials which is safe for your baby’s fragile skin. Naturepedic mattress meet the strict “Greenguard Certification” standards and are recommended by the “Healthy Child Healthy World” natural children’s advocacy coalition. With a number of awards and accolades, the Naturepedic No Compromise 150 Organic Crib Mattress is easily one of the healthiest mattresses available on the market.

Want to know more about the Naturepedic No Compromise 150 Organic Crib Mattress – click here to find out.

Naturepedic No Compromise 150 Organic Crib Mattress offers:

  • Waterproof, easy to clean surface
  • 100% organic cotton that is natural and renewable
  • Hypoallergenic dust mite barrier cover
  • Heavy duty border rods
  • Non-toxic fire protection system

The Reviews

The reviews for the Naturepedic No Compromise 150 Organic Crib Mattress scored an overall 4 out of 5 stars as rated by actual users of the product.

One mom said that her daughter slept better on this mattress the very first time she laid her down on it and prior to that, she wouldn’t sleep anywhere else but in between them on their king sized bed. SHe loves that it’s organic and there are no harmful chemicals and that it’s fire-resistant.

Yet another mother had a few complaints about the Naturepedic No Compromise 150 Organic Crib Mattress. She said that it wasn’t completely flat so that baby’s head is lower than the rest of his body. Also the mattress doesn’t breathe well and her son ends up sweating on the side that is touching the mattress.

Yet other mothers couldn’t say enough positive things about the Naturepedic No Compromise 150 Organic Crib Mattress. One mom described how she was confused about all of the organic mattresses on the market and the Naturepedic customer support answered all of her questions and helped her to select the best mattress that was perfect for her and her baby. Another mom is disagreeing that the top is not flat, and says it’s perfectly flat and is a firm mattress that has no odors at all.

#3 Sealy Naturalis Baby Crib Mattress

Sealy Naturalis Baby Crib Mattress ReviewsThe Sealy Naturalis Organic Crib Mattress is a certified organic cotton mattress for a plush sleeping environment.

It features a hypoallergenic sleeping layer and also a protective wrap for support and comfort.

There are steel border rods for firmness around the edges and the Sealy Naturalis Organic Crib Mattress has 150 interwoven steel coils. The entire cover and lock stitched binding are wetproof so that they can wipe clean and thus prevent any allergens from sticking to the mattress.

The Sealy Naturalis Organic Crib Mattress also fits toddler bed frames so you get several years of use out of it! All of the organic cotton inside the mattress is naturally harvested and handled.

The cotton is certified by the US Dept of Agriculture so you know the bed is ecofriendly. It comes with a lifetime warranty on all workmanship materials. However the Sealy Naturalis Organic Crib Mattress come wrapped in vinyl, which doesn’t make the crib mattresses entirely organic.

Want to know more about the Sealy Naturalis Organic Crib Mattress – click here to learn more

Sealy Naturalis Organic Crib Mattress offers:

  • Certified organic cotton
  • Hypoallergenic sleep layer with protective vinyl wrap
  • Steel border rods for edge firmness
  • 150 interwoven steel coils for support
  • Cover and binding are wetproof and prevent allergens
  • This crib mattress also features toddler bed frames

The Sealy Naturalis Organic Crib Mattress got the lowest review of all of our baby crib mattresses as it rated a 3 out of 5 stars. The biggest disappointment listed among parents was that the “organic” mattress comes wrapped in vinyl so it defeats the purpose of being organic.

One mom said that she unwrapped the mattress and got a plastic chemical smell. Yet other parents are okay with that and one mother has bought two of these for both of her children. She loved the fact that the Sealy Naturalis Organic Crib Mattress can be turned into a toddler mattress to fit a toddler bed frame.

Other mattress reviews mentioned how perfectly the Sealy Naturalis Organic Crib Mattress fit into their cribs and how well their infants sleep on it. However another complaint that the crib mattress got was that it isn’t as firm as other mattresses out there on the market. But some liked its softness as it was perfect soft cotton for their infants to sleep on. Other parents suggested putting a sheepskin mattress cover over it to prevent the vinyl smell from the outer wrapping.

Allergies to chemicals and toxins

Many children have allergies and the chemicals and toxins found in regular mattresses could have harmful effects on them. While it’s true that some children are allergic to organic materials as well, this is less the case for inorganic chemicals. This is why generally, choosing organic crib mattresses is a better idea than any other option.

The best organic crib mattress reviewers will also warn you about any potential harmful effects and allergies that might be associated even with the organic material in question.

For instance, some children are allergic to wool and might break out in a rash or become itchy from this fabric. A good review will inform you of these potential side effects with any of its organic products that are reviewed.

Also keep in mind that fair and honest organic crib mattress reviews will also inform as to whether that product was made with chemicals or not. The best mattresses which can be called organic are ones that are handmade from materials, without anything toxic. Be careful with mattresses that are made with toxic chemicals, but are still made of a natural material or fiber.

What types of materials are you likely to find in organic crib mattresses?

When you are reading your organic crib mattress reviews, you will probably notice a lot of the same materials used in the mattresses: wool, organic cotton, food grade polyethylene and steel innerspring are all common materials that are all completely organic and found in the best organic crib mattresses.

Truly useful organic crib mattress reviews will also tell you if the mattress is fireproof and waterproof — polyethylene is an environmentally friendly plastic that is completely waterproof and organic cotton is one of the best fireproof materials known to the market.

Best baby monitor buying guide


There are a lot of baby monitors out there on the market. When I first started looking for one, I literally was spoilt for choice. How do you choose? And what was the difference between digital, analog and DECT?

Radio Frequency

As with all cordless devices, baby monitors operate on a radio frequency. The most popular of which, is 2.4 GHz. Its extreme popularity is unfortunately also the cause of its downfall. Because it is so popular, and so many cordless devices use this frequency, it is prone to interference.

For example, if your neighbor uses the same baby monitor as you, you might end up picking up her signal and vice versa, causing undue false alarms and occasionally, embarrassing moments of privacy intrusion.

DECT is another radio frequency. While relatively new in the market, Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication will probably become the most used frequency in due time, because it is very reliable, provides a longer range and promises virtually no interference.

The only downside to this is that DECT baby monitors are quite expensive, e.g. the Philips Avent DECT SCD520.

Digital vs. Analog

Digital and analog formats on the other hand, determine how sound is transmitted from the monitor to the receiver. While a digital baby monitor scrambles the signal in binary code to ensure privacy, an analog baby monitor only transmits the sound directly to the receiver via electrical pulses.

Needless to say, analog baby monitors are cheaper yet can still provide relatively okay sound quality but digital baby monitors (which are not that expensive anymore) provide good sound, less interference and static, as well as sound clarity.

I have written several baby monitor reviews on different types of baby monitors which you might find useful should you have decided which kind of baby monitor you are looking for. :) Happy hunting!

Types of Baby Monitors

#1 Sound baby monitors

If you only need your baby monitor to hear whether your baby is crying or awake, this is the cheapest kind of baby monitor to get. Really good sound monitors are very sensitive, and you can even hear your precious one breathing at night! There are three technologies for sound baby monitors:

  • Analog baby monitors
    These are the oldest and most basic sound monitors. Cheapest but has more interference and static and less sound quality.
  • Digital baby monitors
    This type ensure more privacy, have less interference and static, and better sound quality.
  • DECT baby monitors
    They are the best and most expensive sound monitors. You don’t have to worry about picking up neighbors’ signals, and there is no static. Best sound quality of all.

#2 Motion sensing baby monitors

This kind of baby monitor monitors motion and sound. Very useful if you have a premature baby or special health concerns. By placing the motion-sensing pad under the baby, any motion including breathing motions will be picked up and if movement stops, you’ll be immediately alerted.

This gives peace of mind to new parents who are really worried about Sudden Infant Death syndrome (SIDS). (Best Motion Sensing Baby Monitor)

#2 Video baby monitors

This is the latest kind of baby monitor. You can use it to hear and see your baby through a screen on the receiver or parent unit. Some of these have color, and some are black and white, and better ones have night vision to let you see your baby even when the baby’s room is in total darkness. (Best Video Baby Monitor)

Digital video baby monitors are susceptible to interference and picks up signals from your neighbors’ houses if they use the same model. But now there is a new wifi or wireless video baby monitor that uses 3G technology so now you can see and hear your baby on your iphone, ipad or mac without interference.

Factors to consider when choosing a baby monitor

Here are the things to look out for when shopping for a baby monitor:

1) Battery
Check what kind of battery the baby monitor uses. Is it rechargeable? Maybe you want to read some reviews to see whether the battery lasts long. You don’t want the battery to run out of juice when you’re in the basement doing laundry.

2) How many receivers?
Some people are ok with just one receiver, but others like one each for daddy and mummy, so that the nearest one can go to baby when he/she wakes up.

3) Volume
Unless you’re getting a video baby monitor, sound is the main function and so you’d want to hear your baby clear and loud. If your house has a lot of background noise like air-conditioning or the tv is always on, make sure the volume in your monitor’s parent unit is loud enough.

4) Light indicators
Ok, so you want to put on headphones and listen to some nice music, or you need a shower but monitors can’t get wet. Get a baby monitor with light indicators that tell you baby is crying even when you can’t hear.

Personally, I find any and all indicators to be really good when using a baby monitor, because I need all the alerting I can get. If you get caught up in something, the best baby monitors have light and sound to alert you so that you’ll drop your task and run to your baby.

5) Interference, Static and Channels
Maybe you’re ok with a little static, or maybe you want to throw your receiver against the wall the minute it begins to make scratchy background noise.

If you don’t mind at all, even a cheaper analog monitor will do for you. If you like clarity and sound quality, go for digital monitors. And if you really want no interference at all, including not receiving signals from neighbors’ houses, it’s time to throw in some cash and get a DECT monitor.

After all, you wouldn’t want to respond to a cry only to find out that it was your neighbor’s baby in the end. Or worse, overhear their private conversations if you’re both using the same channel or the same baby monitor.

More channels will mean less interference. Nowadays models come with a range from a few channels to over hundred channels to ensure the least interference.

6) Sensitivity
This is also a matter of preference. Some people like to hear the white noise in baby’s room as an assurance that the monitor is working well at all times, but some would prefer just to hear baby’s sound.

Some models allow you to control the sensitivity of the microphone so that you can set it to pick up only the noises you want to hear.

7) Walkie-talkie feature
If your baby is already talking little phrases like mine, this could be a nice feature to have! Some toddlers don’t cry when they need mummy, but they like to know that mummy is around the house somewhere.

With this feature you can safely leave your kid in the room keeping an ongoing conversation with him/her while you do your chores around the house!

I hope you find this helpful:)

Happy shopping for a baby monitor!


Graco baby monitor-Our top 3 best picks

Grago Deluxe

Graco baby monitors are highly recommended because they covers a whole range of functions and because most of their devices are designed to last longer

Baby monitors from Grago have helped many people to monitor their baby more effectively, especially with the baby movement sensor function. You get a device that helps you to monitor your baby’s movements and alert you when something’s wrong.

Besides the baby movement sensor function, the Graco baby monitors also score well in the other functions like transmission range, audio clarity, and durability. With these baby monitors, you are free to run your chores or catch a quick nap while your baby is asleep.

I always consider baby monitors as essential devices for all parents. Of course, you should always choose good and reliable devices because you wouldn’t want to risk your baby’s well being.

Graco Angelcare Movement Sensor with Sound Baby Monitor

moniteur_de_luxe-AC401_de_luxe-monitorThis baby monitor looks a bit like a spaceship, doesn’t it? But it’s a really great baby monitor, because it senses MOTION as well as sound. 🙂

The blue mat in the picture must be placed under the baby’s mattress, and above a hard surface to sense baby’s motions, even when asleep. Another friend from pre-natal class, who had her baby a month early, told me this when I went over to visit and bring gifts for her son.

SIDS and Preemies

Being a new mother, and extra paranoid because her son was a preemie (premature, because he decided to come out before he was due) and an avid reader, she had heard all about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) where a baby just dies in its sleep.

Apparently, preemies are more susceptible to this.

So, she took extra precautions and decided to invest in this Angelcare baby monitor, and she tells me that it really was a worthy investment.

The Graco baby monitor may look odd but certainly works well, with the motion sensor pad. It’s sensitive enough to detect a baby’s breathing without disrupting your baby’s sleep. Definitely a worthy investment because it’s reliable.

Motion sensing Pads

When she told me that the pad could sense motion, I was quite skeptical. What if it malfunctions and baby Josh were actually fine? Wouldn’t that cause her undue worry and stress, as if caring for a premature infant isn’t enough?

Surprisingly, she told me that since using it four months ago, she hasn’t had a problem with it. If Josh were to stop moving for 20 seconds, an alarm would sound so she can rush to check on him. And the pad is sensitive enough to sense the motion of a baby breathing, which I think is really cool.

I’m recommending this baby monitor to anybody who has special needs when it comes to selecting a baby monitor. The peace of mind you get from knowing your little darling is completely safe totally makes up for the little bit extra you pay for buying a motion sensor and baby monitor rolled into one. 🙂

Graco Angelcare Deluxe Movement Sensor With Sound Monitor

Grago DeluxeSome people may wonder, why buy a baby monitor with movement sensor?

However, if you’ve heard of Sudden-Infant-Death-Syndrome (SIDS), you’ll understand the importance and genius behind this device.

The Graco Angelcare Deluxe Movement Sensor is a good baby monitor which comes with under the mattress sensor pad, 2 unit receivers, 2 unit chargers, and a nursery unit transmitter.

This monitor has received reasonably good reviews on Amazon, and for a good reason too.

(1) It is rightfully sensitive!

The last thing you’d want from a baby monitor with movement sensor is an inaccurate reading or rather, a false alarm.

The motion sensor for this device works fine and I have another friend from pre-natal class who’s using this model; she said that it’s rightfully sensitive (meaning that you get the right dose of movement detection).

(2) Loud alarm – a good thing

Loud alarm totally wakes you up even from the deepest slumber but that’s the whole point; it means that this is a good device that does its job so that you don’t have to worry all the time. Plus, the volume is easily adjustable so there really isn’t an issue there.

(3) You are buying peace of mind

For a manageable sum you are getting peace of mind knowing that there is extra help from this device to help you keep an eye on the baby. My friend has since become less paranoid and more calm, knowing that she took the best safety measure possible, by using this device.

Graco Ultra Clear II 49MHZ Baby Monitor

Graco Ultra Clear II 49MHZ Baby MonitorThe Graco Ultra Clear II 49MHZ Baby Monitor may look basic and simple in design but you can rest assured that it does a good job at helping you monitor your baby.

It stands out from the rest for many reasons but most importantly, it has a soft glow nightlight that allows you (and your baby) to sleep better without being intrusive.

This makes it perfect for parents who prefer a subtle light that illuminates the room in a soft hue, just before your baby doze off.

Two major points you need to know about this device:

(a) Good noise control

The Graco Ultra Clear II 49MHZ Baby Monitor allows you to keep check on your baby with easy volume control. I am able to hear clearly without static noises. So far, I’ve been able to tell the different types of noise I hear and the monitor has great sound quality. Better than most monitors.

(b) Pretty durable

I say that because guess what; I’ve accidentally dropped this monitor not once or twice, but three times and it still works ok. I wouldn’t put it to test any further but my point is, it can withstand reasonable amount of impact. This is an important point because I always carry it around when I’m doing different chores and there’s always a possibility of it slipping off my hand.

I’ve also cross checked this monitor with other units’ reviews to see the difference. I’m glad I’ve bought it. Other users have complained about the device not working 2 weeks after purchase but mine has been doing just fine. If you’re keen to know more, check out the Graco Ultra Clear II 49MHZ Baby Monitor at Amazon.

And to quote, an Amazon reviewer remarked “I really recommend this product”. I guess that pretty much sums it up.

Don’t let its simple design fool you. This Graco baby monitor stands out for many good reasons, among which includes good noise control and high durability. I’ve personally bought this model and this was one of my better buys. Highly recommended!

Best for those looking for a baby monitor with subtle light to illuminate the room and also those who want a quality baby monitor.

Best Baby Monitor reviews


Best Baby Monitor Reviews – that says it all I guess. In this page we review the best baby monitors. From the normal audio baby monitor to the more advanced and high-tech video baby monitor. Most parents these days go for the video version, so we will focus on helping you find the best video baby monitor here with a few of the best audio baby monitors reviewed as well.

What makes for a good baby monitor?

First of all, you need to decide if you want only a audio baby monitor so you can hear if there is any sound in your baby’s room. Or if you would like to have a video as well so you can see right away what is going on.

We definitely recommend you to use a video baby monitor since a picture says more than a thousand words. This old saying proofs to be especially true when it comes to making sure your little baby is alright.

What Makes A Baby Monitor The BEST BABY MONITOR?

There are many basics in a baby monitor that are the same in most models, but also some very big differences that can lead to a huge win in comfort while using a baby monitor.

You want of course a very good sound quality in a baby monitor so you know what is going on. If the quality is not good enough you need to go and check every time you hear a crackle in the monitor. What is the point then if you have false alarms every few minutes?

Second you want to have a good area covered from your baby monitor of choice so you can use it all over the house and don’t have to worry about being “out of reach” for you child. To qualify as a “Best Baby Monitor” we think an out-of-range warning should be one of the features included.

For a video baby monitor, you want to have a good video quality as well. A big screen size makes you more comfortable as well since you can see more details and really be sure that your baby is well. Some of the better video baby monitors have remote pan, tilt and zoom options included as well so you can look around in the room from afar and zoom in on your baby. With that feature you wont miss even the slightest smile of your little one.

Additionally a best baby monitor can include features such as a room temperature control which lets you see how warm or cold it is in the baby’s room. Some others have polyphonic lullabies programmed in so you can have a music send you baby off to sleep.

Another very interesting and useful feature for a baby monitor is data encryption. After all you don’t want any creeps outside your house being able to log in to the video or audio feed of your baby’s room, don’t you?

Since most of the time the room your baby sleeps in will not have the best light conditions for a video camera, the infrared night vision of some baby monitor models comes in very handy. It helps you see a clear picture even if the light is off while your baby sleeps.

The last few features that make a baby monitor reach the rating “BEST BABY MONITOR” include the design, quality and shape of the camera and the control unit, the warranties your baby monitor comes with as well as the customer support of the baby monitor brand. The price is important as well, although you probably rate other thing much higher since it is your little baby after all.

Angelcare Baby Monitor AC401

Angelcare-Baby-Monitor-AC401-Review-300x300The Angelcare baby monitor AC401 deluxe plus version will detect your baby’s slightest movements, even while sleeping, and it will sound an alarm if no movement is detected for 20 seconds. This is done via the Angelcare “under the mattress” sensor pad which will detect every movement your baby makes – asleep or awake.

It combines a quality audio baby monitor and a baby movement monitor in the same system. This is done via the “under the mattress” sensor pad which will detect every movement your baby makes while sleeping and even while your little one is awake.

This Angelcare baby monitor includes the sensor pads with sound monitor and many more additional features. The nursery unit has a soft night light and room thermometer. The temperature is displayed on both the parent’s units, which can also alert you when the temperature falls out of your preset range.

Other useful features include an out-of-range indicator and a parent’s unit locator in case you forgot where you placed it. It also comes with optional voice activation and a color LCD on each parent’s unit which displays all the data you need. Both parent units come with 4 AAA rechargeable batteries and a charging base.

This monitor also offers an optional tic feature. If any movement of your baby is detected, the parents units will tick.

Furthermore there are sound lights and movement indicator lights. This Angelcare baby monitor operates on both 927 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies. The audio baby monitor operates on the 927 MHz frequency so there is no interference from 2.4 GHz equipment for the baby movement monitor. The monitor has 8 channels and an 820′ range.

Lorex LW2003 LIVE snap Video Baby Monitor

Lorex-Baby-Monitor-Review-e1331281689116-300x300The LOREX LIVE snap is a completely portable video baby monitor with a slim and compact design and built-in ‘snapshot’ recording.

The pocket-sized video monitor with 2.4-inch super-bright LCD screen AND compact camera both feature built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for true portability around your home.

Take the system with you when you visit relatives, friends, or go on vacation. Capture those unforgettable moments instantly with touch-button snapshot recording to a built-in micro-SD card recorder.

Snap and save up to 4000 pictures on the included micro-SD card. “Talk with Baby” feature lets you talk to and soothe your baby when you are not in the same room.

100% digital technology ensures the signal is secure, interference-free and has a wireless range of up to 450 feet. The LIVE snap grows with your family as it is expandable up to 4 cameras and allows you to view up to 4 rooms at the same time.

Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor

Summer-Infant-Baby-Touch-Digital-Color-Video-Monitor1-300x140The Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor falls into the category best video baby monitor. It has a huge screen size which also doubles as a touch screen, a rather cool design and even pan, scan and zoom is included.

Why do we think the WiFi Baby Video Monitor is better than other baby monitors?

It comes down to the technology used.

Traditional video monitors work like “rabbit ears” on an old television set. They use analog signals with several open, non-password-protected frequencies just like an old walkie-talkie. If you have a house full of electronics you will receive massive interference from cellphones phones, microwave ovens, remote-controlled toys, and any of your existing WiFi networks!

The distance from the video baby monitor and multiple floors also factor into the interference.

None of these  nifty issues affects the WiFi Baby Video Monitor. This video monitor securely connects to your existing wireless network and sends crystal clear audio and video to your computer or mobile device.

Want to work in your office on the first floor or cook dinner on the 2nd floor while your baby safely sleeps in the 3rd floor nursery? No problem. Unlike a webcam, the WiFi Baby Video Monitor is a stand-alone camera requiring no physical connection with a computer and connects wirelessly with your WiFi network.

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 2.8″ Color LCD Screen

Motorola-Digital-Video-Baby-Monitor-MBP33-Picture-1This Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor MBP33 is in fact nearly the same as the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor MBP36, the biggest difference being its smaller screen size.

This model here, the Motorola MBP33, has only 2.8″ of screen property.

The only other feature that differentiates the two very good video baby monitors, apart from its price, is the remote pan/ tilt/ zoom function which is also limited to the bigger model.

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor MBP33 Picture 1Please check the MBP36 Review to see more details and all the features explained. It also compares the two models so you can see exactly which one is right for you and your little one. Skip to the user reviews here.

The full review also explains how to make use of all the extended stuff that one can do with this cool baby monitor.


  • 2.4 ghz fhss wireless technology
  • 2.8″ color lcd screen and up to 25 fps
  • Infrared night vision and room temperature monitor and zoom
  • Five polyphonic lullabies, additional camera capability and five LED alerts for noise level
  • 200 meter range with “out-of-range” warning
  • Read the full list of features here

Levana Babyview 20 Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Levana-Babyview-20-Picture-1-300x300The Levana Babyview 20 is an interference-free digital wireless video baby monitor with a night light and included lullaby camera.

The connection between the baby monitor and the camera of the Levana Babyview 20 is secure, so nobody can listen in or see what you see.

These main features make for hassle-free portable monitoring with a battery operated monitor and camera. A built-in night vision allows you to monitor your child around the clock.

The standby mode allows you to turn off the monitor’s screen and still be alerted when your child makes any noise. The camera module of this video baby monitor helps soothe your little one with some lullabies and a built-in night light. Read on for more details or skip directly to read some customer reviews here.


  • Digital video and audio signals between camera and monitor are secure and interference free
  • Rechargeable monitor comes with ENERGY STAR qualified adapter
  • Night vision allows you to monitor your child around the clock
  • Standby mode allows you to turn off the monitor’s screen and be alerted only when your child makes noise
  • The camera helps soothe your child with lullabies and a built-in night light
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.1 x 5.8 inches
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 24 Hour Online/ Toll Free Support
  • Read the full feature list here

Lorex Baby Monitor LW2004 Video

The Lorex baby monitor LW2004 LIVE View delivers safety and style, all in one convenient and attractive package.

Simple to set up and easy to use, this Lorex baby monitor is the perfect video baby monitor for any family. The included handheld monitor features a bright 2.4″ LCD screen, feather touch controls, a rechargeable battery and a stand that doubles as a belt clip.

The LIVE View features “Talk-to-Baby” intercom that allows you to speak to your baby, so you can comfort your little one with the sound of your voice, no matter where you are in the house. Read some customer reviews here.

Never miss an important moment with visual alerts that keep you abreast of the current activity in the baby’s room. The Lorex baby monitor LW2004 LIVE View helps to keep you aware at all times.

Sleep mode turns off the LCD screen for use as an audio monitor, letting you rest comfortably as you monitor your baby overnight, and helps extend battery life.

You can also add up to three additional cameras to this Lorex baby monitor, so as your family grows, the LIVE View grows with you.


  • 2.4″ color LCD handheld monitor with rechargeable battery
  • Automatic black & white night vision
  • Talk-to-baby intercom
  • Sound and visual alerts
  • Secure and private digital wireless signal
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 3 x 4.8 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Batteries: 2 Lithium ion batteries required (included)
  • See the full feature list here


7 of the best home gyms for the money (Updated July 2018)


One of the great things about setting up your own home gym is that you really can choose your own time to exercise.

With most of us leading exceedingly busy lives these days it often seems that work gets in the way far too often and that means less time with our families, friends and keeping fit.

While setting up a home gym from scratch may seem daunting – and indeed, expensive – in fact the first thing to remember is that you can build up your equipment bit by bit. And that means to start with you might simply have an exercise mat, a skipping rope and a place to do some bodyweight exercises.

Once you get into the routine of exercising regularly you’ll soon find you can’t do without it. As you try different routines you may find you want to purchase new equipment. For instance, running outside on a spring day can be extremely enjoyable, but if you live where the winters are really cold – or the summers stiflingly hot – then you may prefer a running machine in a controllable climate.

Another great option is a cycling machine. Personally, I like cycling, but I live in the city and trying to dodge traffic isn’t much fun, so I use a cycling machine. I can sit down on it, pick a program and away I go, usually listening to music on headphones to take my mind off the fact that I’m not actually going anywhere! You will also always find me wearing the best fitness tracker for biking.

This Home Gym Reviews article aims to give you ideas for exercise equipment, from the absolute basics to top of the range machines and help you choose the equipment and exercise routines that work best for you.

#1 Total Gym XLS Review

Total Gym XLS ReviewDo you want to tone your entire body using a space-saving fitness machine

Enter the Total Gym XLS, a top-of-the-line fitness machine that helps you strengthen and sculpt every major muscle group in your body by using a single glide board and a few simple attachments.

This home gym works by making you lift a percentage of your body weight against gravity, creating a smooth and fluid resistance. As you improve your strength and conditioning, you boost the incline which increase the total resistance, thus increasing the body weight lifted in the exercise.

The home gym not only works your upper body, but also your cardio system, your lower body, and abdominals. The Total Gym XLS turns up the thermostat that burns calories constantly when increasing your muscles mass in your body, whether you have a little muscle or muscle mass.

The Total Gym XLS is available on Amazon at over 50% off retail price!

Click this link to take advantage of this tremendous value!

The gym also comes with several handy accessories that add a new dimension to your workout: a Pilates kit that helps you improve your range of motion and balance; a leg pull accessory that works your quads, hamstrings, and other muscles; flexible nylon strap handles; and a wing attachment for toning various back and arm muscles.

Here are some great features of the Total Gym XLS:

  1. Top-of-the-line home fitness device for strengthening and sculpting all muscle groups
  2. Gravity-based resistance system creates smooth and fluid workout routine
  3. Upgraded pulley and cable system, squat stand, and glide board (with head support)
  4. Comes with Pilates kit, strap handles, leg pull accessory, and wing attachment
  5. Supports up to 400 pounds; includes several workouts and workout tools
  6. Plenty of workout videos to watch, and workout along with them.
  7. The workout chart, and workout deck of cards clearly illustrates how to do exercises properly, and is easy to follow.
  8. There is a wide variety of exercises to perform with variations to work the same muscle. There are included workout routines, in addition to the routines in the DVDs, to get you going.

#2 Bowflex Blaze Home gym

Bowflex Blaze ReviewThe Bowflex Blaze Home Gym has the ability Rod Technology and is also a serious bit of fitness equipment.

Should you be searching for a method to look and feel better, this monster will give you fast results, with just 20 minutes each day, three times per week.

The Bowflex Blaze home gym offers over 60 gym-quality exercises that work all your muscle groups, is actually 210 pounds of Power Rod resistance (upgradable to 310 or 410 pounds) this device offers plenty of room for strength-training growth.

The home gym resembles having a whole resistance training gym tucked right into any room.

Bowflex Power Rods give you resistance, or weight, that feels as good as or better than free weight lifting — but without the inertia or risk of joint pain which is almost always linked to free weight strength training.

Bowflex is convinced that the Power Rod units are so strong that you simply can’t wear them out. You can flex them repeatedly, but they won’t lose their resistance or break. In fact, they’re so strong, Bowflex has given the Power Rods a no-time-limit warranty. If you can wear the Power Rods out, Bowflex will replace them for free.

With Bowflex Blaze you can shape and sculpt your muscles to create your body to  look the way you want. It just takes persistence and dedication.

The Bowflex Blaze is available on Amazon at over 27% off retail price! Click this link to take advantage of this tremendous value!

Why does resistance training work better than aerobics for getting fit and losing fat?

For the reason that the more muscles you might have on your body, the higher your metabolism rate, and also the more calories you burn.

Muscle also creates the shape of your respective body — muscle is what makes you progress, it’s what gives you energy and strength. If you want to lose weight, you need to strength train with the Bowflex Blaze to add muscles, burn calories, and look fantastic.


Here are some great features of the Bowflex Blaze:

  1. Number of Exercises: 60
  2. Power Rod Technology Resistance: 210 pounds (upgradable to 310 or 410 pounds)
  3. Lat tower with angled lat bar helps build back and shoulder muscles quickly
  4. Lower pulley/squat station enables you to do squats and build your glutes, hamstrings, and quads
  5. Leg Extension/leg curl attachment helps develop strong, muscular legs
  6. Sliding seat rail allows you to perform aerobic rowing and leg presses
  7. Triple function hand-grip/ankle cuffs
  8. Multiple cable/pulley positions enable custom workouts
  9. Dimensions: 90 inches long by 38 inches wide by 83 inches tall
  10. Folded Footprint: 52 inches long by 38 inches wide
  11. Workout Area: 8 feet, 4 inches by 6 feet, 6 inches

When given extensive features and ease of using the Bowflex Blaze, as compared to other high priced home gyms, the Bowflex Blaze is a solid performer.

#3 Weider Total Body Works 5000 Home gym

best home gym to buyWith the Weider Total Body Works 5000, you can do over 100 body shaping exercises. Weider Total Body Works 5000 features body weight resistance and additional bands to add up to 50 lbs of resistance to define and shape your arms, shoulders, back, abdominals, hip, thighs, and calves.

You get a helpful workout guide which shows you which exercises focus on what muscle groups and how to properly perform specific exercises. It also includes additional exercise suggestions.

The Weider Total Body Works 5000 is available on Amazon at over 54% off retail price! Click this link to take advantage of this tremendous value!

You use your body weight as resistance along with the 4 resistance cables that are attached. You also get posters of workout moves that you can do. Weider Total Body Works 5000 folds down and easy to get out of the way.

Here are outstanding features of the Weider Total Body Works 5000:

  1. Spacesaver Design – Total Body Works 5000 conveniently slides away for quick and easy storage.
  2. Rolling seat
  3. Adjustable incline – You can easily increase or decrease the intensity of your workout by simply changing the incline that gives you 7, easy to change incline
  4. 50lbs of additional resistance

You can move from one series of exercises to another quickly and with ease. Your entire body is always in motion, and for that reason, the experience is not mundane and boring like when using a weight bench or free weights.

#4 Total Gym 1100

Total Gym 1100Want to tone your entire body without buying a complete home gym?

Check out the Total Gym 1100, which helps you strengthen and sculpt every major muscle group in your body.

Offering more than 60 different exercises, the Total Gym 1100 works by causing you to lift a percentage of your respective body weight against gravity, making the resistance smooth and fluid.

As your strength and conditioning improves, you increase the total resistance by boosting the incline, thus increasing the bodyweight lifted in the exercise.

The Total Gym 1100 not only works your upper body, but also your lower body, abdominals, and even your cardiovascular system. The compact, efficient trainer can replace an entire gym of equipment, yet folds away for easy storage in a closet.

The Total Gym 1100 is available on Amazon at over 30% off retail price! Click this link to take advantage of this tremendous value!

Here are some great features of the Total Gym 1100:

  • Ergonomic glide board with handles for strengthening and sculpting muscles
  • Counterbalances percentage of body weight against gravity for smooth resistance
  • Works upper body, lower body, abdominal muscles, and cardiovascular system
  • Folds away for easy storage in a closet; comes with wing and leg attachments

The total gym 1000 gives you a variety of different exercises and workout combinations according to your level of fitness.

#5 The Bowflex PR1000 home gym

bowflex home gymThis home gym offer an unconventional way to strengthen your muscles and add a bit of cardio training to the mix with over 30 strength exercises and a built-in rowing station.

With up to 210 pounds of Power Rod resistance, this flexible machine helps work the abs, arms, chest, back, shoulders, and lower body. It includes triple-function hand grips for lat pull-down, a horizontal bench press, and four-inch upholstered roller cushions for leg extension and leg curl exercises.

The rowing machine rail also folds when you’re completed with your workout.

The PR1000 utilizes Bowflex’s patented Power Rods, which provide resistance, or weight, that feels as good as or better than dumbells–but without the inertia or risk of joint pain usually associated with free weights. You can hook one, two, three, four or all of your Power Rod units to the cable pulley system and go from less than 5 pounds completely up to 210 pounds of resistance.

The Bowflex BPR1000 is available on Amazon at over 25% off retail price! Click this link to take advantage of this exceptional value!

They’re precisely manufactured from a top-tech composite material under the finest control measures, then sheathed and tested 4 separate times to ensure quality and durability. The Power Rod units are so strong, you can flex them repeatedly but you won’t be able to put them on out.

Here are some great features of the Bowflex PR1000:

Sliding Seat Rail adds aerobic rowing training for calorie-burning, cardiovascular warm-up and cool-down (also great for leg presses and seated leg extensions)

  • Multi-use Hand-Grip/Ankle Cuffs designed to add flexibility and performance to any workout
  • Workout Placard displays workout descriptions for easy reference while you’re exercising
  • Number of available exercises: 30+
  • 210 pounds of Power Rod resistance
  • Horizontal bench press
  • Triple function hand grips for lat pull down
  • Built-in cardio rowing machine
  • Folds for easy storage

It does allow for a variety of different exercises, and also provides you with different workout combinations according to your level of fitness.

When given extensive features and ease of using the Bowflex PR1000, as compared to other high priced home gyms, the Bowflex PR1000 is a solid performer. Considering there are higher priced home gyms that don’t have as many functions as the Bowflex PR1000, this is a solid investment.

#6 Phoenix Dual Action Mini Stepper

Phoenix Dual Action Mini StepperThe Phoenix 98107P Mini-Stepper provides for a full body workout, combining the lower body workout of a stepper with the upper body workout provided by the dual action arms, for a total cardiovascular and stamina training workout.

The compact design means that this stepper is easy to store away when not in use.

The sturdy steel frame should handle thousands of workouts for years of use.

#7 CB-12 Plate Loading Lateral Pull Down Home Gym

lateral home gymAs well as lateral pull downs, this full home gym machine enables curl exercises as well as an abdominal workout.

An extensive number of exercises can be performed giving you a complete body workout.

Exercises include  theTricep Pull Down, Lateral Pull Down, Seated Row and Upright Row, Standing Arm Curls, Standing Leg Extensions and Abdominal Crunches.

A great value for money home gym.

Home gym vs public gym

There are many reasons why people choose to work out at home rather than use a public gym. Here are some of the main advantages of building a home gym over a paid for public gym membership.


  • Convenience – You home gym will obviously be closer and more convenient, saving you time. You can exercise whenever you like rather than the gym opening hours. You also do not have to wait to use equipment.
  • Money Saving – In the long run, even an expensively equipped home gym will save you money over a paid gym membership. Good quality home gym equipment can last a lifetime. Think how much even a relatively cheap gym membership costs over a decade or a lifetime. Then there is the money saved in transport costs, not having to eat out after the gym session etc.
  • Privacy – Lots of people just like the privacy that working out at home offers. You don’t have to feel self-conscious if there are other people in better shape than you, and you don’t have to be self-consious about your ‘form’, or struggling with a heavy weight. You can wear what you like, and as little as you like. You can play your own music, shout and grunt etc.
  • Hygiene – Public gyms have been proven to be more infested with bacteria than your own toilet bowel!


The Pritikin Diet Review

pritikin diet review

Pritikin Diet is a very specialized and restricted diet. The Diet Plan was started and created by Nathan Pritikin, founder, the Pritikin Longevity Center, California.

The Diet was first taken out in 1979 as a fitness plan and healthy diet program. It is essentially low in carbohydrate and fat content, which facilitates a good weight loss program. Thus the key idea of the Pritikin Diet remains calorie control and reduction for efficient weight loss achievement.

The Pritikin Diet ranks the component foods as apiece their calorific value per pound of weight. The Pritikin Diet basically uses principally low calorie content and medium calorie content and hi