Mobicam DL Digital Monitoring System

Mobicam DL Digital is monitoring system that is ideal to look out for your baby up to 300 feet away. This product can be used through wired or wireless access, and also can be functional over an internet connection through the help of a separately purchased software called “MobiCam Anywhere.”

Focusing on the product itself, the following REVIEW will show you why this is an excellent monitor for your needs.


There is no installation needed for this device. It has a 2.4-inch LCD high-resolution display, which makes the video exceptional. The screen size is not huge but it is just enough to not compromise the quality of the video display. The audio is also crisp, it is not static and there is no signal interruption to interfere with the sound.

It is compact, palm-sized and has a rechargeable battery. It is easy to carry when moving from room to room.

For recording purposes, it has an SD card slot for extra memory space. There are various ways to monitor using MobiCam Digital DL. You have both video and audio mode, audio mode, and VOX or voice activation mode which saves the battery quite a bit.

Mobicam-DL-Digital-Monitoring-System2-300x240Both day and night, MobiCam is extremely functional. Using other monitors you may have trouble especially at night since you won’t want to disturb your child sleeping but, with MobiCam that is not a problem with the presence of night infrared vision.

This feature enables you to view you child clearly even at night without causing any disturbance. It has a 20 ft. vision that automatically turns on when the lights go out.

Modicam Digital DL monitoring system works with up to four cameras. It is not hard to link with the other cameras after connecting with the first one. It has an option that lets you set up your cameras and make them work alternately. Another impressive piece that this monitoring system has is a USB output that enables you to connect it to your computer for internet viewing through another PC or iPhone using the MobiCam Anywhere Software.

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On the other hand, this product lacks lullabies, zoom in, and a two-way communication system, which I actually expected to see.

The camera is not always flexible for all the angles. Due to the small screen, it can be tough to see what your baby is doing without placing it in close view.

Despite the limitations, it did not affect the efficiency of the product.

Why this Monitor is Right for You?

This monitoring system will surely meet your needs, especially if you are searching for a quality video and audio iPhone baby monitor at a low cost. This is indeed affordable and easy to use. In the box are the monitor unit, camera unit, two AC/DC power adaptors, USB cable, AV cable, camera mounting hardware, and instruction manual.

With the use of all the included cables, and other equipment in the box, you are free to set up the monitor to connect with many different devices like TV, computer set, mobile phones and other cameras. It is user friendly and easy to install.

In addition to the stated features, it also has a complete control over the brightness and the volume level so you can customize the best setting for you while eyeing your baby. It is easy to adjust for your convenience.

BabyPing-Secure-Wifi-Baby-Monitor-266x300BabyPing Secure Wifi Baby Monitor

Latest technologies are never limited to any boundaries. With the advent of these powerful technologies, BabyPing was able to produce a Secure Wi-fi Baby Monitor that can be connected to any iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. It is, in fact, one of the best baby monitor that connects to iPhone.

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The Pros

There is no reason to worry about how to install the product. A computer is not a necessity for the set up. It only requires an iOS device/iPhone to link with it.

Within a few minutes, you can start monitoring your baby using Wi-Fi, 4G or 3G connection. Any barriers from you and your baby will not interfere with your monitoring. At any range, with the available wireless internet connection, you can monitor your baby wherever you are.

This product has an impeccable display. Has a high-definition video and photo display, in addition to that, automatic clear night vision comes along with the deal. This feature won’t allow the device to emit any glow that can disturb your baby while sleeping. By far, the signal for the audio is very clear and lets you hear only the essential sounds around your baby because it has a high-sensitive microphone.

“Wonderful video at night and great apps for idevices (apple iOS) at home and while out of network via World Wide Web (BabyPing+)! ” – Kelly

Security level is doubled in this baby monitor. A total control and privacy setting can be enabled with the use of its password protection and the leading encryption method. In terms of alerts, this baby monitor automatically notifies you through vibrations, sounds when there are low Wi-Fi warnings or your baby cries.

The Cons

Everything has its own imperfections. And just like the other products in the market, BabyPing Secure Wi-Fi Baby Monitor for iPhone and iPad has a few.

From what you can probably gather from its name, this baby monitor will not work without a Wi-Fi connection.

It may also have some internet connection issues which are inevitable on Wi-Fi products. Moreover, it is only compatible with iOS products.

In terms of video display, there is about 2-3 seconds delay. Despite the cons, it will not greatly hinder the quality of the monitor as a whole.

Included Features

The box includes:

  1. BabyPing video monitor: used for monitoring the baby
  2. Monitor stand/ wall mount : used to place on a flat surface or attach to the ceiling or the wall
  3. 3m power supply: with UK/US/EU plug attachments
  4. 1m network (ethernet) cable: used to setup the BabyPing Video Monitor
  5. 2m iDevice extension power cable: used to extend the cable when charging your Apple device
  6. Pack of cable clips: used to secure any cables
  7. Attachable rubber feet : used as the monitor stand, if used on a horizontal surface
  8. Mounting screws: used for wall or ceiling mounting

Why You Should Choose this Monitor?

Aside from the features packed with this baby monitor, it gives you an extreme convenience of checking your child any time of the day and anywhere you are.

This is an ultra-smart baby monitor product. It gets way sophisticated than the traditional monitor. It makes the actual sharing of joy with your friends easier. With just a tap on your iOS device, the app is on and running. You can still fully access your device; make a call, access Google, or any other applications in your iPhone while the monitor runs on the background.

Alongside, if you are one of the avid fans of iProducts and have a baby or children, this baby monitor will be a perfect fit for you. You will feel rested with the help of this baby monitor when apart from your child. Just Wi-Fi connection and you are ready to go. You do not need to carry your baby with you. This baby monitor makes you feel like you are together although you are not. Experience a worry-free baby monitoring with the help of a Wi-Fi connection and any Apple device.

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