When it comes to shopping for a baby carrier, every parent will have different needs, preferences and proportions so there’s no single carrier that is perfect for everyone.

The best way to see if it is the best baby carrier for you is to try on the carriers at the store or borrow one from a family member/ friend.

Always try them on with your baby. If you don’t have a baby (yet!), borrow a doll or a stuffed toy.

Here a check list of what you should look for when buying a baby carrier:

  1. Comfort
  2. Fit for your baby and you
  3. Safety
  4. Features
  5. Usability
  6. Construction
  7. Care
  8. Flexibility
  9. Ability to Adjust the Straps
  10. Adaptability
  11. Appearance

A good baby carrier should have all these incorporated in its make.

To help all of you mommies and daddies, here are some more points you should take note of when shopping for a baby carrier:

1. Which one look do you like?

There are many types, styles, colors, and patterns of baby carriers in the market today. If your budget does not allow for each parent to have his/ her own carrier, both you and your partner need to make some compromises to find the best baby carrier that you can both be happy to wear.

Try on the different types of baby carriers to see if you like the versatility of sling baby carriers or the ability to store your baby supplies with a backpack baby carrier. You can also choose a wide range of colors and custom patterns.

2. Balancing

The most important thing to consider is how your balance is like when wearing the baby carrier. You should also consider the balance of your baby’s weight distributed across your neck, shoulder, back, and hips.

3. Who will wear the baby carrier?

Unless you want to buy different baby carriers for yourself and your partner, the best baby carrier for the both of you is one that is adjustable for many sizes. Slings are great for any size of adults. The more structured carriers may be harder to fit both parents as they usually come in different sizes.

4. To be padded or not to be?

3 wheel baby strollers may or may not come with padding on the straps, seats or back supports. Some do not have any at all. Your decision to have or not to have any padding will depend on the climate of where you live in. Padding can make you and your baby more comfortable but if it’s too much, your baby may get uncomfortable.

If you live in a cold climate, you may need all the padding you can get so that your baby will not get cold when you’re out and about. Skip the padding if you live in a warm climate.

5. Where will you use the baby carrier?

If you travel extensively with your child, you may need to find a frame-less baby carrier that can easily be folded and stored.

The best baby carrier would be one that can be used in both warm and cold weather: made out of well ventilated mesh and have an extra winter layer (or winter fleece). If you’re going to the beach or water park, you may need a baby carrier that is made out of waterproof or quick drying fabrics.

6. Baby carriers for any budget

I feel that it is best to invest as much as you can with baby carriers. A really good baby carrier can be used with your future children. However, if you have a small budget, say around $20, you can find the most simple and basic front baby carriers at discount shops. Just make sure you check them for any defaults.

The most important thing you need to do to find the best baby carriers is to try as much as you can before you buy one that satisfies your every requirement. Make sure you ask the shop assistant for a baby doll to get the feel of how it would feel like.

Here are our best baby carriers:

moby wrap baby sling#1 Moby Wrap Baby Carrier – Best Sling Baby Carrier

Celebrity mom, Ali Landry swears that her daughter Estela loves being in the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier – and for the first 6 months of his life, my son, Jacob, did too.

For me, the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier helped me bond with Jacob during the height of his colic phase. I love Jacob from the moment I knew he was growing inside of me, but those wails drove me crazy. My fiance brought home the wrap one day when a friend told him it may (or may not) help. Fortunately for us, it did help.

Cuddling my son while he was in the wrap seemed to be more comfortable to him. Doing that while sitting in the rocking chair, on the other hand, helped calmed him down. I was relieved when he stopped crying so we did the routine for the next two months or so when he grew out of the phase.

After that three months of unexplainable crying, Jacob still enjoys being in the wrap. So, when we would go out for lunch or shopping or a hike in the park, we would take turns carrying him in it. The best thing is that the wrap can be adjusted to cover the baby so that when I want to breastfeed or if he’s sleeping, it’ll be more private for the both of us.

Easy to use and maintain

The wrap can seem to be intimidating, but believe me, after a couple of practice, you’ll be OK with it. There are a variety of ways for you to wear the wrap and they’re easily executed with the instructions that came with the package. Other than that, the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier can be washed and dried in the machine.

Overall, I love the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier and I still use it to cuddle him to sleep because I enjoy the closeness we share. So, if you’re looking for something that will nurture intimacy, head down to Amazon to get the Moby Wrap Baby Carrier now!

BabyBjorn Original#2 BabyBjorn Original – Best Front Baby Carrier

There’s always a reason why a product lasts for a long time. And after being in the market for more than 40 years, the BabyBjorn Original is still one of the best baby carriers around.

I got this when my sister-in-law decided that my nephew is too old and too heavy (he’s almost three) to carry around.

The carrier is so comfortable that even after a long period of time, my 8 month old son, Jacob, is still happy sitting in the carrier and even falling asleep in it.

He doesn’t cry because of being too hot while he’s in the seat. Not only is the sling comfortable for the baby, but it’s also comfortable for me too. The baby sits comfortably on my shoulders and doesn’t cause me any pain on my back.

And I also need to stress on how durable the BabyBjorn Original is. Even after going through two really active boys, this best baby carrier still looks OK without any tears despite the minor discoloration when I first received it. I use this almost every day now (from shopping to hanging out the laundry to an easy hike in the afternoon) and it is still is fine.

Easy to use

This baby carrier is so easy to use that I can slip in and out of it by myself. If Jacob is asleep, I can always put him facing me and when he wakes up, I can just switch him to face the front. Unfastening and re-fastening him to change his position is easy and I don’t need to put him down. It also can be adjusted quickly to fit me or my hubby without much effort.

The BabyBjorn Original really is a handy and easy baby carrier for babies that are starting to explore the world. And although the price can be to much for some budgets, it’s definitely something you’d want to invest in.

So, head on to Amazon to check this baby carrier out.

#3 Kelty TC 3.0 Child Carrier#3 Kelty TC 3.0 Child Carrier – Best Backpack Baby Carrier

My husband is an avid hiker and he plans to take Jacob along one of these days. Although I feel like we don’t need it, we still checked out some backpack baby carriers in the store and I personally felt that the Kelty TC 3.0 Child Carrier was the best we tried.

My first concern with the backpack carrier was that Jacob will be so high up and since he moves a lot, he may just slip under or over the carrier while his father is hiking.

But the shop assistant assured me that will not happen with this carrier.

The seat is sturdy and is strapped safely on the carrier. The child’s safety is added with the clipped shoulder straps which will still allow the child to move but with a restricted capacity.

Great features

The 2010 version, as I was told by the shop assistant, has one big improvement over the 2008 model – it comes with a foot-step. It’s quite handy as it holds the carrier in place when you want to move your child in or out of the carrier.

The Kelty TC 3.0 Child Carrier also features a sun/ rain hood that is great when hiking under the hot sun and being ready for a weather change. The carrier also comes with a changing pad but I think if we bought this, Jacob would outgrow the pad very fast as it is rather small.

With this carrier, I foresee that I won’t be needing extra bags to put Jacob diapers and milk and/ or snacks – my hubby assured me he can lift Jacob and the things all by himself (he likes being Jacob’s Superman).

I’m still contemplating over the older and newer model but come to think of it, there’s really not much difference. The price however is. The blue Kelty TC 3.0 Child Carrier we like retailed for close to $180 at the store but Amazon has a 22% discount to take advantage of!

Check more pictures, price and customer reviews on Amazon

Ergo Baby Carrier – Best Convertible Baby Carrier#4 Ergo Baby Carrier – Best Convertible Baby Carrier

While I was still studying in college, I babysat for my brother and sisters a lot. While babysitting my niece, Alana, for one week during summer of 2008, I got the chance to try the Ergo Baby Carrier.

As you might probably guess from the name, the Ergo Baby Carrier boasts an array of ergonomic design. The company not only talked the talk but walked the walk. The shoulder and waist straps are padded with foam and are adjustable to the wearer.

The best part of the carrier’s design is that all the weight is supported not only by the shoulders, but also by the hips. This makes it a lot more comfortable when I needed to carry Alana for a long time (she needs walks for her to nap). And trust me, with a pudgy baby like Alana, this is a feature that you’d be thankful for.


The Ergo baby carrier can be converted into 3 carrying positions; front, back and hip. With Alana, she preferred to be carried on the front. She loves looking around while I took her for a walk around the neighborhood.

Alana hated to be left alone, so when there was no one around and I needed to make her milk or cook her porridge, I’d strap her on my back. Out of the three positions, I didn’t fancy the hip position as I felt off-balanced and could potentially harm Alana.

The Ergo Baby Carrier that I used was a little bulky and seemed not stylish but it does come in different colors and fabric design with camel lining. Plus, Gisele Bundchen is sporting this around with baby Benjamin. I’m sure hoards of stylish moms will follow suit.

This baby carrier is on the more expensive range.

Check price and reviews on Amazon

#5 Infantino Cozy Rider – Best Budget Baby Carrier

Although I believe in investing in something as important as a baby carrier, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a good baby carrier with a smaller budget. And after reading reviews and asking the women in my mother’s class, I find that the Infantino Cozy Rider is the best budget baby carrier for the money.

Fuss free
When I first saw this in on some of the mothers in class, my first impression was that it looks so easy to use – later, I found that it really is easy to use.

It’s a simple carrier where you only need to just slip it over your head and click the straps in. Putting your baby in and getting them out is easy because there’s these quick release straps on the sides that will give you some room to slide the baby in and out.

The Infantino Cozy Rider, however, doesn’t have much padding and seeing what a softy I am, I thought that it would cause a lot of pain.

However, the ladies insisted that it’s comfortable for them. No chafing, strained necks or shoulder pains to be complained. A plus side of having lesser padding is that they actually feel closer to the babies. It also doesn’t interrupt you much when you’re out and about in public, whether riding on the bus or going shopping at the market.

Extra features

When you put your baby facing forward, the front part can be folded down and act as a bib to soak up any drool. You can put it up so that it’ll act as your baby’s head support when he/ she is facing you or when the baby is sleeping. There is also a nook where you can attach a pacifier or a chained toy for your baby.

The downside of the Infantino Cozy Rider is that it will not lasts long as the recommended maximum weight of the carried child is 20lbs. However, for less than $20, it’s a great baby carrier to start with.

Grab it on your way out

#6 Belle Baby Carrier – Best Celebrity Baby Carrier

When I was carrying Jacob, I started to notice a lot of baby things from the people I see on the streets and celebrities in the tabloids and magazines. One of the baby carriers that I noticed on celebrities was the Belle Baby Carrier . So when I was shopping for a baby carrier, I tried it on to see how it would fit.

Belle Baby Carrier

Great design

The carrier allows all the weight to be supported by the hips, which helps reduce the probability of back pains. If you think this will cause stress on the lower back, the crisscross straps will help you relieve the pressure on your hips and distribute it to your shoulders as well.

If you live in a hot and humid weather, the Belle Baby Carrier will be comfortable for both your baby and you.

The minimal padding makes it cooler to wear and the mesh will dry off quickly. The lightness of the materials use also makes it good for traveling, maybe that’s why many celebrities use this.


Despite the sleek design, comfort and the support that I looked for, this baby carrier could not fit my hubby as it is too small. He’s to big and tall for the carrier. Also, seeing that the baby carrier is small and I anticipated that my baby would be big like his father, he would outgrow the baby carrier too fast.

Nonetheless, the Belle Baby Carrier is a great baby carrier in terms of design, quality and comfort. It’s a shame that it can’t fit my giant hubby. If you think you can fit the carrier to both you and your partner, head to Amazon to get this baby carrier.

Why should I use the a baby carrier?

Why would anyone prefer using baby carriers when there are strollers or prams to wheel baby around?

Well, I use strollers too, but they are a pain to bring out sometimes, and there are places where wheels can’t go! I also like baby carriers for the intimacy it nurtures between baby and me. My Jacob loves it too, to be able to feel my warmth and breath when he sleeps in the baby carrier.

Baby carriers are also called baby slings. They range widely in design and make, from simple pieces of fabric to all forms of pouches with zippers or buckles,  and they are usually adjustable to fit different sizes of parents and babies. Some of these have neck holds to keep baby’s head in place for babies who have not yet developed a strong neck, and can be used for babies from one week old until you can no longer bear his weight.

The main types of baby carriers are:

  • Ring slings
  • Pouch slings
  • Wraps

I don’t know about your baby but my 8-month old Jacob wants to be with me most of the time (thank goodness I work at home) especially when he’s sleeping.

Unless I’m doing something really physical and potentially dangerous around the house, I would have him strapped onto me with the my ergo baby carrier while I do simple chores or write on the couch while he sleeps.

Wearing Jacob in one of my best baby slings allows me to have my hands free and him close by my side.

Another reason of why you should use the a baby carrier for both you and your baby is that it’s safer when you carry your baby outside the house. You can carry your newborn around the park in a sling baby carrier, use a front baby carrier for extra support while you’re out shopping and bring your baby on a hike with the little bundle strapped in a baby back carrier.

There are three main types of baby carriers and each one has its own advantages.

Sling Baby Carriers

  • Perfect to use with a newborn when the baby needs bonding time in its parents arms. It will also help calm a colic baby – I did that with my son, Jacob.
  • You can move freely around the house with two free hands to do household chores, while keeping the baby happy.
  • This is the best baby carrier when you need to discreetly breastfeed your child or create a veil to cover up your baby when its sleeping. There are some makers that have the ‘tail’ feature so that it can be used as a blanket or a cover-up.
  • Getting your baby in and out of the carrier is really easy. Your baby will not be easily disturbed when you move it around because the material is soft and there are no straps to put on.
  • Small, light and easy to pack.
  • It can be hard for some people to figure out how to manipulate the long stretch of cloth.
  • May not be suitable for toddlers as most of the weight is rested on one shoulder which will eventually cause shoulder pains after a period of time.

Front Pack Baby Carriers

  • Like the sling, front pack carriers are small, lightweight and very portable. It is also as versatile as the sling carrier and it’ll let you do other things while you’re carrying your baby.
  • Most models give you the option to place your baby facing you or out to the world. Older babies loves the latter because they can explore the world.
  • With the front pack carrier, it is better to wait for your child to be strong enough to hold its head upright.
  • Getting your baby in and out would be harder, unless the seat unbuckles separately from the harness.

Backpack Baby Carriers

  • Older babies that are starting to notice the world will enjoy the view up high on your shoulders.
  • You can stuff your supplies in the packs.
  • Many models come with a hood to protect your child from the sun and rain.
  • The best backpack baby carrier would be one that is made to stand the elements while you hike, go around the amusement park or making your way through the mall.
  • It is not the best baby carrier if you want to get the carrier on and off by yourself. It will usually take two people to put on or off.

As you can see, each baby carrier has its own advantages and disadvantages. To find the best baby carrier for you, you would need to consider what advantages you would need from the carrier and if you can work around the disadvantages – there is no such thing as a one carrier fits all parents. Often times, you would need to go through a few as your babies get older.

Safety tips for baby carriers

Hiking with your baby placed in a baby carrier can be a recipe for a Britney-Spears-like-incident where she stumbled nearly dropped her baby, Sean Preston. However, there are some necessary steps you need to take to ensure that safety is not compromised.

Here are some simple safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Make any adjustments to the straps before you put your baby in.
  3. Be aware that your babies movements may affect your balance.
  4. Do not use the carrier as a child seat.


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