Like many families in the United States you probably love to play in OPthe water one way or another.  Whether it’s in the pool, or in one of the local ponds, creeks, lakes or rivers.

Americans love their water fun. With as much time that is spent in the water it  is a good idea to wear a good pair of water shoes to protect your feet and make the whole experience more relaxing and fun.

Finding the best water shoes is not always the easiest task but with a little help it can be.

What to Look For to Find The Best Water Shoes

  1. Where do you Play; A key factor is the place where you have the most activities in water. If you mostly play in a pool or in your Best Water Shoesfront yard a nice inexpensive pair of water shoes may be just what you need.
  2. Maybe you hike to your favorite water hole or river; You may need to look into a more expensive pair of shoes that are both a water shoe and a hiking shoe.
  3. In some circumstances you may need a heavy duty and secure water shoe because of the extreme nature of your play. There are many quality water shoes out there that will stay on and be durable even in the most extreme circumstances.

Style and Functionality

As with all clothing on the market the Best Water Shoes can range from a beautiful fashion statement to a drab but utilitarian style. TevaWhat ever your preference you will find what you are looking for with a little help and the right knowledge of what and where to look. When looking for a sport or utility water shoe a great place to start is the local sporting good store. Some of the larger ones may even have a whole section devoted to water shoes. In some of the big box stores you may find a wider range of pricing and something to fit you budget.

For a basic shoe that will protect your little one’s feet around the pool or running through the sprinklers, places like Wal-Mart, Target or one of the clothing stores would be a great place to start. Many of these more economical types may be the best water shoes for you. The beauty of the cheaper water shoe is that each year your children are able to pick out a new style or color and you don’t have to break the bank. If you have a boat or jet skis it is always good to pick up a few extra pairs of inexpensive water shoes for spares when you have guests who don’t bring their own.

Some High Quality Makes of water Shoes

Some of best water shoes on the market for all around use and functionality are:

  • Teva – From flip-flops to waterproof boots to beautifully designed boat shoes, the Teva line of water shoes is one of the most diverse and High-Quality offerings out there. They started with the first Sports sandal and have expanded the line since then.
  • Nike – Famous for their tennis shoes and good quality footwear, the Nike company has a very good line of Water shoes for the outdoor sports industry.
  • Speedo, Sperry, DBX and Body glove have very nice models of water shoes for the avid outdoor family.
  • Many of the outdoor companies have water shoe lines like Columbia, Mountrek, Fila, Keen, world wide sportsman and Wolverine.

For Outdoor Sports and Playing in the Park

One of the best water shoes on the market today are the styles that wolverinetake into account more than just the water. Many people love to be outdoors and water is just part of the adventure. Many of the Shoes that are on the market are designed in such a way that they are just as functional in the water as they are for climbing a mountain or jogging down a path to the river.

Always make sure that your pair of the best water shoes are appropriate for your family in the water of your choice. There are many places that make great memories in our lives and the water always seems to be part of them. To ensure they are great and fun memories, check out the other articles on our site to help you choose the right water shoe for you and your family members.

Selecting water shoes for men

The market for water shoes for men continues to expand with more styles available for shoppers to choose from. Whether they are used sperryprimarily poolside or need to be durable enough for exploring creeks, streams and trails, traction is the common component of this specialty footwear category. Since the amount of coverage varies by style and brand, it is important to match the shoe with the activity it will be worn for ensuring maximum comfort and protection. With a large selection of styles and brands to choose from it can be an overwhelming task to select the right pair, so the following information can be helpful in sorting through some of the many options:
Selecting the best shoes to transition from water to land
The idea of amphibious footwear is that someone will be frequently in and out of the water, requiring exceptional traction and foot protection. While there are many styles to choose from, each is nikebetter suited for some activities more than others, so that consideration should be made before heading out to shop. For example, it is easy to get slides on and off, but they may not be recommended for back country trails like some more rugged sandals. The durability of the shoe needs to match the demands of the activity the wearer plans to do.
Top brands to consider for men’s water shoes
While functionality is the main component in the shopping process, brand-loyal shoppers will see several familiar names including:
-Body Glove
Water shoes for men are available in several styles
water shoe for men-Sneakers: These can look like they belong on a basketball court, a running track or a hiking trail, but their materials are designed for the water.
-Boots: Not as common, but shoppers will still find a few high styles and a couple of booties that are lower.
-Slides: Light and easy to get on and off, these provide less coverage to the top of the foot. (Also referred to as flip-flops or thongs)
-Socks and aqua shoes: These lightweight choices can be one piece or be form fitting around the toes
-Sandals: These have some coverage across the top of the foot but are not fully enclosed. The majority completely cover the toe.

Shopping for water shoes for men can be simplified by narrowing down the selection to match the activity they will be worn for, before deciding on a specific brand. That will eliminate some styles, making it easier to find the best pair of shoes for the shopper’s specific needs. From that point, the only decisions that need to be made are brand, model and color.


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