You’ve probably seen them on TV or in magazines.  Exercise belts that promise to help you tighten up your abs just by wearing them.

The first thing most people probably think when they see one of these devices is “Sounds nice but do they work?”

Surprisingly one of them actually does. Although it would be unwise to be skeptical of such a device, it’s backed up by clinical trials and advanced science with over 40 years of development.

Introducing The ‘Flex Belt’ Abdominal Toning Belt

The Flex Belt is such a device and one that does do what it says it will when used properly. So how does it work then?

The basic technology at play here is called EMS which stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation:

It works by sending the same type of messages to your muscles that your brain usually does during exercise.

What you get is an effective stimulation that really gets results. The beauty of this device is that because it’s portable you can go about your daily life and responsibilities while still get toned and tightened. This is great for anyone on the go or busy moms who just wouldn’t have time to exercise to meet their goals.

You can even wear it while working or watching TV, so in that sense it’s very versatile and convenient for anyone to use at almost anytime.

The Technology Behind The Flex Belt

flex belt reviews The scientists that have developed this ab belt have been doing it for around 30 years and have constantly improved the design overtime to make it even more effective for tightening and toning one of the toughest spots of the body, the abdominal.

Some competing ab belts rely on just “vibrating” the area which does little more than annoy the person wearing the device with no positive effect whatsoever.

The Flex Belt works much differently.

It sends electrical signals to your muscles to stimulate them like they would naturally during exercise which is key to getting results.

It’s made of medical grade material, has withstood clinical trials and boasts an impressive customer satisfaction rate.

Does it really work?

The answer is quite simply, yes.  Let’s take a look at these customer reviews so you can see for yourself:

  • 100% of users said their abs felt more toned
  • 92.3% said the firmness of their abs had increased

That’s not all though…

The very same technology used in this belt has already been used by medical professionals for some time now.  In cases where people needed therapy and were unable to exercise EMS has been used to help them get healthy again by stimulating their muscles so that they can recover and become strong again.

This isn’t some scam wanna-be technology, but rather a trusted method for stimulating muscles to contract the same way exercise does.

Is the flex belt better for men or for women?

I’ve had a few questions from readers about whether the flex belt is better for men or women. The answer to this is no, but let me explain a little bit more on this topic.

Generally speaking, and don’t take this as gospel because it won’t be the same for everyone, men want to use an ab belt to get six pack abs while women want a flatter stomach. This isn’t to say there aren’t some women who also might want six pack abs 🙂

From a man’s perspective the flex belt isn’t going to be the only thing you need in order to look like a men’s health fitness cover model.

You’re going to need to be doing focussed and intense ab workouts a couple of times a week, follow a strict diet and get in tons of cardio. The Flex Belt will be your secret weapon that will allow you to get in ab workouts even on your off days from the gym and recover from hard ab workouts with a EMS session on the same day.

Women who want a flatter stomach will want to follow some of the same advice I mentioned above for men less the ab focused workouts. Using the flex belt should be enough ab toning for you to flatten your stomach pending you’re also getting some cardio exercise and eating right to keep belly fat to a minimum.

So at the end of the day, whether you’re a man or a woman the Flex belt suits you both and will help you achieve the goals you have for your ab fitness.

What’s the lowest possible price on the Flex Belt?

the flex belt reviewIt depends on where you buy your device from.

If you buy it from the official website then the least expensive I think you’ll end up buying the belt for is $175-$179 and that’s using a discount code.

Now some folks have bought the same belt via Ebay for under $150 supposedly. This is possible, however I feel there are some risks associated with buying a device like this off of ebay when you could just buy it direct.

First off you may not get the same 2 year warranty and you definitely won’t get the 60 day money back guarantee.

There’s also a slight chance that you’re buying refurbished product, return or used device rather then a new one. Not to say that there’s an issue with buying a refub or used belt, but you should know ahead of time that’s what you’re getting and pay accordingly.

Now this last point is something I just discovered lately, and as of yet don’t have proof but it’s something to take into consideration. Buying from an auction site could mean you end up with a non authentic product. There are companies who copy designs and make them look the same and then sell them on non official websites. This is just something to watch out for.

If it was my money I’d spend the extra bit to buy from the official website. Why? Because I get a good warranty and I get a good guarantee.

Is it a scam? Where are there so many negative reviews on Amazon?

True, there is no shortage of negative reviews for the Flex Belt out there. And there’s no easier place to find them than on

I’ll admit before I buy anything I always visit to check out what other people think of it. I don’t just do this when I’m shopping online, heck I’ll do it when I’m in a store from my iPhone.

I of course also did it before getting the Flexbelt and I wanted to share with you my views on the negative reviews about the flex belt that exist out there.

If you take the time to read the reviews on Amazon about this device you start to see a trend. Every one of the less then 3 or better star reviews is either complaining that the belt didn’t help them lose weight or they’re just hating on the device and EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) in general.

Here’s an example review from a consumer who bought the belt and returned it.

“I bought the belt, and although I felt it work my abs, I showed no results as far as weight loss. That’s not what this belt is good for. Plus, the gel pads wear out super fast and they’re not cheap. You’d be better off spending $200 on a gym membership. One good thing I can say is they were very quick and gave me no hassle when I wanted a refund!”

If you analyze this review the first thing we see is that the reviewer says they felt it working their abs, which is the goal of the belt.

However they then go onto say that it showed no results for weight loss, which is not what the belt is for. They also suggest that spending $200 on a gym membership would be a better idea.

I won’t necessarily argue with that if you have a couple of hours each day to commit to going to the gym. They end their review by saying that Flex Belt was good about giving them a refund, which in my opinion speaks highly of their customer service.

What’s the takeaway here?

The reviewer was expecting the belt to do something for them that it’s not designed to do, but did comment that the device worked as advertised “I felt it work my abs”.

If you go to Amazon and check out the reviews for the Flex Belt you’ll see that there are more positive then negative ones, and the majority of the negative reviews (at time of writing this) are more people just hating on EMS rather then actually providing constructive feedback to other consumers.

I stick by what I’ve been blogging about on this site since I started it. If you understand what the Flex Belt is capable of (strengthening and toning your abs) and you follow a healthy diet and get regular exercise then not only are you going to get stronger abs but you’ll likely begin to lose some inches on your waist line, feel better not just in a healthy sense but also about yourself.

Don’t let the cynics scare you off of something you want to try. I’ve always found the only way to know for sure about something is to try it for myself. The Flex Belt offers a 60 day money back guarantee and as the sample review I posted above suggests they honor that guarantee.

What Do You Get?

Flex_belt_for_men_largeLet’s open up the pack and take a look at what comes with your Flex Belt pack.

  1. 4 Gel Pads
  2. 1 Year Magazine Subscription
  3. 1 Month Access To A Meal Planner
  4. No Batteries Required
  5. 2 Year Warranty
  6. 60 Day Money Back Return

Tips On Operating

The unit has a control setting that ranges from 0-150 (the competing Slendertone Flex only offers 100).  This affects the intensity of the ‘workout’ so you can tailor the feel to your own personal taste and needs.

When wearing the belt 3 main gel pads are used to conduct the current to the areas on and around your abs.  When applying the device you will feel a pulsing sensation.  This is just mild and is also dependant on the intensity you’ve set on the device.

As the current flows to your muscles you then feel them tighten, just like a workout.  So simply set this intensity to a level that you are comfortable, probably low at first until you get used to it.  Then you can keep increasing it over time as your muscles adjust.  Just like with real exercises you’ll feel sore initially with just light use.Flex Belt Controller

At that point it’s just a matter of adding more intensity to keep improving.

You’ll know it’s working by the way you feel afterwards which is even more proof if you still needed it at that point.

How Intensity settings work

Starting Intensity Level

The idea is that when you first start using the device you begin by using the strongest intensity level you can stand.

Too low a level and you’re not giving your abs the workout they deserve, too high and well you might be a bit sore later on. For most people it seems to be somewhere between 30 and 70 for a starting level.

This will vary based on your current abdominal fitness and how much belly fat you have covering your abs right now. You will need a higher current of EMS to give the same workout for someone who has more belly fat compared to some who has less.

Increasing Intensity Level

Similar to working other parts of the body eventually the same intensity level will begin to produce less results. This is when you want to boost the level you’re using. This might mean you increase it by 5, 10 or even 20 levels. It’s all personal preference and you’ll need to see how it feels to know how high you should set it.

I’d suggest keeping a journal of what you started at, how long you stayed at that intensity level and then what intensity level you move up to. This will show you your progress over the weeks.


Intensity levels aren’t the only thing you can use to boost the workout your abs gets from The Flex Belt. You’ll also find that moving up through the programs offered in the belt will also yield a different workout.

For example: Program 1 is a beginner program and the training level is considered “light”. It’s a 20 minute long session and the Toning power is 14 micro Columbs (uc). In the Flex Belt manual it suggests only spending 2 sessions at this level, although you can spend more if you’d like. From there you progress to Program 2 which is still the same toning power but now goes for 25 minutes and then the Advanced program which is the same toning power but now 30 minutes. Longer periods of time at the same intensity level will produce great abdominal endurance in my opinion.

How long until I see results?

The company behind this actually guarantees you will see results in only weeks.  The amount of time needed per day is recommended at around 30 minutes.

Remember though the whole point of the belt is that you can wear it anywhere.

Finding 30 minutes to put it on during work or other responsibilities isn’t going to be a problem so it’s just a matter of waiting a few weeks for the results to show without having to mess up your schedule with trying to fit the gym in.

Some people even wear it when doing laundry or reading, there’s always going to be a time you can fit this into your lifestyle.

It’s also quite comfortable.  They’ve designed it to ‘breath’ so that you won’t be uncomfortable wearing it which would hamper your results long term.

And again 100% of users reported results so it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ you’ll get results.

Start Getting These Same Results Now

Will it tone all areas af my abs?

This product stimulates all your stomach muscles because it affects your upper abs, lower abs, and even your obliques.  Because of this you get  well rounded (or should I say ‘flat’) results.

Backed by pro athletes

Besides the underlying technology being used by people in the medical field, the Flex Belt itself is also used by top performing athletes so they can stay in shape which is critical to their success.  They trust the results they get otherwise they wouldn’t use it.

Jerry Rice is one of those users.  Well known as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), Jerry had to be in top shape to out run defenders in his quest for breaking recordings in receiving yards.

4 time Gold Olympic medalist Janet Evans also uses it to keep her core ready.  If you’ve ever swum competitively you’ll know how difficult it is.  It’s a testament to the Flex Belt that Janet uses it to keep in shape for such a strenuous type of exercise.

How Does It Stack Up Against The Competition?

The Flex Belt is hands down the best device for getting the kind of abs you want.  For a more in depth look at why check out the official website which has a lot of good information on quite a few of the competitors.  Click here to read about the comparisons

How Much Does It Cost

flex belt I’ll admit this unit isn’t the cheapest home health product out there.  But if you add up the time and fees for going to a gym it actually starts to look like a bargain.

The cost for a single unit is $199 but you can get it for 10% off and FREE shipping when ordering through the links on this page.



Rating: ★★★★★


Rating: ★★★★½


Rating: ★★★★½

Get The Flex Belt Now

At this point you’re probably done reading and ready to order your own so you can start to finally get some results without all the work that most people try to go though (and usually end up quitting anyways).

So here’s a link to learn more about it (if you need more convincing) or to just order if you’re ready now.

Click Here To Buy The Flex Belt with FREE shipping and 10% Off


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