International middle distance runner Asbel Kiprop is set to be charged in an Iten court in connection with assault of a night guard, a senior police officer has confirmed.

Keiyo North sub-county police chief Joseph Ireri told The People daily that the runner would be arraigned in court once investigations into the incident is completed.

“We want to ascertain the extend of the injuries that was inflicted on the victim of attack on the material night by Kiprop before we come up with the charges to prefer against him in court,’ stated Ireri.

The renowned two times world 1500 metres champion who is also a police officer,allegedly entered into a bar in Iten town on Sunday night past the stipulated drinking hours and forced his way into the social joint while drunk.

The night guard identified as James Mukuria who was manning the bar told him that the main door had been locked since the official drinking hours were over and police officers on patrol would arrest them if they find the joint operational at that time.

An enraged Kiprop together with other four men who were with him, dragged the guard to the door before hitting him with a gun butt threatening him that he was a senior police officer who can go anywhere he wants at any time without restraint.

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“Kiprop punched me several times on the mouth and kicked me on my private parts saying that he is a police inspector and cannot be questioned by anyone or taken anywhere,” said Mukuria.

The guard said that he feels a lot of pain when passing urine that is at times blood stained resulting from the injuries he got from the beating. “Am doing a humble job to help me sustain my family and what I want is justice from the police,” he cried.

Kiprop is said tom have forcibly entered the bar while brandishing his pistol and harassed the pub’s manager when he asked him why he had beaten up the guard.

The police boss who described the incident as serious stressed that they are considering withdrawing the gun from the international runner if he will be found guilty of accusations leveled against him.

Ireri said that the aggrieved person had already recorded a statement at the station adding that a P3 form seen and filled by the doctors at the Iten county referral hospital indicates that the night guard was physically assaulted.

According to the berocca review the night guard who is due for dental tomorrow at Eldoret hospital, sustained injury on the upper jaw in which three teeth loosened, painful groin and swollen left sleeping earplugs.

This is not the first time the athlete known for his flashy lifestyle and love for booze has been accused of harassing local residents. Last month he allegedly told one of the young men at a local social joint that he would shoot and suffocate him in a good electric blanket if dared crossed his way.



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