How many more toys does the little one need?

Before you answer, consider that toys do much more than entertain. They educate, stimulate the development of perception and cognition, and may help build muscle strength and control. And, of course, amusement shouldn’t be scoffed at, either. A happy baby is a healthy baby.

The range of educational toys that also entertain little ones is endless. Baby Einstein books are everywhere. Others encourage exploring shapes and sounds. That musical toy that you hear as just a noisemaker is actually helping the baby associate a chosen movement with the creation of a particular sound.

Fitting shaped blocks through the right size hole may seem like just a game. But at the same time the baby is amusing him or herself it’s learning that some things fit and others don’t. That ability connects later to learning the alphabet and words where some things ‘fit’ and others don’t.

Don’t overlook the need for a sheer physical outlet, as well. As any parent can testify, babies have lots of energy that just can’t be suppressed. They touch, they explore, they push and prod. That’s helping them develop muscle control, fine-tuning hand and eye coordination, and more. It’s also a sheer joy for the little ones to see what happens when they bat that mobile to make it squawk and spin.

Even dolls are more than just ‘playthings’. If they talk, the baby is learning about human sounds and what they mean. If they’re dressing the doll, the baby learns in a different way how some things fit and others don’t. They also learn that some things can break or tear. Valuable lessons while they enjoy the process.

Toy chests

Don’t forget that all those toys have to have a place to live.

Toy chests come in a range of styles that can blend right in with any nursery decor or childhood interest. The little farmhouse toy chest can be populated with farm animals that remind them of the petting zoo. A stylish mahogany or beechwood chest is perfect for that rich-looking design you spent months imagining during pregnancy.

Develop your child’s interest in baseball at an early age, while you integrate the toy chest into the rest of the furniture and decorations. Or, select the princess carriage toy chest and turn a mundane storage box into a wonderland full of treasures. Choose the circus design and watch your child’s delight in animals grow starting right from those early months.

Education, development and sheer fun are all part of contemporary toy and toy chest collections. Made of durable materials that are safe and stylish, the baby won’t be the only one who is happy with the choices.


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