I love to wear sandals during the summer season as they not only look good but also allow my feet to remain dry and cool.

But I was always troubled by dry skin and required pedicure from beauty salons every now and then to keep my feet looking soft and smooth.

I was looking for a beauty device that I could use at home to get rid of callus and dry skin. My search took me to Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover.

emjoi callus remover reviewI have been using this foot callus remover for several months now, and I must say that this beauty product keeps my feet looking soft and smooth as if I have just returned from a beauty salon after getting a pedicure.

I am so impressed by this device that I thought I should share my experience of using it with my readers.

Save your time and money by using this amazing buffer

Those troubled by accumulation of dead skin on their feet know how ugly it can look when they wear sandals. If you do not have the time and the money to spend on costly pedicure at a beauty salon, you must try a foot callus remover.

The emjoi micro pedi is designed to remove dead skin and callus gently from the skin of your feet. You must take action before you start to get comments about your ugly feet, especially when you do not have time to visit your beautician frequently.

The emjoi micro pedi works effectively and very efficiently

The reason I found Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover wonderful was that it was able to remove dry and calloused skin effectively in just a few seconds. More importantly, it did not cause any pain that is associated with other buffers available in the market.

This amazing device does not consist of metal scrapers that can harm your skin. Thus, it is safer than most other buffers available in the market and gentler than the pumice stone that I used to soften my feet earlier.

If you have used any other buffer earlier and found it useless, you will be pleasantly surprised with the efficacy of this foot callus remover.

Fits comfortably in your palm

Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover is ergonomically designed to easily fit in your palm. You can buff all parts of your feet without feeling any discomfort. You will be surprised how its gentle rollers buff away all your hardened dead skin.

No more pain after using metal scrapers that are also potentially dangerous to use on the delicate skin of your feet. The uniquely designed rollers of the Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover spin to 360 degrees to achieve buffing in a desired manner.

Reveals smooth and beautiful looking feet in a very short time

If you are going to a dinner party and wearing sandals to reveal your feet, the callus on your feet can suddenly turn off your mood. You are in a hurry and do not have the time to undergo pedicure at a beauty salon.

This is where Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover comes handy for you. Just use this compact beauty device on your feet for a few seconds to reveal smooth and lovely looking feet.

The Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover is battery operated. You need not sit near a power source or waste time trying to untangle the power cord of the product. Just insert 2 AA batteries into this foot callus remover and you are ready to have good-looking and smooth feet free from dead skin in minutes.

The Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover may not soften your very hard feet in one go but you will find visible results with constant and frequent use.

If you are a runner or a hiker with dead skin accumulating on your feet, you will be happy to keep this handy little device at home to have soft and smooth feet all the time.

No more torture of your delicate feet with metal scrapers

Remove all the dead skin and callus that is generated by walking, running, and all the other chores at home and the office. Its rolling pads look innocuous but they are more effective than metal scrapers and much safer and gentler than these scrapers.

It is also a device that is easy to clean and maintain. Being small in size, you can store Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover anywhere in your home and even carry it around in your bag.

Other Features that make the emjoi micro pedi foot callus remover wonderful

* Gentle and safe on your feet
* Effectively buffs away dead skin to reveal pink feet in a few seconds
* Saves your time and money on expensive pedicure at beauty salons
* Operates on batteries to allow you to use it anywhere
* Easier to use than a pumice stone
* Roller spins 360 degrees to remove callus from all parts of your feet
* Safer than metal scrapers that can harm your feet
* Ergonomically designed to not tire you out during the exercise
* Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association

Do not push the device against the dead skin

There are many people who say that the device is not effective as the roller stops spinning when they try to push it against the skin in an effort to get more close cleaning.

This is true but you cannot expect a battery-operated device to have more power than you, do you?

In fact, there is no need to forcefully press the device against your feet as it does its work effectively with just a gentle push on areas having dead skin.

I am more than satisfied with the working of Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover ever since I purchased it a few months ago. If you are worried about callus and dead skin accumulating on your feet, the best place to buy this wonderful foot callus remover is at amazon.com

Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus Remover is ergonomically designed to easily fit in your palm. You can buff all parts of your feet without feeling any discomfort. You will be surprised how its gentle rollers buff away all your hardened dead skin.

Everything Else You Need to Know About Feet Callus

The repeated exposure to friction, results to the formation of hard, coarse and irritating thick scales on the skin. These scaly and ugly blisters are commonly referred to as Callus.

They are often times formed and found on the foot, in and around the soles and especially the heels.

Frequent running or walking around with uncomfortable footwear is the common cause of the friction. Calluses are not harmful skin irritations but severe cases have been recorded to progress to infection or skin ulceration.

Common Causes of Calluses:

External body factors causing callus on the skin:

  1. Shoes that are too short or small to accommodate oxygen inside the shoes or sock that are relatively coarse due to the material component.
  2. Manual labor, most commonly to the hands, for people doing masonry or carpentry or anything related to construction and heavy lifting
  3. Excessive exposure to hard and heated surfaces during athletic activities
  4. Non wearing of shoes

Internal body factors affecting formation of calluses:

  • Disproportioned foot stricter or improper foot positioning
  • Strong and stubborn bone structures

Feet Calluses Symptoms:

  • Calluses appear as skin scales that are relatively thick and difficult to shed off.
  • Usually found on feet and hands and bone joints.
  • Usually white-grayish-yellow, brown or red, in appearance
  • Dried scales are painless, while newly formed callus are tender and easily peel off but leaves a rather swelling feeling.
  • Some calluses especially those form on the heels or back of the foot would swell with a burning feeling.

Treating Calluses

There are possible ways of treating and getting rid of feet calluses widely practiced by sufferers. Some settle for Callus Remover Gels and Lotions. Others hunt down homeopathic remedies and some people settle with the removal using laser machines.

Depending on the gravity of calluses on your skin, you can alternatively settle with any of the above treatments. Seeking medical attention at certain instances is recommended to those people who are suffering excruciating pain or those who are diagnosed with diabetes.

Calluses are harmful skin irritations that often heal and go away unnoticed. Some people find keratolytic agents helpful in alleviating and eliminating calluses.

Sometimes feet callues can be easily shed off after immersion to certain chemicals like salicylic acid.

Often time calluses can be simply treated or prevented by limiting activities that are often exposed to friction. One handy preventive measure would be the use of well-fitting shoes to allow oxygen circulation inside the footwear.

The following are some personal care that can minimize or take control of callus formation:

  1. Cover the affected areas with bandages or anything that has air cooling system.
  2. Apply topical solutions like lotions and ointments to soften and moisturize hard and dry calluses.
  3. Use pumice stone or any coarse removing tool when bathing to slowly eliminate or shed calluses.
  4. Avoid too much stress on your hands and feet when doing household chores or manual labor by wearing gloves or any protective gears.
  5. Make it a regular habit to soak your feet and hands in saline solution or any moisturizing agent to soften down the calluses.


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