For the past few years, kneeling chairs have become an American and UK alternative in seating when it comes to working your typical 9-5 desk job.

Even better has been the fact that these ergonomic kneeling chairs are extending their influence and crossing into other sectors of the workforce in order to provide comfort to the backs and spines of millions of individuals working in positions that can lead to serious spinal injuries overtime (e.g. the personal services industry).

Kneeling chairs have long since evolved after Peter Opsvik and his first kneeling chair model, the Balans kneeling chair, back in the late 1970’s.

Since then, many manufacturers have come along, either improving upon this existing design or adding another layer of comfort to their own kneeling chair models.

Choosing the Best Kneeling Chairs

If you are in the market for a kneeling chair, be sure to check out the following reviews for the best kneeling chairs on the market today:

Best Kneeling Chairs 2016

Best Picture Brand/Manufacturer      
Best kneeling chair 2016 Jobri Kneeling Chair
ergonomic kneeling chair 2016 Sit4Life Kneeler Perfect Fit
Eurostyle ergonomic kneeling chair Eurostyle Haley Ergonomic Kneeling Chair
Balans kneeling chair Balans Kneeling Chair
Boss ergonomic kneeling Stool Boss Ergonomic Kneeling Stool
Flash Furniture ergonomic kneeling chair Flash Furniture Ergonomic Kneeling Chair
Work smart knee chair Work Smart Knee Chair
Detailed Reviews

Jobri Kneeling Chairs

UNIVERSITY PRESSA Jobri Ergonomic Kneeling Chair could very well change the way you work.

If your work dictates that you spend most of your day seated on your desk, you’re no stranger to that feeling of stress and soreness with prolonged sitting.

Your back always feels strained while your knees always feel in need of stretching.

Thankfully, ergonomic kneeling chairs can eradicate such a predicament for workers like you. This type of chair dramatically lessens your risk from back, shoulder and knee injuries.

Truth be told, ergonomic chairs are one of the most beneficial inventions ever to hit the furniture market — and ergonomic kneeling chairs are no exception.

How the Jobri Ergonomic Chair Works

The Jobri Ergonomic chair is for people who suffer from back injuries or lower torso discomforts.

Its revolutionary design makes people appear to kneel and sit at the same time. Usually equipped with a foam seat and kneel pad, its unique design makes the sitter so comfortable, that spending whole day long in a Jobri Ergonomic Kneeling Chair will not result to any physical stress, muscle pain or injuries.

Revolutionary Features

Purchasing the Jobri Ergonomic Kneeling Chair will give you many health benefits, as it automatically corrects your posture the moment you ease into the seat. It prompts you to sit up straight, at an angle wherein your spine, back, shoulders and neck are perfectly aligned.

The Best ergonomic kneeling chair
With the Jobri kneeling chair, your hips are shifted forward, so that there’s little or no pressure at all on your lumbar area. This simple change in posture dramatically improves your breathing and increases your flexibility.

But best of all, you can also choose the manner or way of sitting.

One choice is to face forward with your knees tucked under you. This way, your weight is concentrated on your hips and not on your knees.

Another choice is to sit facing forward with your knees directly in front of you. the jobri kneeling chair works wonders for your posture too; when you are training your kids to sit upright and to refrain from slouching, an ergonomic chair is the perfect training equipment to help you.

What to Expect

The Jobri Ergonomic Kneeling Chair comes in black/grey steel frame, and black/grey fabric. Its nylon castors allow you to pull and push the chair to any corner, and once seated you could adjust the height from 21 inches to 28.5 inches.

One chair weighs 280 pounds, with an overall width of 18 inches; it is built in standard size to fit most office desks.

One unit entitles you to a five-year warranty period, and may cost as low as $139.00.

Click here for more reviews of Jobri kneeling chairs or to get your hands (and buttocks) on one today!

Balans Kneeling Chairs

Balans Kneeling Chairs are hard to come by…and for good reason. Originally designed by Peter Opsvik, the Varier Balans kneeling chair is one of the most sought after kneeling chairs — and quite possibly one of the most expensive too!

Unlike traditional kneeling chairs –especially those without back support –the typical user is cautioned that prolonged usage may cause some discomfort — especially during the breaking-in period.

However, when it comes to using a Varier Balans kneeling chair, these types of ergonomic chairs are designed for prolonged usage and even come with the option to remove the back support extension feature for those times when relying on it isn’t needed.

Designed with You…and Your Spine in Mind

Peter Opsvik designed the Varier Balans chair, originally manufactured by Stokke, to be “THE” leading kneeling chair on the market. Even today, it remains to be challenged that the Varier Balans kneeling chair is in an ergonomic seating class of its own.

The original concept of these types of kneeling chairs was to enhance the user’s active sitting by way of supporting and enhancing the body through each movement made.

Balans kneeling chairs are thought to enhance concentration, alertness, posture and productivity whether you are working a hard day at the office or simply doing homework at the table.

Features of Balans Kneeling Chairs

While each model of Varier Balans kneeling chairs varies to some degree, there are quite a few features that are standard issued with Balans kneeling chairs:

  1. Each Varier Balans chair boasts upholstery made of 3% polyamid and 97% wool.
  2. All Varier Balans kneeling chair upholstery is abrasion resistant!
  3. 100% oak, beech, and walnut wood harvested from sustainable forests.
  4. Over 15 different colors to choose from including: black (standard), turquoise, pink, red, white, lilac, blue, bright orange, brown, warm gray, lime green, and many more customizable colors.
  5. Promotes constant natural movement; enhances breathing during usage.
Important Considerations
Unfortunately, Varier Balans kneeling chairs are hard to come by given the fact that they must be manufactured in Norway. For that reason, very few distributors carry these particular kneeling chair models for residents of North America.

Boss Office Kneeling Chairs

boss ergonomic kneeling chairWhile Boss kneeling chairs don’t carry the same notoriety like popular name brands as Varier Balans or Jobri, these kneeling chairs definitely carry a lot of bang, for a little bit of bucks!

The line of Boss products, from manufacturer Norstar Office Products, spared no expense on comfort, reliability, endurance, and functionality with this line of comfortable ergonomic kneeling chairs.


The Boss Black Fabric Ergonomic Kneeling Stool is the best kneeling chair if you are in the market for a sturdy, yet comfortable kneeling chair.

This knee chair has become the favorite of many users — especially those suffering from lower back pain due to injury or pregnancy. The knee chair provides enough support for both your spine and tailbone.

This particular Boss kneeling stool was designed to promote an upright posture by way of its ergonomic design that calls for your hips to ease forward during sitting.

Doing so allows you to alleviate potential strain to your lumbar muscles due to your shoulders, neck, and back being aligned while sitting.

Special Features
  • Ergonomic knee platform and seat cushion for maximum comfort during long periods of sitting.
  • Study black metal frame
  • Hooded double wheel casters for increased mobility whether on hardwood or carpet.
  • Adjustable knee height functionality

Product Specifications / Dimensions:

  • Seat measures: 16.5″ W x 13″ D
  • Adjustable seat height: 20″ (when adjusted downward) and 25″ (when adjusted upward)
    27″ nylon base

Where to Buy:

The Boss Black Fabric Ergonomic Kneeling Stool can be purchased online from Amazon.

Click here to pick up your Boss kneeling chair today, or to read more in-depth customer reviews.

Eurostyle Haley Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

UNIVERSITY PRESS(5)If you spend most of the day seated in front of your computer, you need the Haley Knee Chair to prevent back, neck and shoulder injuries.

This type of chair is also known as an ergonomic kneeling chair, and it is designed in such a way that your thighs drop to a 70-degree vertical angle.

Hence, it allows your body to shift weight towards your pelvis and shins, easing the burden of working long hours in a sedentary seating position.

The Need for Ergonomics

According to the U.S. Department of labor, an estimated one million Americans sustain work-related injuries every year simply because their work environment is not ideal and suitable for them.

Injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pains, as well as neck and shoulder strain are prevalent among workers that suffer from repetitive stress injury brought about by a stressful and crude working environment.

Do not be part of this dismal percentage. You owe yourself a good working environment, and changing your chair, table and other office fixtures in accordance with the principles of Ergonomics, is one of the wisest things you could do.

Ergonomics is the science of determining the interaction between human beings and other elements of a system; it is primarily concerned about optimizing your work performance by focusing on your well-being.

Your Need for a Haley Knee Chair

Getting a Haley Knee Chair is one way of following the principles of Ergonomics and taking care of yourself.

Haley kneeling chairs are built with an adjustable seat and a kneel pad that allows you to sit and kneel at the same time, thus reducing the pressure on your neck, shoulders and back. It is designed primarily for people who suffer from back injuries, and for workers who spend long hours seated on their desk.

The Haley kneeling chair comes only in a sophisticated black color, though you could choose the frame to be either black or aluminum.

Its metal frame makes it sturdy and strong, while its upholstered fabric seat and knee support makes it comfortable. You could adjust its height with the rubber grips, and you could move it around easily on its rollers.

You may purchase the Haley Knee Chair from for under $120.00.

On top of taking care of your finances by working hard, it’s time you should take care of your health too; making sure you have a friendly work environment and spine is the perfect place to start.

Sit4Life Kneeler Perfect

sit4lifeIf you are looking for a kneeling chair and it just so happens that you are on a tight budget, investing in SIT4LIFE Kneeler Perfect Fit Plus kneeling chair is a great way to enjoy all the comforts of a quality kneeling chair, without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

The SIT4LIFE Kneeler Perfect Fit chair should have instead been renamed “Perfect Sit” as it has been ergonomically designed to ensure that you get the most comfortable seating position and posture when using a kneeling chair.

The kneeling chair is designed with your back in mind. You can enjoy amazing health benefits thanks to its ergonomic design that keeps your neck, shoulders, and back perfectly aligned throughout your work day.
•    Adjustable height capability for tall users
•    Perfect for individuals who suffer from lower disc pain and swelling as well as prostrate problems
•    Memory foam cushions for added support during prolonged usage
•    Rolling casters to increase mobility
•    Free 5 Year Warranty

Product Specifications / Dimensions

  • 18″ wide
  • 29″ deep
  • Knee pad cushions measure 6.5″ x 11″
  • Seat size measures 17.5″ x 12.5″

Where to Buy:

The SIT4LIFE Kneeler Perfect Fit Plus knee chair can be purchased directly from Sit4Life with free shipping. Considering that most kneeling chair models average MSRP’s well above $120, we think that is a good deal.

Kneeling Ergonomic Chairs: Why Should You Care?

Long before Peter Opsvik designed his first kneel chair, the principles of ergonomics and alternative seating positions was on the minds of Hans Christian and Dr. A.C. Mandal.

The two decided to expand upon the idea of moving away from traditional upright seating in order to encourage a healthier way for the human body to sit for prolonged periods of time.

Their original ideas, combined with the various kneeling chair designs that followed, have brought awareness to helping millions of individuals around the world find their natural balance line.

The purpose of your natural balance line is to allow your body to sit in a 110 degree open-angled position. Doing so allows for pressure to be released from your spine and for your back to on its natural curvature.

Before you rush out and purchase any ‘ole kneeling chair, be sure you are well-versed on how kneeling chairs work and what features you should look for when purchasing a specific chair.

What’s so special about kneeling chairs?

Did you know that when you sit in a traditional desk chair or office chair, you are in essence forcing your buttocks to take on the burden of bearing the the total weight of your body?

Over time, this can wreck havoc  not only on your lower back, but also on your spine, which is ever so delicate.

If you are seated at a desk for prolonged periods of time, the chances for injuries and problems enhances even quicker — especially if you are not practicing proper sitting behaviors or giving yourself adequate breaks and taking the time to stretch.

How to sit correctly in a kneeling chair

To help combat this increasing problem, kneeling chairs have become the perfect solution in many cases.

Kneeling chairs (also referred to kneel chairs or knee chairs), are designed to make sure you a sitting in the healthiest position for your body. It does so by forcing your body into a perched position where your legs are opened (creating a semi-abducted position) and where your spine is alleviate of compression.

Here is a YouTube video that demonstrates how to sit properly in a knee chair.

Common Kneeling Chair Misconceptions

While the term “kneeling chair” may incite the idea that all of your weight is being supported by your knees, the reality of using a kneeling chair is the fact that your knees are not only bearing your body’s weight, but your buttocks is also playing a vital role as well.

Additionally, kneel chairs that come with shin support pads have these cushions in place to provide additional support while promoting healthier posture as well.

Additional Kneeling Chair Benefits
Did you know that in addition to improving your natural balance line and posture, kneeling chairs also help promote better blood circulation and breathing? Kneeling chairs are designed to promote better seating posture and as a result, this allows for your diaphragm to move much more efficiently, therefore resulting in enhanced breathing. Tips on Choosing the Best Kneeling Chair…

There are quite a few things to keep in mind when you are looking for the best kneeling chair model. Below is a quick list of characteristics to look out for as you are shopping for the perfect kneeling chair:

Ask yourself the following questions:

1.) What type of support are you looking for in a knee chair?

Should the cushions of your knee chair be firm, or should they mold when pressure is applied so that they will provide a perfect fit for you buttocks and ankles/shins?

2.) Does your knee chair require rolling wheels?

Many kneeling chairs come with dual wheel casters that will move in the direction of your body weight while sitting in a kneeling chair.

If, however, you are working in a position that requires less movements (e.g. working as a massage therapist), then you should opt instead for a kneeling chair that does not swivel at your every movement.

3.) What type of frame are you interested in?

Kneeling chairs come in a variety of frames, with the two most popular being made of wood and steel.

However, when it comes down to selecting the frame, either backless kneeling chairs or kneeling chairs with backs, you will ultimately have to make this decision according to your daily needs and work environment.

4.) Does the name brand matter?

There are a variety of kneeling chairs on the market not made by more popular manufacturers like Jobri, Balans, or Haley.

However, in some cases, sacrificing well known brands for cost can be to the detriment of your chair. Therefore, thoroughly reviewing your chair — and reading the reviews from other buyers — is a great to ensure that you’re getting the best kneeling chair for your money.

With these ideas in mind, be sure to check our reviews of some of the more popular ergonomic kneeling chairs on the market.


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