Pritikin Diet is a very specialized and restricted diet. The Diet Plan was started and created by Nathan Pritikin, founder, the Pritikin Longevity Center, California.

The Diet was first taken out in 1979 as a fitness plan and healthy diet program. It is essentially low in carbohydrate and fat content, which facilitates a good weight loss program. Thus the key idea of the Pritikin Diet remains calorie control and reduction for efficient weight loss achievement.

The Pritikin Diet ranks the component foods as apiece their calorific value per pound of weight. The Pritikin Diet basically uses principally low calorie content and medium calorie content and high fiber content foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, rice and pasta. High calorie foods are rare and occasional. The ideal Pritikin Diet plan suggests an intake of 405 calories of per pound edibles.

An organized Pritikin Diet suggests only one serving of 4 oz of flesh or fish protein in each day and a maximum of two servings low fat or nonfat dairy products. The primary components of the Pritikin Diet throughout remain fruits and vegetables and certain low fat content, low carbohydrate content and high fiber content foods. Thus the Pritikin Diet bypasses all the dangers of being over weight by eliminating all the high carbohydrate, high fat dangerous parts of the foods intake. Thus the Diet provides a lasting and sustained weight loss process.

The follower of this Pritikin Diet are advised to eat 6 to 7 meals per day with cereals and grains playing a very vital role. Also one important factor of the Pritikin Diet is habitual exercising. Walking can also do the job of exercising in the diet plan, but the time span should be around fifty minutes!

The success of the Pritikin Diet lies in its ability to prevent advent of heart diseases and effective weight loss in many obese people. Many professionals have many points regarding Pritikin Diet, starting from the fact that they believe that Pritikin Diets are pretty much low in fat and carbohydrate intakes! Whatever be the allegations against it, the Pritikin Diet is beyond diet a success in the path it has been walking after its inception.


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