smart watchesEven though they have been around far longer, smartwatches never really got quite as much hype as other gadgets such as tablets, notebooks and smartphones. Even until today, the smartwatch is not a completely developed technology just yet.

In fact, there are only a handful of players in the smartwatch industry, and these include Martian, Pebble, Sony and Samsung. However, giant electronic companies such as Nokia and Apple are rumored to be planning to join the race with their own versions of the smartwatch.

If you’re planning to shop for a smartwatch or you’ve always been curious as to what one can do for you, then this article might be of great help. Read on for the different features and technologies of today’s smartphones. Having a good idea about these technologies will also help you decide on the best smartwatch for android under $100 for you.

Smartphone Compatibility

One of the most important things that consumers have to remember about the best fitness trackers for cycling is that they are not designed to stand alone. After all, a smartwatch is still first and foremost a timepiece whose job is to tell you the time. Most of the other tasks that it will be capable of will depend on its smartphone capability.

Every single one of today’s smartphones features a smartphone integration technology, which means that the watch will need to work in sync with a smartphone. From your watch, you will be able to check and place calls and text messages, edit your music, browse your calendar and such.

Most of today’s smartwatches are compatible with either Android or the iPhone so it’s important to consider what smartphone you are using before shopping for a smartphone. Pebble, Sony SW2, Martian, Toq and Galaxy Gear are all compatible with Android. However, keep in mind that different smartphones are compatible with different Android versions.

For instance, Martian smartwatch will work with any Android phone while Sony SW2 will only work with Android 4.0 and later versions. Among these smartwatches, only Pebble and Martian offer iPhone compatibility.

Notification Capability

Most experts agree that notification capabilities are the most important feature of any smartphone. Aside from receiving calls and text messages, a smartphone can easily alert you if you receive any email, chat messages, social network notifications and such. However, it’s not precisely convenient to have to hold your smartphone in your hand at all times, especially if you’re in an important event like an office meeting.

A smartwatch discreetly alerts you when you have a phone call, text message or email by lightly vibrating on your wrist. This means you can easily see who’s calling you without having to pull out your phone.

When choosing a smartwatch, make sure that it is able to give you a wide range of notifications. This is important since not all smartwatches are able to give you all the notifications of your smartphone.

Third-Party Apps

Although your smartwatch will naturally come with several apps, you will definitely want to purchase more in order to make the best of your smartwatch. Third-party apps will add to the functionality of your smartwatch. In case a smartphone has little to no third-party apps then you might find its usability extremely limited.

 Physical Features

Even the best smartphone technologies will not be of much use to you if the watch itself is not something that you will want to wear on your wrist. Therefore, it’s also important to look at the physical features of the smartwatch.

Although smartwatches are designed to be light on your arm, they still differ when it comes to size and dimensions. The Sony SW2 and Galaxy Gear are quite large in size and will be more suitable for men. Women with smaller wrists will do better with sleeker smartwatches.

Material and colors are also important considerations when shopping for a smartwatch. Most watches are made from stainless steel and aluminum, while Pebble is made from plastic. Of course, color is also important since it helps you express yourself and look more fashionable. Almost every smartwatch is available in sleek black. However, more decorative colors are also available, such as orange, red, green and gold.

Fitness Tracking Feature

Another common technology that most smartwatches share is a fitness tracking feature. This feature can be highly useful when you’re running or simply taking a walk for exercise. Some smartwatches have built-in pedometers while some watches require you to download a third-party app.

Water Resistance

Water resistance is another feature that you will want to look for when shopping for a smartwatch. Fortunately, most smartwatches in the market today boast some level of water resistance. The Pebble smartwatch can even be worn when swimming.

So, there you have it…. some features you should consider prior to purchasing a smartwatch. Take your time to identify your needs and then wants in a smartwatch as they aren’t cheap. Take your time…. it’ll be worth it.


  1. I always believed that a man’s worth and class is dictated by the watch that they are wearing. Thanks for reviewing Smartwatches since a man needs to always walk with timeless timepieces.


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