Women with large breasts (those with DD cups and above) are used to the challenging situations their large breasts cause them throughout life and nursing with large breasts is no different.  Here I’ve listed some important nursing tips for large breasted women:

It All Starts with Support

Double D’s and above need support!

Large breasted women need to pay much more attention to the type of bra that they wear and how it supports their breasts. Small breasted women can really just get away with anything (I guess having the allure of large breasts doesn’t come without a price!).

Keep in mind that your breast size WILL INCREASE with the pregnancy so factor that in when bra shopping.  You can expect to go up at least 2 cup sizes.

Underwire or No Underwire While Nursing?

Ok, ok.  This is a serious debate out there and many so called “experts” advise against underwire while nursing and some say it is just fine.  First a background on the debate.  Some say that the underwire pinches the skin and can cause plugged ducts or mastitis.  While the possibility exists, it is not likely and can happen from a number of situations outside of a bra with underwire.  It’s best to ask your OB/GYN their recommendation and trust what they say so you can feel good about your decision.

Finding A Quality Nursing Bra

A good nursing bra is expensive.  There is just no if’s and’s or but’s about it.  Sure you can get a cheap or low priced nursing bra but they will not be the best for large breasted women who are nursing.  If you want the proper support, comfort and durability of lasting multiple pregnancies make sure you invest in several quality nursing bras.

BreastfeedingBreastfeeding your baby can get a little difficult at times, therefore you must put in some considerate thought before buying the right kind of nursing bra for yourself.  As you already know, nursing bras are not quite similar to the regular kind. They are specially designed to provide your breasts with all the necessary support that is required during this special time.

Nursing bras allow easy insertion of breast pads.  These specially designed bras come with cup lining that help avoid irritation.  A good-fitting nursing bra can really help make the task of breastfeeding much easier.  They are available in a wide range of sizes, with plus sized nursing bars readily available for full-figured women.  As the title suggests in this article, we try and provide some tips that can help you choose the right nursing bra for large cup size.

Another question to ask yourself is whether you should wear a push up bra when you are breastfeeding.

Here is a list of things that you need to look for while buying plus sized nursing bras:


  • Make sure that the nursing bra is easy to use. It must allow easy opening and closing with just one hand. Good quality plus sized bra may come with plastic clips or hooks that are easy to open one-handed.
  • Good support is the most important feature that you must look for. A plus sized bra with bad support can lead to back strain. Therefore, make sure the bra provides adequate support to get the best results.
  • The best time when you must buy yourself a nursing bra is during mid to late pregnancy. Make sure that the bra allows insertion of breast pads and are made with a stretchy material.  Remember that good bras would always provide adjustability at the cup and strap.
  • Although you may prefer to use the best prostate massager, it is advisable that you do not make use of them in the early postpartum weeks. They might put added pressure on the milk glands which may reduce production of milk. You can find many new plus size nursing bras in stores that provide the same support as under-wire bras.  But if you are really looking to buy an under-wire bra then make sure it fits perfectly.
  • It is wise to purchase a bra where the cup is lined with cotton. You must let your skin breathe, otherwise sweat mixed with breast milk can lead to rashes and infections.
  • You can wear light nursing bras in the night. Usually the nighttime bras are much more comfortable that day wear bras.
  • Nursing bras come with specific instructions about washing and drying. Make sure to follow the necessary directions to help keep your bra in shape.


These tips shall help you find the best plus sized nursing bra for yourself.  Keep in mind that you would need to keep changing your bra every now and then throughout the day, so make sure to buy as many nursing bras as you can afford.

Buying the best plus sized nursing bra does not mean spending a fortune on an expensive or branded item, it is about determining which fits the best and offers easy adjustable along with proper support.




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