A pioneer in the men’s grooming business, American Crew is known for its passion, commitment and style when it comes to hair and body care products.

American crew provides customers with the everyday style, class and extra edge that they have been looking for. The company has an entire styling line of products which range from molding creams, clays to pomades and hair sprays.

These products have been quite popular with men and are considered as a defining highlight of the ‘modern, chic man’ today.

Basically, American Crew has led the way with its styling range when it has come to men’s grooming. Since the average man realized that he had to look good and presentable every day, he turned towards grooming products such as pomades for wavy hair and hair creams which make hair styling easy and keep them in place.

Crew pomade is one of the unique water soluble hair product that is easy to use, versatile and a very good alternative to every other styling gel out there.

The Best American Crew Pomade Reviews

  1. Pomade 3-Ounce jar: This is one of their best hair products that can make all kinds of haircuts and styles look good and appealing. It is water soluble, has a light texture and particularly works well for slick back hair. If you have been looking for a product to tame those wavy and curly hair, your search ends with this.
  2. Crew Defining Paste: It is great for long hair and provides them with a pliable and natural hold. The past is very convenient and easy to use, and can be distributed evenly through hair by just a quick run of the fingers. It contains beeswax which is the reason behinds its consistent hold and matte finish.
  3. American Crew Fiber: This fiber like product acts as a conditioner for hair, giving them a fine and polished finish as well as making them appear voluminous and thick. It also protects hair against loss of moisture and ensures that they remain smooth. The fiber is a unique, one of a kind product that has been created from a special formula with the aim of enhancing the overall look and hair style.
  4. Crew Molding Clay: It is a product that carries concentrated styling power for all kinds of hair. It is particularly great for humid conditions and people who are sporty or athletic.

Why Choose Crew Pomade?

American Crew has been around for almost two decades and distributes its numerous men’s grooming products across the globe.

It has a shampoo and body wash range, shaving products and the hugely popular hair styling line. Men’s salon and barbershops throughout the country have tested and approved the crew’s hair products and rate them very highly. The pomade is a stand-out product that is the highlight of the American crew hair styling range.

It is known for its water solubility, easy application and removal, mild fragrance and the ability to last through the day and night.

The pomade has a very strong hold and will keep your hair in place no matter what the weather conditions are. Unlike other hair products, the crew pomade ensures that your hair appears natural, non-greasy and shines after every application.

Crew Pomade Effectivity Analysis:

American Crew is an established company which has been associated with men’s grooming for many years. Their hair styling products, in particular the gels and pomade are a hit with many different men of all ages and hair types.

Those who have used the pomade already know how effective it is for holding the hair in place and styling it every day. The people, who are as yet unfamiliar with this magical product, need to give it a try at least once.

The crew pomade is great for all types of hair usually, but works best with curly or wavy hair. All you need to do is apply a small amount and run it through either damp or dry hair lightly. It will leave your hair looking shiny, naturally thick and ready to be style whichever way you want.

Its water based formula not only provides a strong hold but also makes sure that the hair never stiffens through the day. If you are going for the messy, yet casual look, this is the perfect pomade for you.

Pros and Cons of Crew Pomade:

These products are considered top notch when it comes to quality and delivery. However, there are still some downsides that must be brought to attention. The crew pomade has its fair share of pros and they definitely tip the balance in its favor, but there are a few cons which should also be noted.


  • The highlight of this pomade is its water solvency, which allows it to be washed out after just one time shampoo application.
  • Crew’s pomade will not grease your hair or make them look oily.
  • It has castor oil as one of its main ingredients and that is great for hair.
  • The pomade makes them hair appear voluminous and shiny.
  • You can control the shine and hold of the pomade through its application quantity.
  • A small amount works just as effectively as a large one, which means that you don’t have to apply huge quantities for maximum effect.
  • It is cheaper than most of the hair styling products that you will find.
  • Lasts all day and allows the user to restyle hair without needing to apply it again.


  • Maximum effect is mainly visible in thick and curly hair.
  • Might not last that long with longer hair, as it’s mostly good with shorter hair.
  • The hold of the product may vary in different hair types.
  • Sometimes, it may dry out if the weather is too hot.

Where to buy American Crew products:

If you click on our product description, you will be directed to the Amazon landing page from where you can easily purchase the product. There is also the American Crew website that you can check out for more hair and body products.


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