Baker’s racks are as functional as they are beautiful. Baker’s racks provide shelving made from metal, wood, wrought iron or glass. There are designs for corners or flat walls, big or little spaces, and are fitted with different features to suit your particular needs.

Shelving Choices

Baker’s rack frames consist of sturdy materials such as wrought iron, wood, and stainless steel, each in a choice of finishes to suit your décor. The number and size of shelves on a baker’s rack depend on the size and style of rack you choose. Rack shelves are made from metal planking or mesh, glass, or wood. Baker’s racks are perfect for displaying collectibles, keeping recipe books or herb plants, storing pots and pans and accessories, cooking essentials, and even your microwave oven.

Corner Racks and Hutches

Corner baker’s racks are a good choice for smaller kitchens with limited space. They cleverly utilize often ignored corner space to provide all of the benefits of extra storage. Corner baker’s racks make a smart, organized statement about a kitchen. Baker’s rack hutches offer more discreet cabinet storage for pots and pans or other kitchen necessities. With finishes ranging from polished wood stains to antiqued washes, you can choose a hutch-style rack to suit any kitchen. Also, baker’s racks can provide built in wine racks, or offer convenient drawer storage. you can also have a bakers rack with drawers which offers more storage.


Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional styles, you’ll find a baker’s rack to perfectly complement your décor and personal style. Contemporary baker’s racks have clean lines and modern designs that suit a contemporary kitchen. Traditional baker’s racks are more whimsical, with soft curves and antique or cottage styles. And baker’s racks are just as perfect for the dining room as they are for the kitchen; they provide a lovely display for heirloom pieces, and hutch designs provide convenient storage for napkins, napkin rings, and silverware.

Choose the baker’s rack that’s right for you—to provide extra space, or simply to make a stylish statement.

Corner Bakers Rack

Corner bakers racks are a great way to add style to your home! Plus, they take up less room than the traditional bakers rack and occupy those awkward corners in a room. You will find corner bakers racks throughout many homes today. They are a very popular piece for kitchens, dining rooms, and entry ways. Corner bakers racks can be used in just about any room where you have a corner that needs a little something.baker's rack

Great for those with not much space
A corner bakers rack is the perfect choice for those who don’t have much space. They take up much less room than that of a traditional bakers rack. Tucked in a corner, a bakers rack is great looking and functional as well. It allows you to display plants, books, dishes, or whatever you like, while not taking up your whole room.

Occupy those awkward corners
Do you have an awkward corner that could use a little something? Well, a corner bakers rack is your answer! They are the perfect piece for filling in those empty corners.

You will find that corner bakers racks are usually constructed of wood or some type of metal. You may also find some with glass shelving as well.

There are several styles of corner bakers racks. Traditional, modern, and French styles are what you will find when shopping for your bakers rack. The choice of style is really what look you prefer. Each of these styles offers a fantastic look that will make any boring corner look great.

A corner bakers rack is a terrific piece of furniture that will add beauty and class to your home. It’s also a great way to fill that overlooked corner of your home. A corner bakers rack doesn’t take up much room so it’s great for those rooms with limited space. You’ll find a great corner bakers rack is exactly what you need for your home.


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