What do we mean by “Complete DJ Systems“? Well DJing has evolved significantly from the days vinyl turntables and while these are still popular with many traditional djs, most are moving to digital equipment.

When we refer to a complete dj system this generally includes DJ software controllers, Audio systems & DJ software & accessories needed to perform as a dj.

Numark is one of the most popular manufacturers of complete DJ systems and has produced a wide range of dj equipment & complete dj packages for over 30 years.

Numark’s offers an extensive complete DJ equipment line-up including dj turntables,dj mixers,dj speakers & accessories as well as a number of complete dj systems in all price ranges.
Given all the options, selecting a complete dj system package can be a daunting task. These reviews attempt to filter available relevant information about Numark dj equipment located across the web and provide unbiased information from manufactures & users alike so you can decide if a given Numark Complete DJ System is right for your needs.

1. Numark TTUSB

numark turntable reviews

Like the Numark NVII, The Numark TTUSB is a new generation turntable that lets you digitalize vinyl records. The TTUSB is compatible with PC or MAC and only takes a minute to transfer a valuable record into a digital format such as wav or mp3 or directly to your iPod. Comes with all the necessary cables to connect to a recording device such as computer or stereo system while software will let you remove vinyl characteristics like clicks or pops.

Featuring an included 1/8inch stereo jack connecter, you can also transfer cassettes to your personal computer, helping to make the Numark TTUSB one of the most efficient and effective tools for archiving and using older recordings regardless of format obstacles. With software included to help the editing of transferred music and files, the TTUSB unit is not only incredibly easy to use but a “multifun” unit.

However, the TTUSB is not only an outstanding device for transferring records but also a solid turntable for battles at the club or in the basement. Equipped with and adjustable Anti-Skate control, 33.33 and 45 RPM speed playback, line level RCA outputs with built in preamp and adjustable pitch control (+/- 10), TTUSB stands face to face with other leading manufacturers.

Features of Numark TT USB:

  1. Anti-skating control. This will increase stereo balance
  2. Both playback speeds: 33.33 and 45 RPM
  3. Adjustable pitch control +/- 10%
  4. RCA line outputs
  5. Plug and Play. Works with MAC and PC
  6. Comes with all the necessary cables to connect the turntable with a recording device
  7. Includes Software (Audacity)for removing clicks and pops
  8. Ability to transfer a vinyl record into a digital format such as WAV or MP3


A solid new generation turntable tool, for unparalleled ability in dj battles or record digitalizing. Features that make it incredibly powerful yet still easily functional, it is without a doubt one of the best and easiest multifunctional turntables on the market.

2. Numark IDJ

The Numark iDJ is a 2-channel mixer that enables integrating portable music with other music. It is compatible with PC and Mac. Music will be better accessible. The Numark iDJ is working fully with 4G iPods, iPod Photo, iPod Nano, iPod Mini, iPod Movie. It has limited controls on 2G and 3G iPods.

iPods on two universal docks will charge while connected. The Numark iDJ has microphone input line and large iPod navigation controls. Two iPods are synchronized with a fader start and stop feature. When you crossfade over it pauses the one that is fading out and starts the one that fades in.

One special socket on there is the S-Video output which will output video from an iPod Photo, Nano or Movie docked in the left hand socket.
S-Video allows an output of a video from an iPod. It has inputs for two turntables, CD or MD players or master and record outputs.

3. Numark TTX

The Numark TTX is a professional turntable. Featuring variable torque, versatility and control it is one of the best available turntables exclusively designed for modern DJ. It has a silicon rubber base that absorbs vibrations and dampens low end feedback. Interchangeable tone arm system can adapt to any DJ style.

This turntable has all the features needed for a great turntable and more. Useful features include pitch adjustable to +or- 50%, adjustable start and stop speed, etc…

Additional features are a new DSP Motor Control System for more accurate speed control, improved target light, blue illuminated LCD Display with BPM/Pitch info and Digital Out – Line Output.

4. Numark D2 Director

The Numark AXIS 9 is a tabletop DJ CD played. It has a large number of controls and with enhanced interface all packed into one small and efficiently arranged powerful machine.

Touch-sensitive jog wheel allows real-time scratch control. Built-in effect feature is included. Play Multi Effects feature is included. . The pitch control ranges at +/- 6%, 12%, 25% and 100%. So it allows operator to deviate from initial speed. Auto-synch Beatkeeperâ„¢ is included. DPS effects are integrated as well. The Numark AXIS 9 also includes bright display and 48-second anti-shock buffer, adjustable startup and braking speeds and more.

5. Numark CDX

Numark CDX is a tabletop CD player. It has ultra-high motorized platter, it has torque direct drive motor, dual battle style and controls, aluminum platter and forward/reverse toggle. It includes VFD display, mp3 compatibility, slot-load CD transport and broad DSP functionality.

Numark CDX has several modes for looping and scratching and it manages to make perfect loops every times using the Beatkeeperâ„¢. Many beat-synched digital FX such as slide, echo or filter are included into the CDX.

It is known that scratching and looping can be done on CDs. Numark CDX has full mp3 compatibility, so all the work that can be done on CD is manageable on mp3 format as well. VFD display is made detailed and bright, Name of the songs, BPM, time or waveform display is shown at the VFD.

When you insert a CD, song stays in an internal buffer, so CD can be ejected without stopping the song playing.


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