Have you been wondering how you are going to increase the size of your penis? This is a common thought for men that have a penis which is less than they desire.

If you want to increase your penis size in 2020, the Bathmate Hydromax X40 may be just what you are looking for. In this Bathmate review you are going to learn more about the product. You will learn things like how it works, what it can do to help you, how to get it and general male enhancement information.

What Is Bathmate Hydromax X40 and How Does It Work?

The Bathmate is a male enhancement device that promotes growth by creating a vacuum environment around the penis. It does this through the use of a hollow cylinder in which the male member is inserted with water filling the empty space instead of air.

Once your manhood is inserted and the cylinder pressed firmly against the pelvis, downward pumping action causes water to be expelled from the valve situated at the tip which, in turn, lowers the pressure inside the cylinder.

This has the effect of expanding penile tissues, the degree of which is controlled by the amount of water the user pumps out of the cylinder. Please view the video below to get a better sense of how it works.


Bathmate Hydromax X40

Before purchasing a male enhancement product you may be curious to know how the product works. Before you learn how it works, you need to know that the X40 model is fifteen percent larger than the X30.

The fact that water is used instead of air makes it more comfortable and at the same time eliminates the safety concerns typically associated with traditional penis pumps. If used according to instructions while giving your penis sufficient time to adapt to more aggressive levels of training, it is completely safe. Also, the all-in-one design that has the valve integrated into the unit means it’s easier to use since you don’t need to be holding the cylinder with one hand while squeezing an air bulb with the other. The ability to hold it with one or both hands gives you better control so you can focus on what you’re doing to get better results.

Bathmate – the Different Models

There are 3 different models types to choose from and each one is described below:

  • Hercules: the original and most popular model caters to men of small to average sizes. Recommended – though it suits most men, those who are slightly larger than average can easily outgrow it.
  • Goliath: created for men who are already well endowed but still looking for a little extra size. Recommended – though big enough to accommodate almost any penis size, it still lacks the superior vacuum pressure found in the Hydromax line.
  • Hydromax X30 – X40: the best of both worlds, it’s larger and has more vacuum than earlier models. Highly Recommended – no need to worry about outgrowing since it’s bigger and 35% more powerful so you get better workouts for faster results.

The Winner – Bathmate Hydromax X30 and X40

When deciding upon which model to choose, it’s important to select one you won’t outgrow while providing you the best results. The latest Hydromax models, the X30 and X40, are the undisputed winners on both counts. As the latest ones to hit the market, they were designed to improve upon and exceed all previous models. With vacuum pressures surpassing older Bathmates by 35%, the Hydromax line is truly the state of art in hydropump technology.

Bathmate Reviews - Hydromax

What differentiates the Bathmate from any other penis enhancing devices on the market is how quickly it works. Anyone who has ever lifted weights and felt was is commonly known as a “pump”, which refers to a temporary enlargement of muscles as they become engorged with blood, will soon recognize that feeling after their first session. The good news is that this pumped state remains for up to 3 hours which gives you ample time to use it to your advantage sexually. It’s ability to provide immediate results is one of the reasons why this hydropump has become so popular amongst men.

In effect, you are training your penis and it will react in the same way as any other muscles you train at the gym. When working out you understand that a pump is temporary but that consistent training will eventually lead to permanent penis size gains. The same can be said about the Bathmate which, through diligent use, will eventually lead to permanent gains of 1 to 3 inches over time. An important aspect to consider is that it is specifically engineered to enhance both girth and length. This gives you better overall results when compared to penis stretchers which tend to only develop penis length since tension is always applied in the same direction.

The reviews from users are overwhelmingly positive with an approval rating of over 95% that far exceeds the satisfaction level of any other male enhancement device on the market. Furthermore, the manufacturer has such confidence in their product that they offer a 12 month moneyback guarantee to take away any risk for trying it. So if you are interested in experiencing any or all of the benefits that come from using the Bathmate, you can do so now with complete peace of mind.

Get the Bathmate X40 Penis Pump For Better Results

If you are planning on having a large increase, you can get the bigger water penis pump so you can get it right off the bat instead of waiting and getting another one. It also had an upgraded measuring gauge.

The Bathmate Hydromax X40 product works to increase the health of your penis without the possible harmful effects that air penis pumps could have. Using an air penis pump could mean that different areas of your penis would be enlarged in a disproportionate manner. No one wants one area to be larger than another area. If you find yourself dealing with worry about this issue, you should be glad to know that the Bathmate Hydromax X40 product will not cause any of those problems.

Whenever you use the Bathmate Hydromax X40, you are going to experience an increase in your penis. The increase in your penis may show up quickly. Even if this happens, you are not going to get a permanent increase. You will not see anything permanent until after you have used the product at least six weeks. The instant increase is exciting, but it is not going to allow you to keep the results until you have used it frequently enough.

The penis enhancement that you experience by using the Bathmate Hydromax X40 is going to be experienced by the penis being pulled on during the pumping session. The erectile tissue will be increased as you use the pump frequently. There are two erectile tissue chambers in the penis while there is only one tissue chamber which is for ejaculation and urination. The more that you use this product, the more the penis is going to be increased by the use.

So that the user is going to be able to use the Bathmate Hydromax X40 product frequently, there is a comfort attachment at the base. This will allow for a more comfortable session. This more comfortable session will ensure that you do not experience pain while you are enlarging your penis.

The simplicity of this product has baffled many individuals that are used to things which are more sophisticated, but this product makes it very easy to get the desired results. All you have to do is use the product as directed. Whenever you do this, you are going to be able to get the results that you wanted.

What Benefits Can I Achieve From Using the Bathmate Hydromax X40?

After you have purchased this product and have gotten it through the mail discreetly, you are going to find that you experience many benefits. Besides for being able to experience these great benefits, let’s list some of the most common benefits users notice. Many users notice that:

  • Ability to increase their penis in length & girth
  • Quick volume increase
  • Straightening of bent penis
  • Ability to last longer in bed

Having a larger penis in length and girth is an amazing thing. This is especially true for men who have been struggling with a very small penis or very thing penis. This could leave their partner unsatisfied. If you are dealing with a short or thin penis, you will be able to use the Bathmate Hydromax X40 to increase your penis and start satisfying your partner.

A quick increase in the volume of your penis is an exciting thing. While you may not be able to get the results that you desire, you going to be able to get the temporary results off the bat. This means that you are going to be able to see some results, but they are not going to be permanent until at least after six weeks of frequent usage.

Men who suffer from having a bent penis may have given up hope. Whenever you use the penis pump, you are going to see that not only does it give an increase in size, but it also helps by straightening the penis. This is a common problem that can be easily corrected.

Lasting longer in bed is something else that will help keep your partner satisfied. If you are running out of juice before your partner is ready to orgasm, this could cause a huge problem. People that train with the Bathmate Hydromax X40 have found that they are able to last longer in bed than they had been able to prior to using the product.

Ordering and Using Bathmate Hydromax X40

Whenever you are ready to get the product of your choice, you simply have to go onto the official website, enter your information and wait for the discreet package to come to your door. No one will know what you have ordered because your credit card statement will not show it was a penis pump. Your package will not come with any identifying marks either. This means you are going to be able to get the product you want without anyone knowing what you are doing.

There is currently a discount available that will give you money off your purchase. Make sure you act quickly to be able to get this great penis pump at a lower price. This discount won’t be around forever.


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