Graco baby monitors are highly recommended because they covers a whole range of functions and because most of their devices are designed to last longer

Baby monitors from Grago have helped many people to monitor their baby more effectively, especially with the baby movement sensor function. You get a device that helps you to monitor your baby’s movements and alert you when something’s wrong.

Besides the baby movement sensor function, the Graco baby monitors also score well in the other functions like transmission range, audio clarity, and durability. With these baby monitors, you are free to run your chores or catch a quick nap while your baby is asleep.

I always consider baby monitors as essential devices for all parents. Of course, you should always choose good and reliable devices because you wouldn’t want to risk your baby’s well being.

Graco Angelcare Movement Sensor with Sound Baby Monitor

moniteur_de_luxe-AC401_de_luxe-monitorThis baby monitor looks a bit like a spaceship, doesn’t it? But it’s a really great baby monitor, because it senses MOTION as well as sound. 🙂

The blue mat in the picture must be placed under the baby’s mattress, and above a hard surface to sense baby’s motions, even when asleep. Another friend from pre-natal class, who had her baby a month early, told me this when I went over to visit and bring gifts for her son.

SIDS and Preemies

Being a new mother, and extra paranoid because her son was a preemie (premature, because he decided to come out before he was due) and an avid reader, she had heard all about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) where a baby just dies in its sleep.

Apparently, preemies are more susceptible to this.

So, she took extra precautions and decided to invest in this Angelcare baby monitor, and she tells me that it really was a worthy investment.

The Graco baby monitor may look odd but certainly works well, with the motion sensor pad. It’s sensitive enough to detect a baby’s breathing without disrupting your baby’s sleep. Definitely a worthy investment because it’s reliable.

Motion sensing Pads

When she told me that the pad could sense motion, I was quite skeptical. What if it malfunctions and baby Josh were actually fine? Wouldn’t that cause her undue worry and stress, as if caring for a premature infant isn’t enough?

Surprisingly, she told me that since using it four months ago, she hasn’t had a problem with it. If Josh were to stop moving for 20 seconds, an alarm would sound so she can rush to check on him. And the pad is sensitive enough to sense the motion of a baby breathing, which I think is really cool.

I’m recommending this baby monitor to anybody who has special needs when it comes to selecting a baby monitor. The peace of mind you get from knowing your little darling is completely safe totally makes up for the little bit extra you pay for buying a motion sensor and baby monitor rolled into one. 🙂

Graco Angelcare Deluxe Movement Sensor With Sound Monitor

Grago DeluxeSome people may wonder, why buy a baby monitor with movement sensor?

However, if you’ve heard of Sudden-Infant-Death-Syndrome (SIDS), you’ll understand the importance and genius behind this device.

The Graco Angelcare Deluxe Movement Sensor is a good baby monitor which comes with under the mattress sensor pad, 2 unit receivers, 2 unit chargers, and a nursery unit transmitter.

This monitor has received reasonably good reviews on Amazon, and for a good reason too.

(1) It is rightfully sensitive!

The last thing you’d want from a baby monitor with movement sensor is an inaccurate reading or rather, a false alarm.

The motion sensor for this device works fine and I have another friend from pre-natal class who’s using this model; she said that it’s rightfully sensitive (meaning that you get the right dose of movement detection).

(2) Loud alarm – a good thing

Loud alarm totally wakes you up even from the deepest slumber but that’s the whole point; it means that this is a good device that does its job so that you don’t have to worry all the time. Plus, the volume is easily adjustable so there really isn’t an issue there.

(3) You are buying peace of mind

For a manageable sum you are getting peace of mind knowing that there is extra help from this device to help you keep an eye on the baby. My friend has since become less paranoid and more calm, knowing that she took the best safety measure possible, by using this device.

Graco Ultra Clear II 49MHZ Baby Monitor

Graco Ultra Clear II 49MHZ Baby MonitorThe Graco Ultra Clear II 49MHZ Baby Monitor may look basic and simple in design but you can rest assured that it does a good job at helping you monitor your baby.

It stands out from the rest for many reasons but most importantly, it has a soft glow nightlight that allows you (and your baby) to sleep better without being intrusive.

This makes it perfect for parents who prefer a subtle light that illuminates the room in a soft hue, just before your baby doze off.

Two major points you need to know about this device:

(a) Good noise control

The Graco Ultra Clear II 49MHZ Baby Monitor allows you to keep check on your baby with easy volume control. I am able to hear clearly without static noises. So far, I’ve been able to tell the different types of noise I hear and the monitor has great sound quality. Better than most monitors.

(b) Pretty durable

I say that because guess what; I’ve accidentally dropped this monitor not once or twice, but three times and it still works ok. I wouldn’t put it to test any further but my point is, it can withstand reasonable amount of impact. This is an important point because I always carry it around when I’m doing different chores and there’s always a possibility of it slipping off my hand.

I’ve also cross checked this monitor with other units’ reviews to see the difference. I’m glad I’ve bought it. Other users have complained about the device not working 2 weeks after purchase but mine has been doing just fine. If you’re keen to know more, check out the Graco Ultra Clear II 49MHZ Baby Monitor at Amazon.

And to quote, an Amazon reviewer remarked “I really recommend this product”. I guess that pretty much sums it up.

Don’t let its simple design fool you. This Graco baby monitor stands out for many good reasons, among which includes good noise control and high durability. I’ve personally bought this model and this was one of my better buys. Highly recommended!

Best for those looking for a baby monitor with subtle light to illuminate the room and also those who want a quality baby monitor.



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