The sun is shinning, the air is warm, with that spring breeze gently blowing, and the sky is a beautiful shade of blue with patches of white fluffy clouds here and there. My music is the birds and the roar of lawn mowers…I could do without the lawn mowers but even those are pleasing; it means warm weather and sunshine.

I miss the symphony of the backyard at the in-laws house – the spring was inspiring with all the nature that seemed to surround it.

I enjoyed the occasional fox that wandered past on the hunt for something edible, the deer that would jump the fence to wander in the backyard to eat the bird seed out of the feeders, the flocks of turkey’s that would ungracefully fly over the fence and scatter throughout the yard for some morsel of something that they couldn’t find on the other side of the fence. It always amazed me that we were so close to the cities, yet there was all this wildlife right in our backyard.

I wonder sometimes if the Indigo Buntings that used to make the woods behind their home in the summer wonder where their specially purchased wild bird seed went…there is no bird seed there any longer. I enjoyed watching the nuthatches fly down for a black sunflower seed and fly back up to the tree – standing upside down, pop, pop, popping the seed against the bark on the tree to crack the shell open to reveal the seed inside. Why they thought standing upside down cracked that seed any easier is beyond me – but it sure was interesting to watch.

We had owls there too – at night, late at night I would stand on the deck and listen as a deep call sounded off to my left, and then moments later a higher pitched call in answer on my right deeper in the woods. They would call and answer to each other for hours…makes you wonder why they didn’t just fly to each other then they wouldn’t have to holler so loud. Maybe one was an old male and the other a young male and they were each declaring their space in the woods. Naw, I much rather enjoy thinking that they were mates, calling out their desires to each other.

Its been 3 years since the last time I went camping. I’d like to do that this year, but I’m not really sure that will be a possibility because of the other committments I have. Its definately going to be a busy summer.

I managed to plant a small garden in the back yard. We have a tomato plant, a row of cucumbers, a row of carrots, a row of peas and a row of radishes. I said it was small. I also planted some beautiful flowers. In front I have some bleeding hearts, a miniture rose bush given to me by my family during my second surgery and stay at the hospital this spring, some sort of flower moss ( as well as the rose moss in the hanging basket, pampered under lights in the basement all winter), and in back I have several pots of english daisies, orange daisies, and a variety of others, as well as all my house plants that are huddled on the deck in the shade, gradually being exposed to the outdoors.

Aside from the chore of taking care of the flowers and garden, I also have a trip home planned sometime next month. I’m looking forward to that. I’m planning to stay a night with each of my brothers, but I am also spending a few days with a very good friend that I haven’t seen in over 11 years. I’m a bit worried about what she will think of me – I have changed so much, and I am told she hasn’t really changed, on top of which she is single now and very much into the party, beer drinking stage…she is where I was at when I left home all those years ago, plus my circumstances have really changed me. Oh well – we were best of friends then, I think we will still be best of friends now…

Then when I return from that trip, I have a trip to Wyoming to make after the birth of my third granddaughter. I hope to stay there a couple of weeks to help out my grandbabies Mommy. I remember how much I could have used the help after my second child was born.

When I finally return from that trip I have to start preparring for the craft fair that The Knot & Bauble Shoppe will be participating in at the Slice of Shoreview festivities. I need to make sure I have enough inventory and I need to make sure everyone’s products are inventoried and cataloged, and that we have everything we need to make the sale a success.

During all that I still have the flowers, the garden, the grandbaby, the house work….but its good to stay busy.

Yet for now, think I will just lie back and gaze up into the sky, letting the warmth of the sunshine warm my heart, soul and face…and bask in the blessing of this beautiful day.


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